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on 14 May 2008
I bought this biography in a Charity Shop. I was always a fan of THE ROCK so I took the plunge and bought his biography and it was good but could have been a lot better then it was.

I found a few niggles with the book. The main one was one minute it would be written in first person (so he would write I) then he would write in third person and refer himself as THE ROCK (so it was written like then THE ROCK would .....). Plus it was all very breif and left me wanting a bit of depth.

I found myself enjoying the book more when he refered to himself in the first person of when he became a NFL football player and started talking about his family and his youth but as it went on into his wrestling career that was where he refered himself as the third person like he was writing the book in the character of THE ROCK which I didn't enjoy as much, which I was surprised at.

The biography itself was enjoyable but wasn't as enjoyable I expected so I felt a bit let down by the end. It wasn't a patch on other WWF/E biography's I had read (Mick Foley's just to name one).

On the plus side It doe's go into some detail of his life and his family and he doe's go into depth about his school life and him getting bullied because of his size or because of who his father was. He also goe's into detail about his marrage and the meeting of his wife and goe's into detail of when he was playing for the NFL and him having to sleep on used soiled mattraces.

So all in all it was an enjoyable book but not as good as other WWF/E biographies I have read. It was well worth the £1.50 I payed for it in a charity shop but I wouldn't pay £6.99 for it. The book just leaves you wanting slightly.

So if you see it in a charity shop buy it but don't go and pay full price for it as you may be disappointed.
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on 28 December 2000
I got this book the day it came out and i thought it was excellent. The Rock gives you an insight into what the WWF is all about. How he rose to fame from a college football player to the most popular wrestler in the business today. He tells of his sadness of his family to the happyness to his beautiful wife Dana. If you are a true wrestling fan; The Rocks fan then this book is a definate must have. You won't be able to put it down.
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on 13 April 2013
The Rock Says...: The Most Electrifying Man in Sports-Entertainment.

By Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson with Joe Layden.

Published by HarperEntertainment.

Released January 5, 2000.

Pages 304, hard back.

No introduction is necessary for Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, he is possibly the most recognised wrestler of all time, a successful movie star, one of the top merchandise sellers of all time inside the wrestling industry and one of the most charismatic superstars ever. Gaining world heavyweight championship gold a total of 9 times in a relatively short full time career of 8 years. The Rock is unquestionably a future inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame.

But does The Rock Says... have the same credentials as the man telling his story? As you would expect there is a lot of humour through-out the retelling of The Rock's story. The first six chapters of the book cover his early life, football career and training for his future in Sports-Entertainment complete with amusing anecdotes mirrored by the mischief he got himself caught up in as a teenager. The following nine chapters are devoted to his in ring career, recounting his metamorphosis from Rocky Maivia into The Rock, taking you to the time so you can understand why the audience were the deciding factor in Dwayne going from a sparkling clean good guy to the third person speaking, cocky villain known as the 'People's Champion'. Rock recalls backstage shenanigans as he tells his story, most notably with Mick Foley, Rocky also covers key matches and points in his career telling the matches as if he is in the match, speaking in character, in third person. The Rock Says... follows the Most Electrifying Man in Sports-Entertainment all the way up until Wrestlemania 15 against his arch nemesis 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin. There is an additional emotional chapter added before it was published dedicated to remembering the life of Owen Hart who tragically died during the period of time the book was written in.

The main flaw with this autobiography of The Rock is it was written too soon, at publication in 2000 it was at the height of his career, being only half way through his full time portion. Even though he tells the matches as if they were legitimate rather than as they actually are, he does discuss certain behind the scenes aspects, however do not expect a tell all, expose the business type read. Overall The Rock Says... is an entertaining read if you are a fan of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and want to know about his life before wrestling mixed with funny stories from his career up until Wrestlemania 15.

3/5 Stars

By Jimmy Wheeler
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on 2 July 2000
The Rock, aka Dwayne Johnson, gives the World Wrestling Federation Fans a great insight into his first 28 years on 'Gods Green Earth'. From his time as a boy who was only known as the son of wrestler Rocky Johnson, to the Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment that we all know today. This book also displays how small the world of Wrestling is. Through in-depth explanations, learn also how the Rock first met Dany, who several years later, would be his wife. Also, the opportunity given to him by Vince McMahon, with help from Pat Patterson, to show his talent in the ring. But would The Rock be the man he is today if not for his injury plagued football career? There are literally 'millions and millions' of The Rock's fans out there and therefore millions and millions of people who will love exploring the life, the ups and downs, of the life that is Dwayne Johnson. A MUST for all World Wrestling Federation followers, not just fans of The Rock. It also includes a fitting tribute to Owen Hart, a close friend of The Rock. SUMMARY - I have read few books in my time but this is a read you will not put away to gather dust for years. You'll be reading it over and over, and with photos included in the book, you'll have gained a great insight into not only the life of a wrestler, but into the life of a man, a man who refused to give up when times were hard and this man would soon to be THE ROCK - THE MOST ELECTRIFYING MAN IN SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT! Go buy it now!
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on 21 April 2016
I was a big fan of this book, but then I was also a big fan of The Rock, and I first read this not long after its publication in 2000. I was eleven years old at the time, and so the story of Dwayne Johnson’s rise to fame and fortune, from American football to wrestling and acting, was like a form of escapism, a true story that was real enough to give me hope for the future whilst being distant enough to take me completely away from my own life.

I don’t have much in common with The Rock, but I do respect his drive, and he’d certainly led an interesting life even by the year 2000, when the book was published. Since then, his career has snowballed and he’s now a successful movie star, certainly on a par with many people who are actors only. In fact, it’s The Rock’s versatility which is so impressive – he’s the kind of guy who hustles, and who’s worked hard in everything that he’s done to repeatedly rise to the top of his game in different fields.

Even as a writer, The Rock is pretty good, although he did have some help (as most celebrities do). You can also expect to check out a selection of awesome photographs that show The Rock throughout the years, from his childhood to his career as a professional American footballer and, later, as a wrestler. It’s the sort of story that almost sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t – sometimes the truth is more interesting than fiction, and this is one of those examples. I’d recommend it!
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on 27 March 2001
This book tells the tale of the truely remarkable Duayne"The Rock" Johnson.Obviously this book talks about his wrestling career but also talks about his whole life story since birth in Tampa Bay.Reading this book you will learn that the rocks life has not always been glitz and glamour.The rock has experienced hard times such as having to share a motel room, sleeping on thrown out old matresses cleaned only by disinfectant spray.This book is not only for wrestling fans but for anyone who would like to read the story of a truely remarkable man.
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on 4 June 2000
If you smell what the rock is cooking this is definately the book for you,although it gets boring in parts its mainly as exciting as the man himself.It gives you an idea of what its like behind the scenes in the WWF and it also tells you things like how he became a wrestler and how he was so disappointed with Owen Hart's death.This is a great book for wrestling fans but i wouldnt recommend it to anyone who doesn't like the sport.Overall I found this read very enjoyable and couldnt stop reading it. IF YOU SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING!
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on 3 October 2001
When The Rock (or Joe Layden, his writer) talks about the early days of The Rocks life this book is good. He talks about being a great athelete growing up in a sports related background and his early love for american football. He talks about his school and college days, which include a few stories about his uncontrollable temper that you would not think possible of the man today.
However, as soon as he starts to talk about his wrestling career... he glances over matches, building them up saying how great he is and it doesn't matter if its Stone Cold or Brooklyn Brawler hes facing hes so far better than all of them, before saying things like and I won cleanly or lost via cheating....
I know he was trying to be in character, but lets face it, if we buy a supposed biography, we want to know about things from his true perspective, not his characters extreme.
If you want to know a lot more about wrestling, buy Have A Nice Day, or Foley is Good by Mick Foley. They are truly excellent reads.
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on 3 April 2000
Hot on the bleeding heels of Mankind's Have a Nice Day!, here's another memoir edited by the same prose coach, the clever Jeremie Ruby-Strauss (and co-authored by Joe Layden). Dwayne Johnson, aka the Rock, gives you plenty of colourful, jumbled action photos and the growling accounts of staged mayhem that made Mankind a bestseller. But actually, his story is more interesting than that of Mankind, his occasional ring rival. The noisy action chapters alternate with passages of more reflective conventional autobiography. The Rock is a third-generation pro wrestler and his book amounts to a history of the sport. His grandpa, High Chief Peter Maivia, was a Samoan important enough to be buried in Diamond Head's crater, and his dad, Rocky Johnson, was George Foreman's sparring partner and the first black American World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental champ. The Rock is candid about the battles his family faced outside the ring: the marriage-testing road lifestyle, his dad's most important win (over the bottle) and the author's own dangerous temper. There's something touching about the Rock's unpromising debut in his Uncle Tonga's old trunks, in his reverence for his elders--and something scary about his reaction when he thinks people lack such respect.
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This book is truly diverse in the subjects covered. It reviews his whole career up to now, and is delivered in split personality. The first personality is Dwayne Johnson his real name, it tells us about what he went through as a child and, the trials and tribulations he had to go through, as he was the son of an established wrestler. It is truly magnificant and gives details on the loss of his virginity to the first public brawl that he had. This personality also goes into his very impressive football career at Miami, and how he was one of the best in his softmore year, but was losing his touch at the hand of a terrible injury. Secondly it expands into the ROCK, which includes the use of all the Jabroni, and Smack Down language etc. This life story is the best book that i have read within the last few months, and the tribulations he goes through is totally amazing, and it had me captivated for hours on end, the final word is "if you smell...what the ROCK is writing ? ?
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