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4.4 out of 5 stars366
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 10 August 2014
I purchased this keyboard and mouse set a few months back for my new gaming rig and have given the set a good test.

To start, this is a great product for any gamer who wants to focus on spending the majority of their budget on the rig itself instead of the accessories. It is cheap and the mouse outshines any gaming mouse of the same price and standard. There are a few important points to be made about the mouse initially:

- The left and right mouse buttons have an upward arc that stop your fingers from slipping off when repositioning after using the mouse wheel.
- The gear like shape of the mouse wheel allows for optimised grip and helps determine each motion that is particularly handy when scrolling through weapon wheels and other similar menus.
- The mouse shape offers high comfort levels for prolonged use.
- The position of the additional mouse buttons sit at a pivotal point of the thumb to ensure ease of use.

The keyboard has a few perks over your average keyboard that are as follows:

- The highlighted keys make it easy to find movement keys which becomes increasingly helpful when playing games that require numerous keys for fast paced gaming.
- The function (FN) button allows for sound and video controls so you never have to leave full screen.
- Personally the old fashioned sound presented by hitting the keys has proven helpful when touch typing and also when attempting to conduct various actions in game.

The keyboard does however lack programmable keys and may not be ideal for anyone intending to bind more complex controls to such keys.

The only issue I have found is with the keyboard. The key layout does not resemble the standard U.K. layout and as such it can be quite tricky to find some keys. This has left me with difficulties using backslash due to its apparent absence.

A final point about the cabling; I am impressed by the sturdiness of both cables. The design of the casing improves the structural integrity and also minimises tangling.

All in all this is a great set for anyone aiming to get a good quality keyboard and mouse for a very reasonable price and as such I highly recommend this product.
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on 4 July 2014
This product is certainly worth buying, Love the colour scheme, love the feel of the keys, the sound the keys make when pressed, certainly a lovable keyboard.
The mouse, surprisingly is better than my R.A.T.5 mouse in pin point accuracy, even though this mouse was stated to be 2000DPI and my R.A.T was at 5600 DPI, this mouse is surprisingly faster and a heck of a lot more comfortable. I recommend this to gamers in need of a mouse and keyboard, or possibly want to spruce up the way their setup looks, this keyboard is fantastic, and I love the keyboard's red colour scheme as well as the mouse match.
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on 12 November 2014
Good quality and well designed, worth the money. However, the keyboard seems to be malfunctioning if plugged into USB 3.0; if the keyboard is plugged into USB 3.0 it is impossible to do any kind of gaming on it as combining any kind of keys will get one of the keys stuck ( for example: you are playing an FPS game using the WASD, you are running forward using W and at the same time you want to press D the character will move right on its own without holding down any keys). Works perfect using the USB 2.0 port.
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on 30 January 2016
Redragon® CENTROPHORUS Gaming PC Multimedia Keyboard and Mouse set

I got to get my hands on the Redragon Keyboard and now I will admit I know nothing of this company. That’s what made me want to do the review as I love testing out stuff from places I never seen before or heard of and the price on Amazon means that even if this keyboard were good but not great it would still have been a great deal.

The Vajra keyboard is a nice looking black and red. The Vajra comes with a few light up sections but they keys themselves are not backlit which would have been a plus. The Vajra also has swappable WASD key and Arrow keys. That is why they send a key removal tool in the box. Now a few more specs about the Vajra is that there a variable speed control for typing. This function is activated and deactivated by holding the FN key and the Q key. I did test this but didn’t feel much need for it to be honest. There are also 12 media keys also. To use these you just use the FN key and the F1 threw F12. Like I said before the WASD and direction keys are swappable but one part I did not tell you yet was they are also interchangeable by holding the FN key and the W key. This will change which keys do what on the Vajra keyboard. To me this is a very nice touch as if you need to use the arrows, this simply reassigns the WASD keys as your arrow keys. The Vajra keyboard can also use 19 keys together with no conflict. I will post a few pictures of the keyboard now so you can see it with and without lights on.

You can do about whatever you want to with it and have no bad hiccups. The only real issue was I could not find the software and the issue of typing with the key swap was working. Other then that this is a great set for the price. Redragon did very good. The Vajra and Centrophorus will make someone happy that is for sure.
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on 9 October 2015
The Redragon Yama mechanical keyboard, I have had it all of one day, which might seem a bit soon to be posting a review, but there are reasons for that.
Firstly, there is only one other review, at least using the search function, of this keyboard. I would agree with its positive assessment, but it does not provide information people might find particularly useful.
That said, I am not particularly knowledgeable on the subject of mechanical keyboards, but certainly in my experience of having used various chiclet and dome keyboards, I can say this is far and away better than any of those types that I have used. The responsiveness is excellent. I had not realised how much, whether gaming or typing, a mechanical keyboard like this might help.
The current price of this keyboard, £60 when I bought it, £70 as I type this, is roughly equivalent to a good non mechanical keyboard, but represents infinitely better value.. In comparison to other mechanicals with similar features, I can't say as I have not used them. It is though roughly half the price of a similarly specced "brand" keyboard, and I honestly can't imagine them performing much better, at least not 100% better.
So as a well priced upgrade to a non-mechanical keyboard, or a first foray into mechanical keyboards, I can certainly recommend this one.

Now thirdly, and perhaps to some most importantly, this keyboard is not compatible with Windows 10 out of the box, at least at the current time.
The closest I have found to an official update on this was on an Italian retailers forum. Apparently the manufacturer is working on a fix which will be released, but god knows when. The manufacturers official website doesn't have much information at all.
However, I have found there is a fix, which requires only minor fiddling with Windows 10 settings.

If you go in to your settings menu, devices, and open up your device manager, it will create two device entries for this keyboard.
One under keyboards, and another under Universal Serial Bus Controllers. It is in the USB Controllers section you will have to make a change.
When Windows detects the keyboard it will create an entry titled "ND-tech USB adapter" or simply "Generic USB hub". Or just have that tab open as you plug the keyboard and go to whichever new entry is created. Bit sketchy on that part as I did this myself out of order.
Anyway, what you'll want to do is right click on the new entry, and select "update driver software.." Then choose to "manually update" the driver software, and then "let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer". Then a popup should appear, select from this list "USB composite device" and hit next to finish installation.
All going well, congratulations, you should now have a working keyboard :)
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on 17 August 2015
This product is amazing. I'm typing on it now. I bought this for my gaming PC rig, mainly because it was cheap and it matched the red and black theme of my PC. (Especially the NZXT H440 Red and Black case, I'd recommend it).

The box is long but not that tall so it's compact. Inside are the keyboard, mouse and some instructions. You don't really need the instructions, just plug in the usb cable and you're good to go. Speaking of that cable, it's braided so it's super durable. The end of the USB is gold plated which makes no difference whatsoever to the performance but it looks nice. Also it's USB 2.0, not that it matters when it comes to keyboards and mice.

The keyboard has the US layout so it may be tricky finding certain things when living in the UK. I personally don't have to worry about this issue as I don't look at the keyboard while typing, I look at the screen. However, finding "special" keys like the backwards slash was difficult. There is an ultra easy solution however. Windows Key + Space. This allows for switching between US and UK keyboard setup in Windows instantly and quickly, if you set it up right.

Typing speed for me is pretty high. On this keyboard I can do around 98-102 words per minute. On my old Logitech I hit 110. On a laptop keyboard I hit 90. The keys are responsive and it's no mechanical keyboard but you can definitely hear each keypress.

- Comfortable. I use the 'fingertip' method while gaming and the 'palm' for everything else. The keyboard doesn't have a wrist rest but even so I don't mind it. Some might.
- Windows Lock function. With Windows 8 and 8.1 if you hit the windows key it brings up the fullscreen metro UI and if you're gaming this can be a huge problem. I play Battlefield 4 and other fast paced games and in the middle of a conquest match, you don't want to accidently hit the Windows key and be left defenceless for a few seconds. In a game like Battlefield, a few seconds is years. So what Centrophorus has done is, they have made a "windows lock" function where you can press FN + Windows Key and it locks the windows key so if you press it, nothing happens. There's a little LED that tells you when it's active and when it's not.
- Forward and Back button on the mouse. These buttons are tremendously helpful when navigating web pages.
- DPI button switch. You can switch between the DPI settings instantly at the press of a button. I use 2000 DPI for normal gaming but when sniping at long distances I scope in then hit the button which brings me down to 1000 DPI so I have better control. For non-gaming I use 2000 as when you have a high resolution display, there is a lot of screen realestate that you have to get through quickly. For a 1080p display I'd recommend 2000 but for a 720p display I'd say 1600 is good.

- Keyboard is a milk magnet. Though this one is entirely my fault, I can see similar things happening to others. I've often had to get some work done so I'd eat my cereal at my desk. I'd eat it quickly and messily and tiny droplets of milk would splash onto the keyboard. I have to clean my keyboard so much and it's pretty hard to clean. One time I had to take it apart to clean it. It's not that hard to put back together though. There's just the circuit board, the back and front plate and so many little membranes.
- It has red WASD and Arrow keys but the red LEDs are only on the dragon logo and two accents at the bottom of the keyboard.

In conclusion, great keyboard for gaming or even normal use. It has a excellent colour scheme and the mouse looks fantastic. I'll be using the mouse for a few more months, maybe even years as I love it but the keyboard may need to go soon. The Red and black colour scheme is great but the LEDs are only on the dragon logo and accents.
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on 29 June 2014
The product arrived quickly with everything exactly as shown. It has worked great with no issues, the mouse it comfortable, works well on most surfaces and has a great feature to adjust sensitivity of you mouse cursor. Keyboard is also great and much more pleasant to use then most regular keyboards.
Only thing I would say is that it does not tell you the light on the keyboard and mouse do not turn off when you turn off the computer unless you turn it off at the plug or at the back of the computer but still great product and glad I purchased.
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on 7 April 2015
The over-all product is amazing. It arrived earlier than expected in a large box mid-day and within the box, contained another box as-well as tissue paper and bubble wrap suffocating the products.

The products are in excellent condition and worth the £20 spent.

• 'WASD' and 'ARROWS' can alternate by pressing "FN + W"
• Key presses make a suppressing noise - Not mechanical
• 12 Multimedia buttons for easy song switching during games
• 'Win Lock' to disable windows key at all times if wanted
• Cheap but looks swanky
• DPI adjuster on the mouse
• 2 Bindable mouse-keys
• Wire's are sturdy and feel great

• LED's on the mouse are far brighter than the keyboard, sometimes distracting
• Keyboard has an american layout
• LED's don't turn off unless unplugged (Had to sleep last-night eughhh)

Over-all, the product is excellent, came swiftly and since I've switched from a ball mouse to a laser mouse, I can safely say it was a good change. Anything is better than 5 DPI. I'd highly recommend this product as a cheap set, however, the keyboard is american and half the manual is in (Japanese?) other than that, it's a very good product and I'd definitely pick this up if you're in need, even in just one of the products it's a bargain for both!
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on 7 January 2015
For the price, the best all around.......Gaming keyboard and mosue, really easy for everyday use too.

One little thing if you have on and off charge fuction on your motherboard you'll have the red LEDs going fulltime if you don't disable it. And even though build quality is great, not willing to have them on 24/7 due to LEDs lifespan not having the greatest of records.I won't be 4 staring it for that as most keyboard and mouse combos don't really have a disable button of the LEDs.

Mouse is nice and i find it really hard to warm to others, but this one just feels right. And everything really suits my black and red theme i've got going on with my pc. the best thing i like about "CENTROPHORUS" is it doesn't look cheap...

Update: after using for a couple of days i have noticed a squeaking noise coming from the left click if i press it to close the middle scroll. in the day if doesn't really get to me much as i use headphones alot but you might so it's something to keep in mind. thanks
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on 1 November 2015
My son loves it and it certainly goes well with "the beast", the computer he bought to take to University:

I don't think you really need fancy lights glowing in your keyboard & it seems a (tiny) waste of energy - but I am old, what do I know! Any energy lost does seem to be offset by the energy & happiness that it seem to instill in my son ;)

He got these headphones to complement them (they look fantastic - great price too, £16):

He got this 24" monitor, which really does it justice:

He now has an amazingly good computer system. And he just asked us to get him a second monitor the same for Christmas (the computer supports up to 4 monitors!)
review image
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