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Niall Ferguson Niall Ferguson is a British historian now based in the United States, where he is the Laurence A Tisch Professor at Harvard. He was born in Glasgow in 1965 and educated there and at Oxford University. His books include the best-selling Empire, The Ascent of Money and Civilization. He is currently at work on the official life of Henry Kissinger.

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FictionPage-turning Narratives
Kindle Single: Fiction When Detective Simon Serrailler is assigned to coordinate security arrangements for a small town service honouring British soldiers fighting in Afghanistan, matters are complicated by top-secret plans for the Prince of Wales to attend. Then anonymous threats arrive,which seem to know all about these plans. A thrilling cliffhanger from a master of suspense.
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Kindle Single: Page-turning Narratives The British writer Tibor Fischer (the son of Hungarian refugees) looks with a penetrating eye at life in post-Communist Hungary. He explains why this relatively unknown country – "On April 6, 2014, Hungary held an election. You probably didn't care"--and its popular Prime Minister Viktor Orbán could become the fulcrum for the future of Eastern Europe.
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Kindle Single: Memoirs Like most of us, the writer Nicholas Clee has always liked to think he is one of the good guys. But in scrutinizing his past, Clee finds some pretty poor behavior on his part. Is his callous younger self still the major part of him, or is today’s nicer grown-up the ‘real’ Nicholas Clee? A thought-provoking, poignant, and sometimes shocking memoir.
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Kindle Single: Reporting Queen Elizabeth the Second has millions of subjects – and over a thousand employees. From explaining how to get hired by Buckingham Palace (and what you'll get paid), to examining the upstairs/downstairs divide among the staff, a leading authority on the Royal Household provides a revealing account of working for Her Majesty.
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Kindle Single: History The successful invasion of Normandy by the Allies on D-Day in June 1944 led to victory over the Third Reich -- but it was a close-run thing. Without a brilliant campaign of deception that persuaded Hitler that Allied forces would be landing in Calais instead, the result could have been dramatically different. Alex Gerlis relates the intriguing history of this top-secret strategy.
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Kindle Single: Society Clothes matter more than you think. They influence your mood, affect how people think of you, and improve or hurt your chances in everything from job-hunting to romance. They also tell the world the kind of person you are – or want to be. A fascinating rags-to-robes analysis of how we dress, and how our public appearance holds the key to our private selves.
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Essays & IdeasHumour
Kindle Single: Essays & Ideas The novelist and essayist Percy Kemp updates Machievelli’s classic with a penetrating argument that is entirely his own. Where his famous predecessor instructed leaders how to outmanoeuvre opponents, Kemp explains that the greatest challenge for any modern ruler comes from the accelerating pace of unforeseen events. An eloquent, erudite, and compelling treatise on the use of power.
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Kindle Single: Humour The English may outnumber the Scots by 10:1, but the Scots have always held their own with their neighbours. Susan Morrison traces the long history of a relationship that's sometimes friendly, often hostile, and always competitive. A wonderfully informative and highly entertaining read about one of the world's great rivalries.
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The World StageThe Sciences
Kindle Single: The World Stage As the Rwandan genocide of 1994 began, thousands of its Tutsi victims ran for protection to the Catholic Church, only to find no refuge there – just indifference or, appallingly, active collusion with the murdering forces. Chris McGreal reports on the Church’s complicity in one of the worst atrocities of our age.
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Kindle Single: The Sciences E = mc² is the only scientific formula everybody knows. But what exactly does it mean? And how did Einstein discover it--in the years before he became an international icon of genius? Robin Arianrhod describes one of physics' greatest breakthroughs, and links it to the tumultuous life of the young scientist who made it.
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Arts & EntertainmentProfiles
Kindle Single: Arts & Entertainment The Orange Prize-winning novelist Linda Grant has always loved books. But then she moved to smaller quarters and realized something had to go. That 'something' was several thousand volumes, which represented most of Grant's library and much of her life. A wry and highly entertaining account of the mixed emotions engendered by The Battle of the Books.
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Kindle Single: Profiles Viewed today as the father of Artificial Intelligence, Alan Turing was a legendary computing pioneer, and instrumental in the Bletchley Park decoding efforts that helped the Allies win the War. A shy and private man, he was nonetheless openly homosexual in an age when its practice was illegal--and he paid for this candour with his life. A fascinating portrait of the the man behind the myth.
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