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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars340
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 24 June 2014
As the title of my review suggests, I'm still not sure on this album. By the looks of it, I am one of the few people who though that 'Velociraptor' was actually their best effort since 'Kasabian' so was hoping that they'd go one more and finally produce the ideal successor to their brilliant debut.

Having listened to the album in full about a dozen times now, I can't figure out whether I should be rating '48:13' higher or not. It does have some cracking tunes but is also really let down by some absolute naff songs and (in one case in particular) terrible 'parts' of songs.

For me the really good consists of Bumblebee, Treat, Explodes, Bow and S.P.S. Then I'd stick Glass and Clouds in the 'listenable' section. Glass being great until that god awful rap outro, I'm not even a hater of the genre but it's just so cheesy and clichéd. Why couldn't they just have had a musical outro???

I'm probably going to go against the grain here but Doomsday, Eez-eh and Stevie are just not very good. Stevie starts well enough but I think the chorus is too Kasabian by numbers. Whilst for me, the interludes don't really serve any kind of purpose. Remove them from your iTunes library and the album doesn't suffer as a whole in my opinion.

Looking at the tracklisting, maybe it's because a couple of my least favourite tracks (along with Interludes) are at the start of the album and as such I find it hard for the album to gather any consistency. It's certainly not a disaster in the way the Eez-eh threatened as a 1st single, but neither is it the band's defining moment as Serge suggested in the lead up to their biggest ever gigs.
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VINE VOICEon 12 June 2014
I have been a Kasabian fan from the beginning, and I have loved all their albums. I pre ordered 48:13 and when I saw them perform Bumblebeee on Jools Holland I couldn't wait. I am not disappointed, I love all the tracks on this album. Yes eez-eh is a catchy electronic track, and as the first single, it will sell a few extra albums from people who would probably never have thought of buying a Kasabian album before. People who like the bouncy dance beat and may expect the rest of the album to be the same. Wrong! The rest of the album is completely different to eez-eh. clever marketing ploy though. My personal favourite is S.P.S a song Serge wrote for Tom about them growing up together and everything they have achieved over the years. A lovely bromance song. Bumblebeee is a great rockin track, and I couldn't get Explodes out of my head the first time I listened to it, along with Doomsday and Bow. I could go through all the tracks but that would make it too 'eez-eh' for people, I suggest you 'Treat' yourselves and buy the album, have a 'Glass' or two and enjoy. (sorry couldn't help it!)
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on 9 June 2014
When we all heard 'Eez-Eh' 1st being played on radio 1 I'm sure I wasn't the only person thinking 'what have they done!?' The song is definitely a grower and a catchy tune! But you can't judge the new album on just one song.

When I heard 'Bumblebee' that's when I thought 'this album is going somewhere!' I started to realise the album won't be a flop lol

Like the 1st album I like the short interludes in between songs, I can't decide what my favourite songs are, they change so much, I was hooked on 'Explodes' slow synthetic start into a deep guitar riff and mega synth finish! Didn't expect them to do a song sounding like that and the lyrics are decent too.

It's not often I like all the songs in an album but I do with 48:13, their hard work has paid off and it seems their year break have made them better and even bigger!

I still say my favourite album from them is West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum but that's just personal preference! This album is definitely better than their pervious one 'Velociraptor!'

Nice to see the boys back to their best and on top form, looking forward to seeing them live later in the year, well done lads! Ooooosh!!
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on 2 July 2014
Firstly i loved the first four kasabian albums and all had a similar "feel" to each other and that they had their own sound. Lest make no mistake kasabian are an "Alternative Rock Band" that are great live so see them live if you get the chance!
I have given this album a few listens hoping it would grow on me and sadly it has not. We all know through past kasabian albums there has been lots of experimentation with the electronic styles (which i like and this is great) but has not engulfed the album completely which has happened here. Personally i love electronic music as much as rock music, and have admired kasabian in the past for breaking down boundaries in music which you rarely get these days in a modern band.
This being said i feel this album is too electronically driven and is totally removed from their previous work. It feels more like kasabian meets Daftpunk meets Crystal Castles but without the punch or energy of Daftpunk or Crystal Castles. It just feels Bland and unmemorable unlike their previous work. You can't help but compare this album to their previous albums and it just doesn't stack up.
There are about 4 songs which i feel are "good" (Treat, Explodes, Eez-eh, Bow) but not great and would i be in a hurry to whack them on my kasabian play list? probably not.
I'm a big believer if something is not broke why fix it? I don't understand when bands get a winning formula they decide to change completely from what works for them and the true fans of the band. Muse when down that road with their last album.
I feel this album will be more suited to the "chart" listener and fear this work will be forgotten about just as quickly as people listen to it. I look forward to Kasabians next album, and hopefully we can look forward to seeing something more like the old kasabian which we all love.
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on 13 June 2014
The sneak peak single eezee is lets face horrible but surprisingly is placed well on the album so do not despair there is some interesting stuff here , its almost a solo album as serge sings a fair few on this set. The whole set is not a patch on the first album which is its distant cousin but lacks the anthemic tunes and in general its very electronic in nature in fact it rehashes some lines from stuff like stuntman. The opener will be an immense gig opener but the chant is should have been dropped it would have then been incredible and the only time the band flex the awsome muscles , sadly the rest of this body of work requires a lot of listens before they become familiar. Some of the tracks are interesting soundscapes which shift and change and are far more dance orientated but the lyrics reallly let this set down ...and lack of guitar driven TUNES. i guarantee in 6 months of touring this set you will watch them drop loads of this stuff . So less a kasabian project more serge experimenting , if these were b sides you would not given em a second listen there is some good stuff stevie bow sps the interludes should have been longer being seconds long they go nowhere . Live there are few bands to match them so im intrigued how some of this will drop into the set.
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on 19 July 2014
Do not think this will be anything like other albums, it's very electronic, psychedelic rock and less what we've heard from Kassabian up until this point. Try and listen with an open mind.
Sergio wrote, composed and produced this album, so it's more his style, in my opinion. And it still rocks.
That said, there are some very good tracks on here, My favourites being Bumblebee, Stevie, Glass (although I don't personally care for the 2nd half), Clouds and of course Eez-eh. For me, that's enough good tracks to rate this a 5 star album.
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on 12 February 2016
Kasabian's 5th studio album, released in 2014, finds the Leicester lads in sprightly form; guitarist Sergio Pizarro writes all the music and lyrics on 48:13 and puts the emphasis on a highly percussive, electronic sound which is rather wearing in places although it does work pretty well on the likes of 'Glass' and 'Explodes'. Kasabian are generally at their best when sticking to their home territory of solid rock with 'Bumblebeee' definitely worthy of mention as well as the superb 'Clouds' which, for me' is the highlight of this collection. The closing track 'S.P.S' is a lovely way of rounding things off - as other reviewers have suggested '48:13' is very much a curate's egg in terms of quality but, for me, this is well worth investing in at a decent price.
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on 9 June 2014
I was really disappointed with Velociraptor, but I've been listening to this album for a week now and it doesn't disappoint. There's such a funky beat running right through this album, that you can't help but to sing along to, regardless of some iffy lyrics.

Eez-eh, bumblebeee and stevie may be brilliant, cloud-pleasing singles, but it’s tracks like bow and treat that really stand out for me. On first listen the album seems to sag in the middle, but after a few plays tracks like doomsday, glass and clouds are growers. There’s not a duff track on the album apart from the 3 filler tracks, but I guess 45:00 wouldn’t be such an unusual title...
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on 10 June 2014
Brought this with very low expectations after the first single and the how album has blown me away. its deep its fast its Kasabian and they are back! its a cross with their first album and west rider... brilliant brilliant album also has a few nods to Carpenters 'the thing' and 'halloween' sound track with the tone with the obvious electro rock that we have got from them. big thumbs up from me.. buy it!
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on 21 December 2014
A good album with some real stand out tracks such as Bumblebeee, Stevie, and Eez-eh. Forever pushing the boundaries and evolving the Kasabian sound with tunes like Doomsday and Treat.
Clouds is a personal favourite. A bit of a revisit to the early stuff. And then we have a Sergio signature sign off with S.P.S!
For me, live, they just get better and better. Buy it and enjoy the ride.
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