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4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 25 August 2013
I have always liked this diet and it suited my husband as well, I like to be able to reference parts of the text. The book is well written and easy to follow. I have used it on a daily biases while on my diet.
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on 17 February 2002
I started being interested in the low-carb diet 18 months ago, and finally found this book following a newspaper report of a man who had shed stones on the plan.
I started 5 weeks ago, since when I have lost a stone, and, more importantly (for me) 3.5 inches from my waist! I have been seriously overweight since I was * (I'm 38 now) I promised myself no more diets, but read the book, which made perfect sense to me, then took the plunge..
I must admit, the first 3 days WERE HELL! The nearest thing I have been through was giving up smoking...However, I am losing weight, I eat loads of stuff I used to feel guilty about, and my head is clearer. My skin tone has improved, and I NO LONGER TORTURE MYSELF by starting to eat as late in the day as possible ( before, once I started, it was difficult to stop...constantly hungry and snacking) Writing this, I've just realised that I no longer get the urge to snack!! BIZARRE!
The book is easy-to-read, and Atkins makes more sense than any of the other "experts". Usually on a diet, I become irritable, hungry, constantly think about food, and genuinely struggle to lose weight even when strictly following the diet. Not so with this, and I can't describe how much better I feel....
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on 6 December 2001
I bought the book and followed it to the letter. I lost 9lb in the first two weeks "Induction" part of the diet and now I am on the "Ongoing Weight Loss" part, I am continuing to lose weight steadily. In four weeks, I have lost 1 stone in weight! I have been plump/overweight for the last 11 years and put it down to middle-age. I've tried all sorts of diets and always got bored and hungry and consequently returned to my unhealthy way of eating, Dr. Atkins has changed the way that I see food. I have been eating "like a King" for four weeks and have not felt hungry once! The weight is just dropping off and I feel so full of energy and 10 years younger. I used to suffer with various digestive ailments and always felt bloated. Now I feel so much better and all my ailments have disappeared. This is not such much a diet, more a way of life. I know that I can follow this way of eating for the rest of my really isn't difficult and the whole thing makes so much sense. It's like waking up one morning a completely different person...and I like who I have become. Thankyou Dr. Atkins for giving me another chance to be slim and healthy. I recommend this book and this diet to all those who have tried everything and have failed miserably. You too could be eating steak with roquefort sauce, followed by strawberries and cream. Just get this book!
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on 22 August 2003
Having seen a report about this diet on TV a few days before, I received my copy on 14 June 2003 and began the diet the next day - after having read the first 140 pages or so. It seemed strange at first, but all his arguments were clearly laid out and he covered almost all the worries I had about starting a diet which seemed to go against everything I had ever heard or read about nutrition.
I had a pretty balanced diet before - loads of fruit and vegetables and various good quality proteins, plenty of roughage and of course quite a lot of carbohydrates (which I had never really thought about before). I avoided high fat foods and always took the low-calorie/low-fat options.
Within one week I had lost 3.5kg (7.7lb) and had taken 2.5 inches off my waist. At present (about 10 weeks later) I have lost a total of 18kg (almost 40lb), and my waist is down about 9 inches (!!!) I have a further 15kg (33lb) to reach my target weight - the rate of loss has slowed considerably from the beginning, but I continue to lose steadily so I am perfectly content with this. I use the book as a kind of reference tool and consult it very regularly, to keep me on track and to re-assure me on anything I fret about; it is very helpful.
The most marvellous thing about this diet, apart from losing weight and feeling a lot beter than I have in years, is that for almost the first time ever I have control over my appetite - I eat only at mealtimes, never between meals, and have never been hungry from about day two. The first 10 days on the diet were quite difficult (headaches, lethargy, etc.), but since then I feel great with a much clearer mental attitude and much more energy. I wish I had heard about this diet years ago, but I am very grateful to Dr Atkins (RIP) for showing me a much better way to eat.
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on 22 August 2003
If you are fed up of starving to death on other diets then try this one. I have got off to a great start with my weight loss - 10lb in the first two weeks - and it was fat, as I kept measurements. There is alot of bad press about Atkins and it has been labelled the No carb diet - this is incorrect. It is for the first TWO weeks only where you cannot eat fruit, but you can have lots of different veg (just not the starchy ones). After 2 weeks you can slowly introduce good carbs such as fruit, and gradually up your carb intake so you are still losing weight. It just advises you to keep away from bad carbs such as white flour, sugar, processed food etc.. Is that such a bad thing.You are also encouraged to drink loads of water. I think that because so many people are trying low carb diets, that there has been a drop in the sales of bread, potatoes and pasta. Retailers have been hit in their pockets and so they pick out parts of the diet and give it a really bad press.
If in doubt try it for yourself - just for two weeks - what have you got to lose except for fat.
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on 25 October 2001
I lost 24 lb in 2 months. I have enjoyed all kinds of food and discovered a whole new world of nutrition and foods out there.
I feel I need to correct certain misconceptions about this nutritional approach(the biggest mistake made by Dr.Atkins was to call it a diet for that is exactly what it is not. On the Atkins website it is no longer referred to as a diet).
Every single criticism stems from "not reading" the book accurately. People the adduce untruths to the Atkins approach which are not part of the Atkins approach
1) This is not a "no carbs diet" it is a low carbs approach. The lowest carbohydrate intake only lasts for the period of the induction which for most people is for two weeks so you do not run the risk of too much protein and fat without carbs. There is also a lot of fibre intake all of which adds up to a very nutritious daily diet. You will be limiting yourself only to carbs that are good for you. Carbs in sugar, white bread, Macdonald's and other fast foods are not good for you anyway so you will eat lots of vegetables and salads in the induction period. They are very nutritious and better for you.
2)It is not a diet where you lose some weight and go back to doing what you did to put on weight and expect Dr. Atkins to take the blame if you put weight back on. It must become your lifestyle.
3)It is very easy to do but nothing in life comes without discipline - yes I miss eating all the rubbish that caused me to put on weight but I like my new physic a heck of a lot more(so does my wife bless her). Every single person I have seen fail on this approach has been ill disciplined. I am not saying that if it does not work for you then it is due to indiscipline I am simply saying those I have seen who did not see it through were all indisciplined. My niece would always eat a large fried chip and say oh its only one, oh only on Big Mac there... well...even then she managed to lose a stone in a few weeks.
4)For those who advocate exercise as the only way - not everyone has the time, financial resources nor opportunity to join a gym. I defy anyone to lose as much weight by pure exercise(OK and low fat diet) in 4 weeks as the amount of weight you will lose on the Atkins approach in the same period.
5)I have read other books by other authors who advocate low carb intake and there is a lot to learn from and add to your Atkins knowledge, but the master is Dr Atkins and it is his approach I always make the benchmark. There is a lot of professional jealousy out there and I can see that from some of the books I have read.
6)Regarding bad breath- it only lasts for the induction period and that is because you are not eating sweets and gum which would have freshened your breath. Even if you are not on Atkins you'd probably have some bad breath if you did not freshen your breath anyway.
This approach is very very safe and healthy. I know that some tightening I used to get in my heart have now stopped. I had resigned myself to having a heart attack at some stage in my life in the not too distant future but now my heart feels very good. It may be my imaginings but hey....
Good luck and enjoy the wonderful foods out there. Search for them you'll find them.
Again please read the book thoroughly before embarking on a new lifestyle. It works like a dream(for most).
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on 9 May 2002
I've been overweight in varying degress since I was a child and thought I didn't have the self control I needed to loose weight. I tried Atkins in a certain amount of desperation having reached 30 and realising the weight wasn't actually going to just go away. For me it seemed the most workable solution and work it has! One and half stone in 7 weeks and it's still coming off. Got another couple of stone to go but that shouldn't be long in coming off. BUT like any diet, you've got to want to do it. It's true that there's virtually no hunger but if the draw of that big bag of Doritos or plate of chips is just something you can't say no to then you won't get far!! If you like almonds, try toasting them in a frying pan with some olive oil and dried chilis for a relatively low carb filling snack. Beware though, you wiill spend more money on food with all the meat you'll need to buy.....
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on 6 June 2002
I hadn't really tried other diets as a low-fat no cheese or any food without any taste really didn't do it for me. This book doesn't have a magic wand as such but if you follow it then you are sure to loose the weight. In just one and a half months I have lost 21lb. I was 12 stone, 5ft 8inches, not exactly excessively over weight but just enough to make me self concious and unhappy. I can now follow this diet with an ease that I thought would never be possible. Thats everything from day-to-day through to eating out which I do about 3 times a week. I never told anyone that I was dieting and when I met up with friends that I hadn't seen for only a few weeks, their reaction was fantastic and this kept me going. One downfall, you have to buy a whole new wardrobe! Since I have been on this diet, I have read alot about carbohydrates and the conclusion I have drawn is frightening. We really are being had by the food industry, low-fat diets and, dare I say it, the government and their healthy living guide lines. This diet won't be for everyone, but I can confidently say that it is quite remarkable. The book itself can be long winded, although some of the analagy's were interesting. I still haven't finished it as I have used it as a barometer and guide not necessarily as my "bible". Take what you think is relevant to you, follow it for the first two weeks, which are quite tough when you realise how much carbohydrates (which is essentailly sugar with hardly any nutritional value) are in the food you have always thought were healthy for you. After the two weeks you can follow this instinctively. Believe me, if you do follow it pretty much to the letter for the induction weeks, you will be absolutely amazed. This diet is not new, Audrey Hepburn followed something similar, this book just re-educates you on how to eat the right foods with no stipulation on quantity and lots of ideas on how to keep it interesting, and more importantly, tasty! Two weeks is no time at all to try this and see the results for yourself. You will then be sure to follow it forever.
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on 14 February 2005
Half of all adults in the UK are overweight and one in five are obese, compared with one in ten French people, reports a recent letter sent to MPs. There is an ever growing number of obese Americans - and according to the US Centers For Disease Control, 60% of all US adults are overweight; one-fifth of Americans are considered obese, up from 9% in 1991; and obesity among children is a growing problem. Many people, determined to get rid of that fat, spend more than $30 billion a year on diet products. And most of the products and diets are doomed to fail. I myself, am not obese, but always ready to remove 10-20 pounds. After the December holidays, I picked-up "Dr. Atkins' NEW Diet Revolution." I must say the diet works and I have lost almost 10 pounds (it is now February 15 - so 6 weeks of dieting, counting initial water loss). Now, I am one who pursues my diets with a vengeance, and they have run the gamut over the years. So, keep in mind, I do follow the rules, strictly. Until I stop dieting. Maintenance just does not seem to be my thing. This is not Dr. Atkins' fault.
Twenty years after the 1st Dr. Atkins' Diet was published, there are new research results, new studies and new evidence that Dr. Atkins' was, and still is, correct on many of his theories. Over $10 million of the original diet books have been sold, and now there is even a New, revised edition.
In a nutshell, the goal of the diet is to assist you in changing your body from burning Carbohydrates to burning Fat; stabilize you body's blood sugar and stop cravings for sugar and other carbs, (the craving NEVER stopped for me!); demonstrate to you, the dieter, that you can lose pounds this way; and to get your body into, what is called 'ketosis'...the process that occurs when your body burns fat. It also causes smelly sweat, stinky breath and sometimes hot flashes. Are you totally grossed out? The price we pay for health and beauty!
The first two weeks are the most difficult. You should, (Must!), take a good multivitamin and a calcium supplement to avoid leg cramps, a side effect of this regimen - explanation in the book.
You must drink 8-10 eight oz. glasses of water per day...or more, if you can. Water cleanses the body of fat and other wastes. Make sure your multivitamin has plenty of potassium, because you lose it rapidly with all the water you will be drinking. Forget coffee, tea, sodas, etc...just drink the water.
You may eat lots of meat, fish, shellfish, chicken, pork - but there are limitations, (see book); hard cheeses, not processed; eggs; some nuts; fat (moderation is the key here) - butter, olive oil, mayo, cream cheese; 2 cups, (at least salad) of greens per day - the darker the green the better; vegetables that are LOW in carbohydrates - of, course, many of your favorites are high in that favorite food group(!). The book contains an excellent carb counter. You May Not Eat Sugar, Bread, Cake, Pasta, Potatoes, (depressing), and the most difficult for me is to avoid most fruit, which is loaded with carbs. Initially, no more than 20 grams of carbs per day. As I said, or as Dr. Atkins says, after the 1st two weeks you may increase the carbs a bit, but not by much.
For me this diet, along with exercise - you don't have to do anything too strenuous, but walking a mile or two a day really helps - does work. I can do this for the short term, a few months, maybe 6. I understand the maintenance program is not bad. I haven't reached that part yet. :) However, the thought of giving up bread, cake, ice cream, pasta, good wine, etc., for a lifetime, hurts my heart and decreases my will to live - Really Live!! I will check out Maintenance and see, however. I do recommend the book. It is informative, well written, has all kinds of charts and carb counters to assist with your weight loss. Good luck, whatever you decide!
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on 10 September 2003
I remember reading these very reviews prior to starting the Aktins Diet, and being encouraged by all the positive remarks on the book. I started 'doing' Atkins in January this year, and after 6 months I'd lost 4 stone in weight. I'm now a normal slim weight, having been overweight for most of my life. People don't recognise me, and I'm much happier than ever before. For those who knock the diet: it works. Like any diet, it can be hard work and takes a lot of self discipline, but the rewards are fantastic. No negative side affects for me at all. I've now moved on to a more general lower carb diet, where I eat a lot of things banned during induction. Just a little bit of knowledge about what you're eating goes a long way, and I'm perfectly confident that a lower crab lifestyle is easy to maintain.
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