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4.7 out of 5 stars33
4.7 out of 5 stars
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Cat and Bones are back, and this time they're heading to Paris for a romantic getaway. Except something is haunting Cat's dreams, and Mencheres is waiting for them when they arrive. According to him Cat has a secret ppast - which she doesn't remember - and now the Dreamsnatcher has returned to remind her of it.

Can Cat and Bones see off this new threat without losing each other? And does Mencheres know more than he's letting on?

The fourth Night Huntress novel (Halfway to the Grave,One Foot in the Grave,At Grave's End) sees the return of all the old favourites - including Vlad and Spade - as the angst and psychological tension is cranked up. Plenty more is revealed about vampire society and the rules that govern them as Cat is drawn yet deeper into their world, while the heat and action from the other novels remains.

With twists and troubles galore Cat's journey continues, with many an impediment thrown in her way. Sure, I spotted them all coming, but Frost's style is loaded with so much sarcastic wit and excitement that it's still a thoroughly enjoyable ride.
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on 7 August 2009
Cat's back in the latest of the night huntress novels. Her and her undead lover bones decided to take a break away, god knows they deserve it after everything they've been through but a peaceful break away is off the cards when a mystery vamp starts stalking Cat in her dreams. Even though she doesn't know who he is she can't shake the feeling that she's seen him before. Bones is terrified that his love is in danger and not unjustly after her dreams nearly killed in her in the last book. Arriving in Paris Mencheres is waiting for them. It turns out the mystery man is known as the dream snatcher and he wants Cat and he's willing to do anything to get her. When someone can grab you from your dreams how do you fight back? This book was brilliant, the same standard that I've come to expect from her books. The action was thrilling the suspense gripping and the love scenes sizzling and all round brilliant book I recommend this to everyone that has been gripped by the series but if you have yet to read them get cracking!
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on 14 April 2011
Wow! I really enjoyed this novel and it's another great story by Jeaniene Frost. I truly love this series and its closely becoming one of my favourites.

I found this story to be like a roller coaster - it had so many twist and turns but, what great twist and turns they were. It was unbelievably sad at times and it made my heart ache for Bones, Cat, Justina & Rodney. It was also action packed, exciting, funny, & the happy moments make the story complete.

I really enjoyed where the author took Bone's & Cat's story - It proves that not every relationship is perfect, that they both have faults but they are willing to work on them to be together. I am glad they are working on things and I can see many more happy times for them to come.

Overall, a exciting series that I will recommend to any Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance fan :)
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on 1 September 2011
Ever since Cat and Bones met six years ago they have been fighting against all manner of opponents. Now they finally have time for a proper vacation, but Cat's dreams are being invaded by a vampire named Gregor who claims that she belongs to him, and she's beginning to realise there are gaps in her memory. Cat wants to know who he is and why he thinks he can claim here, but finding out may cost her Bones...and her life.

This is the fourth book in the Night Huntress series (after Halfway to the Grave,One Foot in the Grave and At Grave's End) and it steps up a notch from the previous books. Cat's past and future are called into question, and decisions are made that will change the direction of the series for good.

The plot is clever, managing to pick up the tiniest of plot threads from the previous books and tie them together to create a story that makes perfect sense, and well paced. The book starts off at quite a fast pace and manages to sustain it most of the way through. The world opens up a little more with a visit to New Orleans that introduces ghosts in a larger role as well as fleshing out (no pun intended) what we know of the ghouls.

Some of my favourite characters from previous books returned (Spade, Vlad and Annette) and the newly introduced Gregor and his minions are sufficiently unnerving. Cat and Bones's relationship goes through a few changes as well with Cat taking the calmer mature role and Bones acting irrationally and, at times, like a massive jerk. Their whole relationship is called into question and it brings some unexpected twists.

All in all, this was a great read and I can't wait to get stuck into This Side of the Grave.

Plot: 9/10
Characters: 10/10
Ending: 10/10
Enjoyment: 9/10
Cover: 9/10

Overall: 47/50
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on 11 August 2011
A lot of the time when I'm coming towards the end of a book, I start to think about what I want to say in my goodreads review and with this Night Huntress novel the first word that came to mind was 'rollercoaster'. I then skimmed other reviews and found I was far from the only one.

When I first read the plot description before beginning, I was unsure about the story. Books 1 and 2 had been more sex/relationship focused rather than putting emphasis on the story behind it and though this didn't stop me from enjoying them, I loved book 3 when Frost finally decided to develop a good story as well as detailing Cat and Bones' sex life. The plot is about an ancient vampire (shockingly) who claims to have both spent time with Cat and married her when she was sixteen, but her memory was later erased leaving him a stranger in her mind. Furthermore, this vampire (Gregor) has the ability to appear in people's dreams and steal them away if he can catch them, thereby earning him the nickname: Dreamsnatcher.

My first thought on this was: odd. But, as I said before, it made for one hell of a rollercoaster and a fantastic storyline. Frost did right bringing Gregor into the picture to see how Bones could cope with someone that Cat had been emotionally involved with before, especially seeing as a) He has exes by the thousands, and b) Danny the wimp doesn't count. Actually he didn't cope very well, but my god is he hot when he's jealous (haha, my issues are surfacing).

In my opinion, it was even sadder when he left than when we thought he'd died in the last book; and then when it looked like he was whoring it around the streets of New Orleans, I felt Cat's jealousy right there with her (those issues again). I was worried and upset because Bones is a wonderful character and the thought that the author might taint that had me going: Nooooooooo! Obviously not out loud.

And Frost's writing just gets better and better. Like the hilarious part where Mencheres attempts to speak the 21st century language and comes out with words like 'bugging' and 'yo'. I won't quote it again because I've already spazzed over it in my last review. Hehe.

Now I'm just getting to the point where I'm hoping the novels never stop. As if book 6 doesn't come out til August, though?! Argh.
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on 13 November 2010
I really liked the previous novel in the series so was anticipating an energetic story and I was not disappointed. I felt that I got another opportunity to get to "know" these characters much better. First, I like "Cat" -- the half-ling heroine who is gutsy and who refuses to be put in any kind of subordinate role by anyone; her response to life stems from the unhealthy relationship she had with her mother during her childhood and teen years -- her mother believed she was part demon -- and her personality has been shaped by the her mother's unwillingness to love her as any child would. Thus, it is difficult for her to accept or participate in what most people would considerer normal relationships, giving and receiving love. Her vampire lover, Crispin or "Bones" as he is best known, loves her deeply and has been surprisingly patient with her as she works through some of her fears and insecurities. This story is full of tension and personal pressures on Cat and Bones because of a supposed prior relationship with a powerful vampire who is seeking to re-claim Cat for himself. This is a powerful book and is difficult to put down. I found my emotions quite engaged as I read -- this is not an unusual phenomenon for me as I think this is part of why I love to read. But it was something that was particularly strong as Cat and Bones' relationship went from calm to turbulent and inbetween. I enjoyed this novel as a very good piece of writing as well as the ups and downs of the story. I particularly liked Fabian, a ghost who had attached himself to Cat while she was in New Orleans and who became her loyal friend.
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Cat and Bones are supposed to be on a romantic getaway enjoying their honeymoon and celebrating their blood bond. However, when Cat starts to have nightmares about a powerful vampire called Gregor their holiday rapidly takes a turn for the worse. Gregor believes that Cat belongs to him - even though she has no memory of meeting him before - and he is determined to reclaim her. Why does Cat have no memory of Gregor and what does all of this mean for her relationship with Bones?

If you've read any of my previous reviews of the Night Huntress series you'll already know what a big fan I am of both Cat and Bones so I couldn't wait to get stuck into Destined for an Early Grave. While it was still an enjoyable installment to the series I have to say it was probably my least favorite book so far. The relationship between Cat and Bones goes through a lot of ups and downs in this installment and for me I would have liked to have seen more of them working together as a couple against Gregor. Bones was being very secretive and while I understand his actions with hindsight, as I was reading I thought he treated Cat appallingly in places which I just didn't find believable considering the way he usually behaves. Cat also behaved equally badly and there were times when I just wanted to shake the pair of them and get them to talk to each other!

I felt the storyline was a little far fetched with the appearance of Gregor who Cat had no memory of but I still enjoyed the mystery of what was happening and the action scenes were as well written as I've come to expect from Jeaniene Frost. I loved Vlad in this book, he was such a great friend to Cat when she really, really needed someone on her side. There were a few surprises - especially with Justina - that I really didn't see coming and I am looking forward to reading the next book even though the release date seems a long way off. I'm pleased that I've got 2 books in the spin off series (Night Huntress World) to keep me going in the meantime!
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on 25 November 2011
Wow... another fantastic installment from Cat and Bones!!!

This time I felt I made more contact with various other characters and grew to understand and know their personalities, but even with that happening, the adventure sprang up from all corners!

Tate! I've never liked him throughout this series and yet I had an unyeilding moment where I thought he was going to win me over.... Not a chance!!! However, I made an 'oops' and without spoiling the story, I had to eat my words! I still don't like him though!

Juan, Doc, Denise, Justine (mum) and Rodney became characters of fun, laugher and, for me, tears... Vlad, however, became someone that I want to know more about... I really enjoyed getting to know him a little more.... there are more characters, like Bones' Grandsire, that I grew to know just a little more and wanted to learn about... They joined in this fantastic novel and had me gripping the edge of my seat!

Cat and Bones, I loved even more than I did in the previous book, I love their interaction, their love and their fiesty personal life! Bones has grown somewhat since the last book and Cat has had more to contend with and it's made me enjoy this series even more. I never know what is going to happen, I incorrectly second guess what is going to happen and I'm once again left reaching for the next book.

I truly love this series!!
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on 6 May 2011
This is the fourth book in the Night Huntress series

Once again another great Night Huntress novel.

We jump into the action almost straight away with Cat's dreams being invaded by a new threat. Though not so new as it seems. Gregor insists that he and Cat are married (the vampire way). Gregor claims he took her when he was 16 and someone blanked that month out of her mind. Bones is not happy.
Gregor is known as the dreamsnatcher and will take Cat right out of her bed when she is asleep and most vulnerable. The story revolves around trying to keep Cat awake or deeply asleep so she doesn't dream.

There is a huge bit of the story I want to discuss but I really can't without spoiling anything but lets say for a while I was worried. At times I was disappointed with Bones until we find out more later on in the novel. Its packed full of action, lust, revenge, heartache and of course we couldn't have a Night Huntress book without a good bit of sex in it.

Another great read from Jeaniene Frost.
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on 21 July 2011
Great series though I didn't think this and number 3 were quite as fab as 1 and 2. But I'd still rather read cat and bones in any tale than many others in this genre. Cat is troubled by dreams where a vampire called Gregor claims to be her husband. This causes bones some degree of concern especially since Gregor is known as the dream snatcher because he is known to be able to pull people from their dreams into his domain. Sneaky master vampire trick. Gregor wants to claim cat as his There is a bit of dashing around as cat and bones try to evade Gregor but ultimately cat and Gregor must meet and cat must choose. Nah not a tricky choice really! There are some good Vlad moments. Bones for me in this one was a bit harsh on cat and I felt pressurised her in a way he promised in book 2 never to do. But it's a quibble. If you enjoy the series you will enjoy this. If you haven't read the others start with halfway to the grave. And they are a lot better than the spin offs in the night huntress world.
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