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4.7 out of 5 stars67
4.7 out of 5 stars
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This was absolutely fabulous and utterly delicious! What a contrast with Once Burned, which for me just fell flat when I read it last year.

Both Leila and Vlad grew as characters and stepped away from stereotyped to death paranormal romance hero and heroine. There was definitely a kick to both of them and at times a sincerity that took my breath away.

Also, this book was non-stop action from the page one and involved some seriously wicked butt-kicking and mostly cartoonish amount of bloodshed.

Both Leila and Vlad were glorious, very strong-willed and very much set in their ways. Vlad believed that he should have had her without love declarations, but Leila would have had none of it. I had so much fun with their tug of war. Add to this a traitor among Dracula's people, an unseen new enemy and a very annoyed father of your girlfriend, and Houston, we've got problems.

Hopefully, I avoided all sorts of spoilers. I really didn't want to ruin your fun! Highly recommended.
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on 27 March 2013
I am totally loving this offshoot series about one of my most favourite JF characters ... Vlad, the vampire with an 'impalement habit' LOL. Without giving too much away, his love Leila, for someone so young, is also a wonderfully well written character (in my opinion of course) as a strong, sassy and feisty young lady without being a know-it-all pain in the ass. There are some fabulous lines in this book with several LOL moments as Frost lets us explore the enigmatic Vlad some more. Worth every penny and so looking forward to the next installment where, hopefully, some of side characters will be exonerated for their actions because they were 'under the influence' as it were. Loved it.
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on 28 March 2013
too say i enjoyed this would be an understatment loved all the characters and twists and must admit have wanted to read more about vlad since he was a big part in one of the cat and bones books......
jeaniene frost sure knows how to keep readers captivated and wanting more as i know i cant wait for the next installment....x mo
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on 8 August 2013
Vlad has kept his distance from Leila since her psychic abilities began playing up when he surrounded her in his aura to save her from an explosion. Leila worries that her faulty abilities mean he's no longer interested, and worry about what this means for a future, until Vlad makes a shocking announcement. Vlad is proposing! Unfortunately, Leila is mistaken, and realises that's never on the cards for her and Vlad, that he'll never feel for her how she feels for him. Humiliated and hurting, she decides to leave and go back to her old life as a carnival acrobat with Marty. But when a bomb blows up her former trailer, it looks like someone wants her dead, and Vlad is looking like a possible suspect.

Oh, Vlad! I do love him. He is just so complicated when it comes to his feelings. He may act cold and distance, but there's so much going on underneath the surface! You know, I didn't think it possible, but he's even more arrogant in this book, and I found it so surprising! Because the Vlad we know from the Night Huntress series is always pretty jokey and flirty, I've always assumed his arrogance was half joke - sure there was some there, but he didn't take himself too seriously. Although in some ways that may be the case, his arrogance is mostly real. Yet his arrogance is warranted really; he's Vlad the impaler, he's conquered many an enemy throughout the centuries of his life, he's been through such terrible ordeals, yet he always comes out on top. Why would he believe any different? And he is over 500 years old, so he has certain old fashioned ideals, and with his arrogance, he can sometimes seem a little unreasonable, but Leila is well up for the challenge of teaching him the error of his ways.

Twice Tempted felt a little different to other books I've read by Frost. It felt less action packed - note the emphasis on "felt". Looking back, there are quite a number of suspense-filled, thrilling action scenes, yet when I think of the book on the whole, it felt more of a quieter book, a more emotional one - yet not exactly depressing or overly sappy. It must be the every day emotional issues of the book, and they, for me, seemed to outweigh the danger. But when things were resolved, it did seem to happen kind of quickly. Possibly a little too easily? Maybe.

But otherwise, an amazing story! So looking forward to the third book in the trilogy to see what happens next!
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I wasn't so keen on the one off's with Spade and Mencheres, ok books and i enjoyed them but as one offs and not enough to hold a sereis but Vlad - well he's such a strong and detailed man that he needs his own adventures. This reminds me alot of the beginning of the night huntress series, where the duo team up fairly quickly. clearly this series being planned as a three book one things get speeded up - personally i think the pair have enough personality to make more than just three books, and could easily diverge into a different line once this one tied up. I love the chemistry between them and that Leila isn't a "yes" girl - faces up for what she believes in. when they do get together the scenes are Hot - but we need more of them please!! I love the adventure and action but want more of the romance too....
Vlad is one of my favourite characters, very complex and yet at times a great sense of humour. I've always loved the antagonism between him and Bones, though we see little of it here. I've loved Night Huntress but the last couple of stories have felt a bit stale - so via Vald and Leila I feel there's the chance to regroup the old gang into some fresh storylines but with V and L as main stars. If you're reading this Jeanine please give it some though - they're too good just to languish in a three book deal, they need more and have lots more to do i'm sure!
Loved the book overall, good length to really get into the stpries and multiple plots. I feel Maximus too has more to say/do - he's been with Vlad for so long. they've done and seen so much that there must be some complex emotions and ties between them. Marty - he's a fun guy and desrves more, and of course Leila's family, dad and little sis are strong people.
look forward to book three - just a shame they take so long to get to us though of course writing good stories isn't something that can be rushed.
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on 25 August 2013
While I didn't dislike the book I can't claim to have liked it as much as the first book. For one thing I thought the characters started to drift a little. Leila went from a strong-willed, determined heroine to a whinny, clingy, girlfriend of the worst kind. Now, I still respected the fact that she was willing to walk away. That pretty much rocked, but that was only a small part of the book.

Then there was the whole pseudo-love triangle in the first half of the book. Nope, didn't care for that much--both because I don't care for love triangles and because I wanted to know more about Vlad, not Maximus. (Though I did like Maximus and would love to see him happy at some point.)

Then there was the whiplash worthy change of heart Vlad had toward the end that felt so very unnatural. It was, of course, necessary for the plot to progress, but if felt pretty darned sudden. (As did the wedding. Where did that come from?)

I did like Vlad's super protectiveness. I do love seeing a strong man fighting to protect what he loves, but the reader saw so little emotion from him in general that his sudden effusiveness was almost painful. The book is still a fun little bit of fluff. I'm not wholly disparaging it. But it's not as strong a book as Once Burned.

I also found the same editorial issues as in book one to be present in this one. It just wouldn't be fair to skip mentioning it just because this is a big name publisher. I expect more.
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on 24 September 2015
Loved it, loved it, loved it! Is that enough of a review?

Jeannie Frost, wow this series rocks!

Leila and Vlad have been together a while now, dating the dark lord was never going to be a walk in the park. Leila feels his getting more distant, so tries to get him to open up.... When he makes a grand declaration she doesn't take it well.

Everybody else took their seats, so I did, too, wishing I’d been given
an Undead Etiquette for Dummies manual. - Leila

Vlad isn't letting Leila go, he may be a man with a tough demeaner, but maybe his heart is softer than he dare admit.

“You’ve never had angry sex. I’m about to show you what you’ve been missing.” -

Leila is a tough cookie, she's strong minded and is all set for a life back in the carnival world, that is until a tragedy happens....

The characthers in this book are intriguing and most are really likeable, the main characthers development is deep and they go on an interesting journey that's full of mystery and sexy too.

There is humour too and some great dialogue between our two lovers, and Vlad the man that keeps emotions hidden and words limited totally melted my heart when he opened up, his not all flowery with words but gets his point over with great effect. ❤️

This series is a must read for all vampire romance fans.

5 'I need a Vlad in my life' stars
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on 7 April 2013
I'm so glad that Vlad and Layla have been given a longer story than previous characters of the Night Huntress World novels. Even though we didn't always see a lot of Vlad in the Night Huntress novels I always felt he was a very strong character. I loved his and Cat's friendship in the books so the fact that he has found someone like Layla, who's character is developing into a great heroin, and that we get to read their story over the space of three books instead of just one is a huge bonus for me. Oh, okay...and also because I've always had a huge crush on the grumpy vampire.

Twice Tempted had me hooked from beginning to end. The story is well driven, action packed and full of angst. It had plenty of emotion and as the story moves on I find Vlad and Layla becoming very close to the top of my favourite couple list. If I was to say anything negative, it would be that I wasn't quite expecting it to finish when it did. I read the last line and turned the page expecting to read more only to find that there wasn't any but that is only a minor thing. On the whole it was an enjoyable read but to be honest, I never really expect anything less from a Jeaniene Frost book. I look forward to more Vlad and Layla and I'm excited to see an old enemy return in book three.

Read my full review at:
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on 27 March 2013
Once again MISS frost gives us another outstanding novel I would love to live in her head can't get enough of her books I love this one you get to see the Prince open up and unleash his feeling for the outrageous fearless Leila but will it be enough?? Will she finely get what she wants? Can she tame the Prince of darkness.. be careful what you wish for??????........ happy reading fokes
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on 5 May 2014
Well I have just finished this book which is the second book in the series and its even more gripping than the first. Again I finished it in one day as I couldn't put it down. After helping VALD to try and locate who's trying to kill him and her VALD gives her a little box which she thinks is an engagement ring but it turns out to be a ring which signifies that she is part of his line. Leila is really upsehit as she wants him to say he loves her, when he wouldn't she leaves and goes back to her dwarf vampire friend at the circus. Someone
sets off a bomb trying to kill her, but she's saved by VALD's right hand guard who is in love with her. They pretend that she's dead to try and find out who's trying to kill her and VALD thinking she's dead flies over to get her remains and realised that it's not her remains. She connects with him while in a dream and he comes to get her. Things get really gritty with all the twists and emotions, but it's fantastic. A really great story and I'm waiting for the next book. Please please hurry.
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