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3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 29 August 2011
I've read all of Adele Parks' books except the most recent one and this is the one I enjoyed the least by far. Her other books are passable chick-lit novels and some of them are really pretty good. Playing Away, for example, is miles better than this one. Love Lies is just completely unbelievable and cringey in places. As always, I find her dialogue odd and clunky but I can usually overlook this for an entertaining story. This, however, has no depth and none of the characters are very believable or likeable. One of the things I like about other Adele Parks books is that her main characters are almost always deeply flawed and/or do unpleasant things, yet you forgive them in the end when you get to know them better. Fern in this novel, however, is just ridiculously shallow and dim and lacks any redeeming features. If you want a light hearted holiday read, this might hold your attention, but don't expect too much.
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on 28 August 2009
I've read all Adele Parks' books so I eagerly purchased Love Lies. But I found it very disappointing. Unlike her previous books, where she developed interesting, compelling and not always likeable characters, this was a cookie cutter formulaeic read. It was as if she couldn't wait to hurry over to Los Angeles and write about the popstar's luxurious home, Rodeo Drive and parties, because the earlier part of the book about Fern's break-up with Adam and how she falls in love overnight with the popstar is rushed through and lazily written as if we're just supposed to imagine for ourselves any chemistry or powerful emotions. It doesn't seem credible that one minute she's playing strip poker, like any groupie, with Scottie the popstar and the next minute she's left everything behind to flit off to the US with him.

This book represents a severe departure from form for Parks. It seemed like she wrote it very fast and carelessly. It wasn't at all thought provoking like some of her other books. The ending was all too predictable.
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I'm not a die-hard fan of either chick-lit or Parks but picked this up for some light relief and would say that it half delivers.

The characters are all very predictable: Fern the florist, lazy old boyfriend, gay best friend, new rock star Robbie-Williams-alike new boyfriend etc.

Fern can often be really, really irritating: after moaning on about her current boyfriend's inadequacies, she then issues him with an ultimatum - propose or they're over. And, later, almost forces herself into an unwanted marriage since she 'has no other option'. For an educated girl of 30 with a job that's really pathetic...

However, the fun part is when she's whisked off to LA to live a life of wealth and luxury, and Fern's huge enjoyment of the whole thing is completely infectious and fun. The contrived 'chastity pact' , though, seems absurd and neither of the men were at all attractive in my view which rather spoilt the point of the reading experience.

So really no more than brainless fluff, completely throwaway and forgettable.
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on 31 July 2009
I've read all of Adele Parks books and this is my least favourite. It was entertaining, but was extremely easy to read and didn't hold my interest. The characters were unrealistic, under-developed and stereotyped, which made their parts dull and uninteresting. Characters who could have been more interesting took a backseat while the more important ones weren't utilised fully.

The story centres of Fern, who is so wrapped up in the idea of turning thirty that she irrationally places an ultimatum on her boyfreind of four years. When he doesn't deliver she throws herself into a new relationship with heart-throb-come-stroppy-diva Scottie Taylor (think Robbie Williams only to more excess). From there she is whisked away to LA to start her new life. This screams *rebounding crush* and *PR stunt* but this is something Fern learns very slowly as she's blinded by the novelty. Everyone else (outside the couple) knows but she doesn't.

The moral of the story is that money can't buy you happiness (which is predictable, so I'm really not ruining anything), and this resounds throughout the entire book. However, this theme is obvious from the offset so the book needed something else alongside this to carry it forward properly. By halfway through I was still waiting for something to start and was bored with it. Ms Parks usually gives a far jucier story than this!

As mentioned, the ending is very predictable (I bet even reading this far is enough). There is a subtle twist, which lasts all of three chapters, which rescues the ending from one star to two. The book earns its third star through some good (but not excellent) scene setting and character development at the beginning. These unfortunately are the only descriptions like this we get.

For me, the best book Ms Parks has ever written is 'Tell Me Something', which I enjoyed, and 'Love Lies' pales into insignificance next to it. I'm hoping that this is a blip in the author's bestselling history, and that her next books will be better. Not the best, stick to Marian Keyes' 'This Charming Man' for the time being!
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on 20 August 2009
I've loved all of Adele Parks books until now. This is weak with characters you cannot like. The fern character literally moans, groans and just gets on our nerves for the first few pages. The story has been told before. I would recommend "Johnny Be Good" by Paige Toon - tells the same story in an interesting and funny way...........come on Adele lets hope the next one will be back on track? I would rather you waited until you had a good story to tell rather then churn out this terrible tosh.
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on 30 July 2009
I've read all Adele Parks' books, and looked forward to this one coming out. I'm not sure what I was expecting, as I knew I was getting chick-lit for reading on holiday, but honestly, this was just garbage! The story features Fern, a florist, who's bored in her stale relationship, and suddenly finds herself swept away by an exotic pop-star, Scott. While I'm sure most girls have a fantasy about being swept off their feet by a glamorous rich man, this was so unrealistic it made me angry - even in the throes of love and lust, I just can't believe anyone would actually behave this way! The characters were poorly developed, and I found myself skimming huge descriptive parts because I was so bored. The ending was predictable, and I couldn't wait to get finished it. Fine for the pool, I suppose, but for me, this book was more irritating than entertaining.
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on 22 November 2009
A very fluffy and lightweight, dare I say dull read, and quite unlike Adele Parks earlier work. I didn't like it, barely managed to finish it, and felt a little cheated.

(I'd even go as far as saying 'ghost writer').

If you liked the Adele Parks of old (think: The Other Womans Shoes, Larger than Life), this will dissapoint.

On the plus side, my teenage daughter loved it!
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on 10 December 2012
I quite like Adele parks novels but when I read this book I actually felt embarassed for the author. I like chick-lit very much but this story took the biscuit and lost the plot!
Yes it's supposed to be far-fetched (a girl being swept away by a famous rock star etc) but Parks didn't portray the main character, Fern, in a likeable or fun way. If Fern had had a little more depth, hadn't been such a boring, shallow moron the book could have come across as more fun and light-hearted. Instead I felt Parks was attempting to make her characters believable which was patronizing.
The fact that Fern turned up backstage without makeup and displayed little personality when meeting Scottie then believed he'd fallen in love with her was laughable! It was too cheesy and although you guess Scottie has an ulterior motive for proposing it's still pretty annoying the way Parks has Fern instantly agreeing, upping sticks and moving to LA and believing Scottie actually wants to be with her.
Also Scottie's motive for proposing was pretty thin and I guessed what it was right away. The Ben storyline just irritates me so much I can't write about it, utter drivel.
Usually Parks writes a likeable female character but Fern was ridiculous and at times a danger to herself :-) Also Scottie Taylor did not come across as a worldwide superstar, more a damp squib, no matter how many times Parks wrote about his sexual attractiveness and sexy charm it just didn't wash.
Please never write another 'Fern' again!!
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on 26 September 2011
This book is good in all the ways a good book should be. Many have complained that it is so unbelievable but isn't that what you want from a good fiction novel? Yes half the plot would probably not happen to you in a month of Sundays but it made for exciting reading.

The plot centres on fern. A florist who is stuck in a rut with her boyfriend. With 30 approaching she gives him an ultimatum - marry me or it's over. On the morning of her 30th Adam does not acknowledge the ultimatum but gives her tickets to the Scottie concert - which he got free. With this still stuck in her mind she embarks or a whirlwind romance with Scottie leaving Adam for dust but she then has to ask herself is the grass greener?

This book is so out there and unbelievable that you get swept into he story from page one. Fern, Scott and Adam are all extremely likeable characters despite their flaws and although it is a fairly out there book you do experience the feeling that the characters feel. It was a joy to read this book and I would recommend it on. Yes it is farfetched - but that is what makes it so fantastic. It is well written and stick to Adele's quirky writing style. I would recommend this and most of her other books to all fans of chick lit novels.
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on 18 August 2009
I agree with the other people who have not rated this book favourably. Adele Parks is one of my favourite author and I always look forward to her books being released. Whilst this was very easy to read, only took a day, it is so unbelievable that it doesn't ring true. I am assuming that Adele was just 'churning this out' for a publishing deal. Please, I'd rather wait longer for your usual great efforts!!
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