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Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars60
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 8 May 2004
I bought this book on impulse not knowing a thing about Jason Vale, but as soon as I started reading I liked his style and the way he gets his point accross. I have read so many books about giving up sweet things, but not one on chocolate in particular. There are no complicated diet plans or mumbo jumbo, Jason gives you the facts about mass market chocolate and makes you think before grabbing that Snickers bar. Chocolate doesn't do you good, makes you feel crap after eating it, but you still want more. I was hoping that this book would make me look on chocolate in the same way I look at cigarettes, and it does. Now I can pass the endless displays, posters and TV ads thinking, you can't get me! We have all been manipulated by these corporate giants who only think of profit and it's time to open our eyes and see chocolate for what it is. I have just purchased Jason's first book Slim 4 Life Freedom From The Food Trap which I'm looking forward to reading.
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on 13 May 2004
I have just finished this book today and right now my feeling is that I will not be eating chocolate ever again!
Jason Vale initialy explains how our emotional addiction to chocolate is caused by years of brainwashing from an early age due to mass marketing by the chocolate industry. This is all very interesting and makes one look at companies such as Cadburys and Terrys in a new light and see them for what they really are - large conglomerates with one ambition, profit. He then explains the physical addiction to chocolate as being caused not by chocolate, or cocoa, itself but by the vast amount of sugar and drug like substances which are added to the product to make it palatable. Also shockingly interesting is his exposure on how chocolate companies are buying cocoa from plantations in Africa which are using a labour force of child slavery.
For anybody who has read Alan Carrs books on quitting smoking, this book will seem familiar. The methodology used here for kicking the chocolate habit is very similar to Carrs method for stopping smoking.
Whether you are a self-confessed chocolate addict or just sick of the crap that is being strategically placed on our supermarket shelves - read this book.
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on 27 July 2005
Jason Vale writes as if you are sitting next to him and having a chat. Do not expect a masterpiece of the written word here but do expect a change in the way you see chocolate.
As I was eating at least 2 bars of the brown stuff every day (well ok 3 then) I didn't expect miracles from this book. As I started reading I was delighted to see I could "eat chocolate whilst reading", I did just that. By page 64 I was feeling sick and could no longer swallow a single chunk!
You need an open mind, you need to think about it, the book gives you the facts but at the end of the day it's how YOU use the information. I have not eaten any chocolate since page 64 - I have kicked the habit!
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on 12 April 2006
Having read the reviews above I decided to give this book a go. I was at the stage where my love of the brown stuff was so bad I eat 3 chocolate oranges in as many hours and still felt I could eat more!

Im a sensible woman with a logical mind, so wanted to understand why I could eat so much of this stuff that I know is bad for me ??

What can I say, I read the book in one sitting and havent touched the stuff since, that was 3 weeks ago and I have felt so much better for it. Im not going to give it all away, just to say read this book, your health and mental wellbeing will thank you for it.
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on 9 April 2005
Every now and then you come across a book that changes the course of your life. This is one such book. After eating chocolate for a lifetime, I finished this book two weeks before Christmas - good test eh? I can very happily say that I haven't wanted chocolate since. I waited to see if the disinterest would wear off and with Easter coming would I be led into temptation again? But no problems there, I sailed through and now see chocolate exactly for what it is, and it feels wonderful. I am totally free to choose what I want to eat, and happily leave chocolate out of the shopping basket. After reading Slim 4 Life by the same author, sugar made the same swift exit from my dinner table. I have lost a stone in weight without trying, I feel fantastic and am filled with so much energy I can't wait to see what the next day brings. Life is beautiful. Thank you Jason Vale!
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on 3 July 2010
I consulted a dietition to advise me on my eating habits, and work out a healthy eating weight loss plan. She lent me this book as she thought i might find it interesting, she said it had changed her view on eating chocolate (she used to be an addict).

I found this book amazing, and I find it worrying that people are enticed from birth into a mindset of needing the high of chocolate consumption. I'm so grateful that my eyes have been opened to the tricks used by chocolate manufacturers. I read the book four months ago, have only felt the need to eat chocolate once since then, and then after cramming two Roses into my mouth the remaining choccies in the tin smelt so disgusting, I couldn't continue!

Now, I find I'm not tempted by chocolate, and the freedom tastes better than chocolate ever did.

The book is repetitive and sometimes boring, but if you are serious about stopping eating chocolate, buy it, read it right till the end, and you'll stop.
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on 22 May 2009
This will make you look at chocolate in a completely different light. If you have a real problem with chocolate this will tell you why. Prepare to be surprised. A very good and interesting read.
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on 24 January 2005
Just finished reading the book today, since starting yesterday, I haven't touched the stuff!
I found the information in the book very helpful and it has made me realise why I never seemed to be able to "just have one..."!
I am now beginning a new chapter in my life, one without chocolate and the most terrifying thing I now have to do is tell my mum... "please don't buy me or my little ones any chocolate easter eggs this year...." as I know I will have to justify to her why not! (may just give her a copy of the book...)
If you are seriously thinking of giving chocolate the boot, I suggest you read this book. If after reading it you are still tempted, then all who take the book seriously will feel very sorry for you indeed!
Give it a go!
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on 5 October 2009
For years I wanted help to stop my chocolate binges. In last two years I had become quite seriously ridiculous and had gained several stone. I don't know how I finally heard about this book but I immediately ordered it from my library and, two days later, it arrived.

Brilliant, it's all about having the genuine desire to stop - TICK
wanting to quit without pain - TICK
feeling good about myself for having the common sense to stop this "junk drug" - TICK

I haven't touched chocolate since I started the book and I still don't have the slightest desire to either. I am loving being free.

Until now I thought stopping smoking in 1998 was hard but "giving up" (ie not continuing to damage myself) chocolate would be impossible. I mistakenly thought it was possible to be physically addicted to chocolate and that the withdrawal symptoms would be horrible and the will power needed immense.

However, unlike smoking, there are no physical symptoms and this book works because it makes you not want to eat chocolate. Willpower is only needed if you try to deny yourself something you want and you won't want chocolate. It really is that easy.

Of course there are "trigger times" when you think of it but then I remember how I searched for help for years and put on several stone and risked diabetes and heart disease. I remember the slave children and the marketing aimed at us from such a young age. Most of all I remember the brainwashing and the propaganda surrounding chocolate and I am so glad to be free from it all.

Some joker is trying to charge £71 on Amazon for this book at the time of writing - try your local library.
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on 6 January 2005
a self confessed chocoholic, i honestly believed i would never be able to manage a full day without my fix. from getting up in a morning and counting all the calories i could have in a day and still be allowed chocolate, to consuming way more than planned and crying at least fortnightly, since reading chocolate busters the brown stuff has not (intentionally anyway) passed my lips in over 8 months now (or something like that ... i'm not actually counting anymore, it's just that reading the book tied in with an anniversary). an absoulte revelation. a must for anyone who seriously wants to give up chocolate.
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