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3.8 out of 5 stars25
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 20 September 2000
I couldn't wait for the next James Patterson book to come out because I love his Alex Cross novels like 'Jack and Jill' 'Along Came a Spider'. His last AleX Cross left us hanging on the end of a phone line with the kidnaper threatening what he was going to do with Alex' missing girlfriend. So when I saw what I thought was the newest James Patterson at our local library I thought 'yes!' its the follow on at last, but I was very disappointed. Midnight Club has nothing to do with Alex Cross. It is a new character and a new plot. It was still based around cops but John Stevanovitch is the main character cop. Its a story of crime and corruption and a New York cop who with the help of a female journalist and his cop buddy set out to smash and uncover the members of a secret international society called the Midnight Club. A gun blast from one of the leading members of the club, St-Germain, and the most hated by Stevanovitch, leaves Stevanovitch for dead. If you want to know if he lives or dies you'll have to read it to find out. However, I found it very hard to keep with this book. It didn't grab me like his 'Cross' novels and I had to force myself to finish it.
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on 15 December 1999
this was my first patterson book and after reading this i could not wait till my next one. which is when the wind blows. john plays his main man whos gun down by his arch nemisis st germain.and from there you enter a world of drugs and backstabbing good read highley recomended.
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VINE VOICEon 28 September 2003
personally i believe this is james pattersons worst book he has written so far! It is tedious mind boggling and has no story line! im sorry but avoid at all costs! not worth the time!
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on 13 June 2011
Just wanted to warn anybody who reads this review that there will be some spoilers!

I like James Patterson, but Midnight club has disappointed me. First of all, it's predictable. Even before starting the book, just having read the annotation on the back cover, I knew that there will be a love story between the main characters. So when the author writes about his characters not sure about their feelings, you know straight away that they will get together later in the book.

But love story is not the main story. The main story is the battle of a NY cop against an international crime organisation. This is where all the main flaws are. First of all, the book starts with the killing of Alexander St Germain. Later in the book he reappears safe and sound, but no explanation is provided as to how everybody made believe that he was dead. Sure there were coroners and other officials involved when he was "killed", and also he was "killed" by a good cop first hand, so how did they all make that mistake and believed that the dead person was Alexander St Germain?

Another item which confused me a lot while reading was when the good cop from Harlem comes to Stefanovich and tells him that he killed St Germain and other 2 criminal lords, and that he was told to do so by one of police executives, and Stefanovich believes his story straight away. Sure if you kill somebody, even if this person is a criminal, an investigation should be in place? And if somebody comes out and says that he was the killer, this person should be questioned, brought to court, etc., the whole protocol? In the book the good cop remains the good cop, and Stefanovich believes that the police executive is a bad guy, I find it a bit naive and fairy-tale like.

I found the whole storyline very thin, predictable and poorly thought out. Characters don't really have any character of their own, they are 2 dimension - either good or bad, there is no middle in between.
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on 20 December 2011
Bit bemused by the bad reviews. Foumd this book interesting. Have read most/all of the Alex Cross series and several others so read this with a clear mind. Its an oldish book but well worth a read. Cop after a killer (St Germain) who runs a syndicate called the Midnight Club, made up of seriously rich baddies who own the police and drugs trade and have little...'get togethers' at the club. None of the members can seemingly be touched. Cop gets foiled by baddie who shoots the hell out of him leaving him for dead and then goes round and wipes out cops family.

Motive is revenge. Cop (Stefanonovitch) now wheelchairbound does everything in his power to overturn and kill the baddie, raiding his joint, pairing up with a cop and a journalist and bringing the club to its knees. St Germain meanwhile is always one step ahead and the bodies pile up. Can he be caught?

Not written in the traditional 3-pages a chapter style, but worth it in the long run. Good plot and a few twists along the way with a side-plot love interest.

Give it a run. Just dont expect Alex Cross. This is different, but good nonetheless.
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on 10 February 2014
Okay, so Stef and Sarah are nice people. Sarah must be as she has an adorable son, who is strangely given no personal characteristics whatsoever, wherease Stef must be nice too as he is overcoming being put in a wheelchair by St Germain who is nasty nasty nasty, and Parker the rogue cop is....da da da...unpredictable!! Sorry if that spoils the plot, but that's about it - now you know who's on who's side the rest could have been generated by a software book-writing programme. Actually most of Patterson's work I have found to be very very badly written and thought through, but whereas other works of his have at least kept me hooked in the most superficial sense, this was so tedious as the evil monster of St Germain does not work. He is not even a presence in the book, just a cypher for evil. This really should have been halted by the publishers and rewritten - Patterson doesn't wring anything like the horror and all powerful menace of the Club, and the idea could have been quite chilling. This is only luke warm. Not good enough.
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on 19 June 2013
This book was a challenge for me to complete. I did not enjoy it. It was so boring. New york cop, john stef-a-something got shot, wife got shot, met girlfriend, son gets abducted and then near the end....wait for it ..... "Stefanovitch finally realised the grave dancerwould do anything to win - commit any crime"! Oh please....realised this by page 5 (slight exaggeration!). But what about this...your only son is abducted in front of you and the next minute you are in an apartment with stef (new acquaintance) bleating "why wasn't i more careful, i should have known this would happen. Sarah couldnt eat"! OMG! Sit down and dont worry honey! Then it gets worse because "to pass time, sarah and stef read all verbatims from pedestrians...". Okay, maybe time did need passing but if my son was abducted that is the last thing i would be doing...did it need both of them?!

Unrealistic plot, unrealistic characters and a boring storyline. Not recommend. Thank goodness i did not buy this.
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on 8 October 1999
This is very simplistic cop story where the good chase the bad - the variation here is that the cop is wheel-chair bound. (the author deals with this aspect well and it is clear that he has researched thoroughly). There is plenty of pace in the book and the chapters are of manageable size. However, the plot is simple, delivers few twists and is flawed in parts. This is a book for those who wish to escape for a couple of hours - it is not a book for those seeking a challenge or stimulation.
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on 5 October 2012
Excellent read from one of the best - Janes Patterson. Enjoyed this very much. I can't stop buying books by JP from Amazon now!
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on 5 August 2015
Another brilliant read, can never go wrong with James Patterson, my Husband loved it. Would highly recommend.
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