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4.6 out of 5 stars75
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 17 November 2009
Although this book is pretty short compared to a lot of other books I read, Darren gets to the point and doesn't add in endless pages of waffle. What I also like about Darren's books both this series and the Darren Shan Saga is there are no soft options, no 'pink icing'- brutal decisions are made and characters you are fond of die. I also felt this provided a good ending - it wasn't what I expected at all and i can imagine it must be difficult to try to think of something original to wrap this saga up with - I think he succeeded.

This book is fast paced and I read it in one sitting. If you have been drawn in by this latest saga from Darren I doubt you will be disappointed with the final book.
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on 17 November 2009
After being a bit disapointed by Dark Calling I was expecting this one to be the same. I was wrong. This book is amazing,superb,fantastic and incredible. One of the best ones out of the series yet.
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on 14 November 2009
The ending will blow your mind. As you read, you will reflect on how far Grubbs has come, from that very first meeting as a frightened teenager whose life events are spiralling out of control, to the strongest saviour of the planet; and how fantastically and believably (in a sci-fi sense of the word) this has happened.
I was not disappointed. Well done Darren Shan.
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on 13 August 2013
So here it is, the end of the series. A series that has made me shudder, gasp, cringe, and sometimes laugh a little. I have been hooked to this and raced through it, and here it is - the final part. I expected big things my friends. I wanted it all wrapped up, all loose ends tied up and something exciting to blow my socks off. Or at least I hoped for it, but as I was disappointed with the end of his Darren Shan Saga series, I was a little concerned, as I have to say I enjoyed that series more overall. But anyway.

This book carries on right where the last picked up, as it says in the synopsis which was taken from the back of the book - Dervish finally packs it in, he dies right at the beginning. And I was devastated - i knew it would happen but I hoped for a miracle. But I could see why he did it, so I could accept it.

That leaves us with Grubbs, now part Wolf and Kernel, still battling with his sight and the colours, trying to fight off untold hoards of demons now crossing into our world and turning the world into death and chaos.

Bec seems to have chosen the wrong side and teamed up with Lord Loss - this I couldn't agree with, she was probably my favourite character of them all and I couldn't accept that she would turn her back on the others, just didn't gel with me, so no didn't like that. Although things are explained later, I'm still not happy.

This series started off so strongly, I've never read anything this gruesome or 'scary' before but I found myself hooked, but by this book I was a bit bored with it. Don't get me wrong, the writing itself is still Shan's masterful work, it still flows off the page and reads well, never a problem with the writing itself, just what that writing is saying. I wanted more, it all just got a bit - this is the end, let's just wrap it up and be done.

I kept waiting for some absolutely epic battle where the heroes would either vanquish their enemies even when it seemed impossible, and although the world had suffered untold damage there was hope as they had survived. Or as this was a Shan book, I kind of expected an epic battle where they go down fighting and they all die in spectacular fashion, taking numbers of demons with them.


Parts of both are slightly true but that's when things just got silly. The whole chess board thing came back and the great 'Kah-Gesh' finally serves it's purpose, but for me it was just a bit ridiculous and made me wonder what the point was. So the universe started as a giant chess board, inhabited by demons on one colour of squares and what? aliens on the other colour, some sort of life form anyway? or was it humans. I honestly don't know.

Either way, seriously?? The Big Bang was the giant chess board being tipped out of balance and more universes created. Wait, What???

Then Grubbs, Kernel and Bec survive in a sense- they are now completely the Kah-Gesh but with the power to rebuild the world. But this time - they can do it right, fix all the problems and maybe even adjust time a little so that they're loved ones still 'exist' - of course *insert eye roll.

Why go through the whole series, struggling, fighting, battling with them if everything is just wiped clean at the end like someone hit a 'reset' button. It's such a weak ending. I wanted POW! and I got meh.

SO disappointed. I wish I'd stopped at the end of book 8 really, with all the werewolves going off to an island and the rest of the characters carrying on the good fight until they reach the end of their tether. To me, that is how I will remember the series, otherwise I won't remember it fondly, which is a shame because the rest of the series was great, Epic even!
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on 4 April 2010
I was lucky that I didn't start reading the demonata series until they were all released, otherwise I think I might have gone mad waiting for the next volumes to come out!

This did not disappoint! I may only have given it 4 stars, but that is mainly due to the fact it took ages to get to the point and then the point didn't last very long. But at the same time, I think any more of the ending would have been too much, and any less too little.

This was, all in all, a brilliant book. It has an ending I never expected, but still felt that I should have seen it coming! But it was brilliant! Cleverly constructed to keep you hooked until the very end!

There are some very sad moments in this book, but as always, the mood is lightened by a nice little joke or insult, typical of Shan's style, but very good to keep your spirits up!

So, after reviewing every book in this series, I must say...I loved it! Each one was wonderful in it's own little way, and I'm glad I read them. Reading them stopped me doing lots of other things I should have been doing, like writing essays and studying. But it was worth it!

For anyone who hasn't read this series, who loves a bit of horror, disaster and evil beings in their stories, read this demonically wonderful series, the Demonata!
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on 5 November 2009
This book is very worthy of buying, especially if you've read the previous books from the Demonata series. It has lots of twists in it and it pieces up the loose ends in the other books that you might not have understood. I think this was one of the best ones out of the other 9 books. If you want a book that will have your heart racing and your mind and imagination wondering, this is the book to purchase.
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on 9 November 2009
Once you make it this far with the Demonata the last book seems to lack the punch of the others. Whilst unable to put any of the other books down once I started them, this one does not have the same magnetisim. Probably because it is the last book and subconsiously you don't want it to end, but keep going and it all comes to a neat conclusion or does it? You will have to read it to find out!
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on 13 November 2009
I think that this book is definately an improvement on the last few he has released, however i think that the end left something to be desired. Won't give it away, but it was kinda expected! Well worth the read, especially if you've read any of the others in the series. Brilliant story line and full of surprises, twists and character emotions.
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on 26 July 2014
I have read all 10 and must say, as I have grown up, I have realised ignorant the most sophisticated of literature however it is a great story and keeps you engrossed throughout.

it's not as gory as people claim, the only exception perhaps being the first book.

the overall ending isn't the most exciting compared to all of the goings on over the series but there went many paths to go down and it's brought to a tidy ending.

overall I'm giving it 5 stars for the series not individual book itself as it seems like around 200 pages of almost nothing and that the story was dragged out so that it lasted an even 10 books rather than 9 but the books were probably the only books I chose to read while growing up and it has introduced the world of books as wonderful as they are without sounding too cheesy and I would recommend the series to any boy around 13-14 to spark an interest in reading.
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on 2 November 2009
throughout Darren Shan's 'vampire' series and now his 'demonata' books, i have been kept reading mainly because of his talent to tell a rich story in each book, but also to convey the idea that these events are linked, yet keeps the overall secret behind these plot lines hidden, right up to the end of the book This final chapter in the demonata series shows off master Shan's many skills at keeping the reader fixated until the last moment. obviously i can't give anything away at the moment, but mr. Shan gives us a rollercoaster ride of plot twists and turns, keeping the reader second guessing until the very, very end

well worth reading and makes me yearn for more books from the fantastic Mr. Shan
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