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4.6 out of 5 stars176
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 27 July 2010
Like a lot of fans, I have read the two previous books in the 'I Heart' series and fell in love with the heroine, Angela. As well as giving us a great story, Ms. Kelk also transports you to the centre of the novel, Paris, and makes you want to jump on the Eurostar. Angela is great because she is a real girl - even though she works in a fashionable world she has the same dilemmas as very other girl, from smudged mascara to commitment-phobic boyfriends. The supporting cast are also down to earth and relatable, from Jenny her homegirl (who she made friends with in New York) to Angela's mum, who speaks to her likes she is twelve and tells her off about her behaviour. (Familiar, ladies?) All in all, a hearty, funny, entertaining read with just enough sparkle and stardust to transport you over to Paris and into the arms of rocker boy Alex...........
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on 14 July 2010
Third in the sequence, I heart Paris is the next step in Angela's life. After finding their fiancé cheating on her in the back of her car, moving to New York, finding new love and an amazing job and nearly f-ing it all up in Hollywood, Paris highlights the trials and tribulations that Angela faces as her relationship has become more serious and she is given an exciting new role for a new magazine.
The thing I love about Lindsey's writing is how easy it is to identify with Angela. We have all been the girl who gets slightly jealous of the ex (and don't deny it!!), who stresses over what our boyfriend ACTUALLY means and who wants to succeed despite all the obstacles. And as I am as accident as Angela I sometimes feel as if Lindsey is writing about things that have happened in my life! Haha!
All of her books give you an amazing insight into the cities that they are set in and are so well researched that you want to visit the amazing shops, bars, clubs, museums, nooks and crannies that Lindsey unselfishley divulges to the reader.

Another AMAZING novel which you will literally not be able to put down whether this is the first of the trilogy that you have read or an avid follower. I cannot WAIT until the next of Angela's adventures is released and read what mischief and disasters she gets herself into!!
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This is our third outing with Angela Clark, the character who first popped up in last year's summer blockbuster read 'I Heart New York', quickly follow by I Heart Hollywood. What I like about reading a series is that you don't really have to start to get to know a new character because you've met them before and know them (so to speak) and I always find it helps me get into a book much quicker. With this book, I slipped straight back into the life of Angela in New York, and I was pleased to be back with these characters again! Angela was the same as ever, back to how she was in IHNY (I Heart New York) and I found this book much better to get into that IHH (I Heart Hollywood - I will abbreviate it from now on lol!). As usual, Kelk sets a small part of the beginning of the book in New York to set up the story for moving the book over to another place, and I really liked the starting few chapters.

The scenes in Paris were really well done, and I could definitely imagine the places in my mind as I was reading them. I wonder if Kelk actually went to Paris to research this book, because she describes lot of things very well, I couldn't tell you how accurate they are as I only went to Paris a few times when I was younger and can't remember much. I enjoyed how she describes the Parisian clubs, shops and of course the major attractions such as the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe which appear several times in the book. I loved the French character of Virginie, the girl who works for French Belle, she is a major Angela fan and this made for some quite funny scenes between the pair.

As well as Angela's struggles in Paris, we see a lot of more of hers and Alex's relationship which is good because this really took a back seat in IHH. I enjoyed how we saw a lot more of Alex because I think he is a great character, and it was nice to see a more personal side to the couple rather than just Angela's job which is really what IHH was based around. I have to say though I really missed Jenny, Angela's New York BFF, she is such a funny character that works so well with Angela, but hopefully we'll see more of her in future books. As ever with Angela, things don't go to plan during the trip and it's funny to see how Angela gets herself out of her problems, although you do wonder how much bad luck one woman can have after a while lol.

If you have enjoyed the previous 2 books in the 'I Heart...' series, then you'll definitely enjoy this one. It's far better than its predecessor, and I think it was such an enjoyable read. I read it in a day because I couldn't put it down as I wanted to find out what was going to happen to Angela next, and what was going to happen with her and Alex by the end. It was lovely to read about things in Paris, however accurate they were, and I felt this book was a lot more grounded and believable that the last one, and therefore I did enjoy it a lot more. The gorgeous cover will make you want to pick it up off the shelves in the summer, and make sure you do because it's a great little read! I can't wait for Angela to be back again soon... hopefully in just another 6 months or so!
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on 2 January 2016
I ordered "I Heart Paris" after reading many good reviews and even though I did not have extremely high expectations of this book, I was hoping that it would offer a great perspective of Paris, a city that I absolutely love. The story, characters and events were reasonably funny, original and sometimes twisted enough to make you feel like you were reading a good book, but after going though the first five chapters I felt like I have read enough drama as for an entire season of Gossip Girl - everything was overly dramatic and most of the times it made me think that Angela, the main character, would have been better off in Amsterdam than in Paris.
Despite it being a "romantic week in Paris" with her boyfriend, Angela and Alex have hardly gone out for dinner once. Throughout the book, Paris is mostly presented as a way to affordable city - how many times can a broke part-time writer afford to get a taxi in Paris? - with very cheap wine (not the case as I recall from my most recent visit). And while I understand that the focus was on the Angela and her story, I'm sure the writer could have done a better job at portraying the city more beautifully. Everyone who has ever visited Paris knows it has countless breathtaking sights and too few have been presented in this book. For someone who has not been, the book might be misleading.
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on 28 September 2010
The third book in the series from Lindsey Kelk and although not as fab as the others, I did once again melt into the story as I followed Angela's new life in Paris ( it was just like being there). It starts where I Heart Hollywood left off, with Angela and Alex all loved up, and all the insight into relationships is spot-on once again. Love the clumsiness of Angela (can soooooo identify). Very fluffy read although did become a little predictable in places.

Book 2 of my next 7 books to read (See Listmania)
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on 6 August 2010
Angela Clark is a loveable heroine with just enough normality to ensure you can relate to her with enough unrealisticness to keep you interested. Who wouldn't want to have their dream job, be dating the lead singer from a band and be living in New York?! This book continues the trials of Angela as she follows her love to Paris where he's headlining in a concert. With the usual mishaps and unfortunate situations, this book is a great Summer read. And if you are unfamiliar with Lindsey Kelk's books then buy all 3 in this series "I heart New York", "I heart Hollywood" and "I heart Paris", great escapism for the wanna-be twenty something girl in all of us.
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on 1 August 2010
I have read the other 2 books, I heart New York & I heart Hollywood and with both of these I could not put the book down & finished them both within my working week.
The third was no exception & as like the first 2 books I laughed until I cried from laughter & I must admit some of it brought a tear to my eye.
The shinanigans that Angela got up to reminded me so much of my life & that of my friends, which is why I love the books & characters so much.
Thank you Lindsey for creating these much loved books - I do hope that there will be more in the future!
If not, I have them to re-read in the future!
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on 16 February 2014
Before I read this book, I knew that there is an „I heart series“, but somehow I wasn’t aware of the order, so I just started with this one, because it was in my mother’s book shelf. I immediately loved it!!!

Alex and Angela seemed perfect for each other from the start and for a while during the book I got really scared, that they won’t make it…

Angela seems to have the perfect life: great friends, a gorgeous, sexy and rock-star boyfriend and a great job at with her blog.

Alex really wants her to move in with him, but she’s unsure about it. Then he invites her to Paris, because his band has a gig there. Even better: Angela can combine it with her job and even write for Belle.

When Angela arrives in Paris, she is told, that her suitcase had to be deystroyed. Everything was in there ...
That bit seemed a bit unrealistic to me, but …

Not even Alex can cheer her up and he isn’t there half the time anyway, because of things he has to do with the band. Angela meets Virginie from Belle, who is going to assist her.

It was amazing to read about Paris, I spent some days there last April, so I could picture all the places.

In the evenings she goes out with Alex and his band mates and there she meets a pretty French girl, who turns out to know Alex really well. Oh, I sensed trouble there.
I didn’t approve of her behaviour at parties and with alcohol and that’s when I got a little annoyed with Angela.

After that everything turns into some big drama, including this girl, and both Angela’s and Alex’s behaviour and opinions. Also Virgine and some other add up to this drama and suddenly everything seems to be really bad. I loved the drama going on and it added a nice touch to the story.

Both Angela and Alex make some sudden decision and they way he acts to resolve everything is so adorable and sweet. Real love ♥ ♥ ♥

Angela’s best friend Louisa also made the story special and I was glad Angela had someone to talk to in Paris.

After reading this incredible story I instantly had to download all the other books of the series. I love Angela, her way of living, her personality, everything (except for that one thing)!! And Alex, wow, I mean I don’t have to say a thing, you’ll understand ;)
Amazing story, great writer, couldn’t put the book down!!! Lindsey’s writing is fun, vivid and full of surprises.
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on 18 September 2010
I have read all of the "I heart ..." books and didn't hesitate to buy this one when it came out.

You need to have read the previous two in order to understand the characters, although there are small recaps, as this book builds on those characters.

I enjoyed this book as there was a continuation of the story from the previous books, and the fact that the ending was not quite what I expected it to be. I won't say any more as I don't want to spoil it. Another improvement in this book, over I heart Hollywood, is that there was far less product placement. I felt like the previous one had been sponsored by MAC and Marc Jacobs. Although the products are mentioned it's not nearly as much. I love Angela and all her friends and it's always so much fun to read about all her mishaps as they seem so genuine and real but also hilarious ... I could see myself in Angel.

The reason I have marked this book down a star is for two reasons. One was the typos in this book, as mentioned by another reviewer. I found this very frustrating as it took me away from the story and made me think who would publish a book with all these error. The second reason was I didn't feel the love for Paris. I felt that the descriptions were not quite enough and that Angela just fell into some of the bigger sights of Paris and not really explored them.

Overall I enjoyed this book and would recommend the series to my friends, although I would suggest to wait for a later publication of this book as they may have removed some of the errors (I hope). I also anticipate that there will be another book in the series but I would love to read something else by Lindsey Kelk as she has a real gift for funny chic lits.
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VINE VOICEon 31 August 2010
I loved the first two books in this continuing series, so couldn't wait to get hold of the third installment of Angela's adventures (unfortunately I was away travelling until very recently, so had to wait to buy a copy... sob) and I wasn't disappointed. The beginning of the book is a little repetitive, as Angela is sent to Paris both to accompany her rock star boyfriend Alex on tour and to write yet another article, with classic drunken hijinks ensuing (though interestingly she's making an effort to cut down on the alcohol!). Not that this isn't enjoyable, but I was worried at first as to whether it was really going anywhere, and a little irritated by the fuss being made over the random ex of Alex's who turns up in Paris as well. But about a third of the way through, a twist regarding said ex emerges (Disclaimer: this may not have seemed like a twist to anyone else, but I was being jet-lagged and dim when I read this, so it was surprising to me!) that makes the real plot of the novel kick in, and once again Angela is flung into the midst of a crisis...

I think the reason the 'I heart...' series hasn't yet burnt out (as I worried it might by book three) is because it's just a bit different from other chick lits out there; there are continuing threads through the novels, so problems like Angela's ex-fiancee, her worries about moving in with anyone again, Alex's issues about trust etc aren't just forgotten about. This makes for a bit of realism among all the fluff. I also continue to appreciate how Angela and Alex continue to encounter problems within their relationship, rather than just walking happily off into the sunset as is the case with most chick lit novels! And finally, I just love Angela as a character, despite occasionally despairing at her ditziness, and I appreciated finally getting to meet her UK best friend Louisa in this book as well (her US friend Jenny being AWOL in Los Angeles).

With the next two books in the series entitled 'I heart London' and 'I heart Las Vegas' I could definitely have a guess as to where the plot is going to go from now on, but that doesn't ruin any of the fun... Highly recommended.
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