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4.5 out of 5 stars282
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 23 March 2014
I loved the first book in this series and I think this one is as good if not better. There are bits of the book I was not completely keen on especially the amount of time on Prince Henry (though at the end I understood the reason why).
This time the Ark Royal is leading a multi-national task force into enemy space. I will not go into the specifics but suffice to say it leads to plenty of action and not everything goes completely to plan.
At the end of the book the author asks the question whether he should write about what happened on Earth whilst the Ark Royal is on its mission or carry on where the second book ends. Whilst I am eager to know what happens next if he intends to write about Earth then it would be better to find that out first.
Roll on the next book I say whichever one he writes first.
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on 13 April 2014
This is the second instalment in the Ark Royal series following the crew and exploits of a futuristic starfighter carrier.
It is fast paced and full of gritty action and the characters from the first book continue to develop in depth.
Mr Nuttall is a prolific writer however he manages to keep on writing quality stories which grip the reader and pull you in. I like the fact that he actually concentrates on the trials and tribulations of the characters involved and they are very believable and likeable (or hateable if that's what is intended.) All too often the characters in books are super human or plain but that is not the case in this series.
I also like the fact that the story flows smoothly without any science techno babble or bull@~*& It is all too tempting to go off track in sci fi with explanations as to how things work...Do I care or need to know how a puller field might work? No, I don't. The same as I don't need a science lesson while reading a fantasy book. Thank you for not doing that Mr Nuttall.

Mr Nuttall is also very engaging with his fans and it makes his books even more fun and captivating to read when there are direct name dropping moments or veiled reference to fans. (I was ecstatic to see a reference to me in this one)

Please keep up the writing and the good quality, I look forward to reading the next instalment
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 20 December 2015
I mentioned finding that Ark Royal was essentially a product based on a formula which ticked all the boxes of the space opera genre and ended up being quite a good read, although at times also a caricature. This is also true for the Nelson Touch, volume two of the trilogy.

There are however also a few additional twists, such as a very special passenger travelling incognito on board of Ark Royal and who happens to also be a rather good pilot. I could not help wandering to what extent the author was alluding to a certain helicopter pilot who served some time in Afghanistan, although the comparison should probably not be pushed too far.

A second interesting feature here is to have both the aliens and the humans adapting to each other in the interstellar war that they are fighting. A third feature is to end the story with the loss of said “incognito passenger” who makes contact with the aliens while a fourth feature is also to end this episode by showing in rather dramatic ways how badly the humans have been hit.

Again, you get plenty of space ship battles and airspace dogfights between Starfighters and their alien equivalents which somehow always seem, in both cases, to perform less well than those of Ark Royal. Again, you get the continuation of the sexual romance – with plenty of detail! - between the senior flight officer and his younger female subordinate and, as an extra treat, you get a second story involving incognito pilot officer freshly graduating from the Academy and a female navy officer.

Once again, the whole plot is rather predictable from beginning to end, except for the couple of twists that I mentioned before. However, this time also, the book makes for a good and exciting read, however formulaic the characterisation and the plot happen to be. Four somewhat generous stars essentially because this is an entertaining read.
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on 2 July 2015
Having struggled through the rather basic prose and dialog of book 1 I continued, not expecting too much. I listened to the audio version and ended up playing this as double speed, I wanted the hear the story, which I'm enjoying, but didn't want to waste too much time getting through it. The characters spend so much time on useless speculation and guessing what the enemy might be doing, some of it completely ridiculous, that I found myself shouting at the book at times, to just get on with the story. The whole side story of Prince Henry and the royal family was actually annoying.
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This self-published space opera set on an obsolete space carrier which suddenly finds herself at the cutting edge of an unexpected and hard-fought war against a previously unknown alien threat is the second in the series, following on from "Ark Royal."

In the story all the major nations of earth, and some of the minor ones, have built space fleets and acquired colonies. For decades mankind gradually expanded through space without ever finding alien life, or becoming politically unified. An uneasy balance of power has prevented the outbreak of a major war but the threat of such a war has caused most of the nations of earth to maintain starfleets based around starfighter carriers. With the result that humanity is not entirely helpless when an alien race, whose existence had not previously been discovered, announced that existence by attacking several colonies on the edge of human space.

Nevertheless it soon becomes evident that humanity's situation is desperate, as the aliens seem completely unwilling or unable to respond to diplomatic peace initiatives and their military technology is in some ways superior to mankind's and well adapted to dealing with earth's existing modern fleets.

In the first book, as an act of desperation, Britain's admiralty activated the Royal Navy's oldest spaceship, the carrier HMS Ark Royal, which had been built decades before at a time when it was expected that such ships would need thick armour and rather different weapons systems. Just as in the historical World War II some of the German and Italian weapon systems had difficulty dealing with obsolete British kit such as the "Stringbag" (or to give its' proper name, Swordfish) biplane torpedo bomber, the forlorn hope that the alien warships might not be well configured to deal with "Ark Royal" turned out to be justified.

At the start of this book, the survivors of Ark Royal's first mission are given a new task: with new equipment they captured from the aliens in the first book, Ark Royal is to lead a fleet in a surprise attack behind enemy lines. They hope to take the aliens by surprise - but the enemy may have surprises of their own ...

The writing style of these books is OK but not brilliant. Most of the characters are reasonably well drawn, there are a few cliches in the plot and characterisation but not too many and the author does a reasonable job of keeping the story going and making you try to guess what will happen next.

Worth a try if you like naval and military SF with some imagination and a bit of a difference.
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on 13 April 2014
The author asked what storyline the reader would prefer next, and I would say stick the existing plot with the prince and the Ark Royal, I’d rather not break the momentum with an offshoot while enjoying the existing story (I’d maybe not buy an offshoot but would definitely by a continuation).

As far as the book goes I really enjoyed it, it is a simple and straightforward read (and I don’t mean that as a criticism), sticking to the primary plot, reasonably fast paced and little padding makes it easy to read.

The book is by no means perfect and there are couple of very small niggles (a tendency to explain the same things, perhaps needlessly, multiple times throughout the book e.g. how good the alien sensors are etc.). Not a biggie though.

I always like to support good indie authors, but have held back from giving 5 stars as that would be to compare it to some of my favourites from the likes of Banks, Simmons or Reynolds - and while good, not quite at that level yet.

I get the feeling the author is still developing and there is a lot more to come, also the plot looks like it could develop along some interesting paths.

Hopefully we’ve got something akin to another Spinward Fringe to look forward to.
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on 24 March 2014
A great follow-up to the Ark Royal series, continues with his well thought out action and excellent pace with plenty of mystery and plot twists. There are new characters introduced and developed but it doesnt get lost in the relationships and the background world is expanded. This series will appeal to anyone who loved BSG but hated the soap-opera element.

A real bargain at this price.
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on 24 April 2014
Read what ark royal was about, bought it, saw there was another by the same author, call it blind faith but bought it, read them, my faith was rewarded, brilliant concept for a story, very real characters, ships, places and times. After just the first chapter of ark royal I was hooked, speed reading with mind in neutral I finished and needed, almost as much as air, to read the next book, the Nelson touch, which unlike film sequels, definitely lived up to the first books expectations, if not surpassing them, more meat was added to the bones of the whole story and characters in believable situations. Space type stories aren't really my thing normally, if they aren't yours either, I suggest giving this series a go, you really will not regret that you did. Amazing pieces of work from a novel concept to actually getting them printed. My imagination made them into sure fire box office hits and then classics. I cannot wait for the third book, in the meantime I will buy the book that a sample was given at the end. Excellent author. 11 out of 10!
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on 24 May 2014
Once again Christopher weaves a compelling story both in terms of space combat and character background and interaction in the second book in the Ark Royal series. In The Nelson Touch we have the pride of Earth the British carrier Ark Royal leading a fleet to attack alien assets but with limited tactical advantage and intelligence it's a huge gamble made more so but the ever present nationalistic themes the human race is still having to deal with. Admiral Smith now no longer the captain of his beloved carrier has to hold together the fleet knowing how vulnerable they are and deal with so many young pilots and crews he knows will not be returning to Earth, sacrifices will have to be made and with it the ever present shadow of government and political fall out if he and the fleet make it home.
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on 1 April 2014
This is something like the 6th book I've read by this author and I have to say I've enjoyed every single one so far.
Ark Royal was definitely my favourite prior to reading this book - having read it now I can say this is definitely equal in my eyes.
This book also had another bonus compared to some of the previous reads: far fewer mistakes! It's a relatively small thing overall, but having something stand out as incorrect while reading does spoil the experience somewhat.

I hope you continue writing enjoyable reads and I look forward to either the sequel to The Nelson Touch or the suggested parallel idea! (As much as I instinctively want to continue the story with a sequel, the parallel could be just as good I think).
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