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on 25 July 2009
This book was very helpful in getting your baby into a routine and helping the parent to see where they sometimes go wrong without even realising it!
We started on this routine at about 7 weeks (baby is now 12 weeks old) and it takes at least two weeks to get the hang of it (for both yourself and your baby). We were doing this routine even before reading the book, but it helped us to realise that we were going along the right track in terms of a routine of eating, sleep and activities for our little one and gave us some idea of how much of all of these things our baby needed.
As with all self-help books, you need to read it with your own baby in mind. You don't follow the book by the letter, but use it as a routine for your baby's needs and this doesn't go by a timetable!
It was definitely the best choice for us as we don't go along with the 'controlled crying' theory.
If you want your child to be able to get to sleep by themselves, both for daytime naps and at nightime, without leaving them to cry, then this is the book for you.
Our little one started out having to be rocked to sleep either in our arms or in the pram. He now goes to sleep in his cot by himself after 10 minutes of cooing and is sleeping from 8pm to 7am with only one night feed (every now and again), and he has slept through the night with no waking three times so far. This may not sound like a big deal, but he's now three months old and we used to be up two or three times in the night for at least thirty minutes at a time for feeds! It has saved us lots of sleep and our sanity!
On the downside, it is a thick book, but just start where your worse problem is (eating/sleeping) and then go back to the beginning and read the whole book to get the bigger picture.
It might not work for every baby/parent but it has definitely helped us!
First time mother of a 3 month old.
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on 7 January 2005
I got this book when my son was 8 weeks old. He'd started sleeping through and then started waking up again once or twice during the night. As my daughter at 3 still isn't sleeping particularly well I was keen not to make the same mistakes again.
I was initially dismayed at the size of the book and wondered where on earth I was going to find the time to read it. But needs must etc and one good thing about this book is that it's very easy to find your problem and solution without having to read the whole book.
Another concern was that I hadn't read Tracy Hogg's first two books and wasn't sure if the "infancy to 3" would mean there wasn't enough information relevant to 8 weeks old. But it's fine and I'm now well on my way to success having implemented the EASY routine from 9 weeks.
I love the ethos of Tracy Hogg. She doesn't believe in leaving babies to cry, says dummies are ok and puts the baby's needs first. I highly recommend this book for any baby from birth to 3.
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on 5 December 2005
This book is an absolute god send to any parents, both new and those who have done it before. I was a little sceptical about a baby whisper, but my fears were soon dispatched as were my sleepless nights and my sense of failure in motherhood. This book does not wave a magic wand and make everything A OK, what it does is allow you to understand what your baby is trying to tell you. I can't recommend this book enough, it just makes having a baby a pleasure rather than a trial.
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on 2 September 2007
This book has made such a difference to our family !! My baby daughter was a nightmare. We had no routine, and as such I had a grumpy, over tired, poor feeder, unable to settle to sleep, up all night 5 month old. I bought this book in exhausted desperation. I found it easy to follow, and I realised immediately what I had been doing wrong.

With the books' help, I established a routine, and using the 'pick up/ put down' sleep technique taught my daughter to settle herself to sleep. Don't get me wrong, these are no miracle cures, but on the second day, my daughter went to sleep alone in her cot, without being rocked, cuddled or fed, something she has NEVER done. This on just the second day.

The health visitor told me that my daughter was fidgeting during feeding because she was distracted, and I needed to cover her with a muslin cloth (ha ha, she'd have tried to stuff it in her mouth). Through the baby whisperer I learnt I was mistaking hunger for tiredness, and feeding too often. This meant smaller feeds, and so she was waking hungry at night. The first day of the routine, I kept to 4 hourly feeds, and she fed properly, at length and slept all night !!!

I WISH I had found this book earlier. It is a shame that Tracy died in 2004, but she clearly had a gift, and is able to communicate this in her books. I'm going to buy her toddler book next !
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on 25 August 2005
This is the book that should be on everyone's list - it is better than any of the other ones I have read (and that is quite a few!). At first I thought she was an airhead but she really knows babies and it presents a welcome alternative approach to problem sleeping than cry it out vs attachment parenting. It worked wonders on our 6 month old in just 3 days and I believe it has really helped us to communicate.
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on 11 May 2007
This book was lent to me soon after the birth of my daughter after having discarded another well known baby "bible" in disgust!! It appealed to me in that it advocacted a relationship of trust between the baby and parents (rather than one of control and abandonment) in that you help your baby with the things he or she may struggle with as a newborn by not leaving them to cry and providing a gentle routine with support and reassurance.

My daughter didn't fit into the EASY routine and after a few horrible days I gave up trying as it was causing both of us misery. I can see Tracy's point but the fact is newborns are total individuals and each ones sleep and feed needs differ according to the weather, rate of growth and other mysterious factors.

What I found unneccessary and demeaning is all the condecending and patronising references to "accidental parenting". Many sleep deprived and anxious new parents use age old ways of getting their baby to sleep (feeding, rocking) because they and the baby need some peace!! It's very negative and damaging to a new Mums self-esteem to say that if she resorts to these methods the child will NEVER be able to fall asleep on their own etc.!! This is nonsense! Having said that my husband and I employed the shush pat technique as we both vehemently disagree with controlled crying and it began to work really well, but after 2 months not 2 weeks as the book claims!! Eevntually through this method our daughter learnt to fall asleep and stay asleep on her own with no cruel methods such as "crying it out" alone in her cot. Now at 8 months old she goes down awake and drifts off to sleep peacefully for all her naps whereever we happen to be. I found tips such as these sensible, kind and helpful.

There is a hint of an anti-breastfeeding flavour to the book though although it's not spoken outright. Routines are very hard to implement with breastfed babies because of variations in supply/content of breastmilk at different times. There's a danger that new Mums, like I did will beat themselves up over "advice" like this and end up depressed and demoralised.

Also the book is contradictory, she advocates use of dummies then devotes a whole chapter to weaning them off them!?! My main criticism is the writing style, v patronising and critical and a horrible mix of English and American! She talks about doing a "yield" to check supply with a breastpump but any experienced mother/health professional will tell you a breast pump doesn't "yield" nearly as much as a baby (due to the presence of the baby triggering increased production of prolactin and oxytocin) so this is wholly inaccurate.

Overall I'd recommend it as a useful reference guide but be very wary of some of the more contentious advice, howver if choosing between this and GF go for this immediately, at least this author is passionate about the emotional well-being of babies!
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on 16 September 2006
I don't know what I would have done without this book... It offers excellent advice that really, really works! She obviously knows her stuff and teaches it very well. I highly recommend it but would advice that it be read for the 1st time BEFORE the baby arrives. While the information in this book is priceless, if you need something about a 9 month old for example, you have to flip through the entire book sometimes to read the material that is relevant. This could become frustrating when you are desperately looking to find a solution for one of so many baby issues during the 1st year (all of which she does address).
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on 20 April 2008
This book is the best thing I ever bought I think. Especially for first time parents it is such a help. We only found it when our daughter was already 3 months old, if we had had it from the beginning it would have saved us a lot of worrying and sleepless nights! However, once we got it, we had her sleeping 11 to 12 hours through the night in just 2 weeks. From day 1 our life became a lot easier and more structured. I highly recommend this, even for parents with older babies who have sleeping or eating issues.
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on 18 August 2007
It's very subjective, but we found Tracy Hoggs books superb. I think it depends what you take from baby advice books - as guiding principals or a strict presciption.

The reason I'm a fan of the Baby Whisperer books is that having read a number of alternative approaches, I felt it fitted best with what we wanted to achieve which is trust between parents and baby. I didn't want to teach my son that when he's upset, no one comes.

Although Tracy is ok with dummies I absolutely hate them and wouldn't buy one. You don't have to take any advice by the letter, but the overall gist of these books is appealing and based on building your childs esteem from day 1 - basically believing that they CAN self soothe, they CAN indicate needs and they CAN eat well if you go with the flow and don't make a big deal of small things.

We might have been lucky, baby's personality is such a big factor, but our spirited baby (now toddler) has been a superb sleeper, napper and eater from about 3 months - and we credit Tracy's approach.

We still rely on this book and the toddler book as essential reference material.
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on 17 April 2006
Having felt a total failure unsuccessfully following another 'little' baby book, this one was a breath of fresh air, and I am still dipping into it now my son is 16 months old.

My son was sleeping through the night at 9 weeks and his reflux was helped by the suggestions in the book. Ok, I couldn't follow the E.A.S.Y routine to the letter but it certainly helped give us some structure to our day.

All in all, one of the more useful baby books I've come across.
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