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4.6 out of 5 stars226
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 17 February 2006
I am a tutor of adults and bought this book for my student bookshelf. It is an incredibly well-designed, easy-to-use manual full of tips, checklists, tables, questionnaires, diagrams and pictures. This makes it immediately appealing to work through and carry out all the self-questions and activities.
In terms of content the book covers the following topics: finding out your existing study skills and habits (good and bad), evaluating your individual learning style, memory techniques, time-saving tips, active learning strategies, using a computer/internet for study and research, finding information/resources, faster ways of reading, how to make notes and mind-maps, advice on writing essays, reports, dissertations, ending with revision and how to cope with stress and the dreaded exam!
Whether you are at GCSE level, A Level, at University or in adult education classes this book is bound to help you develop effective study skills and guarantee you success at your studies.
The book will really get you to reflect on how best to develop your own individual learning strategy. It respects the fact that students learn best by knowing about, and putting into practice, a number of different active and practical ways to get information to 'sink in'!
Highly recommended!
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on 21 February 2004
I have begun studying an MA after 10 years out of study. I was out of practice to say the least.This book is absolutely excellent!In a few desparate hours after receiving this book, I have become more confident in my abilities. It has sparked my enthusiasm and self-belief, showed me my strengths and given me strategies to work on my weaknesses.
It's a must for any student in need of some va va voom!It's user friendly, easy to follow and perfect to use while studying.It's the missing link in the quest to understand 'what to do'.
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on 18 September 2005
Simply put, without this book you can get by just fine with your education, but with it you could be exceptional.
Aimed at people in higher education, this book covers a whole cartload of subjects: study methods, organising your desk, and how to structure an essay to name but a few. The layout is superb with illustrations and boxed text, and Ms Cottrell writes with a style that's easy to read. Given the nature of this book, not everything is covered in minute detail, but the essential things the reader needs to know have definitely made it in.
I highly recommended this book to anyone currently in higher education, and although it's not aimed at them, even A-Level (and possibly GCSE) students will find something useful in it, such is its versatility.
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on 28 July 2005
I am a mature student and newly diagnosed dyslexic. I have always struggled with study and retention of information. This book is a good and useful guide, it has ideas, diagrams, charts and is not too wordy for those of us who struggle with toiling through reams of accademic reading. I reccomend this book for anyone who is looking for help with any aspect of study and revision as it will lead to more accademic works, or just reinforce what you already know and need clarifying.
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on 29 June 2003
Returning to further education after a couple of decades in industry, I realised I would need to hone my "Study Skills". The university was great, running study skills workshops for all students who wished to attend. Odd how the session was full of oldies and returners to education. A useful reading list was provided at the end of the afternoon.
Cottrell's The Study Skills Handbook was at the top of the list. The book turned out to be an essential tool throughout my course, providing me with hints, tips and advice on how to get those extra marks.
This new version came out just in time to help me with my Case Study - with its new section covering what needs to be included. Well worth the upgrade to the latest edition for me.
A level pupils, undergraduates and post graduates will all find this book an accessible and vital source of clear advice, encouragement, and down to earth tips and techniques.
If only this one had have been around 20 years ago!
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on 12 June 2003
Stella Cottrell's The Study Skills Handbook has become the defacto standard study skills book for all undergraduate students - as well as returners to higher education after a break.
I took a break of 20 years before coming back to formal education for a post graduate course, and have found this book simply an invaluable tool. If only this had been around when I was an undergraduate!
Packed with loads of advice and examples, it covers all the ground necessary for university assignments. This latest edition covers Case Studies - something sorely missing from the previous edition.
Six out of five for this one. Quite simply, this book is essential if you are heading off to, or have already started, college
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on 24 May 2005
I am a mature student returning to education. A tutor suggested that I borrow this book from the library to help me with my low grades.
I am eternally grateful to her because this book has helped and guided me on everything,
From 'how to write for university' through to what to expect at university and advice on how to study.
Everything is clearly laid out and explained.
This book should be given to all students wishing for a little extra help.
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on 11 June 2010
Quick delivery, blah, blah.

Now for the review of the book itself.

I am so glad that I found this book before I start my studies at uni next year. I've been overall impressed with the Palgrave Study Skills family, but this one is my favourite so far. It has everything that you need to know before and during your time at uni - even for the mature student, like myself. It's actually soothed some of my anxieties about what to do with myself when I start as, like I've mentioned, it has EVERYTHING you can think of. Very well put together and will definitely help you out throughout the years!
I can't say it enough, if you're going to uni soon BUY THIS BOOK!
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on 29 April 2009
I bought this book after recommendation from a university website. It has proved to be invaluable in not only preparing me for university, but also as a reference guide when I felt I was struggling with current projects. As a returning mature student, I would highly recommend this to others as not only did it give me confidence before embarking on my degree but is a useful tool for all aspects of study.
I'm sure this book will be around for a while!
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on 19 August 2008
I am a mature student and was advised to buy this when I started my Access to HE course many years ago. I dutifully went and bought it alongside The Good Study Guide by Andrew Northedge and I have to say that this book is worth its weight in gold compared to the book by Northedge. This is not a comparison so I shall move on to say that every aspect of study - whether its organizing your time, planning backwards from deadlines, learning how you study best or even looking at personal development is covered in this excellent resource. It is designed in a user-friendly way which allows you to either read it all the way through or dip in and out of it depending on your needs.The book is designed in a clever way with charts, pictures, examples etc and it's glittered with funny anecdotes which make the main points more memorable. For this reason I feel it is much less intimidating and invites you to explore further. The chapters in the book really focus on you as an individual and how you can do your best to achieve your potential aswell which is important as when you are swamped with essays it is easy to lose sight of your goals.I think this book is marvellous and whether you are a returning adult learner or in the throes of university it has something for everyone. I dont think I will ever be able to part with mine! What a breath of fresh air for students - finally a handbook which won't make you fall asleep or intimidate you about FE/HE study! Bravo!!
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