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4.2 out of 5 stars46
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 13 June 2005
My diet book collection, and knowledge, has grown larger over the years..... along with my body! This is a simple little book which shone a real light onto me when I read it. It is helping me rediscover 'hunger' rather than 'appetite' or 'habit'. I am a self confessed compulsive eater, with some binging thrown in. I know a good deal about diets and nutrition as I work in the health sector - this book is so simple and has helped me cut through all the cr*p and get right back to the basics of what your body needs. All I want is to eat normally, stop thinking about food all the time, feel healthier and loose some weight.
This book is amazing, as can help you start to feel hunger again, you also begin to feel other feelings which you have held onto and smothered with food and fat. It is time to deal with all of those painful issues, food doesn't make them better in the long term.
I have never been so organised, inspired and quietly enthusiasitc. Try it, you would spend the cost of this book on extra nosh at the weekend without the slightest thought!
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on 29 January 2002
As someone who has experienced anorexia, I have learned some of the lessons in this book the hard way and was wary of a book with this amount of hype about this particular topic. However, Orbach writes with understanding and compassion and her words are soothing and reassuring.
The 'How to use this book' section encourages the reader to be flexible and use the book's suggestions in their own personal way. This book is a good back-up to other emotional and psychological exploration rather than the only book or help you are likely to need. The size of the book is perfect for slipping in a pocket or bag, too.
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on 25 October 2009
I have been following the recommendations in this book for around 6 weeks now and have started to see a marked change in the amount of food I can comfortably eat in one session and now, becaause I only eat when hungry and stop immediately I feel full have steadily began to loose weight. Remarkable yet so obvious a revelation.
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on 5 July 2002
I would just like to say that this the most amazing book I have ever read. I am very grateful to Susie Orbach for the wonderful way in which she approached such a delicate subject in such a sensitive way. Since reading this book, I have lost 12 kilos, have eaten exactly what I want (including cake when I really felt like it) and felt good about myself throughout the whole process. Enabling people to understand that you have to truely taste and enjoy what you eat and also enjoy eating sweeter things without the guilt factor allows you to deal with food the way it should be dealt with. Listening to your body and feeling hunger has also been key for me, because I realised I always just ate at mealtimes rather than allowing myself to feel hungry and eat accordingly. I am now slim and know that I have changed for life. Thanks Susie - Your book is an absolute inspiration to a new generation of women.
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on 27 March 2002
Ok first of all this book is not a diet. The great thing is this book puts the fun back into eating.
The thing I really like about this book is that it breaks the taboo of eating the foods we enjoy. Basically it tells you to eat when you're hungry and stop eating the instant your full. As far as I'm concerned this is how it should be done! So for example if I am hungry for a bag of chips ill buy those chips and eat them the way I like (with a coke). The moment I'm full it tells you to stop eating.
However if you aren't open minded and flexible and you are the kind of person that likes to eat according to nutritional guidelines this book is not for you.
The last point I would like to make about this book is the fact that it's so simple to understand and put into practise. I'm a 15-year-old so if I can understand this you can to.
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on 12 May 2008
Many people have dieted off and on for so long, they've forgotten how to eat in response to hunger and stop when they're full. This book reminds you that your body can tell you what and when to eat and when to stop, if you listen to it.

It also encourages you to deal with your emotions, rather than using food to suppress them - something a lot of overweight people do.

In a nutshell, this book shows you how to have a normal relationship with food.
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on 6 February 2002
I am a book fanatic but this is the first time that I am writing a review. I have struggled with my weight for years and, eventhough I am a little "overweight" (whatever that means) I still despair in the same ways as most people do. I have read lots of books on diets and as I was about to invest in another one I decided to give this a try. I only read the book yesterday and found that I have been able to put it into practice. The principles are that you eat whatever you want when you're HUNGRY and stop when you're FULL. It's something that I have never realy done. I, like many others, view food as a tool for my emotions. This book encourages you to feel the emotion, be it anger, sadness or happiness, rather than eat to supress it. Yesterday I was angry and for once I let my anger surface rather than working my way through a 6-pack of crisps. It was scary but I made it through the emotion without dulling it by trying to eat it away. I just dealt with it instead. I think that this book is brilliant and gives you back the pleasure in eating. It is liberating and makes you feel like you finally "get it". Buy this book if you don't want to suffer any more by creating a weight problem instead of dealing with the emotion at hand. It is cmpassionate and soothingly written. Why shouldn't we know what our body needs more than someone that we don't know who's writing a book on the next fad diet? I know myself and that's the person that I'm gonna start listening to, and this book encourages you to do that - tune into you. This is no quick-fix(it's not a diet afterall), but this way you always have your cake and eat it too.....which DIET gives you that???
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on 28 February 2002
I have struggled with comfort eating and weight-loss attempts for years. I agree that 'On Eating' takes the confusion out of eating. It makes perfect sense to eat when you are hungry and to stop when you are full. However, hunger is not the only reason for eating. Food is used for celebrating, nurturing, pleasing the senses, sharing and enjoying. I think it's makes more sense to do most of your eating when you're hungry, and to allow yourself the occassional treat when you feel like it.
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on 31 January 2004
This book is simple to read and surprisingly simple to follow. I have suffered from an eating disorder for about 10 years and am recommending this to people like me. Whilst reading the book I felt that the information seemed obvious and when I came to put it into practise, I found that it was, which naturally made this easier to follow. The author put thought and feeling into her writing and I would like to thank her.
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on 10 September 2009
I found this little book very easy to read and when I did it made a lot of sense. Having spent the majority of my life being a serial yo-yo dieter and wrecking my metabolism, it was encouraging to hear someone telling me, its ok to eat what I like when I like as long as I am truly hungry. It took me a while to learn how to be hungry, having never really experienced this feeling before. Some days I have two meals, some five, but I only eat when my body tells me its time because I am hungry, not peckish or bored or passing a bakery and the pies smell lovely!!!. Its not a new concept but it is for me. This book has helped me to finally accept that starving and bingeing or being told I cannot eat a certain food type in conjunction with another food type is not the way forward for me and is no use at all. I dont know if I have lost any weight yet becasue my scales are in the garage (tip), but everyone is commenting on how clear my skin is at the moment. I certainly feel better and the proof is in the fact that I can now eat one or two biscuits out of a pack and leave the rest for another day. (Major miracle not to be underestimated). Good book if you are willing to stick to the only major rule of "eat when you are trully hungry but stop immediately when you feel satisfied, not blaoted or stuffed, just satisfied". Beleive me, there is a difference. It takes time to learn this but the feeling is really great.
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