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4.4 out of 5 stars49
4.4 out of 5 stars
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I found The One Minute Millionaire to be one of the most innovative and helpful books on personal finance that I have ever read. Few people would fail to benefit from reading this book.
The One Minute Millionaire is actually a three part resource. The first part comes from the fable that is printed on the right hand pages of the book, which deals with a woman about to lose her children unless she can create a million dollars in 90 days. The second part is the material on the left hand pages of the book which analytically breaks down and describes the steps followed in the fable. The third part is a web site with tests you can take and other resources to help you apply the detailed learning on the left hand pages.
As I started the book, I was a little confused by the format. I tried to read the left page, then the right page, then the next left page, then the next right page and so on. Pretty soon, I decided I needed to stick with one or the other and the fable seemed more interesting than the details. So I read all of the fable and went back and read the details, and then went to the web site. I recommend that order for most people. The fable helps you feel motivated to change. Its details are provided in a way that is less threatening than the detail on the left hand pages. Then, feeling motivated, you'll rush to learn all of those other details.
The book gives the choice of making your million quickly or slowly, and then gives you lots of ways to do both. Naturally, almost everyone will want the fast route. These choices mostly boil down to starting a business, real estate and internet marketing. I thought that the sections on real estate and internet marketing were better than the section on starting a business. You get a brief summary of Robert Allen's best work on real estate and the internet in the book. So if you haven't read his books on those subjects, you can probably save time and money by previewing them here.
Everyone will need to read more, study more, get help and get active to follow this book . . . but you need something to kick start you. For that, it?s hard to imagine a better method than reading The One Minute Millionaire.
I always gauge a book like this by the number of ideas I get that I want to act on the next day. I woke up at 3 a.m. full of plans that will take me several weeks to follow through on. That's a huge return from taking the time to read the book. I hope you will find it even more stimulating than I did.
May you soon live your dreams!
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on 22 July 2006
After reading this book you would believe so too, especially how a million today is easier to get today than let's say 10 or even 20 years ago. Think about it one way is to get a product / service and charge £20 per sale, you then need 50,000 orders (repeat or one offs) and you have a £1,000,000.00 or charge £97 per sale and get 10,310 orders or £250 get 4,000 orders etc etc How long it takes is not the issue, the end result is a £1,000,000.00 This is the thought I came away with once finishing the book. And you? Once finished reading what will your million idea be and how long will it take you to achieve it? The book is two books in one. The left pages are about wealth thinking principles and the right hand pages are about a lady having to find $1,000,000 in 90 days or lose her two children to their paternal grandparents using the wealth principles on the left handed pages. (I suggest to avoid confusion read the left hand pages first then go back and read the story on the right hand pages)You are griped wondering how can she achieve this and so find the book hard to put down once you start reading as can't wait to find out what happens. Does she make it, doesn't she? The story has a surprising double twist at the end! Well worth buying / borrowing whether into beleiving making a million is achievable or not. 5 stars ++++
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on 6 May 2003
This book is a must read for every entrepreneur. I've read a fair share of books on motivation, self-help and entrepreneurship. This book brings everything you ever need to know in a wonderful story and one minute tips.
Other books tell you why you should make money and the steps needed. This book gives you all this information plus business ideas to put into action immediately.
I highly recommend this book to all entrepreneurs, self-help enthusiasts and even people currently going through difficult times. This book will entertain, inspire and make a huge difference in your life.
On the right side pages of the book, you will find an inspiring story of a woman named Michelle and how she has to make £1 million in 90 days to get her children back. The book shows in detail the steps she took to acquire the money - in easy to follow format that all readers can copy and adapt in their own lives.
I couldn't put the book down and I plan to read it again very soon!
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on 1 April 2003
Just every so often a book comes along which can change your life. This is one of them.
From two experts in the marketplace of motivation and wealth creation, Hansen and Allen have come up with, in my experience, a great and unique blend of 'fact' and 'fiction'. They strive to acheive a goal of a million millionaires (one in ten of their readers!) in the next decade through this and in a way which will be 'Enlightened' - which means 'sharing' that wealth and path with others.
The 'fiction' (which I read first) gives the vision of just what can be acheived if your life depended on it. The 'fact' is a pot pourri of how to make your fortune (you really can!), all eminently do-able. You need focus and key people and desire. This all comes out strongly here. It is a fabulous book and I am starting to work out what my 'put everything else down and do it' challenge will be. If it matters that much, I will.
Minor challenge is that some of the property strategies are not achievable in the UK, but as the writers would say, 'What else could you do?', not, 'You can't'
On my 'Top Ten Ever' booklist.
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Ok I must admit that I expected a light read and a simplistic formula for success that implied a sort of get rich while you stare out of the window type of improbable scenario. This book however, is cleverly split into a left page or right page choice of reading. One half, the half I chose to read first, spells out a success formula which clearly outlines action steps. I read it and was impressed that it offered a neat step by step guide to success which has inspired me to seek out some further material from Robert Allen. However, I found my most powerful learning came from reading Michelle's story. Once I started reading it I really could not easily tear myself away and I don't want to spoil things but it has some surprising twists in the plot and is very memorable. As I say, I expected something lightweight and was stunned at this clever piece of motivational work.
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on 7 September 2010
I thought this book was so good, I bought one for my sister as well. However, I don't think the title reflects the content. And I don't really think Brits are into all this "millionaire" aspirations as the Americans seem to be.

However, there are some really good nuggets of information in the book and, it also served to change mindset.

I would recommend reading the story on the right hand side all the way through first, and then re-reading the left hand side and completing the activities.
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on 17 June 2005
I found this so inspiring that I completely changed my life after reading it! Although it is about becoming financially rich, I used the philosophy - believe you can achieve whatever you want to - to change job, home and county. Read it and feel excited knowing you will soon be taking major steps to change your life...
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 25 September 2006
If you liked Chicken Soup for the Soul, you'll love this book, and some of its tips may even help you make some extra money and maximize the money you have. It is an unusual collaboration between Mark Victor Hansen, Chicken Soup's co-author, and Robert G. Allen, author of several books on getting rich in real estate. The book is half novel (on the right-hand pages) and half collection of self-help and investing advice (on the left-hand pages). Both the motivational fiction and the guidance are clear, though often familiar and a bit simplistic. The self-help and money-making tips evolve from standard get-rich books, spiritual manuals, real estate investment guides, management literature and pop psychology, but they are well-compiled and linked with supportive commentary. The most compelling tips involve giving, not getting, which is a nice twist. The book has a little of everything, from poetry to great quotations, so it resembles a deluxe pizza with many scattered toppings more than a nourishing bowl of mom's chicken soup. We say dig in, if that's your dish.
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on 6 October 2010
This is a great book in that the learning points are woven around a heartwarming story. The story itself is easy to follow and inspiring with great practical tips for not just making money but for improving your life in many other ways. The only thing I would change is to have the practical teaching element at the end of the book, rather than placed alongside the story but overall, highly recommended. If you enjoy this style of book, I would also recommend Serendipity's Secret: A novel way to achieve your dreams and find the path to happiness which is also written using the fable format.
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on 23 May 2004
I bought this book after reading the Rich Dad Poor Dad series which i enjoyed, and was initially refreshed by the ethical and enlightened attititude the authors of this book encourages towards making and using money. The idea of tithing 10% of your eanings is in my opinion a good idea. There are many good ideas about how one should start thinking in order to make money.
The book splits into 2 after a couple of chapters so you can supposedly get the message with the right or left hand side of your brain, reading either the left hand or right hand pages. The right hand pages follow the story about Michelle, a woman desperate to become a cash millionaire within 90 days to get her children back from their 'wicked' grand parents. The left hand pages read like a traditional self help book. I myself was too tempted to read both sides at the same time. This made for a very disjointed read .
I'm afraid I found the tone of the story and the constant religious messages throughout somewhat patronising and far fetched. Had I realised from the description on the book cover that I was to receive a surreptitious sermon from the mount I would not have bothered. Admittedly this is coming from an atheist stance but I feel I am perfectly capable of being erhical and responsible about making money without the word of god.
However, I found some useful tips in this book, though it was a long read, I think it will appeal to those readers less annoyed by religious contexts. However I do recommend that readers do not sign up for the pledge online as this results in a plethora of spam enticing you with offers to listen to the authors by phone from the states for 2 one hour seminars, and other annoying network marketing ploys each week.
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