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4.7 out of 5 stars250
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 31 May 2014
I heart Christmas is the 6th novel of the I heart series by Lindsey Kelk. You could read it as a stand alone novel, but it would be much better to start at the very beginning to get to see the characters develop and find out how they are interlinked. Lindsey Kelk's writing style is fun, fresh and appealing for a new adult and women around the age of 20 - 30.

In the end of I heart London we left Angela after she got married to the man of her dreams and life was pretty damn awesome. As we rejoin Angela’s world in I heart Christmas, her plans to have the perfect New York Christmas aren’t quite going according to plan. Her best friend Jenny has decided she wants to have a baby, her gorgeous husband Alex is getting a bit broody as well and if that’s not enough she’s just been given a major promotion at work. With friends and her crazy family turning up unexpectedly, Angela has a lot more on her plate than she can cope with. Will she be able to have the happy Christmas she longs for?

If you loved the previous novels of the series you won't be dissaponted with this one. I enjoyed this one. At least much more as some other novels of the series.

While I love the series I didn't love this book. I just liked it. It's a good addition to the series but I'm having my same old issuses with Angela. It's hard to say why I liked it instead of love it and the only reason I can give is that Angela really started to annoy me. She just doesn't seem to be growing as a character and as usual everything was all about Angela and it really annoyed me how selfish she is being in regards to Alex. She just refuses to grow up! I really hope there will be another book coming sooner rather than later that sorts it all out.

Alex was the best part of this book. It was a 3 cupcake read for me until that one special scene at the end and got a whole cupcake boost for it. Alex is truely a dream man and just too good for Angela.

Reading this book makes you want to be in New York around christmas time so bad. I always love Angelas travel guide at the end of the book. I will absolutely be using the guide when I finally get myself a New York Christmas.

It's a great treat for Christmas and it shouldn't be missed for 'I heart' fans.
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on 3 April 2014
Bought the Heart series. Really enjoyed the first one, but found as the series went on I began to be disappointed in the character. Given all that happens to Angela, by the time you reach the last book, you would have expected her, (spoilers), (now married, having lived in America for some years and experienced all it has to offer) to have matured and grown up with at least a surface level of sophistication, instead she's still boozing, vomiting, being clumsy, having ridiculous things happen to her and frankly she, and it, all becomes irritating rather than makes a good read.
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on 1 January 2014
not extremely well written but fun to read all the same. perfect for a winter read by the fire. mediocre.
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My favourite Chick lit series by far is the I Heart series by Lindsey Kelk, each year I look forward to another release and to top it off this year it is a Christmas themed book whoop whoop! This is not a book you will be able to buy and save until Christmas as it sits there twinkling at you so you have to cave in and read it!

As Christmas approaches Angela is like a kid in a sweet shop, she is so excited about all things Christmas that she decides to take time off of work to enjoy doing all things festive with Alex. If only everything was a smooth as that! Where ever Angela is concerned there is always disorder and mischief that occurs and true to form her Christmas is about to be turned upside down thanks to a surprise from husband Alex, a friend in need and to top it all a major change at work.

I loved this book so much. The witty humour is back in full swing and it is such a natural humour that you can't help but chuckle away. All of our favourite characters are back and in full blown chaos. One thing you can always rely on is that Angela and Jenny will always have some big drama going on in their lives and it sure does keep me entertained. Angela and Alex are now married and I think this is a great direction in which Lindsey Kelk has taken her characters as they are now facing problems that come with settling down.

We get to see a lot more of Angela's friend Louisa in this book and she is a lovable character. Jenny is still my firm favourite when it comes to the I Heart series she is so unpredictable, spontaneous and hilarious, I would do anything to have a friend like her life could never be dull with her around! I actually found I could relate to Angela's character in this book ( is this a good thing?!) one of the dilemma's she faces I can totally sympathise with and the article she wrote about on this topic was hitting the nail on the head for me.

There was a festive feel to this book with the storyline being set on the lead up to Christmas but it wasn't overly festive so I still feel like this book could be read throughout the year. I still don't feel like the I Heart series is over, to me this book has actually set a new foundation for a new book and I am keeping everything crossed that the author does entertain us with another one. This is certainly one not to be missed and needs to be under all chick lit fans Christmas Tree this year.

It is a fun , festive, fabulous read that you will want to tell all your book friends about but I am not sure you will want to share your copy!
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on 1 March 2014
There are two reasons why I was crazily excited for this book. One: Christmas in New York, what could be any better?! Two: Angela is back! I've really missed Angela's madness and I was desperate to know what she was like in the Christmas period.

Angela has planned the perfect Christmas holidays in New York. She's booked time off from her new job, planned some lovely Christmas themed activities for her and husband Alex and she's looking forward to some relaxation time. What Angela didn't factor into her plan were her family and friends. Angela's best friend Jenny has a rather special gift in mind this year - a baby and Angela's family have Christmas plans of there own. With all this to bare in mind Angela isn't sure how her Christmas will work out after all.

This book really was a laugh a minute. One of my favourite lines in the entire book had to be:
"‘And I want a unicorn to fly me to work every day but that’s not going to happen, is it?’
‘Unicorns don’t fly!’ Jenny shouted.
'That’s not the point!’ I shouted back."
I was in stitches! The relationship between Angela and Jenny was as brilliant as ever. Watching them deal with life's dramas added to the hilarity, they have such a unique way of dealing with their problems.

It was definitely interesting to catch up with the gorgeous man in Angela's life: Mr Alex Reid. Alex is ready to settle down and have grown up conversations about future plans which as you can imagine freaks Angela out and provides a whole other host of problems for her. I love that Alex is maturing and thinking about the future, he's a man with the full package: good looking and the perfect man for a long term relationship!

I loved reading about Christmas in New York. The huge Christmas trees, ice skating in Central Park - it all sounded so magical and I could completely appreciate why Angela felt that Christmas was a special time of year. Lindsey Kelk has such a fantastic writing style that kept my immersed in the story and eager to read on to find out what other messes Angela and co. had got themselves into!

Another absolute kicker from Lindsey Kelk, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I'll be eagerly anticipating Angela's next appearance!
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on 12 January 2014
When I heard that Lindsey Kelk was bringing out 'I heart Christmas' I couldn't wait! I have read all of her other books in the 'I heart' series and loved all of them. Christmas being my favourite time of year mixed with a bit of Angela I thought would be a match made in heaven. I was however a little disappointed, I think I expected a little more Christmas in the book, and I kept looking for it, but didn't find I found it.

I did find the book a little hard to get into which was a shame as I was expecting to love it right from the beginning, as I have with all the other 'I heart' books.

Angela is all loved up in New York with Alex, her best friend Jenny has decided that she wants to have a baby, Angela is not as supportive as perhaps she could be, but then Jenny can be a little erratic and as she is currently not in a stable relationship, Angela doesn't think it's a good idea. In other parts of her life, Angela is going up in the world at the magazine company she works in. She has been given a brilliant opportunity to be in charge for a few months, which could really see her take off. However Angela has reservations about her ability to run the firm. Alex is talking about moving house and Angela gets a surprise visit from her best friend from England Louisa with her toddler in tow, Grace.

To me this book I found was stressful, I didn't think it was very Christmassy and although Angela was beginning her preparations for Christmas I don't think this came across as strong as it could have done in the book. There was one drama after another and I think the Christmas theme got lost.

Overall I did enjoy the book, however I didn't think it lived up to Lindsey's high standard as her other books have. I felt that it was starting to loose it's spark, which I hope this is just a blip as I enjoy her books so much. I felt a lot of issues were bought up in the book and that almost too much was happening at one time.

I would recommend you to read the other 'I heart' books before reading this as it will give you a better understanding of the characters and background knowledge of the story lines. I am glad that I had the opportunity to read this book, however I am hoping the new 'I heart' book is back to the usual standard.
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on 1 January 2014
Firstly if you haven't read all of the I Heart books then, I am disappointed in you. I think you should go to your room with said books and I do not want to see you until you have read them.

This book was excellent. I have been super excited about this book since Lindsey first announced. For me reading an I heart book is like being with a friend you love but haven't seen for ages. Its excellent. Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year. The food, the music, the decorations... sorry I am easily distracted when it comes to Christmas. I am yet to spend a Christmas in New York but I will make it happen. after reading I heart Christmas I am going to have to start putting those pennies away for next year. It sounds truly magical.

I love Angela. I have done since she first jumped on that plane and went to New York a sobbing mess and ended up under the wing of Ms Jenny Lopez. Sometimes I do wish she would talk to someone rather than bottling everything up and then ultimately exploding, but maybe that wouldn't make such an amazing book.

I was extremely jealous of all the chrismtassy things that the gang experienced. Christmas is still a little way away but I am so ready for it this year. well except for the presents. obviously.

Alex has to be the sweetest boyfriend/husband ever. As always he was fsntastic when Angela has her meltdown. I loved his Christmas present to Angela.

It was great to see the gang altogether again Jenny, James, Louisa, Craig & Graham all joining in on the festivities. It was even great to have Cici back. A part of me really wants her to change...That could just be wishful thinking on my part though.

I thought this was an excellent addition to the I Heart Series and I hope it won't be the last. I will absolutely be using the guide in the back of the book when I finally get myself a NY Christmas.
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on 24 December 2013
Oh wow, we've hit book 6 in the I Heart series and I love the series as much as I did when I first read I Heart New York many moons ago...

However, while I love the series I didn't love this book. I just liked it. Which for an I Heart books makes me kinda sad.

It's hard to say why I liked it instead of love it and the only reason I can give is that Angela really started to annoy me in this one. She just doesn't seem to be growing as a character and as usual everything was all about Angela and it really annoyed me how selfish she is being in regards to Alex. She just refuses to grow up! I'm not going to go into details - I don't want to give too many spoilers - but I really hope there will be another book coming sooner rather than later that sorts it all out.

I'd die of happiness if it was titled I Heart Babies!


This book had all the key characteristics of an I Heart novel. Lots of laughs, witty banter, humiliating moments, random drama, wacky friends, crazy parents... And last but not least sweet and sexy Mr. Reid. *Swoons/drools*.

If you've read and like/loved the previous books in this series then definitely read it. It's a nice addition, I just had some issues with Angela!

If you haven't read Lindsey Kelk before but are a fan of Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic series you'll probably enjoy the I Heart books... But I'd start at the beginning - I Heart New York. It's the only way to truly fall in love with the characters.
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on 15 December 2013
I totally fell in love with iHeart New York, the first in the iHeart series and I rushed to read the rest. When I reached the last one, I was left devastated. No more Angela, sexy men, crazy friends OR New York! When I found out that iHeart Christmas was coming out, I jumped up and down, clapped my hands and squealed like a girl (yes I am a girl but apparently that is up for discussion!) These are by far my favorite chick lit series. I have become a big fan of Lindsey and her way of writing and now I can safely say I have read every single one of her books and LOVED them. I stalk the internet waiting for news!

I really couldn't wait to sink my teeth into iHeart Christmas and I wasn't left disappointed. In true Angela Clarke style, Christmas is anything but planned and she so reminds me of me. I am not sure if that is a good thing or not but bottom line is, you can't help but love this girl!

So Angela has this perfect Christmas planned, her very own fairy tale of New York. She is like a kid in a toy shop and it's going to be brilliant. A week off work to spend with Alex and to do all the Christmassy things that you do in New York like ice skating and shopping and she cannot wait to put up the huge Christmas tree despite Alex telling her not yet! But of course, she is never going to get that, is she, because this is Angela and there is ALWAYS something that happens.... like surprise visits, falling out with friends, returning enemies, major changes at work and at home and Angela's head is all over the place but in true Angela fashion, things turn upside downside before turning UP again, thanks to her lovable husband Alex.

I absolutely iHeart this book. The humor is back with a bang and it was fantastic to catch up with all the characters. It's like re visiting old friends. Angela is by far my favorite character just because she reminds me of me. Nothing ever goes to plan in my life and I am forever hurting myself. I'm not sure I like Jenny or not but she never fails to entertain and I love James Jacobs. He always puts a smile on my face, The ending was very soppy and romantic but we all want that, don't we? DON'T WE? I know I do!! This book had me wanting to jump on the next plane out to New York to spend Christmas there and I so would if I could afford it, believe me. Oh well, maybe one day *sigh*

I really do hope there is more to come from the iHeart series. I would love to be there when Angela and Alex become parents. Now that would make some funny shit. I would also like to see Jenny settle down too and Angela's mum really does remind me of someone close to me.

I give this fantastic festive read 5 gold shiny stars and recommend you read it NOW. Right now. Go on, what are you waiting for? Go download... You still here? *tut-tut*

You don't have to read the previous iHeart books to read this one but I think it would help greatly if you did. It will help you understand Angela more and to know her back story of how she ended up in New York in the first place. These books are definitely one to read. Come on, 'tis the season to be jolly, gift them to a loved one OR even better - yourself. I so would if I didn't already have them!!
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on 27 May 2014
I absolutely love the I Heart series so I was really excited about I Heart Christmas being released. While it's still a great read (as you would expect from this series!), I Heart Christmas seems to talk about babies and kids far too much, with less focus on the everyday dynamics between Angela and Alex. As someone who has zero interest in babies, I found the focus of this book a little bit disappointing, and not quite as enjoyable as the other books in the series. It's still a good read though.
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