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4.4 out of 5 stars73
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 7 December 2014
It didn't take me long to read thus, purely because I got hooked straight away. I've been a Megadeth fan for years and have similar opinions to albums as Mustaine has. But the man known as Dave Mustaine is a more than a great guitar player, he's also a teacher, and a now wise man. This fills in the blanks regarding the Metallica saga, and the amount of times he went to rehab, his whole life at one point or another crumbling before him, and not once did he ever quit and walk away. He got into a lot of fights, for his band, his marriage, his children, his friends, for honour and sometimes for the pure he'll of it, but it was himself where the fighting never stopped. Like a true warrior, he fought for everything he had, and kept going. He is a true legend in the world of heavy metal, an extremely talented musician, and one to be admired. If you live metal, and in particular, Megadeth, then you must read this, because it's definitely a true testament to what anyone can achieve if they fight hard enough, and have that burning desire to succeed with friends, music, or just itself. A simply metastatic read.
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on 30 November 2010
If you think that Dave Mustaine is an ego maniac then this book will not change your mind. If you were to believe everything that Dave says then you'd know that he more or less single handedly invented Thrash Metal. Admittedly he does have the skills and the history to back up the claim to an extent, but he is not as important as he obviously thinks he is.
Fans of Megadeth (and the bands involved in the early development of thrash metal and, in particular, the other members of the 'Big Four') will enjoy this book. However, I can't see it appealing to any other casual readers. This is not 'The Dirt' (apart from the drugs, they must be the most tame touring band out there - the guitarist puts gay porn on in the bus which gets him chucked out - Errr is that it?) it's not even 'Are you Morbid?' or 'This Monster Lives', it's sanitised, surface level stuff and you really don't learn anything about Dave that most fans of metal won't know already.
The back cover sums it up nicely, this book and it's subject matter are really only interested in telling us about how many bags of heroin can be consumed and how 'tough' Dave thinks he is. If you didn't like Dave before reading this then you certainly won't finish the last page feeling any warmth towards him. A missed opportunity in some ways (surely a chapter on 'Peace sells...' should be expanded and we should be given more details about touring, breaking MTV etc. rather than the repeated herion stories which aren't scandalous or funny) but still a reasonably interesting read which can be digested in a couple of days.
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on 6 September 2013
I'm a Metallica fan and a Megadeth fan, more so Metallica but I'm very open minded and read this book with no bias at all.

I really enjoyed reading about Dave's life however I find it quite incredible that he can still be so bitter about his departure from Metallica after all of these years. If Dave's recollection of events is accurate and true then I think the way the situation was handled was very unfair, to not even check he had enough money for food for the long journey home was unforgivable, however, I can see why they let him go. Quite frankly in his younger years, and even as recently as the early 2000's, the man was a liability.

He created a massively successful band, earning millions in the process, selling millions of records and had the proper "rock and roll" lifestyle yet I feel all of this is still tainted for him as Metallica's successes outweigh his own. I'd be happy that despite everything I had been through, I managed to pull off what he has!!!

Being so dead against religion as a result of family members being Jehovah's Witnesses and his experiences from that, I was then quite surprised that in the end he turned to Jesus and pretty much states that finding Christ is what saved him in the end. I know this to be true for a lot of people, famous or not, however it's kind of unique (in my eyes) for someone to be set against it and THEN decide to turn towards it. I just found that part a little cliched.

All in all, a very good read but Dave needs to get over whatever happened with Metallica and enjoy the rest of his life with what he has - which is a lot!!
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on 18 January 2012
There is more here about drugs than the music. How much Mustaine took; other band members took; anyone else took. Less about American heavy metal in the early eighties and the genesis of trash. I enjoyed Mustaine's comments about his former bandmates in Metallica. Urich and Hetfield you had it coming! This is an okay read but nothing special.
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on 12 June 2016
Dave Mustaine whines. That is what he does. It would have been really interesting to understand the genesis of the music that I have loved since childhood, but, for example, the entirety of the making of Youthanasia is basically relegated to a couple of paragraphs, surrounded by more of Dave's bitter, drug related navel gazing.

This may well have been a cathartic experience to write, and it may have allowed him to shake out those skeletons and demons that had accumulated over the years, but it does not make a riveting read.

Dave is a supremely selfish as, and this is borne out by the fact that a book that could have really illuminated the music for the fans has become a suppository (sic) of his loathing for himself and others. His tortured genius may have made some great music, but sadly, it makes for a disappointing read.
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on 7 October 2011
I'm a big fan of the band but what a poor book. There's zero reference to influences, lyrics, songs, other people in metal he must have encountered... just boring whingeing about Metallica. He's either genuinely obsessed by them (why I don't know - I prefer Megadeth anyway, at least as far as Rust In Peace) or the publisher decided that was the best way to sell some books.

Either way it's dull. As is all the boasting about drug-taking; metaller takes drugs... wow, there's a shock. For a fan of the band there's little here that's really interesting, and its not a well-written book either. He also admits that from after Youthanasia they were just phoning it in and chasing a commercial sound - a rare moment of real candour in the book, as opposed to the metal-biog-by-numbers of most of it.

If you're a die hard fan you might get some value out of it. I was looking forward to reading a book from someone I consider an important artist in metal but for me it was a big disappointment.
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on 4 October 2010
Extraordinary guitar virtuoso, Dave Mustaine, has always been a contentious individual, something he makes no bones about in this `warts and all' history of his life and career thus far. Dave's memoir (written with Joe Layden), is a revealing and entertaining read that moves at breakneck pace from his troubled childhood through to the early days of thrash metal's biggest act, Metallica, before topping the heights of metal stardom with his own act Megadeth. Dave wryly and honestly guides you through the highs and lows of both his public and private lives to an apparent career ending injury followed by a startling rebirth of both Dave himself and his band.

Great things - piles of anecdotes and proper explanations of some of the more bizarre moments in Dave's history as well as what really happened in every lineup change, the stories behind (at least some of) Megadeth's catalogue. The story of Dave's time and influence in Metallica's early days and how those events went on to fuel a bitter feud that, reading between the lines, continues to trouble him today, even though hatchets are apparently long buried.

Not so great things - quality of the paper and photos printed on that paper that gives the book a cheap feel. Also, as others have noted these images often don't relate to the section you're reading. These are minor quibbles though in comparative terms.

Overall this is a fascinating insight into a life driven by anger and fear exacerbated by drugs and alcohol that is by turn funny, sad and more than a little frightening. Love him or hate him, Mustaine tells it like it was and whilst `regrets - he's had a few' - you feel he has come out the other side of a tornado of a life more at peace with himself than ever before. A riveting read which goes past faster than one of Dave's excellent arpeggio laced solos - highly recommended.
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on 20 September 2011
This is a book that is clever, extremely witty (laughing aloud a lot on this one), and very well written. I really recommend this book regardless of whether you're familiar with the music of Megadeth or just a metal fan in general. David Mustaine opens his heart on a lot of things and has a refreshing down to earth approach. With one section in particular I had a tear that I didn't realise until it was running down my cheek. An emotional and entertaining book. Highly recommended.
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on 18 October 2010
This book is touching, inspiring and humorous life into the one and only Dave Mustaine. Reading this book makes you understand how mis-understood he is and his reason his mindset at various points in time, UN-biased opinion of a man we only can judge from the media, even those loyal to this man will be surprised at who he really is.

Brilliant Read for any metal fan and and aspiring musician from an intelligent individual and a true survivor.
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on 25 April 2013
Just finished reading this and am slightly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I'm not a big Megadeth fan at all, they were always my least favourite of the big 4; but this is just a really interesting, occasionally funny, very well written book. I guess if I were a bigger fan I'd have liked more info on the background to songs and stuff, but as a casual reader it's up there with the best rock biogs I've read. A perfect holiday read.
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