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3.1 out of 5 stars1,364
3.1 out of 5 stars
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on 5 March 2015
I am a qualified (secondary) teacher and I have used this book a lot with my first born and recommended to my friends. I have absolutely no idea why some people would give it such poor reviews... it is extremely well researched, written by a pediatrician, balanced, informative, reassuring and the weaning program at the back is the BEST I have found in all the books I have read so far. Yes it mentions control crying but does not present it as the panacea, just a method amongst many others to help parents who are really struggling with babies still waking up a lot post 6 months. I have now bought the toddler follow up book by the same author and it is equally good.
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on 6 November 2014
My daughter is now 16 months and bought this book when she was 7 weeks old.

I found it full of practical information like what's the time limit to apply for child benefit, when vaccinations are due, when to see a doctor etc. This, to me, was very reassuring as, as a first time parent, I panicked about anything.
It was also very useful to read what to expect from my baby in terms of sleep, nappies, feeds. Remember this is for the average baby, so if you're baby doesn't follow what is written there is nothing wrong; whilst my baby followed somewhat the sleep guide, she was way ahead in feeds for example. I felt the author took time to explain this and never once made me feel inadequate or judged.

I can't understand the 1 star reviews, they all concentrate on 2 pages in the entire book, forgetting the multitude of gentle sleep training methods found in every chapter and even repeated here and there. I applied these very successfully. The CIO is only mentioned as a last resort and, whilst I do no agree with it before 6 months, it does give an insight as to what to expect and what's the worst that can happen. I think this gives the book a very balanced feel, trying to appeal to parents with all sorts of parenting styles.
There is also talk of both breastfeeding and bottle feeding in every chapter, again giving it a balanced and non-judgemental feel; I do not understand how someone expects to be told how many ounces a baby should breastfeed. There is mention though on how many feeds you should expect from your baby (bf or formula fed). There is talk in every chapter about breastfeeding issues specific for that week as well as bottle-feeding issues. I should mention that I breastfed until week 15, so been on both sides of the argument. The only thing I can imagine is that the reviewers only read the headings and never the content.

As for weaning, the author acknowledges not everyone can wait until 6 months and provides a guide to weaning, if doing it early. Again, this is a balanced view. There is no talk of BLW, as this is done usually after 6 months.

Another thing I also liked about this book is the "what happens to mum" bit in every chapter, which again I found reassuring and attentive, as no other baby books pay attention to mum's transformation after birth.
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on 14 October 2014
My daughter loved this book. Definitely the most useful out of all the "baby" books she was given. She read and read it and bought it as presents for friends that had babies. Highly recommended.
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on 12 October 2014
First of all please ignore all the one star reviews which have only appeared within the last month. If you have read the book you will recognise that THESE REVIEWERS HAVE OBVIOUSLY NOT READ THE BOOK. They are taking one paragraph completely out of context.

I bought this book in February because it was one of the top baby books on Amazon and I bought the top 4 at the time. This book was by far the best mainly due to it's easy to follow layout and sound advice. The way it is broken down into weeks allows parents to delve into the appropriate sections as needed. New parents will know finding time to sit down to read dense text is next to impossible so the easily accessible language also helps.

It gives detailed pros and cons to such issues as swaddling, breastfeeding and indeed the contentious controlled crying, which by the way is only talked about as a method of last resort after months of no one in the house getting any sleep what so ever and therefore the least bad alternative. Controlled crying is a thing, to not have a section in the book dealing with it would be to leave out what could be valuable information and have an incomplete book. I don't know why there is a witch hunt against this particular book but then again the review section of Amazon can be a strange place :)
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on 15 October 2014
We have a 6 week old and this book has been a good send. Given to us by friends I am now buying the kindle edition so that I can read it easily while I am feeding!! If you are pregnant or have a little omthen do not hesitate to buy this book it will help you through so many dilemmas!!!
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on 11 November 2014
Not sure where all the negative reviews have come from, but they were all posted within a couple of days of each other which is a bit weird. Read into that what you want I guess. Anyway, my friend bought this for me when I was getting into a complete state trying to follow Gina with my first - it became my bible for the first 6 months and helped transform me from a complete wreck (continually questioning myself about what was wrong with me, my baby, etc) into a far more relaxed first time mum, feeling more tuned into my baby and confident in relying on my instincts (which by the way was not to let him cry until he was sick... Don't recall seeing that anywhere in the book!). I have since bought it for all of my friends and family who had babies, and they in turn, have bought it for people - we all agree it's the best book on the market to help new parents through the ups and downs of early parenthood.
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on 5 January 2015
Ignore the "readers" reviews below - this book is excellent, a real life saver. Funny how all of the "reviews" were posted on or around the same day - hmmmmm - I smell a smear campaign.

I used this book with my first baby (who is now a happy, loving 3.5yr old and not damaged emotionally or otherwise!) and am back to buy it again as my next is due in 2 weeks. Practical, non-biased advice that is non-judgmental and genuinely helpful. Recommended by a friend (who is a midwife) and passed around the group of moms (hence me needing another copy).
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on 10 December 2014
This book has loads of very useful advice and give you a good guide as to where you should be at with each stage of your baby's development. An quite shocked at reading the 1star comments and it looks obvious to me that the same person has written them as they are all written around the same time and contain the same comments, sick, cruel etc
This book is not sick or cruel. It does not force you to try controlled crying but merely sets it out as an option. We did try it for my daughter and it worked wonders, she was not sick and it was not cruel - she is now 3 and tells me she loves me every day.
My new baby boy does not follow the book quite so well as he has silent reflux, a little bit more info on that condition would have been useful.
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on 24 November 2014
Having read lots of reviews and asked around a few friends I decided to buy this book just before my LO was born. One of the best features turned out to be the week by week format which has been excellent at breaking the information down into bite size amounts which is fantastic when you only have a short time to read in between all the crying, nappies, and feeding (our LO didn't seem to want to do a whole lot of sleeping). The tone of the book is non-judgemental and it doesn't feel like it preaches to you at any stage. There is comprehensive information about feeding, sleeping, washing, what's happening to mum and useful tips on health problems to watch out for with babies.

We are now 5 1/2 months down the line and can honestly say that this book has been invaluable and we are very sad and a little scared that it will soon be finishing. That is probably our main complaint - the fact the book stops at 6 months.
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on 19 February 2015
This is an informative, easy read guide for all expectant mums and dads. I was recommended this book by a friend when I was expecting my first baby, and both myself and husband read it inadvance so there would be no surprises plus I didn't think I'd find the time once baby arrived :)

I cannot recommend this book enough, we followed this book from day one and we luckily managed to get our baby into a routine quickly and she slept through the night ever since she was 3 months old and I feel this was due to the advice and guidance provided in this book. Our daughter is now 17 months old and is a very happy content little toddler (who is growing up fast!) who loves the routine, we followed the advice on weaning and introduced baby-led weaning which we would do again as she eats everything, from prawns to chicken, all vegs and fruit!

I am expecting my second, and re-reading the first chapters as a refresher. I would also recommend the toddler book they have written too,
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