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4.7 out of 5 stars117
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 5 June 2005
I am a fifteen year old girl who loves horror and everything in the genre.I've in fact read ALL of the vampire series by the same author so was expecting the same sort of style of writing and was quite surprised when reading this how GORY it was. If you've read the other books of Darren Shan you won't be surprised to know this book is still based around a boy and the creepy events in his life but this story is so different it can't really be compared! Another thing I founf was how some characters are very creepy even from small descriptions.Some scenes,well actually ONE in particular is NOT suitable for those who get scared easily,so this book is not recommended for children's bedtime reading unless nightmares are your thing! I really can't talk about the storyline itself as everything that could be said could spoil the story though it is a VERY good book and I'm very annoyed I finished it so soon as now I have to wait for the others in this set to be published!
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on 12 November 2006
Like I said, best book he's ever written, if you've read The Darren Shan Saga, you'll know how good he is. He puts a lot of suspense into his books, really scary and at the start you have no idea what it's about and you think, "What the heck are the chess pieces on the front for!" A bit violent at the start, but that's Darren Shan for you!
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on 24 July 2013
As you will have noticed on my blog I have just read the Darren Shan Saga and loved it, I got obsessed with it and couldn't put it down. So naturally I requested this series to read when I had finished.
I'd actually intended to take a break before starting this series, I have a book I have to read for a group at work for this Friday (2 days away) so I was going to read that today, but I was drawn to this instead. Let's just hope I can catch up tomorrow.
I wasn't sure what to expect from this series really, I'd heard it was a lot darker than the Shan series and I'm quite wimpy when it comes to horror so I really didn't know if I would like it.
This book is quite gory and is very dark, it isn't like anything I would normally pick up but I did find myself hooked and it flows well and is so easy to read that I had finished it within 2 hours. It passed in a blur, and left me wanting more.
For a 'seriously scary book' I didn't actually find the demons themselves that scary, description/appearance wise it didn't bother me that much, they just seemed to be a type of deformed monster, the bits I didn't like the most were the gory bits. That's what disturbed me the most, the death of Grubb's family was really disgusting and conjured some horrible images. That was what makes it 'horror', the demons themselves didn't seem that bad.
I didn't like Grubbs as a character at first, it took a lot of time for me to get to like him and feel really interested in him, but the plot was so well constructed I had to read on anyway.
A good start to a series, and one I will definitely keep reading, just be warned it's not for the squeamish!
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on 12 September 2005
I started reading Lord Loss after finishing the saga of Darren Shan and I can tell you that they are totally different stories. This new adventure hits you in the very first chapter, when you get to encouter Grubs, the main character and his family, who are chess fanatics. The action begins with a demonic massacre. Luckily Grubs survives and moves in with his uncle to start a new life. A life of magic and demons. In my opinion this is a fantastic book about the supernatural. If you liked Darren Shan's Saga you will love Lord Loss but I warn you, this book will scare the hell out of you.
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on 9 March 2013
Darren shan had a very hard job writhing a book after the darren shan saga. The book had a lot to live up to. And yet he not only has managed to create a book to match his previous, but has shattered any doubts that it couldn't be as good as the darren shan saga. Without giving away too many spoilers, the book kicks off straight away when Grubbs graddy , a teenage boy finds his parents brutally murdered by demons. He moves with his uncle to find out why they died.
As a 15 year old boy, I thoroughly enjoyed this book of twists and turns. It is a little more scary/intense than darren Shans previous series. It brings a new sense to his books but with that classic darren shan touch. I honestly wasn't sure if I would enjoy this book but once I started reading I couldn't put it down. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoyed the darren shan saga . It will not disappoint you
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on 17 October 2012
A great read, coundn't put it down. Grubs and his uncle Dervish are terrific, and am pleased that they won the day.
It has started the series really well, although having read The Demon Thief, and finding Dervish in that as a youngster, it got me wondering if this should have been the first
in the series, and Lord Loss second.
Having now started and half way through Slawter, the third in the series, and finding Dervish again in that, and just trying to adjust to normal, after his battle with Lord Loss
in the first one, I am even more sure that Demon Thief should have been the first of the series.
Will find out more when I have completed Slawter.
Anyway for what it is worth, they are only my niggles, but must say without any doubt, that the storey lines are real brilliant, and keep you guessing, and away from the "goggle box".
Surprisingly these books are aimed at the younger reader, but must admit, that as a mature reader (will pass these books on to my Grandson for Xmas), I found
the Demon Thief quite frightening, yet extremely exciting, and the twist quite unexpected. Will not say who the thief is, read the book to find out, but I got it
Read and enjoy, once started, you can't put them down, they are that good (both Lord Loss and Demon Thief)
Will give another preview for the third one, Slawter, when I have finished it.
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on 12 July 2012
I was introduced to this book by my teenage daughter, With it being of a young adult type book I wasn't expecting to like it all that much, but I was wrong.
The book is well paced and keeps you turning the pages (as a good book should)
BE WARNED it is GORY and very descriptive, positively brimming with headless bodies, severed limbs and guts everywhere, But if you like your horror books don't forget to include this one, you will be back on amazon in no time buying the others in the Demonata series.
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on 31 July 2005
After reading the first 12 books by Darren Shan, I knew there'd be more, and so there was, Lord Loss, Book 1 of The Demonata, it's really scary, and Darren Shan is showing his best.
Lord Loss is a Demon Master, and Grubbs Grady encounters him whilst his parents and sister are dead, also one more thing, the Gradys are chess fanatics, Grubbs isn't better at chess than his relatives though but when he plays Lord Loss, it becomes a different matter.
In this book there are loads of scary and nail-biting bits and is the best book that Darren Shan has ever written in my personal opinion, can't wait for the sequel, Demon Thief, coming out soon.
If you were a fan of the first 12 books, you'll will definetly enjoy this, and ofcoure it will leave gasping for breath, and emotionally spent under this total inimitable brand of horror and chaos.
~ Calum Fairweather (Darren Shan fan)
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on 9 March 2006
Fantastic. There i am, annoyed at the end of the saga of darren shan( top set of books!!!) and what does Mr. Shan hit me with? A gory, fast paced, scary, unusual but fantastic story. If you haven't read i strongly suggest tha you do!!!!
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on 14 April 2014
I actually really enjoyed reading this novel - far more than I was expecting.

Although gratuitously violent in places, the plot was compelling and contained some twists that actually did take me by surprise. The first person narrative and clipped sentences helped to make the novel fast-paced and exciting, nicely reflecting its dark subject matter.

Without spoiling anything, I felt that the mechanics of the climax were utterly enthralling. Even though I was in no read doubt about how the novel would end, I was still curious to see exactly how the events would pan out.

If I had to pick out a fault, I did think that the relationship between Grubbs and his family could have been fleshed out a little better. In the few chapters that they appeared, I did not learn enough about them to make me really feel sad to see them go. However, I did not feel that this especially detract from the novel. The book was highly enjoyable and a must read for any horror fans.
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