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on 30 August 2014
I'd been looking at B&O's H6 headphones for some time. Looking, but didn't really have any intention of spending £330 on them. Unfortunately, they seem to hold their value reasonably well so there didn't seem much chance of picking up a genuine pair going cheap. That's until I stumbled across these. The only difference between these and the £330 H6s is the colour scheme. These seem to be some sort of design partnership between a 'leading street artist', Pepsi Co and B&O. Initially, I wasn't sure about the design on the inside of the headband, however, when on your head it isn't particularly evident. And you'll be too distracted by the sumptuous sound quality to care!
These are around ear headphones and the build quality (and materials used) is top quality. The sound is also superb, they don't have the annoying Bass-bias that seems so popular everywhere these days. They come with a removable 3.5mm headphone cable that can be plugged into either the left or right headphone. The supplied cable also has an inline remote for apple devices.
The headphones also feel extremely comfortable to wear, I'll usually listen to an album in one sitting and have absolutely no complaints. They're just right for size and weight.
The only points I'll mark them down on are (a) the case supplied is one of those cloth bags, for the RRP I'm surprised they didn't provide a better carry case (b) the 1.2m cable is a bit short for home listening, again for the price, I'm surprised there wasn't a longer cable supplied as well.
If you can pick these up at a fraction of the £330 RRP, I'd thoroughly recommend.
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on 3 September 2014
These are excellent headphones for the money. I was looking for a new pair of headphones at around £150-£200 and was considering ones from AKG and Grado etc. but then found these at the special price. Only difference to the more expensive versions of the H6 is the colour ( which is okay actually, a rather dull blue) and a small Pepsi logo on the inside of the headphone band. Sound wise these are very clear headphones, good treble and midrange and a strong but not overpowering, bass (too lite if you are into the Ibiza / Beats sound). A definite step up from ones I have listened to around £200-£300. They are put together very well and extremely comfortable to wear. I use them with an ipad and ipod where the short provided lead works well, and with my hifi where I use a longer male to male lead which fits nicely, directly into the headphones. I use Apple Lossless compression but suspect they will work well with more lossy compression rates. Not sure I could justify buying these at full price although the sound they provide is well worth it (B&O are still selling this model at the full price on their website) but for £170 odd they are an absolute bargain. Three year warranty from B&O as well.

Very good service buying direct from the seller - arrived two days after ordered in perfect condition (with free delivery)
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on 16 August 2014
I was initially suspicious of the price, £150 cheaper than every other pair of H6 headphones, the only discernible difference being the colour; I'm happy to say that I needn't have worried. These are identical to every other pair of £320 H6s, except they're blue. The reason for the discount, I assume, is that this model seems to have been made in conjunction with Pepsi (hence the trademark Pepsi blue colour), there is also a subtle Pepsi logo on the inner headband. I would guess that this is the left over stock from the partnership which they don't want to sell in B&O stores because of the Pepsi brand association.

The build quality and materials are superb (especially the lamb skin leather ear cushions which allow for hours of listening without causing discomfort), more than meeting the expectations you would have for a £300+ pair of headphones. The sound quality is also on par with other £300+ headphones; it isn't a case of sacrificing substance for style (something B&O could perhaps be accused of in the past). The sound is very natural and allows you to clearly pick out individual instruments. My only reservation is the volume that the H6 can handle; they are significantly quieter than I expected, but not so much to make me regret buying them.

All in all, these are a brilliant pair of headphones for £320; at £170 they are an absolute bargain.
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on 16 December 2014
These headphones were a bit of a gamble as I bought them at a discounted price but I decided that the B&O name was enough to make it worth taking. I have not been let down, as these are the finest headphones money can surely buy.

I had been looking at numerous high end headphones for ages but they all demanded a compromise. Dr Dre Beats are only good for modern, bass driven music and grow tiresome after a few songs. Bose offer good sonic clarity, but poor build quality and design that harks back to 1980 VCR design. The best compromise were Bower and Wilkins P7s, but I felt these felt too flat for rock driven anthems.

These are the best all-rounders. The sound is incredible, the detail is breath-taking and even with highly detailed music from the likes of Muse or the new Julian Casablancas album, each instrument can be heard distinctly. It is like listening through a very high end stereo speaker, as the sound is not in anyway condensed and is layered in a way that provides depth beyond a mere headphone.

The biggest treat is vocal clarity, with the tones of Jim Morrison, Matt Monroe, Freddie Mercury and Sinatra given a crisp, newly recorded quality to their delivery. My neighbours are delighted at this development as I am starting to prefer headphones to my Bower and Wilkins standing speakers. I would previously never have dreamt over using such delivery for music in my own home.

It is claimed they do not have noise reduction. Well, they insulate my working environment perfectly and even when confronted with busy streets, they completely isolate you from the world.

Build quality is as good as anyone could expect from B&O with smooth headband size expanders gliding with a smooth weighted action. The metal hinges coupled with sumptuous leather ear defenders and leather headband give a feeling of sublime luxury. However it is a slight let down to see the secondary cup material topped off with metal, but sitting on a plastic ABS base, which feels cheap. The lining on the headband also feels a bit "Fisher Price" too. Made in China doesn't bother me although it might explain the lower than usual price of a B&O offering.

Overall, these are a must buy, especially at a discount. For my needs however, I would have bought these at full price as sonically and aesthetically they are miles ahead of anything else.
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on 29 September 2014
I originally bought a pair of Grado GS1000e for £1000 but they arrived with a distorted earpad, I tried them out and the sound quality, in my humble opinion, was not worth the money so I returned them. I then tested out a bunch of pairs up to £300 at Richer sounds and the Bang and Olufsen Beoplay H6 were joint best with some Grado SR125i. So I went on Amazon and got both pairs for £300 quid!

I have tried these with a bunch of different styles of music and they handle everything great. They sound far more expensive than the are, frequencies are separated well and the treble and bass are just right. Incredibly accurate, warm, balanced and punchy. They reveal detail I had not heard on tracks before.

They are closed back so don't leak sound and are very comfortable. Buy with confidence!
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on 11 December 2014
Having checked these out in the Harrod's technology department there is much to love about the design, comfort and construction quality of these headphones. And for this alone they are not far from being worth the asking price of around £175.00. But then listening via an iPad to a selection of songs from various genres turned out to be (in the end) a fatiguing experience. Music is delivered with attention grabbing insight and transparency, especially high frequency information, but the overriding downside is that the upper midrange is too pronounced which comes across too often as unrelentingly shrill. Every song I listened to was conveyed with this same character, which leads me to believe that either the source (iPad) or the headphones themselves were the problem. Switching to other H6 headphones (and other iPads) revealed the same issue, and given the price point, these headphones will surely be bought for use with portable music players and not to sit on the end of a mid to high end dedicated headphone amplifier. The other potential issue to be aware of is that these headphones are quite lean in the bass department, which may or may not be appealing. My advice to the buyer is to try before you buy and also listen to the B&W P3, which is a truly wonderful headphone at £170.00. My feedback to B&O is to fix the harsh upper midrange issue and add a touch more weight to the lower frequency delivery and you'll have a true classic on your hands.
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on 23 August 2014
Sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes I'm writing this on my phone.

First off these headphones are 100% genuine and I can guarantee this since you get an extra years warranty from the official B&O website using the code supplied with the headphones. So you get a total of three wars warranty with these headphones which shows how much faith the company has in their products.

The box doesn't really include any extras, you get the headphones, a pouch, 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable and a bunch of paper work. The box it comes in is fairly robost which just shows off the quality.

The headphones themselves are exactly like the pictures provides by amazon. They are very light weight considering how the quality they produce. The headband is made of leather with an inlay of some sort of metal which is really strong and seems like it would last a good time. The headband does lack cushioning (not much) but I didn't find this to be a problem cause they are very light. The headband can be adjusted by a fair amount, the best part is the adjuster is vey sturdy and just screams quality. The ear cups are extremely comfy and go around the ear so no pressure it extered on them which allows longer use without wanting to take them off. They are labeled L and R and both ear cups has a slot for the cable for your preference and also let's you daisy chain headphones. The only downside of the headphones is that the cups have edging around the metal housing though not the worst problem in the world.

Quality wise these headphones are fantastic, the bass isn't the strongest but high notes come out fantasic. I'm not the biggest audiophile out their but do want high quality music which this provides almost perfectly. I listen to a wide range of music such as full out gangster rap and 90s rock and these headphones are perfect for them all. I borrowed my friends Beats Pro not long ago and these destroy them in every aspect other than bass. For the discount price these headphones are an absolute steal and couldn't recommend them enough if you got the cash to spare.
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on 8 March 2015
Love music? Love to keep the commuter traffic noise out? Then these are the headphones for you.

I have big ears, unfortunately, this means that normally i find headphones sit on my ears and hurt after about 30 mins of use. These fit perfectly round the outside of my ears, they are very comfortable.

I love music and have an ear for good quality, these provide excellent quality, i couldn't fault them. If I use them with, say, an I-pod where the quality has been reduced to 128bits the headphones still sound great, but when you hear them without any compression they really shine.
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on 14 July 2015
I was so disappointed with these. They look amazing in the photos but when I received them they were a different shade of blue, more like a green/blue and they looked quite grubby. The headband doesn't look clean it looks like it needed a wash. Really disappointed because I have seen other colour models in stores and they look absolutely amazing.

Aside, they are super comfortable and I was amazed by how much noise they block out even though they are not noise cancelling. The ear cups are memory foam with plush super soft lamb skin, they really are superb.

The sound was a little strange too so I'm not sure I got a good set, I wondered if I had been sent a previously returned item. They seemed to be underpowered using my iPhone 6 Plus.

Considering the other reviews and the other colours I have seen in stores I would really like to say they are amazing, but the pair I received definitely were not so I have given it two stars. I've returned them for a refund, it's so disappointing because they otherwise seem superb.
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on 18 January 2015
beotastic,incredible price I nearly bought these in a b&o shop,glad I did a bit of research first,saved quite a bit of money,as ever build quality materials & of course the sound sublime,these are a bargain,classy piece of hi-fi kit.
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