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4.8 out of 5 stars46
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 12 October 2001
I hadn't read a Moomin book in 30 years, and (like so many) started again because my own son was of an age for them.
They're quite, quite, beautiful.
As children's books, they work well. Small peculiar creatures have amusing adventures, in stories just the right size for bedtime. They're not the only series of such tales, but they're one of my favourites.
It's as an adult reading them though, that their true quality becomes apparent. Until you read something of this quality, it's hard to remember that children's fiction doesn't have to be trite. There are many little themes in these books about real fears that children have, about approaching friendship, separation and loss or bravery and loyalty.
I'm tired of reading children's books (particularly for bedtime) that are just no fun for the adult doing the reading. Moomins are so much better - it's the sort of book where you read one chapter aloud, then finish the rest of the book on your own afterwards.
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on 10 June 2003
Life without the Moomins is unimaginable - so wonderfully weird in a Scandawegian way. Moominmamma is there with her handbag, the shy and coy Snork Maiden, strident Littly My, Snufkin with his hat. They are practically members of our family. Comet in Moominland is exciting and dark - the world teeters on the edge of oblivion and all nature is upended as a vast comet rushes on its fiery way towards the Moomins' valley. I love the chapters where they stalk across the mysteriously drained sea bed on stilts with accompanyingly creepy illustrations: scary but not badly enough to give the children nightmares. Tove Jansson's writing is delightfully droll, packed with wry humour.
Of course, as with all of the Mooming books, the adventures end with everyone back and safe and Moominmamma firmly in place as protector of them all. Simply lovely.
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on 21 December 2000
As an avid fan of those lovable characters, the Moomins, this has to be one of my favourite Moomin books. It has a most enchanting plot through which we learn how Moomin came to meet his dear friends Snufkin and the Snork maiden on his quest to stop a comet from destroying his home. Children and adults alike will be delighted by this book which works on two levels, that of the simple storybook, and that which considers many deeply philosophical concepts. No book collection is complete without this unique and brilliant tale.
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on 25 April 2008
A friend suggested that I should re-read the Moomin books of Tove Jansson (after 40 years or so), and I'm SO glad that I've started.
Comet in Moominland (apparently the second in the series) is not only a superbly written and well rounded story, but it also introduces most of the characters that appear in the rest of the series.
Moomintroll and his friend Sniff begin an adventure that takes in an unbelievable variety of things including discovering a cave, fishing for pearls, being attacked by alligators and giant lizards, crossing the seabed on stilts and much more besides. All the time there is the menacing knowledge of a comet speeding towards the Earth and threatening to destroy the beautiful Moomin Valley.
Along the way we meet the Muskrat, Snork and his sister the sweet Snork Maiden (who Moomintroll saves from a deadly bush) and of course the wonderful Snufkin (Snusmumriken).
The groups adventures continue after they have reached the observatory at the top of the mountain, and include some touching scenes at a little shop, and also at a woodland dance.
Will they survive the comet?
This is such a well crafted story, and given the time it was written (shortly after the apocalyptic end to the second world war) carries the fears of the loss of so much innocence and beauty. This is shown most poignantly when the group find that the sea has dried up, and most of the sea creatures gone. Snufkin (normally aloof and not given to sentiment) sits down and cries 'as if his heart will break'.
Often un-remarked is the fact that Tove Jansson's illustrations are equally as excellent as her writing.
All in all........Far too good for children !!
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on 26 March 2008
"This star with a tail must be either a warning or a threat. Perhaps someone is angry with us for some reason - a secret society for instance" (p31)

This story changed my life as a child - I saw possibilities and adventures that I didn't think possible. If you want your child to grow up outside of the Walt Disney path of cliches, you will want to read this to them in their formative years.
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on 25 February 2010
I remembered reading "Comet in Moominland" as a kid over 50yrs ago. Just by chance I put the title into Amazon and the book came up. Under a fiver and it was again mine. I read it again (at 62yrs) and lent it to my girlfriend - what a complete joy. The book is for age 7yrs +, but we both loved it. Superb drawings, great writing - no wonder kids today who havn't shared such literary wonders can't read, or even deeper, share in the benifits of an ethos of care, love and family that this book portrays - and I am sure even the author never thought of this at the time it was writen, as at that time it was probably the norm.
Buy the book, look,laugh,think - were have we all gone so wrong to not think this an ideal for life.
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on 1 April 2011
I read all the Moominland books when I was a child and have recently brought out some of my copies for my son who is just 9. He absolutely loves them and this was one we didn't already have. It hasn't disappointed! They are so refreshing and fun and use language which is understable to a child but also extends their vocabluary in a way other works of children's fiction don't. This story is magical and every child should read it.
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Comet In Moominland - Tove Jansson (Puffin hardback edition)

Oh my goodness! If ever you feared that childish enchantment might be inexorably snuffed out with the steady encroachment of careworn adult years, then I'd thoroughly recommend a dose of Tove Jansson's sublimely enchanting Moomintroll stories. Clearly written with children in mind, I'm nonetheless just discovering Jansson's delightful world of Moomins, Snorks, Hemulens, Hattifatteners and the like, at the ripe young age of forty-something. And the experience is just terrific.

In this story you get everything, including a great adventurous journey, taking in such archetypical fairy-tale locations as a cave, forests, mountains, the sea, with all kinds of places and characters, from the humble village store to a lofty mountain-top observatory. The cast ranges from people to animals to mythological or fanciful beasts and spirits, all of which have a magically natural pagan mythological feel.

Like its predecessor The Moomins and the Great Flood, there's a cataclysm, in this instance the titular Comet, simultaneously wondrous and terrifying. As with the best of the fairy-tale tradition, be it old or new, the emotional and psychological range is complete, from carefree fun to fearful terror, but always with a sweetly gentle quasi-philosophical undertow, the whole package wrapped up in a beautiful combination of word and image that together combine into an enchanting and unique whole.

As an artist and illustrator myself, finally paying note to Jansson's work, which I've been dimly aware of since childhood, is like stubbing your toe on a pot of gold in the back garden. There's something, to use a phrase once used in reference to Tolkien, both 'epic and homely' about what she's created. And as a Northern European it also feels totally at one with my 'psyche'/worldview. This Puffin hardback is also a tremendously beautiful edition, everything form the paper, print quality, fonts, layout and dust-jacket design conspiring to make a gorgeous whole.

Through pure fortuitous happenstance I came to The Moomins & The Great Flood and Comet In Moominland in turn, not knowing that this was also their order of appearance. However, having now read both, I do now know that Finn Family Moomintroll comes next, and I can't wait to get that!
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on 17 January 2012
I loved the Moomins as a child. I loved the stories, the characters, and I loved the illustrations. So I couldn't resist slipping this into our daughter's Christmas presents. And now I can love the Moomins once more, and so can our daughter. Now, she did get a bit concerned about comets hitting Earth, but I explained that there were far more real threats out there than comets, such as being hit by a car, and lets not get started about the monster under your bed, so don't worry about any comets. We aren't due any for weeks.

Of course I didn't say that. I might have thought it and chuckled a bit, but I would never say it. Anyway, she loves Moomintroll, despite the fact that he's a boy. She also loves the illustrations, and I still do, too. The illustrations are great because not only do they illustrate parts of the story, but they also include the occasional non-story characters, watching from little nooks and crannies. They never get mentioned in the text, they are just there, adding to the detail.

In practical terms, most chapters (excluding the first) are about 10 pages long, so if you are into bedtime storytelling, the book will last about a week and a half.

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on 14 November 2006
I remember every birthday as a child when the eagerly awaited package from Finland finally arrived. Inside the package, I knew that there would be a Moomintroll book, translated into English. This was the first one of the series that I read, and - though the thought of a comet striking the earth is a frightening prospect, indeed - it was an amazing adventure. Tove Jansson weaves elements of humor, ecological awareness, and tolerance in her Moomin books to create magnificent children's literature that is destined to withstand the test of time.
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