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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 10 May 2006
As a qualified personal trainer, I am always looking for new and effective ways to train my clients and myself. I came across this book while on holiday and devoured it at a single sitting. It's quite a slim volume and the writing style is friendly and easy to follow.

The principles behind superslow weight training are well established and based on sound science. Where this book excels is in making those principles accessible to ordinary people.

The author describes the programme in a way that makes obvious his years of experience in teaching it to ordinary people - complete with "most common ways people cheat" sections on each exercise and useful tips to make the most of the workouts.

Having tried out the programme my colleagues and I are complete converts. Any programme that gives you a full body workout in just 15-20 minutes once a week and lets you do away with cardio definitely has my vote.

I only have 2 concerns. The first is that the nutrition plan, while based on sound sports nutrition science, is rather restrictive. People may choose to follow this plan to the letter or just use their own common sense.

More importantly, the second concern is that the concept of working to total muscle failure is not something the body naturally wants to do, and for a complete beginner with no experience of "normal" resistance training, this system may be difficult to take to at first. Thank goodness there is still a role for us personal trainers! But for anyone with experience of resistance training I'd say, "Go out and buy it" and you may never need to buy another fitness book again.
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on 1 August 2013
As a male I've always been very skinny, and over the years tried all sorts of ways to tone up and add a bit more bulk. The only time this really worked was when I stuck at a 2hr 3x a week gym session regime when I was in my first year of uni. I had more time then to commit so much time to the schedule.

But life doesn't always afford you that much time, and so a fell in to a familiar pattern of starting exercise and then stopping. The other problem I had, apart from time, was that every time I did join a gym, go running or start doing body resistance exercises indoors was that I'd always injure myself. I don't ever think I pushed it too hard, but I don't think my body is perfectly balanced and so I'd usually end up accidentally jolting something. This seemed to be a cycle I fell into time and again.

However, I can honestly say that the Power of 10 Fitness Revolution has changed all that for me. I don't get injured, it encourages me to eat and REST properly (who doesn't want to do that?) and above all, I look better than ever. Because I'm skinny, my girlfriend literally noticed that I was more toned after the very first gym session, and that's no lie! My sister noticed after about 3-4 sessions, and most importantly I notice it. You do have to keep up the nutritional aspect, and using a gym does make it easier to do (although Adam also includes a Power of 10 exercise regime for indoors using weights and/or body weight), but if you do these things then you will notice the difference.

Every testimonial in the book is correct. Apart from lack of injury (because you're moving so slowly there's no danger of suddenly jolting) you really do also feel completely different after you've finished from any other fitness programme I've tried. You feel warm and fuzzy afterwards, but there's no denying your body is spent and you need to rest. What's amazing is you don't get those horrible achey muscles afterwards like you do when you lift weights conventionally. It just doesn't happen! But you know that you should't exert yourself despite lack of aches, you just feel it.

Above all, Adam's writing style is clear, BS free and humorous (although it might not be to some people's taste). It's a little bit American in places but not overbearingly so (if you know what I mean, no offence intended), and generally I think it's an entertaining read. There's no science so back up what he's saying so the material is very easy to digest, and although one could argue that we're therefore not entirely sure that he is right in what he's saying, I think it generally makes complete common sense. And I know I have more energy when I eat small meals throughout the day as opposed to 2 or 3 big meals. And who can argue against his assertion that whole grains, lean proteins and veg aren't good for you, and that sugar is bad?

I don't know what Adam is up to these days, because I haven't been able to find his website for a couple of years (I've tried), so I hope he's ok and that his Power of 10 fitness regime hasn't bitten him in the arse. Hopefully all is well with him.

Please try it and you'll see the difference, although this is only from the standpoint of someone who is trying to tone and bulk up and not lose weight. But to be honest, anyone trying to lose weight with this programme would probably see even more dramatic results.
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on 12 August 2010
I bought this book when using the Eades/Gundry diet books. Both recommend moderate exercise and the Eades mention slow burn exercise. I decided against their favourite author and opted for this instead, after watching some of his videos on Youtube. I'd prefer a DVD rather than the book, but it's OK. I didn't spend much time on the diet section of the book and focussed on exercises I could do at home or in a non-specialist gym. I still go to the gym twice a week as I did before, but do few reps very slowly. I've never done treadmill time or cardio exercises and still do many fast reps on a couple of machines for overall joint flexibility. I'm gradually increasing the weight and focussing on a smooth movement with no fast start or finish. I have few joint problems and notice a difference in muscle definition. I don't go for complete muscle failure, but it still suits me. I found the youtube videos very useful. Pity there are no Power of 10 trainers in the UK. I'd like to have one experience of a supervised workout to ensure that I'm doing it effectively. I liked the vignettes, particularly from the weight lifter with a shoulder injury. This is definitely a safe way to keep fit.
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on 4 April 2010
I am somewhat overweight and lack discipline in the area of fitness training despite my discipline and high motivation for other pursuits, such as poker. My lack of motivation for fitness training made me desperate to find an approach to weight loss that I could stick to. After a day of reading reviews and previews of pretty much every weight loss book on and I decided to go with the Power of 10. Why? Because the science was convincing and because the commitment was only once a week. In a nutshell, the slow burn technique in the book focusses on using weights to expend muscle power, in the absence of any physical momentum borne by the weight i.e. gravity, momentum and other physical phenomena which make weight lifting easier are removed from the equation. By doing weight repetitions on the major muscle groups to the point of physical exhaustion and then allowing a one week recovery period whereby the muscles develop, fat burn happens automatically... more muscle requires the conversion of more fat. I recommend the use of the Gymboss interval timer to most effectively do the 10 second movements. Only time will tell whether I will lose excess weight, but I am highly enthusiastic thus far.

For reasons of a lack of motivation to get fit, I had stopped this programme back in 2010. But I have recently joined a local gym and have back doing the Power of 10 for a few weeks! I am currently slowburning twice a week, after school, on Mondays and Fridays -- thereby giving myself myself enough days in between for muscle recovery. I am doing the following four routines -- leg press, lat pulldown, chest press, shoulder press -- and am taking each muscle group to the point of complete and utter muscle failure. I am not losing much weight at the moment but I am getting stronger and more toned in my upper body in particular; what seems to be happening is that shed fat is being replaced by lean muscle. I will admit that I am not sticking to the dietary side of the programme very well; when you have a school which lays on a reasonable meal and pud with yummy lumpy custard every day, coupled with a mum who cooks a mean curry, it is difficult to remain disciplined. But I am consistently pushing weights in a slow rep manner and I am increasing the amount of weight I am pushing.

Exercise routine down to once per week on the weekend. Number of routines increased to six (leg press, lat pulldown, chest press, biceps curl, abdominal crunch machine, shoulder press). Carbohydrate intake not eliminated, but being reduced gradually.
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on 20 November 2015
I'm a student of exercise science and heard about the benefits of slow lifting from one of my professors. Therefore, I started to look for more information on this topic. This book is great - concise, written with humor, it covers not only exercise (the routines are simple to follow and can be done at gym, home or even in your hotel room) but also nutrition and, what is extremely important, recovery. Adam Zickerman undoubtedly is a professional and this book contains plenty of valuable information for both: beginners and experienced lifters
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on 14 December 2012
The exercises are well described and illustrated and there are alternative exercises for free weights and for when on is 'on the road'. The diet section is a little out of date which is why I only gave it 4 stars. I bought it after buying 'Body by Science' and it would have been better to buy the Power of Ten first as it has a simpler approach to this form of exercise.
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on 3 May 2013
It sounds too good to be true, but it works. I have trained all my adult life with weights and now see how I was over training, I am now getting far better results in a fraction of the time. Check out Adam Zickerman on you tube.
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on 31 January 2016
First class service and product, highly recommended.
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on 3 August 2011
The book was as described, package arrived earlier than stated, package was safe and secure. Would buy further books from this seller.
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on 15 January 2015
Only good if you use it, I've yet to do so, that says it all.
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