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on 1 April 2003
I appreaciate the upbeat tone of this book. I admit that I get confused and overwhelmed sometimes with all the psycho-babble out there. After all, no one author has all the answers that work on every child all of the time. I found comfort in this easy read book knowing for sure that I am not the only parent that faces daily challeges from the kids that can simply drive me crazy. "Toddler Taming has helped me feel less guilty and more competent raising my 3 young children, all under the age of 6. I have learned that there are indeed alternatives to the automatic parenting reactions of yelling, nagging, bribing, threatening and criticizing (that really aren't working anyway)...but they often require a deep breath, thought and a good bit of practice.
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on 19 December 2009
Firstly, please don't be put off this book by the minority of negative reviews that focus on one or two things like "the rope trick" or sedation, taken somewhat out of context. On the latter point, remember that the author is writing as a consultant paediatrician, and note that he only discusses such techniques for very extreme cases, as a last resort, for a short period.

Don't be put off by the title either - Dr Green explicitly states that "taming is not what bringing up a toddler is all about".

Dr Green claims to be the originator of the "controlled crying" technique; some people seem to get very upset about this, whilst missing the point that the whole focus of the technique is on _not_ allowing the child to get unduly upset, whilst discouraging them from waking frequently. It is not the same thing as letting a child cry itself to sleep, which he describes as cruel and ineffective.

This book gives an excellent perspective on the full range of normal toddler behaviour (including a few tables of statistics) - often parents feel they are failures when in fact their toddler is completely normal. Dr Green therefore identifies some "non-problems" and areas where it is the parents' expectations that need to change, not the toddler.

He avoids the smug, glib attitudes common in know-it-all parenting books, and is realistic about problems that are truly very difficult or even insoluble.

Whilst he clearly states "I am firmly anti-smacking. It is a form of discipline that doesn't work", he also has a more pragmatic and less politically-correct approach to the topic than most recent parenting books, i.e. he states that the occasional smack is pretty harmless in the grand scheme of things, should not be mindlessly equated with frequent beatings, and might be justified in life-threatening sitations (e.g. child keeps removing seatbelt on the motorway).

The style of writing is clear and light-hearted, with plenty of stories and anecdotes to illustrate the main text.
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on 7 March 2002
As a first-time mum whose 18 month old has just started pushing other children over for no particular reason, flinging hard objects across the room and bashing his head on the floor when he can't have something he wants I found it deeply re-assuring to hear that such behaviour is normal! Dr Green stresses that toddlers do not behave like adults and once we accept this we save ourselves an awful lot of needless stress, worrying and argument. As well as reassurance he offers very practical advice on how to deal with tantrums, sleep problems, feeding, potty training etc. His style is easy and humourous and a big plus is that he never dictates just gets alongside you and suggests. A must-buy for every parent whose angelic baby has become a rampaging toddler!
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on 18 August 2009
An excellent book to dip in and out off when you find times are tough with your toddler. If it does nothing else, it will make you realise you are not the only one and your toddler IS normal, despite what you think. It has definitely helped me to keep calm and take a deep breath when usually I would have shouted. It is quite quirky and humourous in many ways, but that's half of the enjoyment - it makes it a relatively light-hearted read and it tells it like it is. Enjoy reading!
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on 10 July 2007
Our little bundle of joy was crying, screaming and kicking all day long. We thought he just wasn't normal, that we had done something wrong and bought this book to see if it could help. IT DID! It teaches you to put yourself in tiny toddler shoes and see life through their eyes. After understanding their mind your life will get a lot easier than it was. This book is a must have!
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on 20 July 2009
I bought this book after it was recommended to me by a Health visitor. I had problems with my 2 1/2 year old sleeping at night and also wanted some potty training advise.
I followed the advise of the book to the word & my boy was sleeping through the night after 3 nights.
The book is very easy to read, looks at solving problems from a possitive angle and is good for dipping in & out of when u need it as the chapters are clearly defined.
I would reccomend it to anyone looking after a toddler.
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on 25 June 2004
There is so much commonsense in here. If I wasn't so exhausted I probably could have thought it out for myself, but i was tired, anxious and feeling like a failing mother.
This book goes a little into the psychology of a toddler, looks at studies that have taken place with toddlers, aswell as giving ideas on what to do in tantrum situations, and with nasty habits that our toddlers can pick up.
As with any book, it is up to the reader to decide what you want to use and what you don't. And as with any book on childcare there are bound to be parts you don't agree with, and i think some people will read more into sections than is appropriate, but that is always going to be danger with the written word when you cannot physically ask the author.
If you're a parent who's happy to let your child go through the various nasty habits toddlers have without doing anything, even gaining an awareness of the why's and wherefor's, this book is not for you. But if you are a concerned parent, who would like to raise a happy child that people enjoy spending time with, in a happy home, then this book is atleast worth a read
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on 4 January 2002
This book is an enormous help when you are faced with a beligerant toddler. It gives practical, sensible suggestions and helps you to realise that your child is:
a) normal
b) going to pss through this difficult patch and
c)is not the devil reincarnated !!
It gives practical advice and even answers your 'that won't work because....' fears. It rescued us from a particularly difficult time with our second child and resumed a reasonable level of harmony to our household.
Well worth the money.
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on 20 February 2008
I had bought this book purely for tips on how to cope with challenging toddler behaviour, but to my delight I found a section on sleep problems. My 16 month old has NEVER slept through the night and since Christmas has slept in bed with us, so On Sunday night I started the controlled crying technique and although he cried for a hour and a half at 2 in the morning by the second night it only lasted 45 mins and the third night he slept from 7-5am(unheard of in our house) and last night he slept from 7-7am. I still cannot believe it has been this easy and we are both keeping our fingers crossed that tonight will be the same, but if it's not I now have the confidence to see it through to conclusion. Christopher Green's sleep training process is easy to follow and is not as harsh as some of the other authors on the market, which I had bought at the same time as this one! If you want to change your child's sleeping habits but are looking for a gentler approach with 100% success then this is for you and there are lots more to the book too.
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on 20 June 2001
If, like me you've been trawling through the bookshops desperate to find a book that show you how to transform your obnoxious ankle biters into little angels stop right here!
Okay, 'Toddler Taming' doesn't quite promise to do that, but it does have bucket loads of practical advice on surviving the toddler years.
Dr Green has gleaned information from a wide range of sources. The result is a book which enables you to climb inside the mind of your wilful toddler and discover what makes them tick.
What's more, this book will have you nodding and chuckling from start to finish.
A fantastically entertaining and informative read.
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