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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars306
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 9 July 1997
This book made me laugh and cry. I enjoyed it to the fullest extent possible. It means a lot
to me, and says so much about the difficult stage of teenage life. I think on my next trip to
the bookstore I'll pick up another book in the series! It was just that good. Chicken Soup
for the Teenage Soul is a book I will always refer to and cherish. A precious keepsake to
treasure forever. This is a definite recommendation to all my friends. This book has helped me through a difficult time in my life, the death of my Mom. Reading the chapter "Tough
Stuff" helped me to deal with this and realize I wasn't alone. This is definitely a book you
can relate too! I love to read books, especially fantasy - but these real life stories topped
them all! I can't wait until " A Second Helping" comes out, I hope to be the first to buy it!
The experience of Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul will stay with me all my life.
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on 23 March 1998
Now, during my teenage years, I notice a lot of things that happen to people of my age are not noticed or understood; as we want our parents in their own little worlds. And I never actually found that perfect person who could always relate. But even if I did, they would try and be the person who would try and help me by telling me what and how to do things. But through my readings, a lot more things are accomplished by having to know you're not alone, or just have someone their for you. And in a sense, you are reading your problems upon a text, that the world is reading! The comfort and rush of aid is amazing.
At times of trouble, which I am going through now, there are going to be things that I don't want to share. Even with my closest peers. However, reading a book like this, really helps you be in touch with what you are thinking. It helps you think, and gave me a sense of warmth and care for the crisis of a youth. Though minds mature as we grow on, we may not be able to gather enough knowledge at our age. And realizing problems that occur and pains that are going to be are have happened; makes it easier for our hearts and souls.
I just recommend this book to all of my fellow youths, and to all those who do or don't have an open mind to the lost souls. For as a human being,I feel that you will all be able to relate to one or more, or even all of the problems. You can't do "everything" by your self. And all this book can do is help you. Many may cry, or laugh. But as long as you read it, weather you feel the emotions or not, you will gain the knowledge as I did of many things.
Whenever you have time alone, or want to just find informations on our lives which seem so short yet endless. This book just gives you a sense of well being, and maybe, as I've seen, actually change a persons' thought completely. I hope you understand the power of this book, and I give up a thank you to the wonderful people who have created it. I hope whoever takes the time to read this will be able to understand the potential of this book. If not, just read it anyway.
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on 6 August 2000
i loved it. it talked about stuff that i was going thru. stuff i had to deal with . stuf i thought only i was going thru. i felt like i was talking to someone that was going thru it too.just from reading the book . basically i'm saying thanks for writing it and thanks to the people who contributed their stories.
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on 9 February 2015
I bought this for my teenage daughter, but am in the process of reading it first before I give it to her, so this is a parents view. Having been a teenager myself, a long while ago, the stories / anecdotes in the book really struck a chord. They deal with the kind of everyday upsets and learning experiences that hit almost all teenagers and cause much upset and frustration... from losing friendships to bereavement. As a parent it has also brought into focus the kind of development and social issues my daughter is likely to be facing (and align with what she is telling me). A useful book.
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on 25 March 1999
Chicken Soup for Teenage Soul is a very encouraging book. The book has many stories teens can relate to. Some of the topics that the book touches are family, friendship, school, and problem solving. I really enjoyed this book because it helped me understand more about life. Many of my friends have read this book and have had the same reaction I have had. If you are someone who is low on life of just want a really good book to read, Chicken Soup for Teenage Soul is for you.
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on 4 December 1998
I lost a brother, he drove too fast, he had good times, but they didn't last.
he made my whole family, weep buckets of tears, he made my world, seem so unclear.
I bought this book, it touched my heart, it talked to my soul, every single part.
I was back up on my feet again, ready to face the pain, Clarity was what i expected, and i recieved it...the world was perfect.
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on 6 August 1999
This book is amazing! All the authors (and I also mean the people who sent in their stories) are just amazing! It teaches you about boyfriends (and for guys girlfriends!), friends, family, loss of loved ones, and other things that teens have to face. Anybody from ages 11 to 20 should read this book! I sent in a story for a future Chicken Soup book, I hope it makes it in!
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on 24 August 1999
I find that all the Chicken Soup books like the Teenage Chicken Soup books cover a wide spectrum of problems in today's world such as eating disorders, depression, and suicide. It is inspiring how people overcome these problems in the book. There are even numbers where you can get help. I would recomend giving this book to your teen.
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on 27 December 2000
i got this book from Christmas, and had finished it by the end of boxing day. It was that good. I don't usually like these 'self help' books, infact i'd go as far as to say, i thought they were weird and for mad people. But i saw this in a shop and asked my mum to buy it for me, it had something special about it. As i said, it took less than two days to read because i simply couldn't put it down. The stories were brilliant and really made me think. Mostly they made me realise that there is hope in everything, and no matter how bad something seemed it could get better. i loved the book so much, i fully intend to buy the others and will get as many people as i know to read it!
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on 24 June 1998
I thought this book was great! I really couldn't put it down. I was a sophmore in high school this past year,and I was in a athletic leadership class last fall, and we would go into class and not have much to do, we had finished everything required, and the teacher was looking for things for us to do. we had done miscellous things such as watch old althlets documentary's and, we were running out of things to do,at the time I was reading chicken Soup For The Teenage Soul,on my free time at home, and I ran across, really touching stories about sports. I can't think of it right now because I don't have the book with me right now, but it was one about being able to play a sport again after being told the boy would be paraliyzed forever. anyway- I brought the book to class with me and asked my teacher to read this particular story and see if he thought it would make a good class discussion, because I thought this boy's story was inspiring. My teacher approved the story. So the next day in class, my teacher read us the story, and our class had a disscussusion. my teacher announced that, I had recommened that we read this, and that it was my book, about 4 people in my class askd me where I bought the book, and if they could to, I happily told them, and felt that I had done good.............. this book was wonderful! don't stop making this series!thankyou for this wonderful book and the chance to pass it on to others!
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