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on 14 June 1999
Well, this book is pretty good. It explains some nice math calculations for things if you wish to do them yourself (which i think is a good idea). If you're like me, you've probably downloaded some demo effects done in openGL, and if they're fullscreen... they're usually extremely slow (no openGL ICD). You really shouldn't be discouraged, this book tells you how to do things the easy way, straight openGL. It isn't a bad idea for just learning and whatnot. But you obviously won't reach fast fps by doing so, espically in fullscreen modes. If you program Pure win32api, you'll have to learn on your own how to set the pixel format and establish windows, they're not covered in this book because it's win32 functions, and as they say in the book... they want to be general enough for you to do them in any platform, that's why they cover GLUT in this book... mostly to assign camera angles, windows, ideling..... what have you. The best thing you can do is use CreateWindow() and SetPixelFormat() to do openGL in windows. It's easy after that, get the hDC of the dialog, and establish a HGLRC and start drawing... down forget to releast the DC in the end... Back to the book, it's very good for all ranges of programmers, but use it mostly for reference... unless you wanna overuse GLUT like this book does. And as for GLAUX... it's better to learn 3d geometric object handling on your own... but whatever you think...
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on 9 June 1999
This book, also known as 'The Red Book' is more than just an excellent guide to OpenGl. Reading this book enlightened me! I had struggled to understand 3D graphics concepts such as alpha-blending and lighting - this book covers it all.
OpenGl itself is an ideal API for anyone wanting to dabble in 3D graphics, much more so than Glide or Direct3D. Learning OpenGl will teach you about 3D mathematic (rotation, translation, projection), texture mapping, lighting, the lot!
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on 17 October 1998
I have taught Opengl for four years. I've found the best results by teaching from the OpenGL programming guide. Students are lectured from the material in the book, numerous examples are provided illustrating the concepts and principles of 3D programming and opengl function calls. I use VRML 2.0 to demonstrating the code examples, and student can read the opengl code for the example. During the Semester students use the OpenGL programming Guide to create a 3D game. The game uses movable cameras, hierarchial motion, collision detection, display lists, texture maps, materials, lighting, and nurb surfaces. The material is absorbed within a 5 to 10 week period. I've tried other books like the OpenGL superbible, but found the Opengl Programming Guide to be much more comprehensive, and therefore more productive in the results. The OpenGL Programming Guide is a book to keep. Some of the new features in the current release is : introduction to interleave arrays, new glut libraries, and increased documentation on picking, selection and feedback. Get on the Game Programming bandwagon by buying this book. Email me with any additional questions.
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on 14 June 1998
In a direct manner, this book teaches the reader the basics of OpenGL programming, totally forgoing any platform-specific issues in favor of a more purist, almost academic, approach. Where platform issues are a problem, the authors defer to the GLUT library, leaving those with questions relating to their operating system's specifics to read other tomes. In short, this is an excellent book for someone interested in GRAPHICS programming, and is well worth any price, but make certain you are comfortable programming your platform first.
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on 13 January 1999
This book gives the reader a thorough understanding for using the OpenGL API. In combination with the reference manual the reader will have a complete reference library for OpenGL development. The only thing I found lacking was coverage of some of the more advanced topics, such as stenciling. I also have the Windows 95/NT volume but found it covered basically the same material as this book.
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on 20 October 1998
For my graphics course, the students were expected to learn OpenGL and implement a feature-rich 2D draw program in week #1, and an even more feature-rich 2D+3D program in week #2. This book provided the tutorials needed to learn the material, plus lots of good advice, and of course, lots of good sample code!
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on 4 March 1999
This book does a good job getting you started and is good for a reference, but I think it focuses way to much on GLUT. Personally I don't like or use GLUT, so maybe I'm biased. If you're on a Win32 platform.. Get the OpenGL SuperBible. It's even better than this one.
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on 5 May 1999
Its a great book for learning OpenGL!!.If you are a programer of Win32 like im, you have to get THIS book and the Super Bible!. if you want program in diferent plataform like linux, THIS is the book! And covers Glut!!.
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on 18 June 1998
Not too bad overall but perhaps focuses a little too much on the GLUT toolkit, rather than general OpenGL
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