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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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If anything, the second instalment of Sin City is even more gorgeous to sit back and admire than its predecessor. The visuals are stunning. They make no apology for the series’ graphic-novel origins but instead bring layers of sharp-edged intensity to the stylised live action. Where colour is used – sparingly – it has massive effect. And of course, keeping all the blood-spatter (there’s gallons of it) in mono means the film can be utterly graphic in its ultra-violent action sequences.

This film tries to tie together three or four different plot-lines which revolve around Basin City, the seedy geezers in the gin-joints, the underdogs from the no-go zones, and the utterly corrupt politicians and their barking dogs who maintain some kind of order. It’s not entirely successful in pulling all the threads together, let down by some weaker storylines which don’t bear much scrutiny when you give them any kind of consideration (like what the young man playing poker actually intended to do once he’d woken a sleeping beast which could chew him up and spit him out without breathing hard).
However, A Dame To Kill For is at its best if you stop thinking too much and just sit back to enjoy the intense performances from the ensemble cast. Bruce Willis and Josh Brolin are brilliant; Jessica Alba’s transformation is little short of astonishing. The film’s strength is in its continuation of the original plot… perhaps its weakness is that the subplots don’t serve much purpose other than to fill the time, and they distract from the emotional impact of the main event.

Yes, ADTKF is outrageously exploitative (of whom, exactly?), sexually charged, vicious and downright dirty. I’d expect nothing less from Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez. Perhaps because we knew what to expect this time around, and because the first Sin City was so successfully shocking, people don’t find the second instalment as rewarding as the first. My guess is that when we watch them back-to-back, this one will be – almost – as enjoyable as the original.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 31 January 2015
I purchased this on sight from my local supermarket having wanted, but not received for Christmas. It's a long awaited continuation of Frank Miller's graphic novella format following the absolutely stunning first film. I was a little concerned by professional reviews which had been mixed, so first the negatives:

The originality which was such a key factor of the first film isn't there, but how could it be?
Bruce Willis is confined to cameo appearances
The ladies of Old Town don't feature heavily, in fact the characters seem sidelined.
You need some knowledge of the first film to understand the back story of some characters, Senator Roark in particular.

Enough of the negative, this is as visually stunning and as jaw dropping as the first film. I was thoroughly engrossed for 90 odd minutes, with the comic books faithfully reproduced. Something over and above many comic book adaptations is happening here, with plots stuck to with few liberties taken. The violence - and there is a lot - is tempered by the black and white Film Noir style, with colour used sparingly and to great effect. We are sucked into the seedy world of Basin City and it's heavyweight characters, with Mickey Rourke extremely effective as the honourable but deadly Marv. It's more than worth a casual watch, it's a film to play on repeat and get lost in. If you haven't seen the first installment watch that first, you are sure to want to catch up with this soon after if you do.
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The long awaited sequel to Sin City [DVD] [2005] finally arrives. This, like that, is an adaptation of stories from a series of graphic novels which tell rather extreme film noir style tales.

Although this one adapts two stories from the novels directly: 'Just Another Saturday Night', from the collection 'Booze, broads, and bullets', plus the full length story 'A Dame to Kill For,' there are two other stories in this film: 'The Long, Bad Night' and 'Nancy's last dance', which were written especially for the film, and haven't appeared on the printed page.

A familiarity with the first film will help. But you can get into this if you've not read the comics.

The first two stories are, as with the first film, utterly faithful, and reproduce all the panels of the comic onto the big screen.

The timeline is again not entirely linear. A lot of the events here take place before those in the first film. Although Nancy's last dance doesn't. You just have to go with and not worry about the continuity.

A lot of the original actors return. Although not all are there. Which results in some recasting. Something else that's not something worth worrying about. Although Josh Brolin plays Dwight rather than Clive Owen because of the nature of the story and it taking place before the first film.

Just another Saturday Night is a short tale about an average evening for Marv. Being short means it's just the right length to have the impact it needs to.

A Dame to Kill For is a full length tale of Dwight getting caught up with a femme fatale [Eva Green].

The Long, Bad Night sees a gambler [Joseph Gordon Levitt] fall foul of Senator Roark and have to deal with what happens next.

Nancy's last dance sees Nancy deal with what happened in the first film. And a desire for revenge.

The Long, bad night is in two halves. The first coming before all of a Dame to Kill For. The second right after.

These are all good stories. Eva Green is superb. Lady Gaga is quite good in a small cameo. And Bruce Willis actually doesn't phone it in for once.


This just doesn't quite have the impact of the first film. If we hadn't had to wait nine years, it might have. But since it's been so long, and since it's not really doing anything different, it just lacks a certain spark. Also, the last two stories do end a bit abruptly, because they try to have endings with impacts that will sink in.

It's still quite watchable, and work a look if you liked the first film. But ultimately, whilst it was nice to get back to Sin City again, it just wasn't quite as memorable a trip as the first one.

The disc has the following language and subtitle options:

Languages: English.

Subtitles: English.

It's also English audio captioned.

It begins with several trailers, which can be skipped via the next button on the dvd remote.

There's a very good main menu which is worth looking at for a while.

Do note that scene selection only takes you to the start of each story - or section of it - so you might have to fast forward if you want to get to a certain bit.

Extras are:

Eva Green is the Dame to Kill for.
Jessica Alba is Nancy.
Josh Brolin is Dwight.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt is Johnny.

These are four short [two to three minutes each] character profiles, with clips from the film and the actor plus others talking about their character. They're all quite good if brief.

Make up effects of Sin City.
Stunts of Sin City.

Run for six and five minutes each. Both focus on the subject of their title. And are also both interesting if brief.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 26 December 2014
Like many, I really enjoyed the original ‘Sin City.’ Okay, I have never read any of the comics that it’s based on, so I can’t really compare the two mediums. However, it just worked. The main stories intertwined and were brutally original as they depicted the lives of the inhabitants of the fictional ‘Basin City.’ In fact, the first film was so popular it’s hard to believe it’s taken nearly a decade to produce a sequel.

But was it worth the wait? Well... sort of. I think that if the original Sin City didn’t exist, this one ‘Sin City: A Dame to Kill For’ would have been hailed as the classic that that first one was. It’s hard to describe what exactly is wrong with the sequel. It just has this vibe about it that says that something isn’t quite right. And that’s weird because it contains all the elements of the first one. Many of the central characters return this time round (notably Mickey Rourke, Bruce Willis and Jessica Alba), but equally many of the others who were probably wanted couldn’t make it for one reason or another – due to other commitments or sadly passing away during the gap between productions.

The violence is also there. It was probably tempting to the film-makers to lower the graphic content of the film to attract a younger audience to the cinemas. Of course the general ‘look and feel’ of the film is kept identical (but then that’s no guarantee of success – take ‘The Spirit’ for example!).

For me, it was all about the dialogue. Everything seems really stilted, like the actors are just reading their lines directly from the comic material it was based on. There was one scene where I could practically see Mickey Rourke standing in a Hollywood sound studio while he read his lines and had them overlaid over the footage of his character walking the streets of Basin City.

Sin City 2 isn’t bad. Its major sin (no pun intended) is that the first one was so good. Therefore any sequel had too bigger mountain to climb to try and surpass it. To sum up... For fans of the original, they could probably watch Sin City many times and still enjoy it. As for the sequel... you could probably watch it every few years, but it would certainly never grace your TV screen as often as its predecessor.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 25 October 2015
The film got a lot of stick but I enjoyed it and thought it was mostly an improvement on the first film, beyond the first films originality which couldn't really be matched or beaten here as it's a sequel of that film. I think going too far off track to try and achieve the same originality would have resulted in a less faithful telling of the story, which probably would have been more disappointing. So yes, it's more of the same in some respects, but I think it had to be.

The often black-and-white film-noir style (which to some comes across as over-styled) may put some off but I love the style of the film - it's beautiful to watch visually, including the hyper violence and in-your-face blood splatters draping over the hard cut frames. This is another great adult comic-conversion that sticks to the source material far more strictly than it's less adult counterparts and if that's what you're looking for and expecting then you won't be disappointed, especially if you enjoyed the first film. The story feels more tied together than the first one, helped by the continuity of referencing earlier events and using many of the same characters, and makes for a smoother/easier watch even though we do go back-and-forward in time to piece everything together.

The film is pretty much what you expect - the dealings of previous (and new) characters in a corrupt, brutal city where dog-eats-dog and everyone has the potential to double-cross you. The three main story-lines work well separately and are tied together nicely so the film never feels like you're being shot from one film/arc to another and I think every member of the cast gives a great performance that this kind of film needs. Maybe not quite good enough to say it was worth waiting nearly 10 years for but I hope they put another one out in the future.
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The first 'Sin City' was indeed a 100% Gem, difficult to match, maybe....not.......
(if you loved the first, you'll not be disappointed by the second)
As with the first, there is graphic violence, brutal intent, deceit and manipulation, obsession, greed and revenge,
along with beautiful and equally deadly women.
Many of the stars that lit-up the screen first time around, grace it in the second.
The film told in three parts tells of the city's rough-necks squaring up to the elite.....
Scheming Temptress 'Ava' will do just about anything to get what she wants, she is indeed 'A Dame To Kill For'
There are also those that will learn, by playing with the big-boys is often a deadly game to play..........
Then there is a question to answer.........will 'Nancy' find the courage to pull the trigger ???
Key Players -
'Marv' - 'Mickey Rourke'
'Nancy' - 'Jessica Alba'
'Dwight' - 'Josh Brolin'
'Johnny' - 'Joseph Gordon-Levitt'
'Gail' - 'Rosario Dawson'
'Hartigan' - 'Bruce Willis'
'Ava' - 'Eva Green'
'Senator Rourke' - 'Powers Booth'
'Manute' - 'Dennis Haysbert'
'Joey' - 'Ray Liotta'
Features -
* Sin City - A Dame To Kill For - Behind the Sin (Extended Bonus) - Eva Green is the Dame to Kill - Jessica Alba is
Nancy - Josh Brolin is Johnny.
* Make-Up Effects for Sin City with Greg Nicotero.
* Stunts of Sin City with Jeff Nashnaw.
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I bought this Blu-ray as I had seen and 'enjoyed' (this is a VERY violent film !) at the cinema and then acquired on DVD then Blu-ray the previous incarnation, 'Sin City', which dates from around 2005.

'Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill' might have the same essential production ingredients, but for me it isn't as successful as the earlier effort as whilst it might be of the same Frank Miller 'stock' and in effect a continuation of plots from previously, the essentials of the story aren't sufficiently different despite some new characters. On Blu-ray it looks and sounds as good as the earlier issue ie fantastic.

Like before, the presentation and production values are unusual but excellent, utilising 'green scene' photography to allow the graphic and distorted backgrounds to be rich in detail and reproduce the 1950s American-style 'world' in and around the fictional story location of 'Basin City'. As displayed on the disc box cover, it should come as no surprise that there are several new characters in this film as well as some old 'favourites' - some of whom had actually died in the earlier set of stories, but this story collection moves around in time so is occasionally set before some of those seen before....!

Here's a repeat of the Amazon synopsis, which might go same way to help explaining things (but I don't think it really matters - I just went 'along for the ride' !!!) :

"Screen adaptation of the award-winning comic series created by Frank Miller. Interweaving multiple storylines from the series' history, the film is set both before and after 'Sin City' (2005). Powers Boothe returns as corrupt politician Senator Roark, who is being hunted down by Nancy Callahan (Jessica Alba) after the suicide of her friend and protector John Hartigan (Bruce Willis). Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars as a shady gambler determined to bring down the city's biggest villain; and Josh Brolin plays Dwight McCarthy, a man struggling to maintain control over his life and personal demons while fending off his ex-girlfriend Ava (Eva Green)'s wealthy husband Damien Lord (Marton Csokas). The ensemble cast also includes Mickey Rourke, Juno Temple and Jeremy Piven."

So, elements of the story and cast are not new and neither is the detail of the content - extreme violence, nudity, sexual activity but surprisingly little (no ?) profanity ! Fortunately, despite many basic similarities to the 'original' film, as so much of what goes on is (for me) so mesmerising, and shocking, this newer film is still entertaining - it's just not as good as what went before....

The picture is largely black and white, with certain aspects (eg blood) accentuated with flashes of vivid or florescent colour; the overall effect remains superb. The notably stellar cast continue to demonstrate a complete understanding of their task, performing their roles with 100% commitment despite many scenes being so raw and/or 'naked' - it probably helps them that much of the violence would be added later on, but it must also be a hindrance as they are obviously (you can see that from the production featurettes) almost alone when recording is in progress.

For me, it still demands to be watched on a large screen with a good audio presentation (especially if you are a Sin City 'newcomer') for maximum effect, but the content may well still be too much for some even though things have moved on in terms of what people are 'used' to seeing in '18' films (when I saw the original in the cinema many people left prematurely !).

As this is the second (of more, hopefully) of this genre, the production techniques we see in this film cannot really be regarded as original - but as a collection they ARE unique and this one is still highly original and VERY different from just about anything else out there.

One major difference to 'Sin City' is that this disc is comparatively substantially short on extras, with no commentaries but there a few featurettes and a UV copy. I'm sceptical that any extended or more feature-rich issues will appear as income for this second 'instalment' (unlike the original) fell way short of the production costs.....

I've attached a photo of the back of the disc box.

Clearly an adult-orientated movie and not to everyone's taste, if 'Sin City' flicked your switches as a bit of extreme fantasy escapism then 'Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill' should as well; it might well not have the same plot revelations, but it does at least contain the same superb production styles, and present them so well on Blu-ray, as existed before.
review image
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on 9 February 2015
While the first Sin City movie was a bold and highly original visual style that stood out for its originality the sequel suffers from a complete lack of the same. Drawing on imagery and ideas from the first movie it deliberately revisits characters and locations in an effort to provide some continuity but ends up making it feel as if they couldn't think of anything new.

Sin City 2 follows the same format as its predecessor, interweaving several different stories showing the dark and seedy world of Sin City. None of the stories are particularly remarkable though, being fairly standard plots for the genre. Neither is there any particularly memorable dialogue to give it the level of cool it so desperately strives for.

While this can still be an enjoyable tribute to the noir genre no attempt is made to up the ante and improve on the original. Instead the movie plods from one story to the next without any real inspiration. If this is the direction its heading in I hope there is not a Sin City 3.
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on 11 September 2014
With an increasingly freakish-looking Mickey Rourke blazing his way across the opening credits, and appearances from the likes of the legendary Powers Boothe, Bruce Willis, Josh Brolin, Jessica Alba and Joseph Gordon-Levitt – not to mention a sizzling Eva Green as the film’s femme fatale, this is certainly a movie that nails its colours to the mast. Director Robert Rodriguez loves to put together impressive ensemble casts for all-star exploitation movies, and this, combined with classic noir (subtitles and all), makes for a terrific big (or small) screen experience.
Admittedly, this sequel to the 2005 Frank Miller-penned Sin City is very much about style over substance – but what style! Rodriguez uses digital technology to good effect, and the chiefly black and white film with splashes of vivid colour looks superb. The cast members all seem to be enjoying themselves throughout, and the whole thing scores top marks for entertainment.
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on 8 October 2015
well this is a treat for all 3d people absolute gem on my big 3d tv picture pinsharp with great 3d perspective one of the best in my collection and the movie isnt bad either works great in black and white with splashes of colour highly recommended
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