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4.4 out of 5 stars23
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 1 June 2013
This book is intelligently written, easy to understand and digest. A highly recommended read.

It leaves me with the sense that various so-called 'experts' have a hidden agenda, for reasons best known to themselves; I include in this the Head of Antiquities (or whatever) Zahi Howass, who, when I have seen him in various documentaries about Egyptology, strikes me as being full of himself, bombastic, irascible and not very well educated at that!

I do seriously wonder if something has been found and there is a conspiracy to hide it from the rest of the world - it is a feasible idea and would not surprise me in the slightest.

One of the greatest lies I believe is that the Ancient Pyramid building Egyptian civilisation just ' sprang up from nowhere' with all the very advanced knowledge of astronomy, how to move 200 ton blocks of stone ( which can only be done NOW, with the one crane in existence capable, and then only after months of preparation), etc., etc., and yet we are told by the 'experts' that the Great Pyramid only took 10 years to build! What, with vine ropes and sand ramps? I do not think so. Simple logistics rule all this so-called fact, out.

Even I can see that that The Great Sphinx has been weathered by water - well, enough said, I think.

They must all think that we are all as stupid as they are.
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on 22 July 2001
Once again, Graham Hancock, and this time also cowritten with Robert Bauval, both well established individuals in the so called cult field of `archio-astronamy` have combined forces to present Keeper of Genisis (Message of the Sphinx in America), to present an impecably researched, coherent flow of data analysis. The first chapter of the book deals with the mathmatical and geographical anomalies evidently associated with the Giza necropolis. But where the book breaks away from any other of the authors works is the indepth study of the remnants of Egyptian texts, the insights into the dualistic nature of Egyptian consciousness and way of life. The reader is able to glimpse a fraction of the connection the highest orders of Egyptian civilisation felt towards the natural world and its universal celestial cycles, and mankinds inevitable place in the grand scheme, the quest for the immortality of the soul. Nowadays, in our modern cultures, where modern religions fail, especially amoungst the young, such notion is lost. So to rise above the material and to strive for the spiritual divinity of the soul has in a sense never been of greater need and relevance. The insights which this book glimpse into high Egyptian wisdom are enchanting, and portray a world view where their civilisation knew exactly who they were under the stars, a connection which has dissolved for most of our time. The authors detail how the pyramids and funeray texts have held safe the knowledge which has been passed on (sometimes not even consciously by those carving the inscriptions or hauling the stones) originally instigated by a secret academy of astronamer priests, the Shemsu Hor... "the cult of Horous", who were already ancient by the time of the first Egyptian pharonic dynasties, who instigated and manipulated Egyptian society to create texts and monuments which transmit infomation of a divine nature throughout time, across the ages and geological distance, with the sole purpose of engaging the mind of future humanity through our curious nature, ultimately providing a mental puzzle to be decripted in the form of the pyramids and hieroclyphics, with the ultimate reward of reminding modern humanity of where we have come from, and ultimately, where we must strive to reach before the end. Throw away all preconcieved notions and enjoy the texts as they stand, modern Egyptologists and orthodox historians do not even study the full infomation passed on by the Egyptians themselves, the orthodox chronology is based on a few pieces of text taken from here and there and disregard all else as "spiritual mumbo-jumbo", it is this disjointed historical shallow text which continues to be taught to our children across the globe, disinfomation springs to mind. So read this book and listen to two aurthors who have read all the infomation availible who provide an objective view on the facts, you make up your own mind after researching for yourself. At times you will hear the voices of the ancients whisper to you through the text across time. It is a refreshing slap in the face to look up and remind yourself that material gain is not all that we are here for, and that our materialistic achievements do not define us and elevate us above others, and that ultimately, our collective goal as a race is the same, above nation, colour and creed, we will strive to awaken the divine purpose of humanity. Books like this, made popular by public demand, are the first steps to the keys of ascension. The irony is that these books are critisised by those who havent done any research and accuse the authours of taking snippets of infomation to make the events fit their notions, unfortunetly it is the orthodox establishment that has done this. In regards to the total relevance of archiological-astronamy the bottom line is this, if only ten percent of the infomation passed onto the public via the range of books now availible, is in the end proved right, then all humanities history will have to be rewritten, thats an interesting thought isnt it. Read and enjoy.
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on 20 May 2013
Very interesting read one of the best books ive read in ages it will open your eyes A must for anyone interested in Astroarchaeology
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on 1 May 2012
Once again Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock do not disappoint. Their book, Keeper of Genesis, closely explores the whole of the Giza Plateau complex, and the reason why it was constructed, long before the Egyptian dynasties adopted it. They attempt to explain who it was that built it and when. One thing is absolutely certain; the Sphinx was carved long before the pyramids were built by a forgotten people, no matter what conventional Egyptology may say.
For anyone interested in the complex, I highly recommend you take the time to read this book.
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on 26 March 2012
These are the good writers of this subject, they dont write in riddles its intelligently written with constant reference to current egyptian archeaologists and their discoveries.
I just hope that something mindblowing and meaningfull is found but as usual everything points to the stars and the sky..and the enduring question of why were they so obsessed....The answer is in front of us but only a few agree that maybe they did come down from the skies....
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on 22 October 1998
The book is entertaining and in a popular motif that will appeal to the general public. It isn't stuffy and laden with academic method nor with the baggage of traditional Egyptological concepts. Indeed, Hancock and Bauval tear way, in many cases, the veil of conventional thinking about the Giza Plateau and why the monuments were built. Having said that I think the authors could have paid more respect to the body of scientific literature on the pyramids and shpynx which has rich scientific, analytical and archeological evidence that may in fact support the theory that the shpynx was built for something quite different than what we have been led to believe - what that was, thanks to the book we can only speculate. In any event, the book has certainly made me more receptive to new ideas about the lagacy of the ancient Egyptians.
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on 28 November 2011
Two authors both highly skilled researchers at the beginning of there careers but for them to team up is even better. I have found the data they have given about the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid to be outstanding and their work is a wonderful read. Most interesting was their mathematical data on the three chambers of the Great Pyramid. I have checked other sources and have not found them wanting.
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on 11 November 2013
I read this book and found that it did actually expand my knowledge in a very broad area so I recommend it for that.
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on 18 January 2007
There seems no escape from books full of conspiracy theories and alternative histories at the moment - and this is one of those such books. From reading the blurb of this book I instantly became intriqued as to the answers to the questions raised and started reading.

The book starts off by introducing facts and anomalies about the Great Sphinx and Pyramids at Giza and some of the unsolved mysteries around them - again fuelling the reader interest to carry on reading. Many instances of uncompleted research are presented to the reader that appear to go against mainstream Egyptology - this is heightened by the constant accusation that these research projects were stopped early by Egyptian authorities trying to cover something up or suppress the truth.

Before long there are many questions waiting to be answered and evidence regarding the astronomy are given. Some of the evidence is compelling and the theories put forward regarding the links between the old Egyptian texts and astronomy are fascinating to say the least.

However, it sooon becomes clear that the evidence is at times manipulated to suit the authors - not in itself a bad point as many authors do - and to prove the untested theory. There is also a lot of conjecture that is not backed up by facts. By the end of the book you will find that the authors are going round in circles and even giving conflicting views to those put forward at the start of the book.

Upon finishing this book I did not feel enlightened. Most of the questions raised in the blurb were not answered, nor were some of the others raised in the text. I would agree that this is an interesting book, but it is flawed in many places. Those with an interest in such matters may find the book worthwhile, but those from an academic background or wanting to do serious research about the topic are best advised to go elsewhere.
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on 3 March 2016
Arrived promptly and looks an excellent read. Pleased with my purchase.
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