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on 13 June 2010
This is a remarkably well written book, the plot is well told, and a great story as well! Rare qualities for a fighting fantasy style book. A must read for fans of the genre.

The book starts with an exhilarating beginning and you are thrust into the protagonists destiny early on. The book is well illustrated and has an adequate map which possibly makes the book easier as you know which direction to take. My only criticism would be the dice throwing mechanics - there are none instead relying on a random table pick but I guess you could make up your own mechanic if you so wished.

I reserve the last star as it seemed quite short, but it is entirely possible that I was sucked into another dimension of enjoyment where time took an another meaning, alternatively there may just be a lot of alternative routes most of which you never take
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on 7 September 2007
The Lone Wolf books first appeared on bookshelves in 1984 and were part of the `choose your own adventure' style craze that were popular throughout the 1980's which combined story with solo role play. The basic idea of these books was that you assumed the role of the lead character and steer them through numbered sections of the book. The end of each section would give you options relating to other sections and you made the decision which of way to go. You would also have the chance to pick up items; fight enemy's and gather information along the way. There was also the fact that your character could actually die and your adventure would be over before its completion.

The Lone Wolf series of books was one of the more successful ranges, only rivalled the Fighting Fantasy series, which has also gone through a recent revival. The first in this series, `The Flight from the Dark', written by Joe Dever, you take on the role of Lone Wolf. You are the only survivor of a massacre of the Kai Monastery by the evil Darklords. You must now make your way to the Capital of Holmgard, to warn the King of the massacre and the rise of the Darklords.

Before the adventurer starts you must choose a number of skills (Kai Disciplines) and find out the strength and ability of your character (Combat Skill & Endurance Points). The setup of the game and actual rules are fairly easy to understand and follow. No dice or other special equipment is needed.

This is the first of 28 books that are to be published. There are even going to be 4 new ones to finally complete the saga. There will also be collector's editions, novels and small models, to be used in tabletop war-gaming. Each game-book can be read / played as an individual one, or part of the larger saga. Although originally aimed at teen market, the books can be played / read by any age with equal difficulty, mainly due to the way you establish Lone Wolf's strength and abilities at the start of the adventure.

But be warned !!!! These are not just the original books reprinted. They have been updated for this new release. As well as new art work, including a stunning new map, the books have been extended. Flight from The Dark now boasts 550 numbered sections instead of the original 350. This allows for a deeper background story as well as new situations in the adventure itself.

This is a MUST for not only those who had the books the first time round, but also younger people who have encountered the `new' Fighting Fantasy range of books for the first time.


1.Do not use the actual `Action Chart' in the book itself, instead either make a photo copy of it or make your own version.
2.DO NOT expect to sit down and complete the book first time, it can take a couple of goes. Take notes as you go along, these will be vital in future attempts.
3.When choosing your `Kai Disciplines' at the start of the adventure it is certainly advisable to pick HEALING as one as this allows you to constantly replenish your Endurance Points. Combat also plays an important (and sometimes deadly) element of the books, so think seriously about picking skills that increases your Combat Skill.
4.Resist the urge to cheat.
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on 3 March 2016
Upon re-entering the world of Magnamund I immediately got about writing fantasy roleplaying adventures. This is truly an amazing series of books and the nostalgia of 80's fantasy is mind boggling.

I love this book.
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on 1 August 2006
In this gamebook, the reader takes on the role of Lone Wolf, last survivor of the Kai order. Equipped with mystical and martial skills, you need to find your way through a world in turmoil to warn the king. The land has been overrun by the hordes of the Darklands, and one of the great pluses of the book is that it introduces the original array of creatures which populate Joe Dever's world - unlike the better-known Fighting Fantasy series, Dever's "Magnamund" is a truly original fantasy world with unique monsters, villains and artefacts. The grey orc-like Giaks, reptilian Gourgaz, winged Kraan, vicious Doomwolves and undead Vordaks are the monstrous stars of this adventure.

It's a straightforward "find your way to the endpoint" adventure - there's no real mystery or complexity involved, it's just a matter of walking, fighting or tracking your way through the intervening terrain by one of several possible routes. It's genuinely multilinear, with a number of routes through; on the downside, this means it can take very few paragraphs relatively speaking to reach the end. Erring on the easy side, this book really makes most sense as a beginning of a saga rather than a stand-alone adventure.
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