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3.9 out of 5 stars115
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 27 May 2013
I bought this book following the feature in The Saturday Times last month. If you follow this diet as strictly as you can I think weight loss is pretty much guaranteed. I haven't lost 20lbs admittedly but I wasn't hugely overweight to start with. I'm 5'3 and start weight was 9 and a half stone. End weight after 4 weeks is just below 9 stone. And I barely did the exercise element of the diet due to a very busy schedule. So I'm very pleased with the result. I'm not quite at my wedding dress goal weight (8 and a half stone) but I have to admit I can't face doing another couple of weeks of the diet at this stage - I may come back to it in the few weeks before the wedding. Here are my pros and cons.....


1) You do get to eat a lot of food, I like to snack so this diet worked well for me in that respect. I didn't get any of the guilt I usually do if I have an extra piece of fruit or a whole sweet potato etc.

2) I have lost weight - particularly on my stomach and around my face and a little off my bum and thighs

3) I feel much healthier generally. I feel less lethargic since giving up caffeine. My skin is very soft and completely clear - best it's been in years (think this may be due to the diet combined with a dermalogica face cleansing regime!)

4) As someone who hates cooking I have realised that it is achievable to cook for myself more often - as Haylie says in the book, if you know what is going into your food it's going to be much better for you.


1) I love food. All food. And giving up bread, pasta (couldn't find any spelt or rice pasta anywhere), cheese, milk, tea, coffee, sugary treats, potatoes, fruit juice etc has been extremely difficult. I'm proud that I managed it for four weeks but I couldn't do it long term.

2) Haylie doesn't tell you in the book that a mildly unpleasant side effect of this diet can be an upset stomach.

3) The Phase 2 protein and vegetable only days in the middle of the week are painfully difficult. Egg whites do not form an omelette - they only scramble. And they don't taste great. Let's be honest, the yolk is the best bit! Was quite moody and hungry on those days. I would suggest eating smoked salmon in this phase (this is allowed) as it's much tastier than plain turkey slices. Luckily all the hummous, avocado, chilli, sweet potato, nut pastes and toast for breakfast do make up for it in phase 3!

4) It's quite difficult to find the ingredients she recommends in certain phases (in the UK at least), particularly things like sprouted grain bread and tortillas, rice pasta, spelt bread, turkey bacon, chicken sausage etc. I had to settle for rye bread as my wheat alternative.

5) It is difficult to follow this diet if you don't live a 9 to 5 life. I'm often travelling for work and finding appropriate food abroad is hard. There is only so much you can pack in advance (particularly given airline restrictions on liquids and pastes).

I will certainly be taking some things from this book on board permanently such as keeping my alcohol and caffeine intake low, keeping healthy snacks handy everyday, making more of my own food and reducing intake of refined sugars and gluten-based products.

Be aware that some of the recipes in the book have incorrect or confusing instructions and some of the quantities suggested are completely wrong. Watch out in particular for the dishes that have brown rice as you will need much more water to cook it than she suggests! For alternative recipes check out Haylie's Pinterest page - there are some further suggestions for each phase and also other healthy recipes for when you've finished the diet.

Worthy of note is the cost of all the organic and specialist foods that Haylie suggests - can make for a very expensive weekly grocery shop. But if you cook in bulk and freeze portions that helps reduce cost, and if like me you're used to eating out a lot, this will work out cheaper in the end.

All in all, this diet is a bit of a mixed bag. Definitely achieves results but don't be fooled into thinking it's easy!
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on 4 July 2013
I've completed my first week, and I've lost 5ilbs I didnt ever feel as if I was dieting.
You need to read the whole book, and make sure you have written down, and prepared for each section, It's incredibly easy, and you can easily incorporate it into resturants.
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on 28 May 2013
Aug 24th

I wrote the review below back in May. After four weeks I had lost 9LBS (in spite of 1or 2 weekly cheats).The thing I am most delighted about is that since then I have not regained that weight. For 8 of those weeks I was between jobs therefore eating out regulary and having treats. This has been amazing. I eat sensibly most of the time but have still have wine, coffee, cheese, chocolate. Bacon sarnies etc and am still 9 lbs down.

I am about to embark on anorher 4 weeks to lose my last 7lbs. Will add an update in a month or so but am very happy I found this book. One thing I have noticed is that when I do eat 'rubbish' now I really dont enjoy it so my relationship with food has seriously changed.


28 May

Day 3 of week 3 and I've lost 6 lbs. I was hoping for double this but I suppose I only had max 1 stone to lose so a quick fix wasn't going to happen. I've had a few blips - occasional decaf tea and coffee with skimmed milk when REALLY struggling.

To be honest I'm disappointed that I don't feel better in myself after reading the other reviews. Yes I've lost my bloat and my waist is more defined but I'm exhausted and quite faint most of the time and tend to fall asleep after my evening meal - crash!

I make my own spelt bread - which is lovely - and such a pleasure with almond butter on day 5. I made Haylie's Chilli over the weekend and it is gorgeous. I would make that whether on a diet or not. I get through days 3 and 4 by making stew/soup as something warm is more satisfying than meat and salad.

I find days 1 and 2 hard until lunchtime then I'm fine. I suffer from low blood sugar so the lack of protein with breakfast makes me hungry and irritable. After being on low carb diets forever though the fruit is lovely.

The positive is that this is that this the first weight I've managed to lose in 10 years. I lost 1.5 stones 10 years ago on Suzanne Somers. It gradually crept back and no matter what I have done I have not shifted any weight since. So 6 lb is a bonus as I was sceptical. When I think back 10 years I lost around 5 lb in the first week and then nothing for the next 3 weeks or so then the weight did drop off so I think (hope) the same may happen here.

I think for me this has to be a longer term fix and I do worry what will happen if I stop. My diet is pretty healthy anyway in that I haven't eaten processed food for 10 years and always try and eat lots of protein and veg. I do struggle to eat 5 times on days 5, 6 and 7 so I think maybe I don't eat enough? I'm definitely sticking it out for the next week and a half as it would be fatal to stop now.

You have to be organised and cook and freeze meals otherwise you'll give up in the first week. Also the tips to give up caffeine for a week before starting the plan were well received.

[[ASIN:0091948177 The Fast Metabolism Diet: Lose Up to 20 Pounds in 28 Days: Eat More Food & Lose More Weight: Unleash Your Body's Natural Fat-Burning Power and Lose 20lbs in 4 Weeks
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on 2 June 2016
I love this book. I am mid 40s and have apparently spent the last few years slowing my metabolism considerably. I tried fasting which worked for a while, and exercise programs including heavy weight lifting (which worked nicely for a year or two). I was eating a high protein and veg diet. I craved sugar and tried to have coconut sugar and “healthy” alternatives. Two months ago to lose weight I had to get down below 1000 kcal a day. At 1500 kcal I would put on weight rapidly. I had reached the point where I was scared to go out for a meal or have a glass of wine because the weight would pile on. One meal and I would wipe out the week of being hungry. I could only eat twice a day or I put on weight. It was so defeating and I was angry about it. This winter I lifted weights, hardly ate anything and put 14 pounds. After reading Hayley’s book I think my hormones were way out of balance.
I am not exaggerating with these figures as I am accomplished at counting calories! 15 years ago I could eat on average 1300-1400 calories a day, exercise a moderate amount, and lose 2 pounds a week comfortably.
I googled “fast metabolism” and this book came up. I started straight away. I had a stone to lose and I lost 8 pounds in the 28 days, which is not a small amount for me, especially considering I wasn’t hungry, was eating five times a day instead of twice, and exercised less. I stuck to the plan and did the recommended exercise three times a week. The first day I had sugar cravings every single minute, no exaggeration. After that day they were considerably diminished, probably due to the high fruit and grains.
On the day I finished the 28 days I went on holiday for a week. I ate out five times that week and the only exercise I did was strolling about town and a few stretches. I stayed mainly on the foods recommended in the plan during the holiday adding a very little French bread, brown and white, and white rice and a little dairy, sunflower oil, potatoes, salad dressings. I stayed almost completely off sugar and I don’t crave it anymore whereas before the plan I would crave it first thing, and after every meal. I am still on stevia and xylitol though. I didn’t stick to the phases on holiday but just mixed everything up. I had lovely pork, chicken and fish meals out. For the first time in I don’t know how many years I did not put weight on during the holiday and I did not count any calories but ate five times a day which was more than I wanted to eat. I am almost in shock that my weight dropped a pound over the week’s holiday. I am a very happy customer.
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on 3 September 2013
I've just completed the 28 day diet and it's fantastic. It is hard going to begin with, but well worth it. I've ditched a very unhealthy diet soft drink habit as well as 10% of my starting weight, and feel amazing. I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to shift some weight and adopt a healthier lifestyle.
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on 25 October 2014
Best "diet" I have ever done and seen results. It actually has launched me into realizing this way of eating is for life for me; cutting out the sugar, limiting grains, and nourishing my body with good food. Easy to follow, I thought I would have the worst withdrawal but having that "it's just for 28 days" kept me going. I have lost 10lb in 2 months. (Those final ten pregnancy pounds that would not budge for six years no matter what I tried)
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on 25 June 2013
So far about 12 pounds lost and I am on week 4. Not the promised 20 but I did 'sin' enough to justify lesser weight loss.
Relatively well written although I did not appreciate the horse comparison and found the mechanics of metabolism rather boring but some people might enjoy that bit. I would recommend the book and the diet.
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on 30 September 2014
After two years of steady weight gain, and never having followed a diet-plan before, I decided to try this after a friend recommended it. I followed the diet for 28 days and lost 12 pounds, which was great. I didn't buy organic everything and didn't drink mineral water because it's too expensive. I also switched the hard-to-get items with more readily available (and cheaper) alternatives. The initial week was hard (headaches, tiredness), which I put down to caffeine withdrawal. But right through weeks 2, 3 and 4, I still felt tired a lot of the time, and hungry. The amount of protein is far more than I would ever normally eat and I found this slowed my digestion, which meant I had the opposite to others - constipation! For the final week, I halved the amount of protein and doubled the veggies and felt a lot better. As others have said, the author's style is patronising, the content is repetitive, there are a lot typos in the book, and the portion sizes are very confusing, with several inaccuracies. But some of the recipes are really excellent - I have made them several times and the whole family loves them - and the diet re-introduced me to some really healthy alternatives to wheat that I haven't used for a while.
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on 31 May 2013
I lost 12 lb in 5 wks and pleased. U must sleep well and eat routinely for the diet to obtain better results. Tricky for me with young children at home who are wakeful or ill. That shud b taken into consideration in your results!!!! It must b giod as I am going to lose last 7lb on it again soon!
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on 13 January 2014
After seeing the amazing difference in my mum I bought this book. I am a complete sceptic about fad diets but I must admit that this book makes so much sense! Haylie Pomroy definitely seems to understand how our bodies work and what it takes to make them feel better! I have done the diet for a week and while i have not lost any weight yet, I feel amazing and have so much more energy. It was surprisingly to go without dairy, carbohydrates, sugar etc and I can honestly say I have not been hungry! If you are looking for a way of eating that is good to your body and makes food work for you - get this book!
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