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4.7 out of 5 stars28
4.7 out of 5 stars
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 7 August 2013
I enjoyed Shatter Me, the first book in this series, much more than I expected to. This meant that I had very high expectations for Unravel Me. Luckily I wasn't let down by the sequel. Tahereh Mafi is n incredible writer. Unravel Me is full of action, twists and romance. It had me jumping from Team Adam to Team Warner. Argh! I'm still unsure now which `team' I fall on. I think what makes this series so good for me, is quite simply Tahereh's writing. It's a completely different style compared to other authors. Her characters seem so real.

Juliette finally feels free at Omega Point, a place where there are many people with special gifts. She doesn't feel as isolated. However, it's not all plain sailing for Juliette. There's a war coming closer and closer and she's wrapped up within it. Juliette has some important decisions and sacrifices to make.

Juliette seems a lot stronger and more confident in Unravel Me. I love that she has a great sense of humour despite everything that is happening to her. She never gives in or gives up. I really liked Kenji as a supporting character, again the humour added to the story was much needed, especially as it is quite an intense read.

As I mentioned before I'm torn between wanting Adam or Warner for Juliette. I keep thinking I prefer one over the other but then Tahereh writes something that puts me off one, or completely makes me melt for the other! I'm intrigued to see what happens next in this series.

Unravel Me is addictive, fast-paced and intense. It's definitely a fantastic follow up to Shatter Me
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 4 May 2015
Despite having some issues with the first book in this series, Shatter Me, I enjoyed it enough (particularly the last few chapters) to immediately pick up this sequel. I’m glad I did, because the things that made the earlier instalment good are present and correct and in many cases improved and most of the things I was less keen on – notably the wilder excesses of flowery language and the ultra-convenient plot points – have been resolved. There were still some strikethroughs and some strange metaphors, but partly due to an in-book calming of Juliette’s mental state and partly (I suspect) to an out of book maturing of the author’s style) they are much more restrained, and as a result, much more powerful when they do occur.

Plotwise, there are two key differences between this volume and the first, both of which should be obvious to anyone whose read Shatter Me.

Firstly, for most of the novel, the action moves to Omega Point, the rebel stronghold, and safe house for people with abilities like Juliette’s. Sadly, we’re seeing this amazing place through Juliette’s eyes, and initially at least, she mostly sulks in her room, so we don’t learn much about its ways or its inhabitants. I understood her fears and thought her behaviour was actually more believable than this traumatised girl suddenly been a happy part of a team, but it still made for a frustrating read.

Secondly, while still maintaining most of his role as primary antagonist, Warner makes clearer his true feelings for Juliette, and starts to feel like a viable love interest. Fair warning – this does all basically descend into full-blown love triangle territory. Personally, despite the fact it’s been horribly overdone recently, I still enjoy a good love triangle when it’s done well, and this is one of the best I’ve seen, particularly in this volume. But I know many people really dislike them, so if that’s you, I’d steer clear, as despite all of Omega Point’s plotting and a climactic battle towards the end, the romance is still centre stage here.

As a further warning, I’d strongly suggest that you read the novella Destroy Me before this, as it really explains his personality, demonstrates that his feelings for Juliette are genuine, and cast a different light on some of the seemingly indefensible things he does in Book One. Unless you really, really love genuine villains, I think you’d struggle to see him as an acceptable love interest if you haven’t got this background – however hot someone is, you probably shouldn’t get steamy with them if they previously made you torture a toddler.

Warner is an exceptionally strong character here, moving from the compelling but rather one-dimensional villain of the first novel to someone gloriously nuanced and conflicted, but still ultimately fun to read about and terribly sexy. His scenes with Juliette are a masterclass in sexual tension, surging emotions, and on her part at least, a desperate attempt not to give into forbidden love.

That’s not to say that there weren’t other strong characters or that nothing else interested me in the novel. I enjoyed some of the twists the plot took, and there were some great dramatic moments. James, Adam’s little ten year old brother, was utterly adorable and pretty funny, while Kenji, who I’d found infuriating in book one, trod a neat line between comic relief and voice of wisdom. And it was great to see a female character have a straight, platonic male friend for once. But at the same time, whenever Warner was offscreen for too long, some of my attention started to wane. This was particularly striking in the first fifth or quarter, where he doesn’t make an appearance at all, and nothing much else of note happens either. But from then on, things get very good very quickly, and overall, while it still had faults, I absolutely loved this, would highly recommend it, and went straight onto book three.
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on 22 July 2015
This is an excerpt from my review of the whole Shatter Me series. Read the full review here:

This this THIS is where Mafi starts to shine! This is where the series gets good! This is where I got hooked. Forget Shatter Me, forget Destroy Me, Unravel Me is where we meet the true Warner, where the focus is finally on Juliette's power, and when it's finally the man (Adam) who is weaker than the woman.

I absolutely loved this book. For the first time in my life, I would say the sequel is better than the first novel. In this book something was actually happening - Juliette wasn't locked away for half of it, it wasn't all about Adam. Adam was so totally annoying in this book that - for me - there never was a love triangle. Adam was just a place holder for when Warner came into his own and finally understood what it is to be nice. Har har.

I adore all the characters, and the development oh the development! Juliette is no longer a scared little girl and I love it!

Additionally, the humour Kenji brought to the table was so necessary! I actually laughed aloud at some of the things he said, and he really energised otherwise boring scenes. Scenes where he and Juliette were walking down the street would be boring if it was Adam, maybe even if it was Warner. But Kenji? He allowed the book to blossom, and brought colour to dull scenes.

I know it's impossible Kenji anyone?
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on 3 April 2014
Tahereh Mafi’s writing style is so utterly captivating you can’t help but find yourself drawn to it. She could be writing about the most horrific thing in the world and still find a way to make it seem beautiful. Okay so maybe her world building isn’t up to scratch but that doesn’t matter. The writing is that good you wont care!

If you’ve read my review for Shatter Me you will know how much I loved that book, I don’t think I’ve ever gushed so much in my life. Unravel Me was no different. Heck I’m still finding it hard to put my thoughts into sentences and I finished reading this nearly 6 days ago now.

I think everyone who’s read this book will agree that Juliette was very irritating during the first few chapters. I found Juliette to be quite whiny, bitchy and downright rude. I understand that she was going through a lot but at times I thought shed gone too far. Alas the wonderful Kenji was there to pull her head out of her ass and bring Juliette back to reality. Needless to say Kenji was my favourite character throughout the whole of this series. Everything about him is so likeable and it’s a joy to read the scenes with him in.

I’m so glad that Juliette pulled herself together as we really got to see her character grow throughout this book. She finally comes to terms with the fact that she’ll never be a “normal” teenager and embraces the powers that she’s been graced with. It was interesting to see her learn to not only utilise them but also control them, especially as it didn’t come easily to her. This resulted in some amusing scenes between Juliette and Kenji as she was stressing out.

At the end of Shatter Me we see Adam and Juliette arrive at Omega Point, I wasn’t too sure how I felt about this, as it seemed wrong. I thought that they were stupid for trusting a bunch of people that they didn’t even know. I’m glad they decided to stay there as we learn that Juliette isn’t the only one with powers. In Unravel Me Tahereh spoils us with an array of new characters that have some supercool powers. This only got me even more excited to see what would come of the war between The Reestablishment and mankind.

Adam or Warner? A no brainer for me but a mind-boggling question for Juliette. Let me put this out there; I have been on team Warner since day one. I don’t know what it is about him but wow. He gets me hot and bothered, you will know what I mean when you read Chapter 62, holy smokes that chapter was incredible. I almost feel like a pervert for saying that. Note to self: He’s a fictional character but so damn gorgeous. You know what I like about this love triangle? It could go anywhere. As a reader you don’t know who will end up together and at times it can be frustrating but you still want more! Juliettes feelings towards both males are so conflicted, I almost feel sorry for the girl, she just doesn’t know what she wants! Throughout a lot of this book I found myself sitting with a smug smile plastered on my face. Lets just say Adam lets his cool slip and in comes King of the douchebags.

So if you thought Shatter Me was good then believe me, you haven’t seen nothing yet. While reading this book I was constantly updating my status on Goodreads and reading back on some of my reactions is quite amusing. This series has well and truly grabbed my heart; I’m looking forward to seeing more from Mafi in the future, as she really is a poetic author. I ended up marathoning Unravel Me and Ignite Me so stayed tuned for my review on the final book; it really was a terrific ending to an enchanting series.
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VINE VOICEon 18 February 2013
How proud of me are you to know that I didn't immediately turn to the infamous chapter sixty two and start devouring the pages? In case you're wondering what on earth I'm talking about, Tahereh recently released a small selection of spoiler videos and kept referring to exciting things happening in chapter sixty two. My advice to you is that it is worth the wait so do not be tempted to read it before you've read the rest of the story! So, before I say anything else about the book I need to tell you that if you haven't read Shatter Me or Destroy Me then please go no further as you will likely encounter spoilers. And also, get thee to a book seller STAT.

Unravel Me was an awesome read and while it took me a few pages to become re-attuned to Juliette's voice again, after that I was flying through the book. Juliette is without a filter when she speaks inside her head and pours her heart out on the page. She is at times all over the place but her chaotic mind represents her chaotic state of being and ultimately the chaos of her world. BUT, having said all that, you will see a very slow and deliberate change in her throughout the book and I believe she will come out fighting in the end. Although she's in love with Adam, she can't deny her strange attraction to Warner and as she learns more about him, the barriers start breaking down between them. I believe they are kindred souls and recognise something of themselves in each other.

You may remember at the end of Shatter Me that Juliette kissed Warner, grabbed his gun and shot him before her and Adam ran off to claim sanctuary at Omega Point, home of the rebels. Warner survived of course and it was utterly fascinating to be inside his head in Destroy Me which basically made me love him all the more. The only way I can describe Warner is by calling him beautifully broken. That in itself is a crazy description I know, I mean how can something that's broken be beautiful? But he is. Oh, but he is. He is a complex character who pretty much hides his true self for fear of appearing weak but we know he has an abusive father, a man that I am fascinated by, not because he is an abominable excuse for a human being who is incapable of showing love to his own children, let alone anyone else but for the sheer fact that SOMETHING or SOMEONE has made him the way he is and I'd love to find out more. Novella, anyone?

Speaking of characters, in complete opposition to Warner's father we have Kenji or the comic relief as I like to call him. I'm so glad Kenji was a part of this book and if it wasn't for the dire situation they find themselves in, I know he would be a happy-go-lucky kind of guy. In some ways, he already is I suppose.

Unravel Me concentrates on the potential war building up between the rebels and the re-establishment. I don't want to say too much about the plot but let me tell you that there are plenty of revelations as well as twists and turns you probably didn't see coming and Tahereh always manages to keep us on our toes. I felt sorry for pretty much ALL the characters in this book as Tahereh puts them through the mill and hangs them out to dry. Well, you know what they say about authors, they love to kill their darlings.

EVENTUALLY I got to chapter sixty two, read it...and then my brain exploded. I'm not going to ruin it for you but I will say that it was full of ecstasy and agony. Tahereh set my heart aflutter and then tore it out and handed it back to me. I've been a huge fan of Warner from the start and my love for him only continues to grow WHICH IS WHY I am absolutely terrified of what's going to happen in the next book. How can Juliette have a happy ending with both Adam AND Warner? Just please God, don't make this another Ren/Shay situation like we had in Bloodrose (by Andrea Cremer) because truly, my heart cannot survive something like that again. As desperate as I am to read the next book, it MIGHT actually kill me. It seems strange to long for my potential death.
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on 5 July 2014
This is much better than the first book and gripping and thrilling and I couldn’t put it down!

I love how Juliette managed to find who she is bit by bit. Her trying to understand her abilities, the slowly building up friendships is amazing to read.
I am not so sure about Adam, he seems to be so fixated about keeping her safe and locked up and he keeps wanting her to be the helpless little girl who needs help from the outside.

I did felt for them, the twist that came and then woppa! Tahereh throws in another twist one I didn’t saw coming AT ALL!

Kenji I think is the best character out there, his humour his ability to lead but also his seriousness whenever that is needed and everyone has got respect for him.

I love the building between Juliette and Warner and Adam, how Juliette is finding out her feelings, what she wants in life. Adam however does need to step back and take a breather but then again, he’s been obsessed with her from a very young age. Is this what they call puppylove? ^_^

And what an ending! What an ending! Wow Wow Wow!
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on 7 March 2013
All I can say: I loved this! I devoured it over too days, even though it was quite a busy time for me. The way Mafi captures the doubt of being insane, being right or wrong, and the feeling of loving someone you can't have is devastatingly accurate! It is a mix of dystopian fiction and psychological thriller with just a twist of humor.
There is a line I still remember from it: "All I know about Shakespeare is that he stole my name, and spelled it wrong." Is what Juliette says, when Warner brings up Shakespeare.
Of course we hear about the white bird sometimes, but it is not nearly as important as in the first book, which I think is to demonstrate Juliette's building mental strenght.
I'd say that I would almost recommend this for anyone with a taste for dystopian fiction and romance. Or fantasy. Or thrillers. It is definetely better than the first, which is, in my opinion, a rare sight in books.
I deeply adore Unravel Me, and the ending shattered me completely - ;) -
Anyone, everyone - READ. THIS!
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on 25 December 2013
About 50 pages in I started to get really annoyed at Juliette constantly moaning about her lot in life and her constant moaning. Thank God for Kenji! He gives her a firm talking to which means that fortunately it was intentional for her to be so annoying so keep at it if you're thinking of giving up like I did! Like the last book this really starts to get interesting around page 100. It was excellent how different it was from the first one; this time there was hope.
I think after this book I'm team Warner (you also find out his first name) and I'm starting to get annoyed at Adam! He's just not broken enough for Juliette, she needs someone who understands what loneliness is better than Adam does.
What a cliff hanger at the end! I've preordered the next book and I can't wait!
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 10 December 2014
This isn't a review of the story, as I haven't read it.
I bought this as a hardback version, the first one turned up with very poorly cut edges, this was returned. The replacement was exactly the same plus grubby fingerprints. Going back again.
review image
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on 23 July 2014
The second book to the Shatter Me series. This is my favourite book of them all, I feel this is the book where Juliette really comes out of her shell and realises that she doesn't need to cling on to Adam the whole time. Warner's and Juliette's relationship also really develops in this book as she sees a new side to Warner that characters can't help but fall even more in love with.
We go deeper into the personalities of the people in omega point and I love them all! I'm glad to see that Kenji is his usual self and I LOVE how he and Juliette develop their friendship and it's a beautiful one at that. We also meet Anderson, Warners father, I'll let you see for yourself about him.
Overall, I loved this book and fully recommend it, great job Tahereh Mafi!
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