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3.3 out of 5 stars
3.3 out of 5 stars
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on 10 March 2006
If ever there was a book that epitomised the contrasting contradiction that is America, it is this one. This is not a feel good book with a Hollywood style happy ending. It is more an ode to self delusion, self hatred, self pity and a testimony to the futility of the worship of Mammon. It is a stuttering rollercoaster ride into the bowels of a hell adorned with the false image of celebrity.
Prior to reading this ‘book’ my initial sympathies lay firmly with the author. I was aware of the family hardship that she suffered at the hands of her promiscuous and emotionally flawed mother and the stifling, paranoid, and violent behaviour of her husband, Kool G Rap. Upon reading the first few chapters it became clear that the author was still in denial as to who and what she had deliberately become whilst seeking to blame everyone for her self inflicted predicament.
This so called book is nothing more than National Enquirer type drivel in hardback. The writing style is Barbara Cartland as a drugged out hoe meets hip hop royalty in a club, then back to the hotel. In an era of utter shamelessness the author proves once again that lack of talent is not a barrier to so called celebrity.
The one person that I have the utmost sympathy for in this book is her son, Naiim. For the author to dedicate this mishmash of a book to her son is a cruelty beyond her comprehension. This is the final confirmation that she really has lost contact with reality.
This book should be read though. It is a stark warning of the intoxicating nature of pop culture and strips bear the illusion that this genre has any respect for women. It is a warning that there are two Americas and that you should choose carefully which one you wish to participate in.
This book has been packaged as that of a triumphant, strong black woman overcoming the odds and emerging victorious at the end. With respect, I beg to differ.
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on 6 February 2013
I was curious about the number of stars mentioned in the synopsis so bought it cheap and read it. Its very quick to read. She comes across as someone who got into a really immoral world and eventually got out. Its car crash reading really, but there is a " be wise, dont do this" message in there which I doubt will reach the young ladies who need to hear it.
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on 20 July 2012
I have always wanted to the read this book I decided that I would give it a go and I also read the reviews. This book seems more of an emotional rollacoster with loads of sex and rich men thrown into the mix. I don't know how to feel about Karrine/Superhead there is a part of me that does feel sorry for her but she is an adult she knows right from wrong I think she is very naive young women and she is confusing sex with love. She is also using sex to get ahead in life to maintain a high expensive lifesyle. There is nothing wrong with wanting the best in life and the best for your child but there are ways of getting it without opening your legs to every rich Tom,Dick,Harry. There did seem to be some men in the book that seemed to have genuine intrest in her but she seemed to go for the men that were already in relationships. In the begin of the book when she explains about her childhood I do feel sorry that she had to go through the abuse of an un-caring mother and the domestic abuse from her husband. This a book where everyones opinion will be diffrent and will have the own views. I personally think that she was high priced prostitute she was bed hopping from man to man so that she drink the best champagne and have a few designer clothes and a nice car. I think that Karrine/Superhead is just a women who wanted to be accepted.
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on 9 February 2006
I had heard all about this book on the radio and television but had no real desire to read it but after a friend lent it to my husband and he read it in one sitting I decided to see what all the hype was about and I was hooked after the first page. Don't get me wrong this was not necessarily what I would call a good book, in fact it was difficult for me to decide how many stars to give it because it was more like reading a gossip magazine than a book and therefore hard to judge on the usual 5 star rating system. However, I settled on three stars because though it was horribly written and I felt a little bit dumber for having read was a page turner, girl. Every time I wanted to put it down Kerrine Steffans aka Superhead talked of something more scandalous than the last scandalous thing she did and it kept you wanting to read more! Sure had she not be talking about people we know of this book would have been a bore but that is the thing about tell alls, they are not to be confused with any type of literature.
While `CONFESSIONS OF A VIDEO VIXEN' did hold my interest for a day, I didn't really walk away knowing a whole lot more about the music industry or Hollywood or its inhabitants. Nor did I feel as though this book should serve as a warning to young girls headed down the same path that Kerrine went down, as she suggests was her purpose for writing it in the introduction. Kerrine's story did very little to deter like minded young girls from this life style other than to warn them of the hazards of drug use. She tended to glamorize everything else by telling of how easily everything came to her (supposedly) and what great people all of these men who treated her like dirt actually were. Moreover since her lifestyle seems to have changed only minimally I didn't walk away from reading this with a feeling of "oh well at least everything worked out for her in the end". She seems very content to be doing the same things but on "her terms". Overall "CONFESSIONS' was a quick read best left to those mature enough to already know that all that glitters....
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on 25 August 2012
I received this book late last evening and I read it through the night and finished it in the early hours of the morning- it was that interesting,thought-provoking and real. I'm not sure why all the reviews on here are so negative. Karrine Steffans is a good writer, an honest, direct person and a woman who's come through an extremely traumatic childhood to be where she is. I'm sure all the reviewers on here are married, judgmental prudes who can't see past the affairs to married men and sexual conduct which Ms. Steffans is very open about. I'll admit my jaws dropped in places and I had to look blink twice to believe what I was reading, like where she said she dropped her son off with her abusive husband and upped and left. In addition, the rate at which she "fell in love" with these men who were clearly passing her around like toilet paper. But you have to ask yourself, what else can you expect from someone who was abandoned by their father, emotionally neglected by both parents, isolated and beaten by her mother almost daily, raped at thirteen (and beaten afterwards by her mother for it), homeless, stripping by sixteen, married to an abusive rapper by 18 and with child by 21? Even she makes the link between her affairs with numerous married men and her mom's past of sleeping with men and becoming impregnated to trap them (including her own father). So Ms. Steffans is under no delusions about who and what she is- including the fact that she uses sexual favors to get what she wants like the love and attention she never got. In addition, she clearly states that she's never felt comfortable with women and was a tomboy until her first husband showed her the finer things in life (I can relate, not being close to my mother or sisters and finding comfort in friendships with guys). That would explain the numerous pictures of her in the book affectionately embracing various men. The psychology of her experiences in this book is sound, including the little details she mentions and that's what makes it so believable. That said, some of the things she says leads me to believe that she still has a lot of healing and introspection to do and like all victims of co-dependency and dysfunctional families. I wish her lots of luck and light on her struggle. No one can understand until they've walked in your shoes. Now... after that inspiring read I'm going on to read DMX's autobiography (another one abandoned by father and beaten daily by mother) and Dancing With the Devil about P.Diddy's manipulative antics in the industry (look at for some very interesting info on him in Karrine's book...)
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on 28 January 2006
I read this book in one day, this may signify that I loved every inch of it, but that was not the case. I continued reading because I could not grasp on the truth of the matter. Every moment in time, I would quickly take a glimpse of her picture on the front and in the middle of the book and realise that I am actually reading about her "Life, Sex, Abuse" (aspects of life that could take up a whole novel not a few vague lines) or proposed "Life" As a matter of fact, I am in reality supposed to be reading an 'Autobiography'The account of her life was pitiful and so forth, but her escapades with these "Hip-Hop, Hollywood, Sport personalities" did not make absolute sense to me as an outsider, but to her it obviously did. She somehow got over the fact that she dumped her son in front of her ex's house and ran off to LA (aware that this EX nearly killed her). She was given money and without realisation used it on material stuff, aware that she had no prospect, and this was before she started popping pills with Ja Rule's crew. I find her style of expressing herself very strange, she writes in defence of her actions and may in a few lines lean on God to reach her sanity. As I am aware the book was to heal her, and allow us to relate--she should check her priorities. As I read I morally attacked while she defensively safeguarded her actions. (that's never happen to me when reading a autobiography, normally the writer and I are on the same page, isn't that the point of such a thing as a memoir, maybe it's just me) Another baffling aspect of the book was her "Love Sphere" as I call it, for goodness sake, she loved every man she was intimate with, come on Steffans you know life is not like that. She should have just admitted that she was mentally unstable and a bit on the wrong side (this is before the drugs). Nowhere in the book did she receive help, and I mean real psychological help, one minute she was down and the other up and at the end 'super fine' come on 'Superhead'. It played out as a fiction, at one point while lounging in her condo (or wherever) she'll spot her hip-hop icon in a music video, next minute she somehow bumps into him at a 'popular club' all this in the same day (Alice in Wonderland), come on where is all the real activities of a human life. 'Time' as an object in the story is lost, I sometimes regarded every event as the next day (practically as Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc.) rather than 9 months later, a year later which she popped in now and again. Bearing in mind that time is a treasure to any story, she should have taken time to nurture it. Instead, the novel in itself appeared hurried, so due to this I am in 'anticipation' for the next book, where she may slow down and articulate 'Love, Sex, Rape' as it is and not vague lines of hurt. (Even fiction books on love give me a buzz, and a 'real' story did the opposite). In reality I am supposed to be reading an autobiography, not propositions of what life was.I still salute you Karrine Steffans you have inspired every other 'video chick' to gush out their 'hearts' but I love the 'boldness'
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on 13 February 2006
Don't get me wrong, I am deeply sorry for what she has gone through, in terms of the childhood rape she has suffered, as well as the destructive relationship she has with her mother, but she uses it as an excuse for her apalling behaviour constantly. For someone, who has apparently learned the error of her ways, she never takes responsibility for her own disgusting actions. She constantly insists that her behaviour is the result of all the people (mainly rappers she has had sex with) that have done her wrong in her life, not reflecting on the fact that she has done many people wrong, for example, I can't think of a single man she slept with in this book, that wasn't married. HELLO?! What about their wives? At times, I had to remind myself that what she was saying was 'factual'. I get the feeling, that she wanted to be the most respected and desired video girl, so she did whatever it took. Whilst all it took her to was a place of self destruction, and she didn't get the crown she was so looking for. The book is basically an A - Z of who she has slept with in the industry. If you want entertainment value, read this book, as some of the stuff she reveals is in fact funny, whilst others are pathetic. At the end of the book, you will not see the point of view, she seems to be so desparate to get across in her t.v interviews and this book, you will only come to the conclusion that she is a pathetic ho!
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on 12 November 2005
Confessions Of A Video Vixen is the widely anticipated memoir of Karrine Steffans who to be honest is an Average Joe Hoe! She excelled in her career of a stripper and there was only one other route left for her. That was to be an exceptionally paid prostitue.
All this book does is embarrass the celebrities that she has slept with as well as herself. It is full of contrdiction, resentment and displacement. Karrine would lead us to believe that it is the traumatic memories of the non-existant relationship with her mother that lead her into this lifestyle. NO, she enjoyed living in this way she reaped the benefits!
Change the names to that of your girlfriend and some of the men she has slept with and there is no difference. This woman has wrote a book about being a hoe and is making a rather feeble attempt of blaming her mother!!!! Yet she dedicates this book to her son, and one day he will realise and is supposed to accept the fact that his Mama slept with celebrities in order to create a better life for him! Please, talk about emotional blackmail if ever!
If you are generally into gossip then this book is for you! It will leave you trying to establish who "Papa" is... Could it be 50 Cent, Nas or even LL Cool J???????? Hmmmmmmmmmm...... Guess we will have to wait for the sequel in Juky 2006.
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on 19 October 2005
Karrin tries in this rather rushed and half hearted memoir to capture a sincere and tragic life story. Instead the only thing what comes across is a life story about a sad and shallow woman who spent too much time worrying about her looks and other womens men instead of looking after her child. I read this in one day. !! Other young women don't need her to dish out advise in order to avoid her mistakes, she allowed herself to me used by hip hop players. The only lasting legacy her story has had on me was the front cover, a 26 year old face looking far far older. D.R.U.G.S
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on 10 May 2015
For all the people who have misjudged this lady, I ordered this book after having come across one of her social network pages. Having heard of her briefly before as this video "heaux" (intended misspelling), she came across as much more intelligent as you would have thought, this book does her no justice but none the less a great read.
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