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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars461
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 30 October 2012
Rick Riordan has once again brought a great read to us just reading about Percy and camp half blood have been great reads they have been fun to read and now in the last two books he has introduced the Roman camp which has brought more twists into it which is always good. Also love the Kane books aswell there also another good set off books lets hope Rick keeps briniging us these for years to come
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My children and I have just finished this together. It has taken quite a while. Volume Three of The Heroes of Olympus is certainly good value for money coming in at about seven hundred pages.

It is however, seven hundred pages of Riordan's excellent prose, which fuses mythological stories and ancient history with the modern world to great effect and which has awoken a total passion for mythology and the worlds of ancient Greece and Rome in my children for which I will forever be indebted to Mr Riordan.

Annabeth sets off to Rome with her trusty quest companions to try and find the long lost statue of Athena and bring it to light in order to try and save the world from imminent destruction.

As you do.

The children were sad that Ella the Harpy didn't make much of a showing in this volume, but the two crazed Roman giants in the amphitheatre kind of made up for it, and we are all massive fans of Leo and following his story thread with particular interest.

Bring on volume four.
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on 7 November 2012
I was a little worried before I got this book that it might not flow as well as the last 2 in this series as it had all the major characters in both put together but my fear proved completely unfounded. Rick Riordan gives all the characters roughly equal roles to play and stories to tell which gives much more depth and unpredictability to the story as there are more sub plots and makes it seem more realistic as it isn't always the same person saving the day. This leads to fantastic character development as the Greek and Roman worlds clash.

Despite all the ledgendary monsters, characters and items in the previous books there is almost no repetition in this book as Riordan keeps coming up with original ways to work in new myths ranging from the reasonably obscure to the very well known. This helps keep the series fresh.

I am not about to give away any spoilers but this is not the last book in the series and I think the ending was fantastic and sets up the next book to be the most interesting so far.
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on 17 October 2014
Just when you think that the series can't get any better The Mark of Athena runs in. The whole book is just like the others, adventure after adventure, action after action but this one has an underlining quality of seriousness that brings the book to a whole new level. Not saying that the other two weren't serious but with this one you feel it more. It is the middle book, the middle of the big quest and you can really feel the danger that is about to happen.

I loved the fact that Annabeth and Percy were reunited, in fact I kept re-reading that scene over and over again because it was just too perfect. Plus the whole group of demigods finally meeting and starting the quest was also perfect. I simply just loved it.

All in all this book screamed intense action and perfect characters. It seemed to me that everything just clicked into place and we were finally seeing the dangers of what this quest and prophecy actually holds. It was just a brilliant book in a fantastic series.
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on 12 November 2012
It has a lot of suspence like all the other books, cute moments, angry moment, happy moments, just everything! This book I deffinitly would recommened to any fans of fantasy adventure and Rick Riordan fans will love it even more so! I'm just dying for the nest book to be released as i am a hge fan of his work and this book was amazing! :D
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on 8 January 2013
I really enjoy the Rick Riordan books, I've read all of the Percy Jackson series, and all up to present of the Heroes of Olympus series. This book, although not quite as entertaining action-wise as the other books, it does give an insight into some of the other characters, and involves Annabeth more. I've almost finished the book, within a couple of weeks, although I've made it last as previously I've read the previous books in the series in one go

If you are into Greek Mythology, or even if you aren't and want an entertaining book, I recommend this, and the other books in the series. They have all re-ignited my interest in Gods and Monsters.

UPDATE 30/01/2013: Just got around to finishing this book, and although I still think its brilliantly written, I wasn't keen on the ending - it was only a "kind-of" cliff-hanger with not enough tension. The slight downside on the ending wasn't enough to knock it down a star though.
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on 16 January 2013
I loved the percy jackson series and this olympus series is equal in its ast-paced adventure and surprises that Rick Riordan has created through exploring the Greek and Roman legends of the Gods and Goddesses. This book especially is brilliant as it brings together many characters who for a time, have been seperated, and for a good cause! But now that the 7 heroes are together and facing many challenges, it is a book I wouldn't hesitate to recommend, though it is ideal to read the first 2 books first, and also before that, the 5 books in the PJ series. Also I would like to add, both series are not just for teenagers... the knowledge learnt through the interesting pages has made me aware of the depth of the greek and roman gods, which has made me fascinated and wanting to learn more. To everyone, from 8 to 108, I urge to read this book: you WILL be blown away!
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The latest book in the Percy Jackson Epic Series that see's the embarkation of the ultimate hero quest for Percy and his friends. It's wonderfully rich, has a great storyline and when added to the scope of what has gone before will more than leave the reader wanting the next tale in the series sooner rather than later.

The prose as usual is sharp, with an arc that will keep the reader glued from start to finish as each scene grabs you and won't let go. Finally add to the mix a tale full of heroism, friendship and of course demi gods seeking to do what's right and all in you too will have a hard time letting go. Great stuff and definitely a title that's high on our Christmas Recommendations if you have a young reader that loves a story of magic, myths and of course legendary deeds in the modern world.
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on 8 November 2012
I bought this book and all of the other books by Rick riordin, for my grandson. He can barely wait for the books to come out, they are read within days then, they are passed to me to read. As I'm 58 yes old, I think that's the best recommendation anyone can give.
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on 3 October 2013
The mark of athena has to be the best book ever written. Im a total jackson junky. I have been since the 1st book(lightning thief) and this is riordans best yet. I cry every time I read the cliffhanger(that is many many times). The first time I read it was in class. That was deeply embarrassing because I had already been told off for reading in science but when they called it unputdownable they were right. It was glued to my hands! You know what I mean if you have read it and if you havent than what are you doing reading reviews? Go and read the book now!!! Overall I thought it was incredible but Im not interested in the other 5 of the 7. I love Annabeth and im in love with Percy. Yes im that much of a saddo. Thats about it but why couldnt he write house of hades quicker?!
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