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5.0 out of 5 stars Essential For Fans Of The Genre
Such a well-written book, I read it in two sittings without even realising how quickly the pages were turning.

Dave Mustaine presents his take on his life and the events of a turbulent music career. The early days with Metallica are covered, but this time from Mustaine's mouth.

He's been driven for nearly two decades by wanting to beat Metallica,...
Published on 16 Sept. 2010 by Tim O.

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3.0 out of 5 stars Lacking in detail and gives his music scant attention
There are way too many pictures in this book. Really, there are only so many times you need to see a photograph of Dave Mustaine holding a guitar. One would do the job. Perhaps two. One to show what he looked like at the start. Then another one to show what he looks like at the end. I can't escape the feeling the book is pitched at people who the publishers don't...
Published on 17 Sept. 2012 by BS on parade

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4.0 out of 5 stars MEET THE REAL DAVE MUSTAINE, 24 Jan. 2011
Dave Mustaine has lived his life to the full, along the way making more than a fair share of enemies and countless amounts of band mates whether it be in Metallica or his own band Megadeth, and now approaching 50 Mustaine has put pen to paper to give us his side of events, from his sacking in metallica to disbanding Megadeth due to serious arm injury where he lost most of his feeling in his arm and had to learn to play all over again.

Rather than use this as a chance to get even with people who did him wrong Mustaine actually tries to be as fair as possible, so what could have turned out to be a get even book is actually more of getting the facts straight. The book is full of Dave's rehab stories and actually starts off with Dave in rehab and admitting he actually learned of more ways to get high in rehab rather than getting clean and includes the funny story of when he was sent to rehab after being caught by the police, he attended one meeting and ended up sending Megadeth bass player Dave Ellefson in his place, who actually ended up coming out sober!!

There is obviously one current theme running through the book and that is Metallica and how Dave always kept a close eye on his once former band mates, determined to be bigger and more successful despite the fact he already had a successful career of his own. The classic Megadeth line up of Mustaine, Dave Ellefson, Nick Menza and Marty Friedman are well discussed and gives us an insight to the most successful time of Megadeth's career, however Metallica were always in the background. He also discusses his tough upbringing and how he made money when he was a youngster, there's the many trips to rehab and of course finding God, his martial arts background is also talked about as well as how Alice cooper became his godfather!

The one thing Mustaine never mentions is that maybe if he stayed in Metallica they might not have become as big and that by having them to measure up to it made sure he was always driven to succeed after all very few bands go on to have the success of Metallica. The book finishes before Dave Ellefson returns to Megadeth and before Megadeth would tour with Metallica as part of the big four tour(anthrax and slayer being the other two bands that made up trash metals big four). As the book moves along Mustaine really wworks hard to make his life better and also to let go of grudges so maybe people who have a grudge against Mustaine should do the same and read this fascinating book.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Interesting... but hoped for little more insight, 16 Feb. 2012
This was a book that I knew I would buy and had to read. Having been a fan of both Metallica and Megadeth since the 80s and having grown up with the feud and animosity between, not only the bands, but the fans of the bands, I was hooked as soon as I saw this.

The book itself is a good insight into Mustaine's life, from the early beginnings, to his version of the firing from Metallica, and onwards, and there are some nice back stories to song inspirations, lyrical inspiration and the behind the scenes look at the workings of the band. I did feel sorry for the guy at the way things were handled at various times, and it does give an interesting look at the 'do no wrong' image of Metallica, but I hoped for something a little more in depth from this - some of the time periods and subjects were glossed over - his repeated trips to rehab, the falling off the wagon time and time again, are dealt with in a couple of sentences. There must be more that drives someone to drugs and drink surely, other than a 'it was there and I was bored' mentality which he seems to profess.

Having said all of this, I finished the book in a weekend and found that it was addictive reading. At the end of the story, I felt a little more sympathy and understanding towards the man, (I always liked his music, I just wasn't sure about him) and it re-kindled my interest in the band enough to go get the new album!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Lord of the Universe, 21 Oct. 2010
Having just finished reading this I was somewhat taken aback I hadnt realized that Mustaine was Chuck Norris' lovechild.

It becomes apparent as you progress through the story of Dave's life that he is one of the hardest men in the world as well as being the best metal guitar player and 88th best singer.

After reading roughly half of the book I discussed the Mustaine personality with a colleague at work and was cautioned that on completing the book I might be put off the music of Megadeth forever, it was close but I still like Megadeth's music dspite Mustaine being a colossal cock

I believe it is possible to like music while having very negative emotions regarding the performer and this is the case with Megadeth.

Mustaine using his own words comes across as the most delusional self absorbed nob head in the whole of metal.

Finally I must confess that it took me very little time to read through this as it a most entertaining read just maybe not in the way that Dave intended.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Life Lessons From A Humble Man, 7 Dec. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
It didn't take me long to read thus, purely because I got hooked straight away. I've been a Megadeth fan for years and have similar opinions to albums as Mustaine has. But the man known as Dave Mustaine is a more than a great guitar player, he's also a teacher, and a now wise man. This fills in the blanks regarding the Metallica saga, and the amount of times he went to rehab, his whole life at one point or another crumbling before him, and not once did he ever quit and walk away. He got into a lot of fights, for his band, his marriage, his children, his friends, for honour and sometimes for the pure he'll of it, but it was himself where the fighting never stopped. Like a true warrior, he fought for everything he had, and kept going. He is a true legend in the world of heavy metal, an extremely talented musician, and one to be admired. If you live metal, and in particular, Megadeth, then you must read this, because it's definitely a true testament to what anyone can achieve if they fight hard enough, and have that burning desire to succeed with friends, music, or just itself. A simply metastatic read.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Not a great deal that you didn't know already but still entertaining., 30 Nov. 2010
If you think that Dave Mustaine is an ego maniac then this book will not change your mind. If you were to believe everything that Dave says then you'd know that he more or less single handedly invented Thrash Metal. Admittedly he does have the skills and the history to back up the claim to an extent, but he is not as important as he obviously thinks he is.
Fans of Megadeth (and the bands involved in the early development of thrash metal and, in particular, the other members of the 'Big Four') will enjoy this book. However, I can't see it appealing to any other casual readers. This is not 'The Dirt' (apart from the drugs, they must be the most tame touring band out there - the guitarist puts gay porn on in the bus which gets him chucked out - Errr is that it?) it's not even 'Are you Morbid?' or 'This Monster Lives', it's sanitised, surface level stuff and you really don't learn anything about Dave that most fans of metal won't know already.
The back cover sums it up nicely, this book and it's subject matter are really only interested in telling us about how many bags of heroin can be consumed and how 'tough' Dave thinks he is. If you didn't like Dave before reading this then you certainly won't finish the last page feeling any warmth towards him. A missed opportunity in some ways (surely a chapter on 'Peace sells...' should be expanded and we should be given more details about touring, breaking MTV etc. rather than the repeated herion stories which aren't scandalous or funny) but still a reasonably interesting read which can be digested in a couple of days.
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3.0 out of 5 stars An okay but tiresome read, 18 Jan. 2012
This review is from: Mustaine: A Life in Metal (Paperback)
There is more here about drugs than the music. How much Mustaine took; other band members took; anyone else took. Less about American heavy metal in the early eighties and the genesis of trash. I enjoyed Mustaine's comments about his former bandmates in Metallica. Urich and Hetfield you had it coming! This is an okay read but nothing special.
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4.0 out of 5 stars ...a damn fine read., 25 May 2013
A good book and a better reading than many other music biographies you find around. Not a masterpiece but definetely a good book you will find hard to put down. I was personally surprised by the man himself, who emerges like a lot more an interesting character (and, why not, a better person) from the book than what could have been thought of from his public image.
I have loved reading about the metal/rock scene of the 80's and 90's from behind the scene in such genuine manner. It made me laugh a lot about my younger self and the sacred awe we were of these guys in back then.
So even if I was never a metal fan and had never heard more than three songs of Megadeth, I would definetely recommend this book to anyone with an interest in rock music or guitar.
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2.0 out of 5 stars Disappointing, 7 Oct. 2011
I'm a big fan of the band but what a poor book. There's zero reference to influences, lyrics, songs, other people in metal he must have encountered... just boring whingeing about Metallica. He's either genuinely obsessed by them (why I don't know - I prefer Megadeth anyway, at least as far as Rust In Peace) or the publisher decided that was the best way to sell some books.

Either way it's dull. As is all the boasting about drug-taking; metaller takes drugs... wow, there's a shock. For a fan of the band there's little here that's really interesting, and its not a well-written book either. He also admits that from after Youthanasia they were just phoning it in and chasing a commercial sound - a rare moment of real candour in the book, as opposed to the metal-biog-by-numbers of most of it.

If you're a die hard fan you might get some value out of it. I was looking forward to reading a book from someone I consider an important artist in metal but for me it was a big disappointment.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Well written, witty and clever, 20 Sept. 2011
S. Whitelock "simonwhitelock" (Berkshire, UK) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Mustaine: A Life in Metal (Paperback)
This is a book that is clever, extremely witty (laughing aloud a lot on this one), and very well written. I really recommend this book regardless of whether you're familiar with the music of Megadeth or just a metal fan in general. David Mustaine opens his heart on a lot of things and has a refreshing down to earth approach. With one section in particular I had a tear that I didn't realise until it was running down my cheek. An emotional and entertaining book. Highly recommended.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing touching biography into the life of one of the most mis-understood metal warriors!, 18 Oct. 2010
This book is touching, inspiring and humorous life into the one and only Dave Mustaine. Reading this book makes you understand how mis-understood he is and his reason his mindset at various points in time, UN-biased opinion of a man we only can judge from the media, even those loyal to this man will be surprised at who he really is.

Brilliant Read for any metal fan and and aspiring musician from an intelligent individual and a true survivor.
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