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on 22 July 2010
Ms Zohar has attempted to bring to life a sense of what quantum physics means to BOTH you AND me, but like everyone else with a degree has forgotten that most of us haven't had much of an education and therefore simply struggle to understand. Every cell of my body/being knows it needs to resonate with Ms Zohar's vision but I am left with a feeling of distance, a sense of not BOTH /AND but very much a sense that despite so much knowledge now available to the masses a door remains shut that not even a tidal quantum wave seems able to open. I know deeply that despite my failure to be able to understand what quantum physics means to my ordering of life that the time has come for a quantum leap beyond the either/or mentality, the black/ white, right /wrong duality. Sadly though Ms Zohar, despite her best efforts is for me the educated equivalent of the sound of one hand clapping, I cannot understand her words at the level of intelect as I just have not got the capicity to get my head round physics let alone Bose-Einstein condensates, but perhaps just the act of trying will effect me in ways that I cannot begin to comprehend. So I can't say if you will find this book life changing but sense we all are heading in this direction whether we know it or understand it or not.....
But if Ms Zohar or anyone else has any idea how to present this stuff for the masses I truly hope they will put pen to paper and have a go because I can't be alone in wanting to step beyond this Descartes body/mind split and stop acting like a billiard ball and reach BOTH out AND in to being just seems astounding to me that I can feel so much resonance with Ms Zohar's pointing at the moon ..... yet intellect keeps us in so many ways worlds appart.
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on 1 December 1998
Danah got degrees in physics and philosophy from MIT and has created a well-researched, well-argued case for using quantum mechanics to describe consciousness, imagination, and relationships. With this foundation she then seamlessly progresses to what this "means" in terms of our place in the universe and how our society should become more "spiritually intelligent".
Danah has an enlightened philosophy grounded in scientific "fact"
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on 12 November 2010
I'll say it straight out .. don't tackle this book if ur understanding of Physics/Quantum theory/Consciousness is very shallow .. b'cos, this lady takes no prisioners. She begins at a very high standard of learning .. and just goes on up from there .. she expects u to already know what she is talking about. Many of her pages u will have to read 2 or 3 times over, in a very quiet environment, to understand the complexity of what she is saying.
This book really does go well beyond the "Tao of Physics" by Capra, and her conclusions are very probably right as she explains what The TRUE NATURE OF REALITY is really all about.
Her insights are breathtaking and about as profound .. as profound can be.

If ur looking to extend yourself, challenge yourself .. then this read may well be for u. Good luck.
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on 1 December 2015
This is a very silly book. Ms Zohar seems to think that by mentioning 'quantum' and 'brain' in the same sentence many times she will somehow draw a connection between the two. But this approach fails - obviously! And occasionally repeating 'Bose-Einstein condensate' like some sort of Mantra, doesn't work either!

She totally fails to make any real connection between quantum physics and brain function. Only a very vague hypothesis is postulated of no substance and without any hard evidence and with absolutely no predictive power whatsoever.
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on 20 March 2004
This book is certainly worth reading for Zohar has constructed a very original, cohesive, persuasive model of human consciousness and our role in the universe.
On the downside, the book could have been written in half the length and been better for it - their is a fair amount of repitition, verbiage, quote and metaphor which sometimes confuse or muddy matters which didn't need any further explanation. It has taken me five weeks to get through the 220 page main text, and I am normally a voracious reader.
Nevertheless if you have any interest in philosophy or spirituality, it's worth the effort to appreciate Zohar's theory.
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on 19 May 2014
This book has made some of the really complicated discriptions of quantum physics much easier to understand.I will look forward to reading more from Danah Zohar
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on 4 April 2016
This is one of the best books that I have ever come across. Finally someone has a possible answer to the question of consciousness that's understandable.
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on 26 October 2015
For those interested in the topic of consciousness.
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