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4.7 out of 5 stars157
4.7 out of 5 stars
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Format: Hardcover|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is a very attractive cookery book. It is hard back and has been printed on good quality paper. The photographs are also good quality although there is not a photograph of every recipe. This is a shame as I always feel that a good photo will tempt you to try a recipe. It is always helpful to see the finished product. There were some photographs which I felt were a bit pointless, for example, photos of rain on a window or grass blowing in the breeze. I would have preferred photos of the recipes instead of these.

The book is aimed at people who suffer from an intolerance or an allergy to certain foods. All of the recipes are free from wheat, dairy products, soya, eggs and yeast and almost entirely free from gluten. It is, therefore, a recipe book which will be considerably useful to many people. Apart from the recipes there is also a lot of valuable information about food intolerance generally and about products which can be substituted for those which cause the problem.

There are a wide range of recipes in the book including starters, main courses, desserts plus a section on bread. The recipes can all be enjoyed by anyone - you don't have to have an intolerance or allergy to enjoy them. I also liked the fact that the recipes were accessible, in that you feel that they are all within your reach - you don't have to be a super cook to attempt them. There are so many cookery books where the recipes are so elaborate or complex that they seem beyond the capabilities of an ordinary home cook. This book does not fall into that trap.

The recipes are set out in what I felt was a slightly odd manner - they are listed under the seasons so there are recipes for spring, summer, autumn and winter. This worked better with main courses than with desserts, for example, why should chocolate brownies and chocolate shortbread be spring recipes while mocha fudge cake and victoria sponge are considered summer recipes? This also meant that if you were looking for something to bake you had to look under all 4 sections. However, this is just a minor grumble.

A slightly more serious grumble is that readers with coeliac disease need to be careful ( I am coeliac). Although the recipes are all wheat free they are not all gluten free and there does seem to be some misinformation about this. For example, on page 12 the author describes coeliac disease "in which the sufferer is allergic to the gluten in wheat". There is no mention of rye and barley which also contain gluten and which coeliacs have to avoid. However, she does mention oats which coeliacs usually need to restrict or even avoid. Also, on page 19 she makes the following very odd comment - "There is a common misconception that all grains contain wheat, but this is not so". I presume she means gluten, not wheat?

I don't wish to be too critical as this is a very helpful cookery book which will be of great value to many people. If you have a food intolerance it is certainly worth buying. If you are coeliac just be careful.
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on 4 April 2012
This is a beautifully produced cook book with lots of colour photos of the dishes included. Recipes are varied and so many of them in one book represents good value. Old favourites are re-imagined for the allergy prone and there are great bread recipes. Recipes for beginner and experienced cooks, this is a must have cook book for anyone not just those with allergies.
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on 24 February 2012
I brought this book as a close friend has allergies and I feel terrible if I can't cook for her when she comes over. I found that this book has some truly wonderful recipes, so I can cook just one meal when she comes over, and my boyfriend eats it without knowing there is anything missing. Now that is successful allergy cooking, when you can't actually tell its missing anything! Its a stunning book, with so many recipes, I can't wait to try more....I would recommend this book for people who have allergies and those without, good food is good food!
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on 13 October 2013
Please, Please read from page 14 onwards where Pippa descirbes a list of fundamental flours/ingredients that are gluten free. She includes Rye flour and IT IS NOT GLUTEN FREE. If someone was recently diagnosed & didn't bother to read the foreward & skipped straight to the menu's they would mistakenly believe they were safe!!


Pippa does caveat putting it down by saying it's not "entirely" gluten free but er.......yeah, she's right because it's not gluten free at all so why even bother putting it on the gluten free list!??

It's a completely irresponsible & confusing message to send esp. for those who have been just diagnosed with Coeliac Disease & not yet familiar with all the do's & don'ts. It took me ages after being diagnosed until I learned & I still haven't gotten it down pat and I was diagnosed 7 years ago. I suffer horribly when I eat gluten and I keep to my diet as religiously as humanly possible.

If you are Coeliac you CANNOT have Rye flour full stop. You cannot have anything that contains wheat, barley, rye or malt & really, if you're super religious about it....stay away from Oats as well because they are still unsure to this day.

The whole point of Pippa narrowing down the list of what you can have, is because as she rightly says, it's "overwhelming" when one is diagnosed with a food allergy or auto-immune disease like Coeliac so to put it on the actual gluten free list makes absolutely no sense.

Now, for the recipes in this book that call for Rye flour (i.e. Sourdough Bread), I would just use 'Chickpea Flour' which is a wonderful flour to subsititue when any recipe calls for 'All Purpose Flour' and just use 'Gluten Free Xanthan Gum' which is a thickening agent.

Also for Chorizo - the real stuff from Spain should be OK but honestly, you shouldn't use it if it isn't marked gluten free.

On to the dishes....they are Yummy & Delicious! Under the Autumn menu, I especially loved the Backed Apple Charlotte (pg 157) & we have it with cream for those can tolerate dairy/lactose. It had the perfect blend of sweet & sour without being overwhelming either way.

Another surprise of flavours was pg. 128 - Smoked Chicken, Butternut squash & Avacado Salad. Again, a nice mix of mildly sweet & salty. Nice textures as well & the dressing which was a mix of Olive Oil, Corriandor and fresh squeezed lemon juice added a really nice freshness to it all.

I improvised a little and toasted the butternut squash seeds as well as the pine nuts. Also, when making the dressing I actually mixed the chopped corriander in with the Olive Oil & lemon juice (I used a bit more OO than called for as a result). I'm glad I did.

Overall, a really sweet cookbook minus the inexplicably misleading information on some ingredients.

For those who aren't confident allergy free cooks - you will need time to plan and give yourself time to cook with no pressure as a lot of the ingredients are unusual and I had never tasted them before. For example; Harissa Paste & saffron threads!? I can't say I have those items to hand in my pantry and even the smoked chicken took a trip to 3 different grocers to find - not even Planet Organic had it (good old Waitrose to the rescue).

My tips over all:
- Read through entire book carefully but especially the foreward & intro pages;
- Give yourself time to work it out & become comfortable with the ingredients & menu's by earmarking recipes that appeal and practice on a weekend if you're not a confident cook;
- If recently diagnosed - again, take the time to get familiar with the recipes & isolate the ones with the least amount of ingredients to start with so you have less chance of becoming overwhelmed;
- Most importantly, don't take anything for granted, if you're unsure of ANY ingredients use GOOGLE!!

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on 9 April 2012
On the face of it, it might seem extreme to say that a food book or recipes can be life changing but this book certainly is. As someone who was a little cynical about all the various intolerances to food that have become more prominent in recent years but who lives with someone who LOVES good food but found certain things didn't agree with them, I can really say that this book has utterly changed our eating habits for the better. I used to think you couldn't have delicious food that was healthy for you but this book disproved that theory. This book is so much more than just a book for people with intolerances, it is a book that is for anyone who loves good food.

Also worth noting is the obvious love and attention put in to the book. The layout is ideal focusing on seasons rather that categories which is nice for when you are doing your shopping. I loved the recommended products and stockists as well because we used to find to actually know what to look for in shops before this book came along.

I wish I could really convey how brilliant the book is words don't seem enough to do it justice, all I can say is that it turned this cynical Irish man in to a believer and Pippa Kendrick is now up there with Nigel Slater as my absolute favourite cook/chef or whatever the proper term is. I am preaching the Pippa gospel to anyone I know that loves beautiful food and so will you when you eat some of these wonderful meals.
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VINE VOICEon 20 July 2012
Format: Hardcover|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I really liked this book. Having shelled out a significant amount of various gluten-free cookbooks I've read lots of them. This I like because of the various options given, replacement ingredients to suit your individual intolerance. The photography is excellent and the layout makes it easy to read, flip through and find something inspirational to make for dinner.

I'm allergic to soy products and intolerant to wheat/gluten. I've tried a few of the recipes and while I prefer them to be ordered by type (eg. main, dessert, starter) it wasn't a hassle to flip through and I ended up trying a few things I probably wouldn't have looked at because they were in seasonal sections which meant have a good look.

I don't eat coconut, loathe the stuff, and lots of GF cookbooks tend to use it to sweeten desserts. This well thought out book offers more options for those who don't eat coconut and don't want the high calorie alternatives offered by many of the books out there.

I'd happily buy this as a gift for others I know who have similar allergies and highly recommend you try it. Lots of GF books give recipes which never had the issue in the first place, all things we could easily have worked out ourselves. This one actively seeks replacements for the common 'problem' foods and gives you real choice to swap and change to suit your, or your families needs.
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on 30 June 2012
This is a book of excellent recipes let down by a lack of rigour towards the intolerance of the gourmets for whom it is written. This is especially noticable in its attitude to those with gluten intolerance. In its list of gluten-free flours it includes rye flour. There is the caveat that rye flour is "not entirely gluten-free"-i.e. is not gluten-free. This being the case why include it in the list? Not everyone reads every word in a book and although coeliacs should know that rye flour is not gluten-free their friends and relations using the book to prepare them a meal might not.
Recipes containing nuts containing nuts are labelled as such, those containing gluten are not. For instance the recipe for a crusty white loaf lists in its ingredients gluten-free flour but does not specify that the baking powder should be gluten-free if the loaf is for someone with gluten intolerance.
Throughout the book there is no use of eggs: egg replacers are used throughout. Many of the readers will not have an intolerance to eggs and it would have been helpful if the number of eggs required was included.
The recipes are terrific and very easy to follow.
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VINE VOICEon 21 March 2012
Format: Hardcover|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Anyone with allergies or intolerances will probably tell you they have difficulty finding delicious foods they can eat and that there are so many things they can't eat. This book shows you that you can eat well and deliciously and be allergy or intolerance free too. There are standard recipes with an allergy/intolerance free twist as well as original recipes to keep meal times interesting and appetising. There is a product stockist list at the back of the book so you can see where to buy any speciality ingredients. There is also a really good explanation of foods you can eat and the different varieties. The book is laid out into seasons - Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter - so you can find recipes for what is in season at the time you are cooking. Well laid out with great photos!
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VINE VOICEon 17 March 2012
Format: Hardcover|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
*** All the recipes in this book are free from Wheat, Dairy, Soya, Eggs and Yeast. Most of them are also Gluten Free. Where they contain nuts this very clearly labled at the top of the recipe ***

My first impressions of this cookbook is that is a beautiful book, it has a richly coloured matt cover. The pictures are well composed and focus on the food (not all of the recipes are pictured). The recipes are well set out and are easy to follow.

The book itself starts with a section on food substitutes as well as tips as to when to use them and how to get the best out of them. Pippa using many of the best substitutes in the actual recipes.

There is a wide range of starters, mains, sides, snacks and desserts organised by the food that is available each season. Most make portions for around 4 - 8 people because the author wants people with allergies to enjoy the act of sharing food and entertaining.

This book have given me a real confidence in cooking for my friends with allergies because all the hard work has been done for you and it is easy to combine menus without having to refer to different books for different allergies.
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on 18 March 2012
I've been following Pippa's blog for ages as I'm cutting down on wheat and a good friend's dairy intolerant, so I had this on pre-order and was thrilled when it arrived. Even before you try the food, the book looks so edible itself - absolutely gorgeous presentation, but without the scarily fussy arrangements some recipe books go in for. So, I'm planning a dinner menu for friends in a couple of weeks - pears and chocolate has to be the dessert, maybe the tartlets to start, spoiled for choice for a main and I can't wait!
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