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4.7 out of 5 stars170
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 31 January 2006
Amazingly helpful book.
I estimate I am now about £3,000 per year richer due to this book. It not only has excellent ideas on the principles of money saving, but it also (and this is where several similar books fall down) is PRACTICAL. It gives you the practical tips to maximise savings, and links to the appropriate websites.
Most of the techniques given don;t require you to make any sacrifices - just pay less for the goods and services you pay for anyway.
The amount of research that has gone into this book is amazing.
It justifies its purchase price as soon as you put one thing into practice.
My advice to everyone is to BUY IT!
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on 28 April 2006
I take issue with those reviewers who have said that all the info in this book can be found on the net for free. That, of course, is quite correct, but where would you look first? How would you begin to apply it to your life? I certainly wouldn't have a clue where to find the info or how to apply it without this book and Martin Lewis's website.

The Money Diet is a practical and common sense guide to applying money saving techniques to your life. the information is straightforward and in some cases really quite obvious, but for those of us who need a helping hand it could not be better.

Clear, concise and with touches of humour, this is not your usual money management text and I would recommend it to people who wish to shave a few quid off their bills without feeling a pinch in their way of living.
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on 17 June 2007
There are lots of books "guaranteed" to save you £££s but Martin Lewis' book is definitely worth taking seriously. Far from being a collection of money saving tips Money Diet is a whole philosophy. It's reverse psychology, if you like, taking the tricks and ploys companies use to get us to part with our money and instead, turning them into profit for us rather than them.

The aim of the book is a lifestyle change in spending habit through awareness. Martin accepts that we have different spending styles. Are we going for the "financial blitz" or the "slow burn" ? The book goes further than to say look for the credit card with the 0% interest and switch when it expires. For some people a steady (and low) rate of interest on a card may be better, if you are unlikely to switch.

He includes: loopholes in terms and conditions, what 3 for 2, 2 for 1, indeed "free" really mean, how to "know thyself" and "forget loyalty".

The greatest weapon of all for consumer revenge though is communication. Through recommendation and sharing ideas consumers have less chance of being ripped off.
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on 12 November 2005
The essence of Martin Lewis's advice can be encapsulated in the old adage, look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves. It's easy to fritter money away once you get into the habit of simply spending it and not thinking about why and how. Lewis suggests that you get into good spending habits, that you develop a routine of questioning and assessing your spending patterns. Look for the cheapest options, look for the best buys, keep even your routine spending under review.
Change your gas, electricity, telephone and other suppliers. Keep aware of where the best deals are and don't suffer from any false loyalty - go for the best value. Change your credit cards, keep your spending under review. Look to mortgage and insurance providers - be prepared to switch to better deals.
Lewis offers advice and a health and fitness check on your finances. Think about what you're spending, evaluate whether or not each expenditure (particularly the regular ones) gives you value for money. Look for patterns in your spending - and it's not just a case of "why is it I go out on Friday night with money in my pocket but come Saturday morning it seems to have gone?" We all have bad spending habits, we're all addicted to routines, and these can become very expensive.
This is sound, well-packaged advice. Much of it is (or should be) obvious. A lot of it will make you think and question your spending habits. And it's not an expensive little volume, so you should recoup your investment very rapidly by simply adopting one or two of Lewis's ideas. Good value.
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on 15 August 2006
I asked for this book in January for my birthday (easily pleased) and am sooo glad I did! I have decluttered my finances and understand that I am in total control of the way my money goes out. It's not about being a skin flint or a cheap skate, it's about having the same lifestyle for less, leaving you more money for treats. It's also about being in control. Anyone who doesn't have anything to say about this book doesn't understand it or doesn't want to! It's a brilliant, go anywhere, starting point prior to getting hooked on the web site. Every '30 something' should have one!
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on 6 April 2004
This book is excellent for new and committed money savers alike. Common sense advice that we should all know.
Martin deals with basic budgeting, and ways to save money without cutting back. He also covers how to get the most out of the big companies that are after our hard earned money.
This book is a must read for the BARGAIN HUNTER looking to save themselves a substantial amount of money
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on 4 May 2006
I read the first edition of this book and found the advice invaluable. I've probably saved hundreds over the past couple of years thanks to Martin, his book and his website.
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on 1 April 2004
Buy, buy, buy and save, save, save.
This is a must for everyone. It sets out in an easy to understand way how we can cut our spending with very little efort.You don't have to change your lifestyle,but it show how a little thought can save £££££££.
The book has been written in a very easy going way,it's a fun read, not a heavy boring book. You can select to read the whole book for a total overhaul of your finances or just select any specific area eg mortgage, credit card etc.
Martin explains everything in plain terms we can all understand, even giving a list of how long it takes and degree of difficulty.
I think almost everyone could make large savings with the help of this book.
On a scale of 1 to 5 stars, (5 stars being the best) I would give the book 6.
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on 29 April 2006
I have never seen Martin Lewis on TV, never even heard of him until I read this book, but now I am definitely a convert to the MSE ways. No-one is getting my money from me without making a real effort. The book gives a step by step guide to how to get the best deal in each financial area of your life, with a little section on being frugal generally. I dont think many people could follow this guidance & not come out well ahead. The author is a real money saving 'anorak' and you might as well take advantage of his obsession. I have saved hundreds already & I was careful with my money in the first place.

Hghly recommended.
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on 3 May 2006
I was so impressed with this book that I bought my children and their friends the book. It is a MUST for the pay-first think-later generation. Every teenager on opening a bank account should have this book to start their money saving career. It is written in good clear english that anyone can understand. A book that all adults should have and read.
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