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4.7 out of 5 stars87
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 12 February 2013
I read the first 9 Hollows books back to back - once I discovered them and started reading them, I found them so easy to read and enjoyable that I just read one after the other. So it was a fairly new experience for me to have to wait for the next installment, and perhaps that meant my anticipation - and expectation - was higher than normal. Don't get me wrong, I was by no means disappointed by this book, but for me in places it seemed to drag just a little too much. The descriptive powers of Ms Harrison when describing the Ever-After and the ley lines are second to none, but I found myself struggling to get through it all to get to the real action and storyline.
Like other reviewers, I quite enjoyed that there was more of Trent in this story, and the ongoing relationship between him and Rachel intensifying. There was hardly any Ivy at all, and to be honest that didn't bother me - vampire based storylines have been done a lot in earlier books (although Kisten remains one of my favourite characters). For me, Rachel and Ivy's relationship needs to move on or move out. I liked the development of Bis's involvement and his fellow gargoyles, as well as that between Jenks and Belle, but found the brief aside with Felix (Nina's master vampire) a little random and can only assume it's throwing out a storyline for the next book(s).
I particularly enjoyed the extended time in the Ever After (hence the title!) and the build up of Dali and Newt's characters as well as some enticing background information about the land of the demons, and their history with the elves. Rachel seems less conflicted and more accepting of her demon self, so more confident as a character. I missed Al though, and whilst he is still a key character, he was by no means as dominant as usual (that role having been taken by Trent for this story) and his sarcastic and snide little asides weren't there often enough to make it the usual rip roaring read of previous books.
Still a great read (I haven't bothered with repeating a synopsis - you can see that on the Amazon page) but not top of the pile.
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on 21 January 2013
One of the most highly anticipated reads of 2013 for many people, Ever After by Kim Harrison most certainly will not fall short of expectations. It will, in many areas, surpass them. It will also shock, it will thrill, and my goodness it will entertain. An outstanding instalment, easily replacing any and all past favourites as the new pinnacle of the far.

As is usually the case, the story picks up a couple of months after the events of the last book, A Perfect Blood, and sees Rachel meeting up with Quen to discuss the prospect of becoming a part of Trent's workforce once again. Only voluntarily this time, and will no bodily threats involved. Which makes a nice change. Rachel's not too sure, though, and perhaps not for the reasons you might expect. It seems she puts more faith in Trent's abilities to protect himself than Quen does these days, and doesn't think he needs anyone else watching him. Quite the opposite, in fact. However, after a drastic and heartbreaking turn of events, the choice about working alongside Trent is taken out of her hands completely. It's now imperative, especially since she feels partly responsible for what's happened.

Fans of the series will recall Rachel's unfortunate experience with a ley line back in book nine, Pale Demon. For me, personally, those last few chapters of Pale Demon were where my appreciation of Kim Harrison's worldbuilding went from thinking she was simply fabulous, to thinking she might actually be some kind of supernatural creature herself. I mean, she must have been to the Ever After in person to be able to describe it so vividly. And not just visual descriptions, either, but the magic, the culture, the social structure, the history, the wars, the continual decline of the demons as a race. Which, incidentally, Rachel has managed to speed up exponentially by ripping a large hole in one of the ley lines. If only the demons thought it was so incidental. Strangely, they're rather annoyed about their impending doom, and in this book they use one hell of a bargaining chip to make sure Rachel fixes her mistake, and fast. The clock is most definitely ticking.

I'm reticent to highlight too many other plot points as I think it's best to just experience it as it unfolds. And it was a real roller coaster, that's for sure. Totally unputdownable with near-perfect pacing. There are some big shocks in store, as I mentioned earlier, some controversial returning characters, plenty of conflict--both internal and external--and a fair amount of introspection for our dear Rache, as well. There were a couple of instances where the plot moved a bit slower, but out of a 500-and-then-some page book, that's really not bad at all. Perhaps even a necessity. Overall, this instalment felt really meaty, with little filler and lots of massive plot twists and character progression that really change the game entirely for the last two books. And of course, being titled Ever After, you can expect to bask in yet more of Harrison's phenomenal worldbuilding for that setting, and also, get some fantastic insight into everyone's favourite demon, Algaliarept. Outstanding stuff!

For the Rachel and Trent shippers out there (much like myself) you'll be pleased with the amount of time spent together in this book. Gone are the days where Trent would make one, maybe two, brief appearances--usually managing to annoy the crap out of Rachel in the process--but it's clear now that, in whatever role, Trent is a part of Rachel's life. They make strange bedfellows in some respects, but in other's, they couldn't be more compatible. What's lovely to see as well is the developing trust between them; something we couldn't have ever imagined coming from Rachel even as little as three books ago. It's an amazing transformation and a fantastic journey Kim Harrison has taken us on. I'm sad to think there's just two teeny weeny little books left in this series, but judging by the ending of this book, they're gonna be good ones! Oh, yeah.

5 Stars ★★★★★
A special thanks to Harper Voyager for the ARC.
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on 28 April 2013
kim harrison as always has outdone herself. the book was amusing as always, nerve racking and emotional. the ending however was not what i had expected and it has made me want to desperatly read the next one! usually her books end with a satisfying note but the ending of this is just not that at all! all in all its an awesome book and a good addition to the series.
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on 3 April 2013
As usual, Ms Harrison delivers and you can never be too sure which way the plot will go. I love the fact that she is not scared to kill off characters that she has spent time developing.. having said that, I was left feeling a little puzzled and disbelieving of the surprise in the plot this time (and I am still not 100% convinced that this is the last that we will see of these characters). That said, I couldn't put this book down and am left, as ever with this series, wishing that the next book was already written. A definite must read for anyone who likes this genre.
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on 25 July 2014
Well I had this on my bookcase for months as I couldn't bring myself to read it knowing that pretty soon this amazing urban fantasy series would be over. This author seems to put out a book a year so when I get my hands on the latest I cannot bring myself to just inhale it, no these are books to savour and this one is just ramping up the storyline!
The ever after is where the demons live but it's shrinking and Rachel is held accountable as she created the ley line that's causing it all! It's been tampered with though by a very powerful enemy but Rachel needs proof otherwise the demons insist her life be forfeit! As if that wasn't enough to give our favourite witch a headache the most inconceivable disaster has taken place , her friend Ceri and goddaughter Lucy have been kidnapped and Rachel knows time is running out for them. She needs help but for once she isn't able to rely on Al or even Ivy to be at her side no, this time it looks as if it's Trent who will be with her in battle! Trent is a tricky elf though and Rachel would be a fool to trust him wouldn't she? Rachel is no ones fool though and sees the love Trent has for his family . So take down a demon, rescue loved ones oh and save the world ! Sounds like a plan ,now all Rachel needs is time but that's the one thing that's she's running out of. Tick tock Rachel, come on the clock is counting down to the end of the world !
O gosh so much happens in this book that I'm not sure what to say! If you are a Trent fan then you will be over the moon as there's a lot of interaction between him and Rachel but it won't please all readers. As for Jenks , well our favourite snarky foul mouthed pixie has well and truly got his lust for life back and it's a wonderful thing! There isn't a lot of Ivy in this book which I don't mind as her needs have often caused too much angst for this reader but it's clear that there's a huge showdown with the vampires heading towards Rachel . This book is most definitely all about the demons. We get to learn much more about their history as a race and the war between them and the elves. We start to see dare I say a more human side to them? Particularly Al and Rachel herself is finally accepting just what she is .
It's a lengthy read so not nonstop action but I'm fine with that. There are so many plot twists and the world building just blows me away. Sacrifices are made which surprised me if honest and as for Rachel's love life? Well it's always been my opinion that she has really bad taste in men so let's hope that the author can help her make better choices!
This is a truly fabulous series and this awesome book just adds to it. Do not miss this one as when the showdown comes it's going to be very very bloody!
A huge recommendation
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on 16 March 2013
'Ever After' is the 11th installment of Rachel Morgan, demon witch. I had kind of a mixed reaction to this book, but even so it's still good enough to warrant a 5 star rating. Harrison's world building skills are second to none, her characters are amazing in their different ways and Rachel's story always manages to keep me hooked from beginning to end. I won't say this was the best of the series - I think 'Pale Demon' was - but it was pretty solid stuff.

First off, I don't like Trent. Never have and can't really see what Rachel sees in him, aside from his looks which is weird because she's not generally shallow. He comes across manipulative and self-serving and I actually dislike him more than even Nick. So that was my main complaint with this book. There was too much Trent and I don't like him for Rachel.

I loved all the parts with the demons in the Ever After, those were the best bits for me. Al is a brilliant character and I was glad he was in this book as much as he was, though even more would have been better. I get the impression that he genuinely cares for Rachel and it makes him all the more likeable. He's also been proving himself more trustworthy than Trent has, I have to say. I kind of like the other demons too, Dali & Newt. They're interesting and all the demon stuff is always entertaining. More of this would be awesome in the next book!

The part with Ivy felt strangely out of place. She doesn't show up until later on and honestly I didn't miss her. It feels as though she's no longer needed and the book could have done without her presence. She was essential to the story way back when the series started but she's not now and it's kind of a strange feeling. I think if she moved on now it wouldn't be as powerful as it would have been had it been done sooner. I still love Jenks and his pixy swearing. He goes through some emotional stuff in this one with one of his kids too.

As for the plot, it wasn't totally riveting if only because there was a lot more explaining things than there was action sequences. There was however a lot of emotion stirred up over everything that was happening, Rachel certainly gets put through the wringer in this book. The big bad guy wasn't as scary as he probably could have been though he was very powerful. I liked the stuff with the rings and what it all meant. Without giving anything away I liked the ending but cringed at the last few lines.
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on 23 February 2013
This for me has been the pinnacle of the Rachel Morgan series so far. The whole series is clever, ingenious & nail bitingly exciting with the writing slick and witty. For me though ever after has seen the characters come of age and the story moved us a huge chunk forwards with many chapters concluded. Although there are still enough plot lines open to keep me waiting desperately for the next instalment. Kim Harrison for me is an automatic buy.

The war between the demons and elves has reached a very interesting point and although I have begun to see the demons as less of the bad guys for the last couple of books this puts them in an entirely new light. Al is awesome as always and I'm beginning to develop a soft spot for newt, never thought that would happen! That is just how clever Kim Harrison is, the characters are so very very real. I also 100% got Rachel's perspective with Trent too, never thought I would forgive him, but I think I have!

If you've read the others this a must and if you haven't then get to book 1 and do so immediately as this is one of the best urban fantasy series ever written.
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on 28 August 2013

I so love this series, and this book does not disappoint.

So many ups and downs in this book, some shocks and some things you just urge to happen!

The main story of this one is because of the ley line Rachel ripped through in the last book. Ku'Sox (a psychotic demon) is doing is damndest to get rid of Rachel, and shes racing against time to prove that it wasnt her that made the ley line so bad, and that Ku Sox was framing her.
The combined workings of day walking demon, demon and elf is so brilliant to see, and its strange, that you no longer think of Al as this big bad demon - this book shows another side to him, and how Rachel does care for the ones she didnt think she could!

Ivy isnt in this one too much, but i have a feeling the small hint of a story that started may be explored more in the next book.

Brilliant continuation of a great series. If youre a fan, this wont let you down!
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on 3 October 2013
I have been hooked on this verse since I read the first book in the series. It takes fantasy fiction into a new dimension. The characters feel like old friends and I now firmly believe that every house should have it's own Gargoyle. I can't decide whether Rachel will end up with Al or Trent but I will enjoy finding out.
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on 2 September 2013
As usual my visit to the Hollows ended all too soon!!
Next instalment in Rachel Morgan series. Love the softer side of Al. Fed up with the elf princesses return but I'm sure Rachel will see her off eventually!! Blooming good read...can't wait for the next!!
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