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4.8 out of 5 stars60
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 25 August 2014
So The Saturdays, arguably one of the most underrated pop acts of our time, release their greatest hits, and as a fan who has been there from the very beginning, to see them this far down their career really makes me feel proud to be part of Team Sats. This album has all 18 of the girls singles and, say what you like, you can't deny that some of these tracks really are an integral part of British pop music. Here's my track by track review of each song...

"What About Us" - To this day i still don't know why this is their best selling track, yes its a good song but by no means is this their best track. However i do have to say that the last 30 seconds or so of this song fill me with euphoria each time i hear it. Sean Paul really fits in well with this track, i give it a 7/10

"Higher" - This is the song most people regard as The Saturdays best song, and i have to agree. Although for me its not THE best single, its definitely up there. From this song the wider public learnt each of the girls names through Flo Rida's verse, and the song in general is just completely pop. Also for me, this song probably has one of the best opening lines to a song; 'I'm doing nothing' - love it! - 9/10

"Ego" - This is another pop classic, one of their best selling songs and the chorus is probably one of their catchiest yet. From one of the most underrated pop albums ever 'Wordshaker', this song, along with the first 2 tracks on here, is what The Saturdays are going to be remembered by. = 10/10

"All Fired Up" - Produced by the powerhouse that gave us pretty much all of Girls Aloud's tracks, Xenomania really work their magic on this song; so catchy, so dance-able, so everything- a real gem. = 10/10.

"What Are You Waiting For" - Now this song just baffles me. At the time of writing this the song has had a peak of #38 in the charts which is a complete and utter crime - i just don't understand why so many people hate this song! Yes it uses a lot of auto tune and yes the girls lack individual identity in it, but to me i just think its brilliant. I understand that this is a pretty generic song but its not meant to be game changing- its just meant to be a good dance song. I truly love this song and its probably my 3rd favourite Saturdays song, a well deserved 10 out of 10.

"Up" - Their second single and another absolute classic. Annoyingly catchy but undeniably good, this song also gets a 10/10 for me.

"Forever Is Over" - Although this song nearly got to number one, i feel like this song is where it all started to go wrong for the Sats - they became a mismanaged mess after this song which is why i feel they haven't reached their full success. A good song at the time but after a few years just sounds a bit naff now. 5/10

"Issues" - Rejected from radio at first after they thought 'slap' sounded like 'stab', but after a radio mix that tweaked a few lyrics and gave a bit more oomph to the song, its another catchy classic. Also, Una's middle 8 in this song is one of her best performances vocally. a solid 8/10 for me.

"Disco Love" - thankfully this song was adored by a lot of radio stations, this is one of the girls latest hits and rightfully makes its mark in the girls discography. Although this video is a bit cringe i liked the idea of what they were trying to do with it, again an 8/10.

"Notorious" - With one of the best dance beats, and probably the girls best lyrics, this song really is one of my favourites - well done girls - 10/10 well and truly.

"Missing You" - I don't know why i just really am not a fan of this song. My least favourite song from the girls - although a lot of fans and the wider public like this song, it just doesn't do it for me. Also Frankies voice is butchered at the beginning of this song - was going to give is a 3 out of 10 but i'll be a bit generous with it, 4/10.

"Work" - My. Favourite. Song. i love it. i just love it. Its so good, so catchy, so powerful and so so so criminally underrated. Thankfully the girls know this is a fan favourite so they don't just forget about it. Not even just my favourite Saturdays song, this is one of my favourite songs of all time, cant get enough of it. 100/10.

"Not Giving Up" - It seems to be a trend that the best Saturdays songs chart awfully, but this song is my 2nd favourite. Accompanied by probably the best video the girls have made, this one is a proper dance floor number. so good. so blooming good. 10/10.

"30 Days" - An oddball in the girls discography as it came so soon after "On Your Radar" but so far away from "Living For The Weekend", but none the less a great club track. With great lyrics that i think the girls can actually relate to. This one also has a great video and all the girls look stunning in it. another 10/10.

"808" - Is the second new song on the album after 'WAYWF' and, although its a bit generic, i still like it. it has a bit of an anthemic feel to it and i really love Rochelle's slight rap verse after the first chorus. A good, solid track - 8/10.

"Gentleman" - Such a love/hate relationship with this song. Half of me loves it and half of me hates it. the first 2 and a half minutes are great but the rap section towards the end of the song is just a bit unnecessary and a bit cheesy to be honest. I still think this song was such a random song for the girls to release after the success of 'What About Us', but i do respect them for actually being bold with releasing this song as the follow up single. Despite my love/hate relationship, this song has one of the best lyrics ever; "he already had the milk so why would he go buy the cow" Been debating on what to give this song, but i'm going to settle with 7/10.

"If This Is Love" - The debut single. Loads of fans love this song but to me its just a bit average. Not much to say on this song but a respectable 6/10 for me.

"Walking Through The Desert" the last new song on here and wow, its such a good song. Such a different direction for the girl and again this one is really anthemic - i hope this is a direction the girls with delve deeper into on their next album. 9/10.

"My Heart Takes Over" - Sigh - again a brilliant song that was underrated. Probably the girls best vocal harmonies on the chorus and such a powerful ballad. i hope the girls respect this song as much as the fans do - 10/10.

"Just Cant Get Enough" - The girls first cover and, although its not amazing, its a fun, bouncy song that is a great way to close the album. Also one of their best selling songs. just a catchy little pop song, andi give it a 8/10.

So there we have it, The Saturdays thus far. At the time of writing this the girls have stated they have a new album coming out later in the year, and with Frankie taking part in this years Strictly i really hope they get some good promotion and success from her appearing on the show. Nearly 8 years down the line and i know the end of the group is probably in sight by now, but i really do hope these girls go on for quite a few more years as i do love them.

Thanks for the music Sats.
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VINE VOICEon 11 September 2014
Looking back on my review that I did on here for The Saturdays' first album, 'Chasing Lights', back in 2008 - and indeed a lot of their other singles and albums since then - is a revelation. Not least because at each new release, there's been something of a question mark at each new milestone in their career.

When they first started out, it was whether the public would want them with Girls Aloud and Sugababes already releasing records and being adored by all (which they did). After 'Just Can't Get Enough', their 2009 Comic Relief cover of Depeche Mode's classic and post rave ballad 'Missing You' failed to reach the top, it was 'Will they ever get a #1 single?' (which they finally did with last year's record breaking and brilliant Sean Paul collaboration 'What About Us').

And with each new album - which for them, sales wise have always sold faithfully to their devoted fans like me but precisely few else - it was 'Will they ever have a greatest hits album?'. Well, it's now 7 years on and that, ladies and gentlemen, is what we have here with 'Finest Selection'.

Their critics like the snotty reviewer above have often looked down on the ladies for being so utterly poptastic as they are, and for continuing to do such straight ahead pop music, but they say that as if it's a bad thing. To suggest therefore, this collection is a fluke is a massive insult when really, they've sustained a long career in a music world that sees 'The X Factor' make idols and chart topping singles overnight, with everyone else Twerking and being 'controversial' for controversy's sake to shift the most albums.

With all their singles here for the first time on this album, you realise not only how superb their canon of hits are, having evolved from the bouncy infectiousness of 'Up' and 'Higher' through to the sophisticated dancefloor thump of 'All Fired Up', but how very consistent they've actually remained.

Even with diverges off into rock ('Forever Is Over'), acoustic ballads ('Issues') and even Neneh Cherry style tongue twisting raps (last year's blinding and vastly underrated 'Gentleman'), they have always kept their pop sensibilities about them. Continuity is what has kept them going for as long as they have.

As I've often said time and again, they know they're not the cool kids on the block. They know what they are and they never pretend to be anything else. It would perhaps do their detractors the world of good to get hold of this album and realise this.

The Saturdays have achieved and continue to achieve more than they will ever probably get credit for, pretty much off their own backs. This greatest hits is a testament to that. Long may our weekends continue to start early!
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I have been a long time Saturdays fan so was beyond excited when they announced they were bringing out a greatest hits.

For me the girls haven't brought out a bad song and this album is a treat, with 20 of their best plus a couple of new ones. I particularly like Disco Love and Notorious.

Fantastic album - here's to more hits from the girls!
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on 26 August 2014
I like the album's mixture of singles in a specific order so they all follow on gently.
My favorite tracks are Higher and Issues.
The 3 original tracks (808, Walking Through The Desert and What Are You Waiting For) are all great. 808 is my favorite, Rochelle's voice just powers through! Rochelle and Vanessa also star in Walking Through The Desert. Mollie shines in the whole album, especially Missing You!
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on 11 September 2014
If you like The Saturdays, how can this cd go wrong, all the hits and more.
A must buy if don't have many Sats previous releases
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on 11 August 2014
Well The Saturdays have finally released enough songs to produce a Greatest Hits CD, and this CD is awesome! It's full of their past tracks from the last 6 years including: If This Is Love, Up, What About Us, All Fired Up, Ego and new single What Are You Waiting For, plus two other new songs. You are getting a great Bargain as the CD is only £10 and has 20 amazing tracks, don't miss out on a great CD to blast before going out, driving in the car or just having a dance at home. Any lover of pop music will adore this album, So what are you waiting for? GO BUY IT!
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on 4 December 2015
The music collection of Finest Selection The Greatest Hits by The Saturdays contain the perfect blend of dance, pop, and club music. The Saturdays do both musical collaborations satisfactorily with tunes such as What About Us feat. Sean Paul and Higher Feat. Flo Rida. They also do brilliantly on their own with hits such as Not Giving Up On Love. What I enjoy about the music on this cd is the overall optimistic music vibe such as the Not Giving Up On Love tune.
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on 17 August 2014
I have to disagree with another reviewer. As the years have passed The Sats have become part of the cookie-cutter/synth-pop/pseuod-rap/electronic mush that seems to excite the least discerning of musical ears. Yes, it seems like an oyxmoron to discuss pop music and discerning ears, but the first two Saturdays album had some personality and even what passed for genuine emotion and originality. Recent songs have become interchangeable with almost anything else on the radio with lyrics about partying all night...blah blah blah. Some of the weakest tracks on this release are the most recent: 808 (repetitive and soulless), Gentleman (yawn), Disco Love (baby baby baby...) and What Are You Waiting For? (a good song, girls, THAT'S what I'm waiting for!). It's nice to have the selection of their work, but like at any buffet, there are a number of dishes here that are best passed by. Is there hope the girls will ever return to the likes of Chasing Lights?
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on 11 August 2014
With a successful career and back catalogue spanning over 6 years, The Saturdays have accumulated a mass number of smash hits throughout their reign over girl band territory since taking the crown from Girls Aloud, 18 in fact - an undoubtedly amazing achievement for any girl group in this day and age.

Since the 2008 release of their debut single If This Is Love, The Saturdays have filled a gap in the market for pure pop, and rightly so.

As the girls are set to embark on the next chapter of their career as a band, they feel it is only right to celebrate the last 6 years with the release of their Greatest Hits.

Including notable and unmistakable hits such as Up, Ego, Higher, and the song which gained the girls their first number one in 2013, What About Us, and not a single skippable track featured, this is a release certainly worthy of 5 stars.
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on 19 September 2015
I've not listened to the cd yet as its only just been delivered but it's a good job that it wasn't a gift as the case arrived damaged. Arrived quickly though and all the hits look to be on the album so I'm looking forward to a sing along in the car.
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