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4.7 out of 5 stars141
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 30 April 2010
if your new to this series-Dont start here-they are Much better read in order-and you will get significantly more out of the reading.
This starts exactly where the previous book left off (do yourself a favour & read that immediately before reading this)
Xhex has been captured by Lash-and John Matthew is out to get his woman-come what may....
I wont go into detail too much-as this is a book of Oh My God moments-it fills in a lot of back story (Tor, Darius, Noone, Payne,etc) but this does not distract from the central love story of two lonely people who find strength to not only look to the future-but accept & live with the past-in all its messy glory.
JR Ward-keeps up the pace-and this is a real roller coaster of a ride (more like Butch & Z stories in speed)but once again the characterisation is superb- she manages to create a world that is believable and characters that not only are fully rounded, occasionally flawed individuals-but perhaps more importantly-you will care about each & every one of them.
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on 1 June 2010
I love the BDB series. I haven't reviewed any others because I love them all, with the possible exception of Lover Enshrined & thought it would take too long to do so. I am reviewing this book because it has just come out.

I too like other reviewers have felt the newer installments of the BDB are slightly lacking. I was confused with Lover Enshrined when Phury was thrown out of BDB when in all other books BDB have always dealt with problems internally & in the earlier books you are kept more up to date with the other member BDB. That is what should have been in this book more, more interaction with the other members. Make the books a complete series, make them all interactive, like the older ones are.

The story of JM & Xhex is interesting & I think its about time they had their story, because we have been waiting for so long. However tough Xhex is, it was completely awful & shocking that she bounced back so quickly from her ordeal. If you think JM is still suffering from his which happened many years ago & Xhex is just completely fine 2 days after her horrific & much worse ordeal. It makes no sense, is lessening this awful crime & is contradicting itself.

I like the character of JM which sustains you through the book & therefore enjoyed it & this is why I have given it 3 stars.

The problems with it
1) Xhex recovering so quickly
2) the awful stuff with the kids & Murder, which I didn't even read, just skipped the chapters with it in
3) the awful old world language which was cringeworthy
4) Other members of BDB not involved in book & would be more interesting if they were
5) The lash storyline, its getting boring & has dragged on too long
6) No One is the most cringeworthy, worst name of any character I have come across. I know the names are pretty out there & are supposed to mean something, but this name is particularly awful & it made me cringe.

Good points

1) I enjoy JM storyline & was glad to see Tohr back
2) Quinn & Blay is very interesting - I am hoping the next book will be about them - does anyone know?
3) I enjoy JR Wards style of writing & I am attached to the characters
4) Not too much about the lessers besides lash which is good as it sometimes gets repetitive & boring.
5) I like Xhex, just wish she had more time to recover from her horrific ordeal.

Overall I enjoyed this book, but not as much as the older ones. I am still looking forward to the next installment. Fingers crossed for no more Murder/journalist stuff & more interaction with the whole of BDB.
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This series continues with the hunt for Xhex, and heading the pack of vampire warriors on their search is John Matthews. John is desperate to retrieve Xhex from the hands of his enemy Lash, yet as the weeks pass the chances of ever seeing her alive again diminish.

Xhex's captivity is brutal and I can't image any previous BDB leading lady not only surviving it, but fighting for her freedom until the end (well maybe Payne...). Lash is definitely on top of Xhex's hit list, but John and several other members of the BDB want their own chance at him as well.

"Lover Mine" is a rollercoaster of a book filled with action, tension, passion and some truly heart breaking moments. Included is a further update on Payne, plus a blast into the past as Xhex's history is revealed. Lash has his own problems with The Omega, whilst the BDB warriors dive head first into any confrontations. There are deeply moving parts to this book, particularly surrounding Xhex's captivity and her resulting emotional state, yet she's paired with her ideal partner; after all if anyone can understand what she has endured it is John. There is more than one romance brewing in this book as Blay tries to ignore his feelings for his vampire buddy Quinn plus plenty of bloody battles, hospital visits, and some steamy sex scenes.

Xhex is one ridiculously tough female character, and whilst she may not be a typical leading lady she more than earns her own HEA with John. The quiet John quickly loses any self restraint in his quest to find and keep from harm the woman he loves, yet Xhex is not one to sit idly by waiting for her handsome prince to rescue her. Just as everything seems to settle towards the final few chapters, JRW pulls her usual tricks and introduces some wow! moments, leaving any BDB fan desperate for the next book. I'm keeping my fingers crossed book 9 will be Payne's story, but which big bad vampire could match her?
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on 24 May 2010
I was pretty disappointed with this book - and I was a big fan of the series so far.
But I am either getting annoyed more quickly with all the "macho tough guy talk" or it really got out of control in this book. There's sometimes not *one* sentence without it for pages..and it's pretty hard to read when your eyes are rolling because of that.
Don't even let me get started on the story...the possibility of someone who has been physically and mentally abused, daily rape included, for close to four weeks to get hot and heavy with a guy a day after she fought her way to freedom?
Yes, I know Xhex is a tough one but that is really "out there".
Plus, her character evolving from ice cold killer to someone open and caring *that* fast? Sympath or not, that was a bit hard to roll with.
The whole book felt very rushed, too many story lines that didn't always tie in so well. This made for a pretty disruptive reading experience, almost as if the author could have used a bit more time to finish this book.
The last few chapters were the best and it felt like J.R. Ward was back in her top writing form then.
I am really hoping that the next book will be better; still, it is a real shame since both Xhex and John are among my favourite characters of the series.
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on 28 November 2010
'Lover Mine' is the story of John Matthew, one of my favourite characters in the series. John Matthew is mute and because of this he has always been isolated from the world, also having been abandoned in a bus station toilet when he was born and then raised in an orphanage. John Matthew knew he was different, not just because of his muteness but because of something else, dreams he had of a previous life, etc. His life changes when he meets Mary, Rhage's wife (John Matthew and Mary both first appear in the second book of the series, 'Lover Eternal' along with Bella, Zadist's wife, who recognises John as pre~transition vampire). At first sceptical and scared, John Matthew is introduced to the world of the Brotherhood by Tohrment, who accepts John Matthew into his home and along with Tohr's wife, Wellsie become parents to John, something he has always craved and they help him to confront his past. John Matthew's life is changed again following a huge loss which affects all of the Brotherhood, which leaves John Matthew alone again, and now transitioned into a full vampire.

In 'Lover Mine', John Matthew has suffered lost and is still dealing with his past, added to all of this is his feelings for Xhex, assassin and private bodyguard to Rehvenge, Xhex and John Matthew's relationship is somewhat strained due to the fact that they do not trust anyone and find it difficult to show their feelings but there is a definite spark between them which becomes more apparent in 'Lover Mine' following events in the previous book, 'Lover Avenged'.

'Lover Mine' was an excellent insight in John Matthew and Xhex and their pasts, issues that had bee highlighted in the previous books are developed more and you feel bad for both John Matthew and Xhex because they have had such a hard time but they are both survivors and its shown brilliantly how they come to cope with their issues and their relationship.

The next book in the series is not released until next year and I cannot wait to find out what happens next in the Black Dagger Brotherhood universe.
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on 8 June 2010
As a huge fan of all romance stories especially paranormal I have to say that J.R. Wards BDB is amongst my top two favs. My No.1 is Kresley Cole.
However. Lover mine won't be taking a place on my permanant books shelf.
My fav being Lover Eternal probably sways me towards the romantic side rather than the paranormal. I totally love the big tough guy getting the soft femenine heroine. I know, I know. Yawn. But the first four books were very romantic. That's probably why I didn't like Unbound, what was Jane's attraction?
As a total hetro woman. I'm very much into the man/woman thing. I've enjoyed Jessica Birds writings for Mills and Boon. Unfortunately I think that Ward/Bird is tending to drift away from the sort of hetro romances in the first few books (I enjoyed L Avenged) and heading towards some pretty hard core, s and m, gay stories. Sorry I'm not interested. If future books follow this path I shall not be buying. Quinn just happening to swing both ways is such a turn off. Also there's beginning to be an awful lot of man rape happening throughout the story. Yuk! I accepted it with szadists story but now find it's rearing it's ugly head too much for my tastes. I can't beleive that Xhex would recover so quickly after the son of the devil had done that to her.
Having read all the books I think I may leave this one as the last in my collection. It may yet make it to the local charity shop as I have no desire to read it again unlike I did with the first four books. (Over and over again!)
I must also say that I enjoyed the stories with Wrath and Beth. What happened to JM and Beth's relationship? They never became close at all! Brother and sister? Father and daughter? I think JM should have had a longer time as a single man. How come JM fell in love more or less straight away when others had waited hundreds of years to find their love. Him dreaming of soft curvy, sexy women and the ending up with Xhex! Come on. She's alomost a guy!
I would love more about Rhage and Mary. Wrath and beth. Payne too, although she too is kind of masculine.
More about Szadist and Bella. Phury and Cormia. Butch and Marissa.
What can I say.I loved the first four. I love the smart talk. I loved the sex. I love most of the main characters. Please get rid of Blay and Quinn!
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I have a confession to make - I wasn't particularly looking forward to reading John Matthew's story. Yes, I know I'm in the minority there and that he's a very popular character with BDB fans so don't lynch me! It's not that I don't like him because I really do but even knowing that JM is a reincarnation of Darius I've still always thought of him as that teenage boy that Tohr and Wellsie took in. So as much as I love him it's more as a little brother not as a potential hero and that made me nervous.

I've complained that the last couple of books have focused less on the main romance than the earlier books did and I think that this actually worked in my favour when it came to JM and Xhex. This time I was pleased that the focus wasn't too heavy on the romance and I really enjoyed most of the side stories that were going on. I liked the romance more than I expected to but I felt that Xhex was able to move on far too quickly after everything she went through as Lash's prisoner, it didn't feel at all realistic to me that she was so into JM just days after major surgery. I know the vampires heal quickly in a physical sense but I felt she would have needed more time to come to terms with things emotionally. I did like the fact that JM and Xhex were able to understand each other so well though, they have both been through difficult times and come out the other side as survivors and I felt that gave them a real emotional connection that has been lacking in some of the other BDB relationships.

I think my favourite parts of the story revolved around Blay and Qhuinn though - they completely stole the show for me & I really hope we get their story soon. As much as I'm routing for them to end up together I'm really enjoying having Saxton on the scene - it makes a nice change to see Qhuinn as the jealous one and I think he needed someone like Saxton to come along to make him start to accept his own feelings. I'm also loving that we're starting to see Tohr work through his grief and Lassiter cracks me up every time he steps onto the page - I really hope he's getting his own book!

I wasn't so keen on the sections to do with the ghost hunters, I'd guessed pretty early on who was behind the sightings and although I can understand why J.R. Ward wanted to introduce that character I felt this was a bit of a random way of going about it. Hopefully they won't be featuring in future books (the ghost hunters that is - not the other character!). Another niggle that I just have to mention was the introduction of a character called No'One. This series always has had the strangest names but that one is just beyond ridiculous and caused a lot of eye rolling as I was reading!

Although Lover Mine wasn't my favourite book in the series I enjoyed it much more than the last few books and I feel like the series is moving back in a more positive direction. For the first time in ages I'm actually feeling excited about the next book in the BDB series and that isn't something I've felt since I first read Lover Enshrined several years ago. Let's hope that Lover Unleashed manages to raise the bar even higher and then we'll be back to the awesomeness that was the earlier books.
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on 28 October 2011
John Matthew has now passed through his vampire transition and fights along the other Brothers against the evil Lessening Society. John's heart belongs to Xhex, a half-symphath assassin, who has been kidnapped by Lash. The problem is Lash is no ordinary Lesser, he is half vampire and the son of the Omega and has some nasty tricks up his sleeve. John is desperate to find Xhex, but the question is not whether he'll find her but whether she'll survive her imprisionment and whether she'll let herself be found.

This is the eight Black Dagger Brotherhood novel (after Dark Lover,Lover Eternal,Lover Awakened,Lover Revealed,Lover Unbound,Lover Enshrined and Lover Avenged) and focuses on John Matthew whose story has been told in the background since book two.

This picks up four weeks after Xhex's abduction at the end of the previous book, and John is losing hope of ever finding her. The plot is cleverly written and well paced. The author has managed to find a balance between action and emotion that keeps you turning the pages desperate to see what happens next. John and Xhex's relationship has been slowly developing over the last few books so I was eager to what happened next and how they dealt with their traumatic pasts.

As usual the book has additional storylines running alongside the main John/Xhex perspectives. This time there are flashbacks to when Darius and Tohrment first met, along with a view on Lash and the Lessening Society and a TV show. These sections following the TV crew for Paranormal Investigators in South Carolina detracted from my enjoyment of the book quite a bit. While I understand their relevance to the longer series arc, I found the transition between these segments and John's story to be jarring.

One thing I loved about the book is that John and Xhex were able to develop as individuals, and other characters managed to get some page time. Tohrment and John's relationship regains it's balance, and Qhuinn and Blay's relationship goes through some unexpected changes. The ending was very cleverly done, giving closure to some characters and coming up with some unexpected twists. It also creates a good lead into Payne and Manny's book which is up next.

All in all this was a great read and I can't wait for Lover Unleashed.

Plot: 10/10
Characters: 10/10
Ending: 10/10
Enjoyment: 9/10
Cover: 9/10

Overall: 48/50
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Lover Mine is the eighth novel in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R.Ward. While this novel mainly concerns the long-awaited story of John Matthew and Xhex, there are several subplots: a narration set in 1684 gives the reader more about the early Brotherhood in the Old Country, Tohr's start with them and Darius's dream of a Brotherhood Mansion, as well as Xhex's origins; Lash's story develops; the tension between Blay and Qhuinn builds with the introduction of another character; Ward sets the scene for the next novel, Lover Unleashed, with some scenes with Payne on the Far Side; and finally, there is a loosely-connected narration about a reality TV program called Paranormal Investigations. Once again, the plot is original, with several twists to foil predictability. While John Matthew stayed true to form, it seemed to me that Xhex was acting out of character from previous books. The world Ward has created is certainly a compelling one that she comprehensively supports with plenty of information about what, who and how. The odd spellings can be taken in context as part of this world, although the questions as statements are slightly irritating. On the whole, this series is quite addictive and this book, while a brick, is a great read.
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on 13 September 2014
The thing is I fell in love with John, the moment he was introduced in the series. He has had his fair share of hardship to say the least. Some of them heartbreaking. It's so nice to see him coming onto his own and finding his mate in Xes, a very strong character, who has my respect and admiration.

I like the interaction between Quinn, Blay and John. Great read. Can't wait for the next.
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