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Andrew Taylor: Broken Voices

Andrew TaylorAndrew Taylor is an author of crime fiction whose plaudits include the Diamond Dagger--Britain's top award for sustained excellence in crime writing. His novel The American Boy was a Richard and Judy bestseller, and he is the only author to have won the Crime Writers' Accociation Historical Dagger twice. Taylor's forthcoming novel, The Scent of Death, is set in New York in 1778-80, and will be published in February 2013.

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Fiction, Essays, Memoires and short Kindle eBooks. Compelling Ideas Expressed at their Natural Length.

Kindle Singles offer a vast spectrum of reporting, essays, memoirs, narratives and short stories meant to educate, entertain, excite and inform. Our writers take you places you can't get to any other way, on journeys of fact and fiction that share these common threads: they're the highest-quality work we can find, and at a length best suited to the ideas they present.
FictionPage-turning Narratives
Kindle Single: Fiction Feeling aimless in his thirties, Shaw moves to a London suburb and takes a job with one condition--he has to visit a medium named Annie Swann once a week. Drawn into the cyberspace world of the mysterious 4th domain, Shaw finds himself mediating between Swann and his employer, her brother Tim. An arresting story from the renowned author and winner of the Arthur C Clarke Award.
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Kindle Single: Page-turning Narratives From the author of the best-selling Mayflower comes a remarkable account of Christopher Columbus and his discovery of America. When the Spaniard set sail in 1492, he was expecting to find a westward shortcut to China--but landed in America instead. In the aftermath, Columbus found himself navigating not merely the Atlantic, but the treacherous politics of the Spanish court. A fascinating story of the man who changed history by mistake.
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Kindle Single: Memoirs At the age of twenty-five, Katherine Schmidhofer was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had both breasts removed, and underwent chemo and hormone therapy. In this remarkable memoir, she describes the brutal realities of her illness--and her determination to live life to the full despite them. Sometimes funny, always moving, Schmidhofer recounts the challenges of finding love (and sex) while living with cancer.
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Kindle Single: Reporting In 2013 a group of heavily armed terrorists stormed a shopping mall in Nairobi. The world watched in horror as the gunmen held the mall for three days, slaughtering 67 people and wounding hundreds more--while the Kenyan authorities dithered in response. Was this attack a terrible one-off, or the first of many more to come? Intelligence expert Roger Howard reports.
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Kindle Single: History Summer 1945. With Germany defeated, the Allies turned their full attention to the remaining enemy, Japan. The United States now had a secret weapon – the Atomic bomb. A committee of American scientists, military brass and civil servants convened to decide how to use this weapon of unprecedented destructive power. A riveting account of the choices made that changed the world.
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Kindle Single: Society No one likes to grow old. But ageing can be delayed--for decades, not just years. In this startling and original Kindle Single, Sir Muir Gray explains that by focusing on four key areas–cardiovascular health, muscular strength, suppleness, and mental activity–anyone can defer decline until their nineties. A revolutionary recipe from one of the world's leading medical authorities.
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Essays & IdeasHumour
Kindle Single: Essays & Ideas The Orange Prize-winning novelist Linda Grant has always loved books. But then she moved to smaller quarters and realized something had to go. That ‘something’ was several thousand volumes, which represented most of Grant’s library and much of her life. A wry and highly entertaining account of the mixed emotions engendered by The Battle of the Books
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Kindle Single: Humour The English may outnumber the Scots by 10:1, but the Scots have always held their own with their neighbours. Susan Morrison traces the long history of a relationship that's sometimes friendly, often hostile, and always competitive. A wonderfully informative and highly entertaining read about one of the world's great rivalries.
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The World StageThe Sciences
Kindle Single: The World Stage As the Rwandan genocide of 1994 began, thousands of its Tutsi victims ran for protection to the Catholic Church, only to find no refuge there – just indifference or, appallingly, active collusion with the murdering forces. Chris McGreal reports on the Church’s complicity in one of the worst atrocities of our age.
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Kindle Single: The Sciences The 1960s remain famous for their social and cultural revolutions, but colossal changes were also occurring in science. The writer Tim Radford describes how little-known advances in plate tectonics, cosmology (proof of the Big Bang), satellite communications, and the development of smallpox vaccines transformed the world--and our understanding of it. A fascinating account of a 'hidden revolution.'
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Arts & EntertainmentProfiles
Kindle Single: Arts & Entertainment In a Kindle Single exclusive, the writer Alexander Waugh launches an explosive attack on the 'Shakespeare Establishment'. Throughout an essay that is part polemic and part play itself, Waugh argues that it is simply not credible that an "illiterate butcher’s apprentice" from Stratford-upon-Avon wrote the world’s most famous plays.
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Kindle Single: Profiles Adolph Hitler will always be associated with the tragedies of the Second World War, but the seeds of his destructive powers were sown years before. Paul Ham examines the early life of Nazi Germany's leader--from his troubled boyhood to his experiences as a dispatch runner in the First World War. A fascinating account, highly recommended.
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