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4.3 out of 5 stars86
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 7 November 2011
I read my first Palahniuk book at the beginning of the year and have read several others since. Admittedly I set the bar quite high starting with Fight Club, but have found something to love in every book of his since. Invisible Monsters is another dive-bomb into interesting characters and storylines, combining to make an interesting and fun read. I wouldn't necessarily recommend this book as starting point for new Palahniuk readers, although it is a great example of his style and characterisation. Well worth a read if you want a bit of an eye-opener.
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on 16 February 2002
When I picked this book up, I thought that it would be good. Chuck's work is usualy better than the median, but I was suprised by just how good it was. Without giving away any of the plot details, this book focus' upon the modern day obsessions with beauty and fashion, its origins and consequences, it is the picture of a person trapped by these obsessions and desperate to escape. The book takes you on a merry go round ride switching between past and present constantly keeping you guessing as to what will happen next as the protagonist attempts to make sense of her life. Mid way through I thought I had this story by the tail, but found that I was very wrong.
A strong book from a strong author.
Be warned Invisible Monsters is not for the faint haearted.
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on 11 January 2012
Chuck Palahniuk's books are a mixed bunch. While I absolutely loved Fight Club, Survivor and Haunted, I didn't much care for Choke, Tell All or Diary. This book, however, is, in my humble opinion, his very best. He takes the best of all his other works and combines them into a thrilling, fast-paced tale. Imagine the strange otherworldly feel of Fight Club combined with the deep characters and incoherent chronology of Survivor, mixed with the grittyness of Haunted. This book is beautiful and ugly at the same time; and it combines these traits flwalessly. The funny thing is, the story itself is about beauty and uglyness; however, revealing any information about the plot would be a sin. The less you know about the book, the harder it hits you. This is actually the first book that has had me literally shout "oh my God" at plot twists. It grabs you from the very first page, a description of a wedding gone horribly wrong, and just does not let go. It's perfectly paced, and the characters are actually extremely likable, something which seems to be hit-and-miss for Chuck.

If you want to read something in a style you've never seen before, if you're ready to try something different, this book is for you. You will not be dissappointed.
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on 30 October 2008
This novel is something that publishers were so shocked by that when Palahniuk first offered it up, nobody wanted to know. However, thankfully Fight Club opened doors for this genius of the macabre and we are now treated to a frantic and well thought out essential read.
Palahniuk's characters are well known for their nuances and it is a trait that makes his books stand out, but Monsters stands out more than others. He combines the shock factor with philosophy, and somehow creates beauty in horror. As the printed version of the ultimate avant-garde film, Monsters is not as you may believe an excuse for Palahniuk to shock (which he still does, in good measure) but instead it asks us questions as readers that are subtly placed but will keep you thinking as the pages turn. I'd reccommend this to anybody as a shining example of Palahniuk's work-this is the book to read if you want to enter a bleaker yet more interesting universe.
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on 28 January 2009
If you're new to Chuck Palahniuk's work, might I suggest that you read some of the reviews and even do some online research before diving right into his work, the reason being that he is unlike any other author. The phrase "pulls no punches" comes to mind. I read somewhere that this was actually Mr. Palahniuk's first novel, but that it had been rejected by publishers because it was too out there, too violent, and too weird. As a result he wrote FIGHT CLUB, which has since become a classic of the underground sort, and publishers flocked to pick up INVISIBLE MONSTERS. Now Mr. Palahniuk has several books under his belt, and this is by far one of the better ones.

The story of a fashion model gone wrong, the author uses fashion lingo and punches up the story with brilliant writing techniques that really give you at once a feeling of the vapidity of the industry, the falseness, and also the underlying problems, both emotional and physical. This is not a hard book to read, but, like most books, it took me a chapter or two to get into the flow and style. Once there I had no problem folliwing what was coming, though there are surprises galore in this tawdry and fantantasic tale. Everyone in the book is a mess, but the author somehow gets us to like and follow them through this labyrinth of weirdness.

The book has an almost hallucinatory feel, reminding me of THE ELECTRIC KOOLAID TEST, or even some of Burrough's works---NAKED LUNCH comes to mind, though INVISIBLE MONSTERS makes more sense and is more fun. I would recommend this book to those who have a warped sense of humor and who are not easily offended, along with Sedaris's works (ME TALK PRETTY) and those of Christopher Moore.

My only hesitation with recommending this book is that there is one scene, one description of a sexual act that I hope is not frequently performed, and this was the only part that really turned me off. Other than that, it was a wild ride of a time.
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on 10 April 2002
I have sat for ages here trying to begin describing this book, and the only word that comes to mind is "original".

I discovered Palahnuik's novels after seeing the film of Fight Club, loving it and then looking up the book. I really liked that too so i bought this. Invisible Monsters seems at first the feminine equivalent of Fight Club- a study of the frustrations of being a woman in modern America; this is a gross oversimplification but its not a bad place to start.
If you liked Fight Club then get this. If you haven't read/seen Fight Club then still try it anyway, but only if you can cope with reading something dark and challenging. Monsters first comes across as just another psycho-roadtrip story, but veers and twists into places you can't imagine. Funnier than Fight Club and lighter (though only just!), but perhaps even more challenging.
Try it, and even if you find it disturbing, stick to the end. Invisible Monsters is one of those rare things: an original story.
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on 19 September 2014
A confused stream of consciousness, I tried to stick with this as friends are using it for book club reading. However, I'm sorry, my life is too short to be disturbed by the imagery of such a book. I felt I was audience to a side of life I did not want to be part of and felt sullied by going along with it. I thought I was going to read about the way people treat others who do not look “normal” in spite of the fact that below lis a beautiful person - but it wasn’t!
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on 12 December 2014
The main lesson to take from Invisible Monsters is that we are all too caught up in ourselves to notice that which is going on around us. Palahniuk critiques materialism better than any author I have come across and this book is no different. It's funny, unsettling and retrospective. Read it.
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on 2 July 2009
This book is about a woman who was in a car accident in which her face was destroyed. Before the accident she was a beautiful model but now no one will look at her. The book, as like fight club, is full of events that all make sense at the end. The story starts near the end and jumps from one time to another slowly building up this brilliant story. The further you get into the book the more pieces of the story fit together and the more shocking it gets. I was gripped and shocked at every revelation and loved that it wasnt at all predictable. Some parts feel dragged out and needless and the beginning can be a bit confusing with the constant jumping from parts of the story but if you stick with it and get into the story you wont regret it. I would recommend this book for anyone who likes clever books that arent predictable and also any fans of Chuck Palahnuik
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on 6 March 2000
I was quite excited about reading this as I am a bit of a fan of chuck paluniuk and I wasn't dissapointed.
As with fight club I read it over 2 days, it's not so much of a page turner as his first novel but riviting non the less.
I totally agree with one of the other reviewers in that because it's written in his unique style, it is hard to visualise a different character from that of FC or survivor. Especially as the main character is a woman. At first it was hard not to imagine Ed Norton in drag :) but the fact she has no face helps a little!
I love the way it 'jumps' from one scene to another, and from one flashback to another, and as usual the way he ties everything up is fantastic.
Nice one chuck, thanks for not dissapointing!
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