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4.7 out of 5 stars143
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 8 July 2013
Harsh but fair - have recommended to friends and family since. I read this about a month after separating from my partner after nearly 8 years. The book TOTALLY changed how i felt about the situation - yes, it's american and a bit 'you go girlfriend' and i usually vomit at the mere thought of that sort of bulls*it! But this was different, it seemed sensible - like the sort of 'common sense' therapy that all of your friends are too afraid to give you.

It helps to know other people have beent here too, and when you are feeling like nothing in the world will ever make you feel better, this will pick you up and make you say 'actually - it's happened, i need to get the hell on with my life not keep punishing myself'.

Honestly - i spouted so much CR&p after reading this book, but my friends and family noticed the change in me - with a few weeks i had got myself my own flat, and a whole new out look on life.

It's still in my bedside drawer, hidden away for those down times that inevitably surface, but it totally changed my healing process for the better.

Honestly if you feel worse than you ever have, what harm will getting this book do you? You can't feel any worse right?
I really really would strongly recommend it. Short relationship, long relationship, marriage - even if you are just constantly pining after someone it was over with years ago. This book will show you how to get past that.

Failing that, just eat ice cream and feel sorry for yourself the rest of your life and let him/her win.. your choice. You have to help yourself, and if you can't do that off your own back then buy this book and get the kick up the a%$e you really need!!

:D good luck!
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on 5 February 2011
Its like the slap in the face I needed!
I was so upset.
I was crying.
I was a dribbling mess.
Then I got this book..I am so happy I found it!
Your friends can give you all the advice you need. Your mum can tell you what she thinks you can do. But this book tells you the truth. It doesnt beat around the bush. At times it is brutal. But it lets you have it!
In this kind of situation you need total honesty. This book helps you to understand that the boy who has broken your heart might be beautiful and might have gorgeous hair and you might think that he is going to change his mind. But ultimately he is not. Ultimately he broke up with you because that is exactly what he wanted to do and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it!He broke up with you because he couldnt see how fabulous you are..and he will never see. So no amount of calling or texting or thinking about him or daydreaming is going to make a difference!
Before I read this book I thought I wanted reconciliation with my boy. I thought I wanted him to change his mind and call me and tell me everything was going to be ok. But now I know I don't want this to happen because I want someone better. Someone who isnt a coward or 'scared of commitment' or 'can't give me what I want'
My Mum always told me that you gotta kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince and I guess girls that he is just another frog.
If you want to get over your break up get this cant do it for you. But it can help you a hell of a lot!I am so glad that I spotted it because I could have wasted even more of my precious time (and tears) on a total moron. Now I can move on..I have much bigger fish to fry :) xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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on 11 August 2009
Ok. So I'm a bloke but I bought a book that was written for girls.

But EVERYTHING in it is also applicable to the other gender; the one that's meant to shrug it off, be macho, and just get on with it. Trouble is, if you're a guy and you're really honest with yourself, you'll know that life doesn't always work like that.

This was recommended to me by a friend after I had been dumped by someone who had asked me to marry her, someone who I thought I would spend the rest of my life with, and someone who then promptly left me and went back to her ex...

I'd lost the love of their life and didn't know how to continue. It hurt a hell of a lot, more than any physical pain I'd ever experienced. Even ten months later I'm only just beginning to get over it. But I wish I'd read this book at the start. Not only does it set out in a very clear manner what the do's and don'ts are in such a situation (unfortunately I went through the majority of the don'ts and made it a lot worse), it's also really quirky, funny and uplifting. If you're a bloke, simply replace the `him' that's dumped you to the `her', and you're there.

I often think that `if she can get back with her ex, then she can get back with me'. It hasn't happened. It won't happen.

It's called a Breakup because it's Broken.
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on 10 October 2010
I bought this book on the recommendation of a friend. Although intended for people who have been dumped, If you happen to be the dumper, but feel guilt ridden about the pain and heartache you have caused your ex in breaking up: this book is definitely for you.
It provides a fascinating insight into the human psyche. It's witty and catchy and an absorbing read. It'll make you laugh when you think you should be crying and phrases will pop into your head, like a nagging mother, when you're feeling a moment of weakness and contemplate contacting your ex. For someone who has been dumped, it'll help give you the building blocks to rebuild your self esteem. For someone who is a dumper (but feeling guilty about it) it'll give you the courage of your conviction. A thoroughly enjoyable read, I would recommend it to anyone fresh out of a relationship, if nothing else it'll pass a few hours!
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on 12 December 2015
I really needed this. Tells you everything you need to hear and covers all aspects/feelings you experience post breakup. It's written as if you are being told by a funny but incredibly honest friend. Breakups can be lonely times and reading a chapter every night was like speaking to a friend, so it's good if you (like me) weren't ready to speak about it to friends, or perhaps your friends don't give good advice/don't exist. It helped me so much, and I feel that it has sped up the healing process. It literally tells you what to do, gives example, tell you how to implement the advice into your life and has funny 'crazy ex' stories to make you laugh and feel better about yourself. I cannot recommend this book enough, and whenever I feel low I re-read certain chapters. I will honestly pass this down to my children, it's great. Arrived on estimated date and looked like new (no tear-stained pages)! Only issue with the book (for some) is that it is very much orientated towards being a girl who has been dumped, so maybe some guys will feel alienated but I'm sure you can get used to it.
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on 15 September 2010
Well, I do like this book. I've had it for a while (after the first time I split up with hideous ex) and recently thought I'd crack it open again (after the second time I split up with the same hideous ex). To cut a long story short, I discovered my ex had been cheating on me, and we split up...unsurprisingly. I can honestly say that reading this book in the first few dark scary hours after the break up helped me enormously.
Although I object strongly to being called "superfox" by the bloke writer, I suppose it was well meant (he's just trying to make you feel better in a hearty American way). There are some pithy lttle comments from both of the authors (who are now married to each other, hurrah) basically telling the reader to avoid becoming a deranged bunny boiler at all costs. They have a point really. They advocate the 60 day rule, which is 60 days of NO CONTACT with the heinous ex, to get them thoroughly out of your system. That includes seeing them, speaking to them, texts, facebook, talking to their mates, driving randomly past their house....all banned. And fair do's, why would you want to have contact with someone who has hurt you and made you feel so bad? As this Greg and Amiira remind us, there's nothing the ex can say now that can make you feel any better, so why go back for more, for the love of god?
I'm now 20 days with no contact...and doing canny really. As the book instructs you, I've chucked everything out that reminded me of him, and have started thinking of my happy new life ahead, without him and his lying cheating ways. If you have just broken up with someone, either being the dumper or the dumpee, then cast your eyes over this book, and it may prevent you doing something rash which you will later regret. Whereas pouring paint stripper over his new BMW may seem an appealing prospect now, a 6 month supervision order with probation doesn't tend to do a lot for either your career or your chances of attracting a new nicer bloke in the future.
Just ride it out, don't turn into a mentalist, and all will be well in the long run. This, too, shall pass.
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on 16 June 2006
Suffering from a broken know that feeling where is hurts and you don't think you can live without them. Well I felt exactly like that, didn't eat, didn't want to go'll know what I mean if you are reading this. Well I had to find something to help me out as my friends had kind words but I just couldn't seem to shake off the bad feelings. I found this book and it was the lifeline I needed. It is an eye opener which put things into a humorous perspective for me and some how pulled me out of the dungeons after a failed relationship. It is now my bible which I will treasure if ever I am in the same situation again. But having said that I have now become a 'Superfox' after reading the book so shouldn't be! I would seriously recommend this. My friends are already fighting over it!
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on 24 November 2005
Now, I'm a very smart girl indeed (I have quite impressive letters after my name) yet I let a guy mess me around for years. This book told me what my friends wouldn't. Your friends don't want to be harsh with you and destroy your probably fragile confidence. This book really helped me realise how I was being treated and that it just won't do anymore, that he told you all you needed to know by breaking up with you. This books says that we all do silly things post-breakup and it shows you how to salvage some scrap of self-confidence and self-esteem. It is also really funny and covers all those 'but he said that he...' and 'how could he...' It will stop your friends rolling their eyes, or at least wanting to, because you can't stop mentioning him. Put it this way, I saw my ex in a bar last night with another girl and conducted myself with grace. I didn't even have a little weep when I got home. That's got to be worth the price alone!
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on 22 February 2009
Amazing book. Being separated for 6 months and living in hope that it can be repaired, this book helped me move on!

I lauhed and cried when I read it. I thought, how do they know so much about me and my situation.

Well worth a read. Couldn't put it down!
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on 20 April 2008
at a time when the bottom of your world has fallen out - particularly when it's through no fault or doing of your own.

My husband of 13 years decided to have a mid life crisis (at the age of 44!) and came home one day, said he wanted his own space and promptly left. The bottom of my world fell out. I suppose to make matters worst, I have MS and am not in a position to just get up and restart a new life elsewhere. So you could say I really felt shafted.

The shock (this happened in the space of 12 hours) and trauma left me reeling and feeling like I was living in a parallel universe. Then a good friend sent me this book and yowza yowza, does it hit home - in a way friends never could.

There are points made here which will leave you cringing (yep, I did that), nodding your head (as in been there, done that) and with the realisation that a. you're not alone, b. other people make complete fools out of themselves and c. no, he's not coming back, yes, it is over and no, the world (or your life) hasn't ended.

If you are at this stage in your life, you need strength, pride and the wherewithal to move on. This book - through its humour, insight and no punches pulled approach will help you achieve that. If you have the physical and mental wherewithal to put what's happened behind you, then do it and use the wisdom this book offers to help you.
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