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4.6 out of 5 stars1,516
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 17 October 2010
For me, this book is reason to own a Kindle. Big and heavy enough to be used as a doorstop even in paperback editions, being able to carry it (along with everything else I have) in electronic format is a massive improvement and gives yet another reason to enjoy it all over again.

The quality of the presentation is extremely high, with maps and illustrations reproduced well, and a generally high standard of editing. It's not perfect - the maps need to be higher resolution when they're so important to the enjoyment of the story, and there are some annoying occasional lapses in the quality of proofing like characters suddenly being called by only their first initial and not their name (this is my number 1 pet hate in e-books, but it's rare enough here not to spoil things).

Completely recommended.
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on 2 August 2010
Excellent purchase! Did what it said on the tin.
The 50th Anniversary edition comes with a good preface detailing what has been tweaked / updated from previous editions and charts the history of the different editions and the mistakes that have been gradually fixed over the years.
The cover (leather) is very nice to touch. The gold on the page edges looks really nice. The hard case is good to keep the book safe, in good condition, and also looks good.

The paper is ok. It doesn't feel great (not very thick) but that's because it's a long book all in one volume (which is what I wanted).
The paper isn't rubbish though (sorry, I don't know much about paper!).

It's not an edition to carry around and read on public transport, but a collector's item, to display proudly and show off to others and, for that, it does the job!
Very minimal artwork, really. I already had another edition with all the Alan Lee plates, which are great, but here it is Tolkien's text that shines.
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on 23 April 2005
We all know that the The Lord of the Rings is a work of genius, so this review covers this particular published version (The Lord of the Rings: 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition). First off this book is expensive and in format it is only a little larger than the paperback version. Also apart from the three pages from the book of Mazurbul there are no illustrations. First impressions will probably leave most people wondering where their money went. So what do you get for the money?
Well, clearly the publishers have spent some time thinking about how to add both quality and usability. There are two fold out maps printed in black and red. Not spectacular and in size these cover no more space than if they were printed across two pages. However, because they are fold out they are easier to read and if left "folded out" can be referred to whilst reading text on other pages.
The slip cover works well and is has a sturdy feel. The paper has a quality (non glossy) feel and is much whiter than other versions (especially the paperback) I have seen. Combined with a very crisp font this makes the book easy to read, something I struggle with in some of the cheaper published versions. Somehow when the book is closed after use the pages easily compress back to their original size making the slip case easy to use without the case being oversized.
It would have been easy for the publishers to have fallen into the trap of printing this book in the larger format of some Lord of the Rings books. However, the Lord of the Rings is a long story and these larger formats are very difficult to read due to the weight of the books. This book can actually be used!
Overall the book has an understated feel of quality which will grow on you. However there is no getting away from the premium price. If you are looking for something to give a more immediate impression there are cheaper versions, printed on glossier paper, in larger format and with more illustrations.
This makes this a book for the dedicated Lord of the Rings collector, if you just want a book for everyday use or to read for the first time I would suggest one of the mid-price versions.
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on 4 March 2002
when reading LOTR one enjoys the vastness of vocabulary of one of the worlds finest writers.
his use of description will outstound you and he has in great detail constructed a superb mythical world which should be studied by all.
In several reviews I have formally read they state how Tolkien did not explain the history of middle earth in great enough detail.
I would like to say that this is due to the publisher, they refused to publish LOTR in conjunction with the precursor "The simarillion"
This book contains explanations and the history of goings on in middle earth.
To conclude I extremely enjoyed this trilogy and it should be read by everyone at least once.
As the telegraph stated"The world is divided in to 2 kinds of people, those who have read LOTR and those who are going to"
Pure Brilliance
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on 5 January 2002
It took me 25 years of my life to read Lord of the Rings for the first time. Since then I have read it at least once a year and now own a rather battered paperback single volume (and a much nicer 7 volume hardback set!)
I had owned the book for some years before I got past the first couple of chapters and required prodding by a friend before I made the effort to read the book. Therefore I can understand and sympathise with people who have a problem with this book. I too hated The Hobbit when I first read it and this caused me to dislike The Lord of the Rings. Once I got past this irrational dislike for hobbits (midway through book 1) I found myself unable to put the book down.
Yes - it starts slowly. Yes - it requires effort upon the part of the reader to get the most from the book. If you are prepared to make this effort then you will be drawn in to the best-realised fantasy world that has been committed to paper. This book features some of the most beautiful places ever described in fantasy fiction and some of the darkest. It also features characters you will care deeply about with realistic motivations for their actions. Whilst some may complain about the lack of female characters I have never found this to be a flaw. Consideration must be given to the era in which the books were written and for the time there are in fact strong female role models (Eowyn and Galadriel).
My only word of warning is that reading this book may set you upon the path to obsession - where you will find yourself reading more and more Tolkien, surfing fan sites and watching the film too many times (if that is possible...). If you're prepared to risk this then this book is definitely recommended
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on 17 September 2014
I own many Lord of the Rings editions, and this is definitely the most beautifully crafted. Good paper, comfortable to read, and wonderfully enriched by the images. I had previous Alan Lee versions, but the clearness of these images is astonishing! Another level of quality. Finally, the idea of putting the book in a transparent slipcase is not only elegant and original, but gives also the possibility to admire the illustrations on front and back cover without merging them with words and titles. But when you look through the transparent cover... You see a full front, with all its informations!
The only attention you must pay is on the weight of the book; somehow you've got the impression that, if handled badly, the front cover could be damaged and detached from the pages. But I don't think you'll read this edition on the beach, and when you look more carefully you see that the crafting is good, and nothing will fall out of place. So, buy it (especially at 39 pounds...) and enjoy it! My first thought when I've opened the book was: 'I wish I had read The Lord of the Rings for the first time in this edition!' Words (revised text!), images, maps, quality... Everything would have been just perfect to immerse in the story! And it still is...
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on 7 July 2014
I have read The Lord of the Rings every year since 1974 and have collected many editions. In my opinion this one is the best. The smoothest pages of any edition, (and not at fragile as the India paper editions), razor-sharp fonts, and the highest quality Alan Lee artwork set this edition apart from its predecessors. I would have liked to have seen the Ring inscription (in the chapter "The Shadow of the Past") in red, silver gilding (Tolkien was big on silver), and the transparent plastic slipcase is flimsy, but these are minor quibbles.
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on 11 September 2002
In the unlikely occasion that you have never read the Lord of the Rings and are not too sure whether you would like it or not, get a cheaper paperback edition.
However if you have read it before and are looking for something to keep forever as a gem in your collection, this is it.
Not only have Alan Lee's paintings inspired Peter Jackson for the making of the films (the director himself stated in an interview that he tracked the artist down for it) but every picture reflects exactly the images of Middle- Earth as you imagine them in your head. As for the book, I have no doubt it is the most underrated example of classic British literature ever. How I wish you could study it at school. I have never come across anything more beautifully written and descriptive than this. A lot of people have said that the story will take you into different worlds, but for what concerns me, I never came back.
Once you start reading it PLEASE don't leave it...
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on 30 September 2002
Firstly, i was one of those people who thought of Lord of The Rings as a pure fantasy book with no meaning and that it would suck you into a world that was beyond comprehension. HOW WRONG WAS I. The 4 books 1.the hobbit 2. The Fellowship of the Ring 3. The Two Towers and 4. The Return of the King and the prequal to all of those 'The Silmarillion'.
After Reading all the Lord of The Rings books, the whole conecept was unforgetable,. The context of the books was truley amazing ot say the least! The bundle put together by J.R.R. Tolkein, where BRAVEREY, CHIVALRY, BETRAYAL, LOVE, HONOUR, SACRIFICE and how good over comes evil in such away that you will think about it unto the day that you die.
The story (no story is too short a word, epoch) isnt told like a modern day novel like today, the book can lift you up with hope one minute and throw it down again like a rag doll. You will be filled with anxiety when need be and fury when betrayal comes to play it part, for those who feel then cant get into the Lord of the Rings saga then you eill be missing out on what is English literatures greatest achievment.
"The Lord of The Rings"
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on 16 January 2002
I don't think i shall say too much about the contents of the book, except that you should definately read it if you are at all interested in fantasy.
This Seven book box is excellent, even though all the books are paperback. They seem to me fairly solid, and since each book is thinner, there is less chance of getting that typical "v-shaped" book.
Also, the letters are a bit larger than the other edition i've got. That makes it a bit easyer to read
Both the books and the box are finished in a nice black colour. The box have images of a hand that holds a ring, and the books each have a shoot from the movie on the back cover. Nice.
I would actually recommend reading these before you see any of the movies, at least once, then read them again afterwards. I am at my second reading now, and i notice a lot of nifty details and other things i overlooked in the first reading...
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