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on 17 August 2001
My 3 year old son is absolutely in love with this book. The simple words and rhyming schemes are teaching him to read and anticipate the words with out him realising it, all he knows is that this is a fun thing to look at and read. Cunning,clever and an absolute must have book for all parents hoping to give their child a head start in to the wonderful world of reading.
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on 2 February 2015
I bought Dr. Suess when my kids were young and hated reading them. They seemed too silly to me in my twenties. What a pompous ass I was at twenty! I read GEWH to my grandson and discovered the whimsy and fun of the lyrical words. I was a concrete kind of reader. I wanted my characters to be more recognizable. There is nothing in the world like a Dr. Suess book. Imagination takes flight with absurd situations to try something new. I should have "tried it" when I was younger. Given this new type of story a chance. I might have "liked it, Sam-I-Am." GEAH taught this old grandmother that without testing and reaching, you are missing out on some of the most delicious things in life.
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HALL OF FAMEon 4 January 2006
I would not eat Green Eggs and Ham
I would though read it, oh yes maam
For in this tale of silly food
There is no doubt fulfilling good
Who wouldn't find it appetising?
Who could read it realising
That things aren't always what they seem
Life can sometimes be a dream
And in that dream a wonder starts
That really strives to touch our hearts
with such a simple verse and tale
One could hardly think to fail
The premise here is most absurd
Using the most simple word
And no complex sentence structure
No moralistic high brow lecture
Just a simple tale of love
Hidden low and up above
And permeates on every page
To reach the souls of every age
Happy birthday to you this day
May you have your eggs your way
In heaven as we read below
The pleasing tale of eggs aglow
With some weird dye, an Irish egg?
I've had green beer, was it a keg?
But this should be a family verse
and green beer does become too terse
So now, dear friend, go buy the book
Open it up and take a look
You'll never be sorry, you'll never frown
This short tale won't let you down
And may you be just who you are
We're all Sam, both near and far
But we're ourselves, and this is true
This book was meant for me and you.
If Dr. Seuss is best known as the author of 'The Cat in the Hat', this text is a very close second. Its simple rhyme scheme and vocabulary is a perfect exemplar of Seussian construction, making it delightful for both children and adults. The vocabulary expands from that of 'The Cat in the Hat', making this almost a stealth-educational tool -- stealth in that children don't realise they're learning, and often adults don't realise that the playful use of language is educational.
This is a must for every child's library. They needn't be named Sam.
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on 2 December 1999
Some may view this book as bizarre and bizarre it is. But so what. It's so brilliant. Like other books buy the good doctor, it is very profound and doe indeed carry a moral but you can work that out for yourselves. "You do not like them so you say Try them, try them and you may" So try this book, I say. You will like it, you will see.
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on 23 April 2014
I had heard that Dr Seuss was great but found that this book was rather thin. The characterisation was generally weak and there was little or no back story. I struggled to understand what the motivations and desires of Sam, the principal character, were. He seems driven, no obsessed, to force his friend to eat food that is clearly rotten. Ultimately his friend, who appears to have no name, is worn down by Sam's persistence to the point that he actually eats the rotten food and declares that he actually likes it. I have struggled to determine whether this is a an attempt by the learned doctor to make a statement about the extent to which modern society wastes food,the risks to society of food security in a booming global population or whether it as allegory about the power of advertising to make trick us into liking products we neither like, nor desire. I found no cross references to any validatory research papers and I am therefore troubled that when my son is old enough to read this book that he will be at risk of misunderstanding the message that the Dr is trying to put across.

I had been thinking of buying Dr Seuss's Sleep Book for my own insomnia but now feel that this may just be full on pseudoscience.
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How many times have parents said that to their kids? Well, this book proves that it can be good advice.

The result of a bet with his publisher over whether he could create a book with a plot with only 50 words, this Dr. Seuss classic finds us following an argument between an unnamed character and Sam-I-Am. Sam wants the other character to try green eggs and ham, and the other character refuses. Sam keeps asking him to try to in new places or with new things, but he always refuses. Will he give in? What will happen when he does?

Okay, so the limited number of words means the book gets repetitive. Every refusal includes everything that's been said before. But in true Dr. Seuss fashion, the rhythm and rhymes make it so much fun. I read this book to my niece this weekend, and I wasn't ready for it to end. The words are all easy enough that a beginning reader should have no trouble with them, if they don't already have the book memorized.

And Dr. Seuss's fun illustrations certainly help. They are stylized as always, but they work to convey the story.

This is definitely a classic from the pen of Dr. Seuss. It belongs in every kid's collection.
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on 23 August 2010
Dr Sueuss books engage and delight with the zany and the unexpected. The drawings as much as the text.

But they are all different. You never get the feeling that a Dr Suess book is just more of the same.

Green Eggs And Ham is a single story that needs reading from beginning to end. There is no way that your kids will let you put this one down half way through. That is about 20 minutes or more, depending on how much your child explores the pictures. It also needs to be read with your child(ren) looking at the pictures and pointing out the bits that delight them. It doesn't work without the pictures.

This one is repetitive in the same way as the song "Old MacDonald Had a Farm": the events are continually restated as an ever-growing list of things. Kids love the repetition but I found that it took the edge off my own enjoyment after the first ten readings. But not my girls !

For a single story that is less repetitive, try The Cat In The Hat (by Dr Seuss - not the awful Disney re-make !).

I did not think this would be good bed-time reading because of the squeals of delight and excitement that it provokes, but they seem to settle down to sleep straight after anyway.
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on 3 April 2009
We were given this book by an American father of similar aged kids. We initially thought he was trying to indoctrinate us into American English, but this book doesn't. It's of universal interest, and I mean universal: it is fun and teaches everyone (not just kids) not to close their minds to even the most outrageous ideas. My kids don't speak English as a first language, but my daughter took this book and without prompting started to read it.
It teaches kids to speak and think by repeating words, rearranging the order (so they can't easily recite it parrot fashion, but have to look at the subtle variations). Teaches grammar (prepositions/word order/questions etc). And it makes everyone laugh. Hence it brings us together as a family. That's why I say it's of UNIVERSAL interest.
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on 17 September 2014
At this moment in time this is my son's favourite book. We read it at least 3xs a day...every day. We have got to the point where we know the story of by heart.
My name is also Sam, and that rhyme with Ham. This is fact that I have been trying to ignore all my life until now.
This is a classic book. There is little more I can say that has not already said in the many other reviews of this book. It is though completely fabulous and a must have book for any child.
It is fun, the illustrations superb and the message positive. You should always be open to trying new things, you never know you may like them.
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on 15 August 2012
I have only just recently discovered the Dr Seuss Books.... why did I did not have them when I was little I ask? We had so many other children's favourites but these books never made it into our home. They are all so creative, so inspiring, so imaginative, and so true. I adore watching my son's little mind working as the stories unfold. "Green Eggs and Ham" is so pertinent to young kids as they decide they don't want to eat something before they even try it and when they FINALLY do... they LOVE it! My personal favourite is "Did I ever tell you how lucky you are"... the bee watcher watcher.......! Happy Reading.
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