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4.7 out of 5 stars374
4.7 out of 5 stars
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The continuing tale of Political -Power - Games.
'Frank Underwood' has manoeuvred his way to the office of 'U.S. Vice President.
Business Man 'Raymond Tusk' who has the ear of friend and President, 'Garrett
Walker' has recommended the appointment.
'Frank' sets out from the word go to drive a wedge between 'Tusk' and the President,
but will his efforts to do so come back and bite him at a later date.
Making an enemy of 'Frank' or becoming a threat could prove fatal as political colleague
alcoholic 'Peter Russo' didn't live long enough to understand.
Both 'Clair' and 'Francis' are not beyond having affairs, facts that could cause both issues,
for both 'Underwood's'
Manipulation and wheeler-dealing is a way of life for 'Frank' -wife 'Clair' has an equally
single minded approach with her business affairs.
Neither are high in the loyalty-stakes they simply use people to achieve their aims,' Frank'
has a team of foot soldiers to do his bidding led by 'Doug Stamper'
'Frank' has been playing political games to undermine supposed friend and President.
While political games are being played, 'Zoe Barnes' a former lover that 'Frank' has used
because of her connections to the 'Press' becomes another victim of the Vice presidents
fury, her boyfriend 'Lucas' also with the 'Press' believes 'Frank' is involved with two deaths,
are his investigations getting too Hot for Frank ?
There is so much going on can 'Frank' and 'Clair' stay ahead of the game, cosying up to
'Garrett' and wife 'Tricia' all a part of the overall plan.
Meanwhile 'Raymond Tusk' is doing all he can to get even with the manipulating Vice
President, a plan which includes publically exposing 'Clair's' indiscretions and laying
the seeds of doubt about 'Frank' in the Presidents mind.
Is the plan coming off the tracks for the 'Underwood's' or will they prevail ?
One thing is certain 'Frank' and 'Clair' do.....deserve each other.
This is a terrific political drama which is certainly compelling viewing.
Just hope the series continues.....'Kevin Spacey' is wickedly convincing as 'Francis
Underwood' ........This a must see TV series.
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I've been a big fan of the original House of Cards when it arrived in 1990, and watched it many times since then. Once you accept the updated version, set in America isn't the same experience as Ian Richardson portrayed (both fine actors but have their own take on the role) you'll get along well with it.

House of Cards (USA) as I call it is slick and modern, but well cast and whilst clearly based on the original has it's own twists and theme.
Cast wise I like Spacey and his understated Francis J. "Frank" Underwood, devious and cunning, clever and manipulative. Robin Wright also does a very good job as his wife. I am quite happy with the cast overall.

Season two heats things up more, after the first season set the groundwork (some complained the first season was a bit slow partly down to I think laying out the characters more for viewers) Frank's lined himself up to be the Vice step closer to his ultimate goal of grabbing the top job in the Oval office.

I won't ruin it with spoilers, but things do really come to a head with Zoe Barnes and Frank in a fairly dramatic way. The rest of the season shows Frank's continued cunning in destabilising an already weak President. Some complain it's a bit predictable plot wise, but then from day one we've known Frank is ambitious and wants power for himself. It's a slick production that's well directed and has some excellent performances even from supporting cast members, decent screenplay and script, good camera work and even the soundtrack delivers, nicely polished in every respect.

I'm quite happy to watch this, despite reservations initially how it would compare to the original 1990 series. They are different in feel and portrayal, I like both for what they offer viewers. Spacey has really grown on me as an actor, he seems very well suited to the role. One of the reasons people enjoy this so much? I think it's quite simple really, this portrays politicians in a way many feel is quite close to reality. Scheming, plotting, career motivated, and indifferent to the needs of the people..and will say anything to get their way up the power ladder. If you're a skeptical type this is right up your street.

If you are new to the series you do really need to start with season 1 to enjoy it fully (you will have missed many important events)
I was tempted to give it 4 stars, it's 4.5 overall for me so 5 grabs the spot. I like it and enjoy watching it.
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on 18 June 2014
Kevin Spacey is a great actor and this is a great series. a brilliant thriller. You will never trust a politician again and makes democracy a joke. Once you start watching it is hard to stop.
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on 29 June 2014
Just as good as the first season, maybe even a little better as some shocking and surprising stuff happen in this season. Kevin Spacey and Robbin Wright are brilliant in this and have gotten even more evil in this season. Can't wait till season three.
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A sharp, American, political drama that is as good as it gets.
Kevin Spacey is chillingly brilliant as the man who wants to be President at any price.
This includes blackmail, theft, deception, duplicity and even murder.
The twists are clever and you do not see the outcome until it has arrived.
This is based upon the U.K. version of the 1990's with the same writer involved in both.
I hate to say this, but this version is better than the U.K. show which is a rare achievement.
Thankfully Michael Dobbs (Writer of the 1990 series) kept in the little asides where Spacey turns directly to camera and narrates what he is thinking.
In short this is like a spicy, Vindaloo version of the West Wing, there is even a little sex and dark humour as well.
if you have not seen this you are in for a treat, but make certain you have seen the first series before this one.
Series two is better than One, i can't wait for the third season. Great Series
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on 21 August 2014
Just wonderful, unable to stop watching; just the most brilliant acting from everyone. I wished I had watched the last 'disc' of series one. As they go about their business with hardly a look back, & no reminder/ explanation of Season one bearing on Season two.
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Review of content. No plot spoilers.

I can't explain one of my main reasons for vastly preferring this over the first season without going into a pivotal plot point that occurs early on in the proceedings.

What I *can* say is that in season 2, Spacey settles down and grows into the role of Frank Underwood, playing the part in a far more nuanced, far less hammy way. Fans of his Machiavellian methods will be delighted to hear that he is still as devious and as ruthless as ever. Ditto his wife Claire (a compelling performance from Robin Wright).

All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable exploration of ambition at the heart of power in the company of the Underwoods who never once take their eyes off The Ultimate Prize. Unmissable.
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on 17 July 2014
By a country mile one of the best political dramas ever on TV. The acting is first class as is the script writing and far darker than the original British series from which it is adapted. Get it now and enjoy.
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on 21 July 2014
Superb. Drama, intrigue, fantastically crafted script. Has got to be up there with Sopranos and that's my all time favourite. Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright are outstanding in lead roles.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 30 September 2014
Anxious to continue the story after Season 1, this well written series deals with the corrupting nature of power and ambition with no morals. Excellent value at £13, the acting particularly from Spacey is excellent. However, docked a star for quite simply the worst DVD packaging it has been my mis-pleasure to encounter - ever. Tacky cardboard that arrived with the spline crushed, two leaves of the fold out casing stuck together with the thin plastic overlay peeling from two corners, glue not holding the packaging together... I could go on. Fantastic quality series, simply appalling quality packaging.
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