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Andrew Taylor: Broken Voices

Andrew TaylorAndrew Taylor is an author of crime fiction whose plaudits include the Diamond Dagger--Britain's top award for sustained excellence in crime writing. His novel The American Boy was a Richard and Judy bestseller, and he is the only author to have won the Crime Writers' Accociation Historical Dagger twice. Taylor's forthcoming novel, The Scent of Death, is set in New York in 1778-80, and will be published in February 2013.

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Fiction, Essays, Memoires and short Kindle eBooks. Compelling Ideas Expressed at their Natural Length.

Kindle Singles offer a vast spectrum of reporting, essays, memoirs, narratives and short stories meant to educate, entertain, excite and inform. Our writers take you places you can't get to any other way, on journeys of fact and fiction that share these common threads: they're the highest-quality work we can find, and at a length best suited to the ideas they present.
FictionPage-turning Narratives
Kindle Single: Fiction When newly-weds Zoe and Jonathan move into a house they've bought for a song, they discover why the place was so cheap--the previous owner died there, of gruesome self-inflicted wounds. They call in Merrily Watkins, an exorcist with the instincts of a detective, and the secret history of the house gradually emerges. A stunning thriller, highly recommended.
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Kindle Single: Page-turning Narratives From the author of the best-selling Mayflower comes a remarkable account of Christopher Columbus and his discovery of America. When the Spaniard set sail in 1492, he was expecting to find a westward shortcut to China--but landed in America instead. In the aftermath, Columbus found himself navigating not merely the Atlantic, but the treacherous politics of the Spanish court. A fascinating story of the man who changed history by mistake.
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Kindle Single: Memoirs Arthur Charles was a POW of the Japanese on the island of Java in World War II. In this personal account of his captivity, he describes the amazing resilience of his fellow prisoners, and their stoicism, humour, and quiet defiance in the face of mistreatment and constant humiliation. Charles himself suffered terribly, and only just escaped death from a firing squad. A remarkable memoir.
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Kindle Single: Reporting Immigration will be a key issue in the United Kingdom's General Election in 2015, and all the major political parties want to restrict it -- because it takes jobs from British workers and increases the inequality between rich and poor. But does it really? Researcher Katy Long looks at the arguments behind the assumptions, and finds the actual economic impact of immigration very different from what 'everybody knows'.
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Kindle Single: History From the chaos of a sea-battle to the fury of a lynch mob, The Day Democracy Died tells the tragic story of the fall of Athens--Greece’s most famous city-state and the birthplace of democracy. It is a cautionary tale of 'people power' at its most destructive--and as relevant in today's age of mass media as it was in ancient Greece.
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Kindle Single: Society No one likes to grow old. But ageing can be delayed--for decades, not just years. In this startling and original Kindle Single, Sir Muir Gray explains that by focusing on four key areas–cardiovascular health, muscular strength, suppleness, and mental activity–anyone can defer decline until their nineties. A revolutionary recipe from one of the world's leading medical authorities.
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Essays & IdeasHumour
Kindle Single: Essays & Ideas In the first Christmas of World War One, British and German troops put down their arms and met in the safety of No Man’s Land, exchanging presents, singing carols, and even playing football together. Their commanding officers were appalled by the suspension of hostilities, and the experiment was never repeated--though the Christmas truce has since become a legendary symbol of hope amidst the carnage of war.
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Kindle Single: Humour What is Christmas like for the Queen? What kind of presents does she get, and who receives her Christmas cards? Does she wear a silly hat at lunch or pull crackers with her guests--and does she watch herself address the nation on television after lunch? The veteran royal correspondent Brian Hoey supplies the answers in a fascinating account of Christmas with the Royals.
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The World StageThe Sciences
Kindle Single: The World Stage The intractable divisions of the Holy Land show no signs of yielding even the prospect of a solution. In this fascinating report, Khaled Diab looks beyond the stalemate of politics to the realities of life for Israelis and Palestinians. What he finds is both more complicated than the media snapshots of two bitterly opposing sides--and more hopeful.
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Kindle Single: The Sciences The 1960s remain famous for their social and cultural revolutions, but colossal changes were also occurring in science. The writer Tim Radford describes how little-known advances in plate tectonics, cosmology (proof of the Big Bang), satellite communications, and the development of smallpox vaccines transformed the world--and our understanding of it. A fascinating account of a 'hidden revolution.'
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Arts & EntertainmentProfiles
Kindle Single: Arts & Entertainment The extraordinary story of the Beatles’ last song. Completed in August 1969, it is the sixth track of Abbey Road, and for Beatles fans the signature piece of what might have been. James Woodall tells the inside story of the Beatles’ last year together and the event-filled eight-month gestation of their powerful farewell.
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Kindle Single: Profiles Fifty years after first coming together, Pink Floyd remain one of rock music's legendary and most creative bands. From the renowned rock writer Mick Wall comes an astonishing biography of one of music's greatest groups--from their 1960s London student beginnings with Syd Barrett to The Endless River in 2014, the first Pink Floyd album in twenty years. Highly recommended.
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