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4.1 out of 5 stars231
4.1 out of 5 stars
Size: 21.5Change
Price:£88.79+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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Overall quite impressed with this monitor, mosly in terms of the picture which is quite vibrant (but not cartoony over the top) good contrast and viewing angles (from the sides)

It's a standard 21.5" LED backlit affair with 1x HDMI and 1x VGA input at full HD 1920x1080 (there are no speakers on the monitor, which is fine as I have a sound systemm set up)

Good stuff:

+ A nice attractive black glossy finish, with an anti reflection screen.
+ Picture quality is very clean and clear with good contrast and fast response time the screen display is as good as I've used in this price range
+ Magic Upscale, this works quite well better than I expected (upscales images so they look crisper on the display don't expect miracles though, but it's an improvement over normal monitors)
+ Menus are fairly easy to navigate, simple to set up and use

Weaker points:

- The viewing angles are good (from the sides) but not so good looking from the top or botton off centre. Bear this in mind depending on your setup, probably a non issue for desk use but it might be for more general use
- Not overly impressed with the stand, it could be stronger and less likely to wobble. It won't move in normal use but if you are in an environment with kids etc and getting knocks it's something to watch out for.

Unpacking the monitor as soon as you plug it in the brightness is too high (a common problem on monitors out of the box) So take a quick dive into the menus and turn it down (quite a lot) also I had to drop the contrast a bit too.

On balance though, a very good monitor at a fair price. The picture quality is excellent and that's what counts for the most here, bar the couple of points above it's a solid offering and I can recommmend it.
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on 1 August 2014
The monitor suits my purposes brilliantly , for others maybe not. The screen doesn't tilt and it doesn't have any brackets for wall mounting but as i have no need for either it is fine for me at this price. It comes with a VGA cable but not a HDMI cable (again doesn't matter as i already had one). The image is beautiful , very crisp and has gaming mode where it will alter the contrast and brightness at the tap of a button. You can also switch between inputs (HDMI or VGA, no DVI) at the tap of a button too. It works very well and i love how it looks.
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This S24D300HS is a genuine 1920 pixel by 1080 lines 24" picture-only computer monitor, at a glance identical to the last year's model S24C300HS. The colourimetry is excellent, and the HD BBC Test Card shows that the brightness to contrast range and sharpness are all correctly set by default. The surround bezel is gloss black, but the screen itself (a full 24" diagonal) is more of a fine matte and does not reflect highlights. The Az blurb seems to be correct in most respects.

It has both HDMI and VGA inputs. Both work well to the full 1920x1080p resolution at 50Hz or 60Hz refresh. Even a 10metre long HDMI lead at 1080p was excellent. The thin VGA lead that came with it seems to work fine, but I am using my own 2metre HDMI lead (none was supplied).

It does NOT have any speakers. But then anything this thin would not be able to produce a decent sound, and there are lots of inexpensive excellent external speakers for PC. We still use some old sets of Logitech X-230 speakers.

It is capable of being too bright in a normal domestic or office environment, and I've reduced the back-light setting to about 50% (on ECO) to match the well-lit room it is used in so as to minimise eye-strain. The usual set of touch buttons to navigate the menus lives on the lower edge next to the indicator light on the right.

It recognises the full range of VESA standard scan modes, and there is the ability to fine tune a slightly non-standard mode to scale it to fit the screen. The only negative thing I have found is that the stylishly sculpted design of the back means there are no VESA mounting holes.

The Magic Picture Angle (MPA) is interesting but I wonder why Samsung bothered with it. When the MPA is aimed as detailed in the menu it is very directional, surprisingly so and making it almost unusable, especially when considering that the "Group View" is very non-directional and supports quite wide viewing angles horizontally and slightly less so vertically. I've decided that 'Off' (not 'Group View') is the setting I should leave it on as being most useful, and also because gamma cannot be changed when an MPA mode is active.

Tilting the monitor is significantly easier than it was some of the earlier versions from a couple of years ago. The top part of the base-stand-bracket-assembly that is fixed to the monitor is a friction hinge with maybe as much as thirty degrees of movement.

The software that comes with it seems to work, but I'm not using it. Both my ancient W7 machines were both able to negotiate with the monitor and automatically set everything right before ever looking at the Samsung CD. The desktop PC it is being used with has an HDMI graphics card with the AMD Catalyst software which talked with the monitor quite happily. I found that the PDF manual is the most useful item with the extra info that was not shown in the multi-language scraps of paper that come with it.

I compared this new S24D300HS (via HDMI graphics card) with my one-year-old S24C300HS (via MB VGA graphics), both on the same computer at the same time, and by tweaking the backlight and sRGB profiles was able to get an almost exact match between them. For a while I ended up with a desktop 3840 pixels wide, allowing four A4 pages to be shown side by side in four separate Word windows, plus space left over for odds at the sides, and the mouse sweeping across the lot. Wonderful, but a shame I can't afford the desk space to do this all the time, and the older monitor had to go back to its computer. (We've since bought some more of these to have two displays for each of the computers.)

The mains unit is small and only seems to rise maybe ten or fifteen degrees above room temperature with the LED back-light brightness set for normal domestic/office lighting levels. None of us oldies can hear it. It has a standard figure-8 two-pin mains socket, and both US and UK leads were supplied.

I've measured the power it takes from the mains;
. Standby is less than 0.5 Watts (good)
. Normal use at about 50% brightness is 10 Watts, (3W less than last year's model).

Addendum. 28th July 2015
The HDMI input on one of them has died, no HDMI picture when tested with several different known good sources and assorted good leads. The monitor still works perfectly OK on VGA at 1920x1080x60p. I think the HDMI input might have died because I was using it with a Dell Advanced E-Port II docking station dual-mode DisplayPort output that auto-senses between DisplayPort and HDMI. Both dual-mode DisplayPort outputs still work normally on the docking station with other monitors be they DP or HDMI.
The S24D300HS did last for eight months of daily usage before the HDMI input died. Oh well, :^(
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on 25 November 2014
Crisp, responsive, bright, sharp over vga aswell as hdmi. Mainly using for cad work/photoshop...haven't tested gaming. My own fault for not checking first, but, as a VESA mount or adjustable tilt/height and no speakers (not that I was expecting it to have any). The stand is sufficient for my need; it's a comfortable viewing angle that doesn't need adjustment. As to be expected, the actual screen is paper light, shockingly...but not in a bad way. Absolute bargain for a 24" from Samsung, however price looks like it's gone up since my purchase and I've only been waiting a week for it. Only annoying niggle was that I couldn't get this for Prime delivery at the time of order.
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on 28 February 2015
The screen itself is very good but the viewing angle is appalling and couple with the lack of VESA plate on the back so you can't mount your own riser/tilt device to try and rectify this meant I had to get a refund and look elsewhere.

Out of the box the brightness seems really bright and coupled with the viewing angle I couldn't get a picture I was happy with even after quite of bit of time spent twiddly about.

Also - no HDMI cable included. Tch!
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on 23 November 2015
Don't buy from Samsung. My monitor is consistently flickering and is now up to the 3rd "warranty based repair". In spite of the fact it must be costing them a fortune to (not) repair it, Samsung are refusing to replace it. The reality that they keep failing to fix it hasn't dawned on them yet... I can only assume they are waiting for the warranty to run out in February... and allow it to become recycling.
The support experience itself is a complete disaster... I am bounced between 2 support groups: the off-shore service desk is very polite, but completely powerless... the UK-based repair team simply don't care (I called them 1 day after getting the monitor back... to be told that the repair ticket was closed... so I had to start again!) Totally rubbish customer service.
Fine as long as you want a cheap monitor... terrible if you want them to repair it when it stops working
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on 12 November 2014
I have had the monitor for a few weeks now and it is performing well for my PC and online needs. Connection to the PC was an easy task as was fixing the stand.
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on 2 August 2014
Got it the next day and she is a beauty! Works well, graphics are quite clean and the image resolution is crisp.
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on 5 September 2015
I bought this PC monitor a few days ago and consider it very good for the price. I’m not going to comment on its overall performance as it too early to say. What I would say is that despite all its bad press it does tilt! Prior to purchasing this screen I was perplexed with some of the comments regarding this. Surely a well respected name that Samsung would not produce a PC monitor who basic functions would not include the option to tilt the screen? Answer, no they haven’t. With the monitor on the table you need to first tilt the screen FORWARD, then backwards into the desired position. It’s a little stiff at first but it works. Hope this helps some of you out there propping up the screen with all sorts of items.
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on 13 August 2014
Pretty straightforward to assemble the monitor on its stand. Plug it in, plug in the hdmi cable and view! No problems at all, as one would expect from Samsung. I have not tested the vga input, no reason to doubt that would work too.
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