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4.8 out of 5 stars57
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 24 August 2009
Bluestar is a well-loved character in the Warriors universe. She is the first leader most readers follow and is a good one until her descent into what seems to be madness in the later books.

So it is of course interesting to read her back story, but this book goes one step further by showing us how the orignial characters including Tigerstar and Whitestorm and others were born and raised. There are lots of subtle ties to other characters such as Tiny (later Scourge) and possibly even Firestar himself (excluding the obvious) and books, such as the manga 'Rise of Scourge' and obviously 'Secrets of the Clans'. These ties are excellently written, and I couldn't pick any faults (though I may on reading a second time). As with all Warriors books there are a fair few plot twists and revelations and they are more than worth reading. Obviously, if you have read the first series you know who will not survive and who is going to be born etc. but it doesn't make it any less of an exciting read.

When I first ordered this book, I honestly thought it would just be an interesting insight into Bluestar herself, but how wrong I was! This book fleshes out the first series so much and is well worth reading if you interested in any of the characters in the first series. A much better Super Edition than Firestar's Quest.

Highly, highly recommended.
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VINE VOICEon 7 October 2009
Forest of Secrets.
The Darkest Hour.
The Sight.
Long Shadows.
As toweringly awesome the Warriors series is, you will always have your favourites. These are mine. Well, were mine, because the list has changed: enter Bluestar's Prophecy.
This super edition takes us back to when Bluestar was merely a kit, opening her eyes for the first time, and it is very much her story of how she came to be the mighty leader of her Clan, but that's not all: we see ThunderClan change and evolve, and see how all the Clanmates came to be how they were before Rusty first arrived on the scene, most notably Whitestorm, Redtail and, of course, Tigerclaw.

The sad thing about this book is, if you've followed the main series and are now about to embark on this, you will know who will survive and who will die. Believe me, it doesn't take away from the drama: it actually adds to it. You just know there's heartache in store, but just how much...well, let's just say you will discover exactly why Bluestar suffers her breakdown. Even by Warriors standards, the death toll in this book is simply staggering. If you find you get easily attached to characters, however minor, then prepare to have your heart torn again and again. Make no mistake, this is a vastly enjoyable read, and it is full of humour, but it is brimming with sadness.

So why is this sad book one of my favourite Warriors books? Well, not only does it take a trip down memory lane and take us back to the days of the forest, but it just FEELS like classic Warriors. Don't get me wrong, I've loved Warriors through all of it's changing seasons, and will continue to do so, but this reminded me of my first magical moment I joined Rusty taking his first steps into the wild - that atmosphere, that feline charm, the twisting and turning plot, the constant threats on all's all there, and I loved it for it.

I wouldn't recommend this as a good place to start the series, as much of this books power is held in knowing what's going to happen and the ironic 'oh, if only you knew!' moments to be savoured. But this perhaps best showcases what Warriors does best, and that really is saying something.

Well done, Erin. You've done it AGAIN.
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on 10 August 2010
What can I say?! This book was absolutely breath-takingly incredible! I could not put it down at all and simply got lost inside the warriors world again. It is by far the VERY best book in the whole series, without a doubt. I love the way it is like a life story, telling a story from kit to leader. You all remember Bluestar, The (mainly) noble leader from the first six book arc? Well, follow her story. It is very interesting to see all the clan cats's ancestors, see the birth of Tigerclaw, and learn how many others cats die! I could not fault it whatsoever!
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on 27 September 2010
The reason I like this book, and that it is better than the others is, that it gives us extra information to add on to the first series. If you haven't read the first series then this book will spoil it for you.

This book fits in all the pieces of the Warrior Cats series together. If you just read the series some things just don't add up. This book tells you all the extra pieces of information that you need to know in order to understand things like why Tigerclaw is so ambitious about his quest to be leader, and also why she gave Mistykit and Stonekit (Mistyfoot and Stonefur) away to Riverclan.

It also explains where Thistleclaw, Tigerclaw's mentor, came from. I also didn't know that Bluestar .... well you need to read it for yourself!

I would recommend this book. 10/10.
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on 1 January 2015
This book is AMAZING. It begins at Bluestar's death, and the way she saved Fireheart at the gorge. Then it moves onto Bluekit and her early life with her sister, Snowkit and her mother, Moonflower. Her father, Stormtail, isn't very interested in her as she tries to impress him. Bluekit becomes Bluepaw with her sister, but the ceremony seems... unexpected. The cats of Thunderclan suspect that Pinestar only made them apprentices to distract the clan from the Windclan "invasion". But after only one day of apprenticeship, they head out to attack Windclan in their camp as advised by Goosefeather, who only got two prophecies right in his lifetime. And Bluepaw and Pinestar leaves the forest and abandons his clan to become a kittipetSnowpaw, barely six moons old, lost their mother, Moonflower. While Bluepaw drowns in grief, Snowpaw is cheered up by the constant presence of bloodthirsty Thistleclaw. Soon after they become the warriors, Bluefur and Snowfur, Snowfur moves to the nursery, expecting Thistleclaw's kits. During this time, Tigerkit was born. Whitekit, Snowfur's only son, was born healthy and nothing should have destroyed Bluefur's happiness. But then, when Bluefur took her sister for a walk, to escape the nursery for a few hours, they found an invading Shadowclan patrol. Snowfur, under Thistleclaw's influence and the desire to fight, pursued them, only to run onto the thunderpath and be brought down by a monster. Snowfur died, leaving Whitekit in Bluefur's care. But Thistleclaw blamed Snowfur's death on Bluefur, and made caring for her sister's kit very difficult. Eventually, Whitekit became Whitepaw, and Bluefur received Frostpaw as an apprentice. Whitepaw became Whitestorm, and Bluefur's promise to her sister was fulfilled. After which she was advised to start her own life. But when the newly become Thunderclan leader, Sunstar, takes back Sunningrocks from Riverclan, Riverclan warrior Oakheart begs her to meet him at Fourtrees that night. Bluefur hesitantly goes, and when she returns, promises never to meet him again. But a few moons later, she realizes she is expecting kits. She tells Oakheart, and he reassures her that she will make a great mother. But the Thunderclan deputy, Tawnyspots, was close to death, and the obvious candidate for deputyship was Thistleclaw, who would plunge the clans into chaos, battle and bloodshed. Bluestar was also a candidate, but not while she was a queen. In the midst of her turmoil, her kits were born. The tom, Stonekit, and the she-cats, Mosskit and Mistykit. They were about three moons old when Bluefur reached her decision. Heart breaking, she made the biggest sacrifice she had ever made. She took her kits to sunningrocks one night and gives them to Oakheart. But in the leafbare snow, Mosskit perished. Full of grief, she returns and tells her clan that her kits had disappeared. Bluefur becomes deputy, then leader. And the story moves on to the first chapter of Into the Wild.

Overall the book was excellent. It was probably the best Erin Hunter book ever. I cried with Bluestar the whole way through. She lost so much, gave up so much, all for the sake of her clan. This is the best book ever. Definitely get it.
Five Stars all over.
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on 2 May 2010
the most amazing book i have ever read ver ver sad but yet brilliant fav book ever
you need to read it to belive me
it goes through bluestars life
from a kit to a apprentice to a warrior a mother a deputy and a leader
go through the saddest parts of her life her mother dieing and her sister and then having to give up her kits
and through the troublesome parts thistleclaw her sisters bloodthirsty mate tries to make her life miserable keeping her riverclan mate a secret
and the parts you cannot forget her apprentice life,to her becoming a leader to firestar coming to the forest
this a book you cant forget
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on 24 April 2011
I love the way it goes through her whole life , not just a section of it like in the four series. I love meeting old characters and waiting for the characters known from the first series. Knowing what will happen to them soon...
I love the way the beginning is her end and it really adds to the drama. I also enjoyed reading how she met rusty (firestar) for the first time sitting on the fence and how it wrote about when spottedleaf recieved the fire prophecy. I never new how much she lost through her life ( i wont give anything away) but brace yourself for tears. i cried 3 times! especially when she has her kits and seeing how cute and innocent they are , and from the first series, knowing what will happen to them. I cried so that i could see what i was writing! I love the romance between her and oakheart, and seeing how much she hates him to loving him. It was sad when it got to the final few chapters which is describings whose died from the book and seeing graystripe and the other apprentices! This is great but abit confusing at the end as i wasn't sure whether the fire prophecy was for her or firestar according to what goosefeather says...
It was a great book and im sure i will read it many times more.
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on 26 February 2011
In this book I got an amazing insight into Bluestar's life. This is probably one of the most heart wrenching books I have ever read, because if you have read the first warrior cat series (and indeed the others) you will know what happens to all the characters. I feel so sorry for Thrushpelt as he really does love her. There are lots of twists and you learn so much about why Bluestar did things like abandon her kits. A must read for any warriors fan.
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on 10 April 2015
This book features Bluestar - the lovable former Thunderclan leader in her quest to rule the forest. Her story is extremely emotional as Bluestar loses almost everyone close to her and even has to give away her kits to an enemy clan! She also appears in a prophecy according to her crazy uncle Goosefeather. "Like fire, you will blaze through the forest", he hissed.
"The burning branch was a sign for StarClan. You are fire, Bluepaw, and you will blaze through the forest. But beware! Even the most powerful flames can be destroyed by water."
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on 31 October 2011
this is such a great book!
Bluestar was always my faveriot character, except after tigerstar betrayed her she went mental, and so you lamost dislike her towards the end of the books before she sacrfifices herself for her clan,
However, after reading this book, you do not find any fault in what she does. You see what lead her into becoming clan leader, the difficult decision to give up her kits to save her clan, what happend to her family and you even see crooked star as an "apprentice" and see bluestar realise clan boundries, etc.
t is the best warrior book so far!!!
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