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4.4 out of 5 stars166
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 17 January 2014
7th heaven, well at least for a Camilla Läckberg's fan; here is yet another padded book about the good folk of Fjällbacka. Tried and tested formula that again delivers; indeed it is only 2 books ago that I finished number 6 but the covers show another million books sold.
She must be doing something right and I as a fan, I can appreciate the quality of her writing and the depth of her novels.
However, this book continues the process of extending her canvas with the drama spilling out beyond Gothenburg, into Stockholm and back over to Denmark.
So much happens that enriches the storytelling, but this makes for a gemtle read until the final 100 or so pages when the threads come together. One always senses these intersections but mystery always prevails with a late surprise or two. Indeed it would be folly to try to work out the plot as it gently meanders for so long with detail other authors would never spend time on. In part this dilutes the thrills but strangely also hightens the shock, as much of the book is about normal life albeit influenced by secrets.
a main theme here is broken relationships; violent partners and domestic abuse; there are moments of joy but for some an enduring sorrow which isn't glossed over. In the process we are able to reflect, consider and contemplate our own relationships and influences on our lives.
The rock steady family is that of Patrik and Erica, but all the characters are well drawn and people are human, making mistakes and most having redeeeming qualities. There is much dispair at times and dark crimes but the story aborbs them all to provide a worthwhile read.
My first book of 2014; by default the best book I have read this year; also a frustration as this is a book I couldn't rush it is like spending time with a favourite family member. I am a fan but wouldn't read many books if my diet didn't also extend wider. Read as part of a reading challenge but also as a remainder of why I enjoy the pleasures reading brings.
This novel will last in my memories long into the new year.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 28 December 2013
I have mixed feelings about this book. I enjoyed the family and police team interaction and I thought the domestic violence issue was well handled but I found it hard to really care who murdered Matte because he never developed as a personality and there was no reason given as to why he was so secretive about his whole life. I also didn't get the point of the historical narrative - it was interesting but didn't add anything to the plot. Despite these criticisms I found this to be a good read - maybe a bit more sad and sombre than the other books in the series given the themes of domestic violence and Anna's loss.
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on 9 July 2013
I love Camilla Lackberg books and was really pleased to get this one and to get stuck into it straight away given the cliff hanger ending of the preceding book in the series. As usual I enjoyed the writing, I like to read about the minutiae of peoples lives, all the little details that make them who they are. But, unfortunately there were no surprises for me in this book: I seem to have guessed just about every "revelation" really early on and that was a bit of a disappointment. Also, there were a few loose ends which just seemed to be left hanging and I wondered why they were part of the plot to start with if there was to be no resolution of them. Anyway, I still will read any new offerings from this author, I just hope the twists in the plot are not so obviously signposted.
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on 17 March 2013
I pre-ordered this book in September as I absolutely love this series (which for full enjoyment must be read from the beginning as Patrik and Erica's life builds) and was very worried that Camilla Lackberg had decided to end it. The book came on 14 March and I couldn't wait to devour it. However, it's a strange one. For the lovers of supernatural you will love it. The Ghost Isle comes into the book frequently with a tale of the past and then coming back to the present. I found this book quite hauntingly sad. However, saying that the usual characters are present and the way in which Camilla Lackberg writes you can easily imagine what these people would be like e.g. some bumbling fools and others brilliantly strong characters. I love the constant references to Ernst the dog. Do read the book but as I mentioned earlier read in order to fully enjoy. Camilla Lackberg is a brilliant writer and brilliant storyteller and I would thoroughly recommend all of her books. You won't be disappointed.
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on 25 September 2013
I have read previous novels of the author. The Lost Boy is very well written, but somewhat different from previous novels. The tone of the novel can be described as being sombre from the opening pages. Erica's sister Anna is suffering from a huge loss. The bonding between the sister is lovely to admire. The bonding between Patrick and Erica is much stronger due to the the tragic events. I would recommend to read previous novels of the author. It would help to familiarise with the characters. The novels are linked. Mixing domestic and chilling events is what makes the author unique. I rarely see this feature in crime fiction novels I have read of various authors. This adds depth to the novel. Duty calls for Patrik, as a financial director Mats has been found murdered. How does he cope in the workplace? Mats was a mysterious character. I do not want to provide details about the background of the character, as it would act as a major spoiler. The author know how to keep readers enthralled for long periods. She is a talented writer. I thoroughly enjoyed the novel despite differences from previous novels.
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on 1 June 2015
I loved this book. Camilla Läckberg is seriously twisted. Even tho I didn't know who dunnit, i did guess the twist before the half way mark, that said it still didn't make the revelation any less shocking due to her stunning and haunting writing style. Her characters are so indepth. Mellberg is just the best, even tho he doesn't often have much to do with the plot, i do love reading his story unfold throughout the series. I recently visited Fjällbacka, it's an amazingly picturesque little village. You can go on a muder tour when Camilla's victims have been scattered around. It was impressive seeing the diving tower where Christian was found hanged in 'The Drowning'. Never stop writing this series Camilla.
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The Lost Boy is the seventh book in this series by Camilla Läckberg featuring Patrik Hedström and his wife Erica Falck.

Erica has now had her twins after the cliff-hanger of The Drowning when Patrick is called to investigate a shooting. A man named Mats Sverin has been found shot in the back of the head yet early signs show him to have been well respected. Mats had recently returned to Fjällbacka, a coastal fishing village in Sweden, and the detectives working with Patrick wonder if the clues to his killing lie with secrets from his past.

Alongside this murder to solve there is the parallel tale of Graskar, known by the locals as Ghost Isle. The legend is set in the 1870's. These interwoven excerpts detail one woman's life as the wife as a lighthouse keeper there but the legend of the island lives on to the current times. Is it a coincidence that Nathalie who was Mats childhood sweetheart has returned to take up residence on Ghost Isle?

Camilla Läckberg's books have some great characters with plenty to appreciate in the villager's personal lives as well as the central murder. Although I wouldn't say this was the best book in the series it is a thoroughly enjoyable read.
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on 6 April 2013
I have read all the Camilla Lackberg Patrick Hedstrom novels and found this one a little tedious; after all her sister possibly the unluckiest person in the world and they really bang on about kids. Its almost as if the mystery element is incidental. Derivative plot too.
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on 3 December 2014
Fjällbacka and the highly dubious and mysterious Ghost Island is the perfect setting for this novel about running away and secrets from the past. The gothic victorian mystery surrounding the island and its people had us hooked from the beginning and was a major plot puller if that is indeed a word.

The murder of Mats Sverin was hard to fathom and we liked the red herrings such as whether his work was related to his death - the woman’s shelter nearby was a nice distraction as we discovered what he was involved in before his death.

But the real pull was the island and the story of the young woman who looked after the lighthouse in the 1800s. The contrast between the two stories weaved together nicely and I was keen to keep dipping into the past to try and work out the present.

Camilla really knows her characters inside out and the island gave her a who new aspect to her mystery writing - having an remote outside island far from Fjällbacka which could stand on the sidelines and be a witness to the goings on on the mainland. a different perspective in more ways than one.
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VINE VOICEon 3 December 2013
This is another very good novel in Läackberg's series starring Patrick Hedström and Erica Falck. It focuses on the brutal shooting of the town council's finance officer and this is weaved into a complex plot involving drugs, motorcycle gangs, a major local renovation project and a mother who has retreated to a nearby island. Alongside this, there is considerable personal interest in the recurring characters; Patrick, Erica, Anna and Dan are all coming to terms with the tragic events at the end of book 6, and the sisters' relationship is again a central and moving theme. This book explores grief, mental illness, domestic violence and corruption and reaches a conclusion that is in parts brutal and tragic. However, the ending is somewhat quickly wrapped up, and the plot seems to suddenly change pace near the end, with lots of new information and things being resolved in a way that feels a little disappointing given the steady build up of tension earlier in the book.
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