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4.3 out of 5 stars852
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 4 June 2015
 The Nemesis Kane Pro is a low cost, high quality gaming keyboard and mouse set. This video review will give you an essential overview of its key functions and features.
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on 8 July 2014
For the price, you just can not argue with this!

The cabling is strong which impressed me. I would say the keyboard and mouse doesn't feel the most sturdy but for just under £20 for a mouse AND a keyboard I honestly couldn't say no. I like to be able to feel keyboard presses, this keyboard is perfect for that. The keys are loud (maybe I'm just heavy fingered) but I like that.

I thought the LED changing on the mouse would be off putting but I have never noticed it once I begin working/ gaming.

If you need a mouse keyboard combo and you can't afford to push the boat out this is the pack for you!
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on 30 April 2014
Good build quality and came super fast! You have the choice of three coluors also the mouse is by far one of the best I've seen.
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 Kindly sent to me for review this represents great value for money for those who want to bring up their PC without spending a fortune on peripherals.

The pack I was sent contained a mouse mat, mouse, keyboard and a set of headphones with microphone, giving you everything you need to start gaming bar the actual PC itself!

The mouse mat is the largest mouse mat I've ever seen, it feels really good quality and it features the image of some sort of Chaos knight heading to war. While you likely don't need a mouse mat this one looks good enough to have out just for how it looks.

The included mouse is light in the hand without being too light. It features forwards and back buttons on the left hand side, a scroll/button wheel and an additional middle button.

In the review video you'll see the mouse also has lighting built in, with the colours subtly changing every few seconds. It's a good mouse when you consider the overall price of the pack.

The Nemesis keyboard also features lighting, the keys are all backlit and the colour can be manually clanged between red, purple or blue. The light intensity can also be adjusted 4 levels, 3 different brightnesses and totally off.

In use for typing the keyboard can be a little frustrating, it requires a heavy touch to register key presses and if you type quickly you can often find letters haven't been registered.

Tested on a Windows 10 PC the mouse and keyboard were recognised and installed as soon as they were plugged in.

Finally we come to the headphones. These are fairly comfortable and feature a small microphone for in game chatting. They connect via headphone and microphone jacks, rather than USB, and the overall sound quality is OK if a little flat, fine for gaming.

The thing to keep in mind with this pack is that you could by a separate keyboard or mouse or pair of headphones for the the price of this entire set, so this represents good value if you don't want to spend a fortune but would like something with a bit more style.
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on 20 November 2014
For the price I paid, this little combo is fantastic. The keyboard is mechanical and feels really nice and cushioned when you're typing. Really like the backlight too as a nice little added extra. I was expecting the keyboard to feel cheap (because it was!) but it feels very sturdy and durable. The mouse also looks really nice with the LEDs constantly changing colour. Tested it out on CS:GO (I have a SteelSeries Kana V2 so this was never going to be a first choice mouse) and I must say it feels very smooth and accurate. Would definitely recommend this set to anyone who wants a gaming keyboard and mouse on a budget. Would buy Sumvision producs in the future for sure. Keep up the good work, guys!
review image
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on 12 June 2014
For the price I paid I'm pretty impressed.

I received it today and upon opening I saw an issue, one of the keys on the keyboard is cracked and part of the plastic on the key is missing.

It's not the end of the world, it's only the delete key and it's on the side where I'd never press. The fact that the two items ( this and a PSU ) I ordered from this supplier both came wrapped up in bubble wrap, and wrapped very well leaves me thinknig this was a manufacturers fault and not the sellers.

The box doesn't say Windows 8.1 Supported but it (obviously) does and I've tested it so, there you go.

I'm not sure about the cpi button, it would help if there was some sort of indication on what setting you are on.

If you look closely at the picture, you can see the cables aren't normal black plastic, it's almost like thin rope and although this might not improve it's performance, it does look and feel much nicer than the usual plastic stuff.

The detail on the mouse is very nice, another point that's impressed me. I like the fact that when you have the mouse in your hand, where the thumb goes supports the thumb very nicely, it just fits well. I love the wheel too, it's got a grippy rubber on the wheel that gives you more control in my opinion. It contantly changes coulour which is pretty cool, and what's even cooler is the fact the whole mouse isn't one solid colour the whole time.

It's a little heavier than my old mouse, which I love, the old one just felt cheap, however you don't feel the weight since it glides across the mouse pad very well, you only feel it's weight when you try lift it, but it's no very heavy, just heavier, like that's quality heavier.

So the Mouse is definately a 5 star.

The Keyboard.
I'm impressed with it too, I'd give it a 5 star too if it wasn't for the broken key.

I love the USB connector on the keyboard and mouse, everything about these devices scream gaming device and thought.

The keyboard stays one colour, the backlights, however you can press a button to choose which colour you want the keyboard lit up as. Mine switches between RED PURPLE BLUE, all of a neon type glow.

I love the shape of the keyboard, it's not plain rectangular, as you can see in the image provided.

The keys are awesome too, they spring up, take nearly no effort to press them down, nice and responsive, the keys are also designed not to be too close to each other so that you might press 2 at the same time ( something I've had issues in the past with due to big fingers )

I've changed my mind at this point and just given it a 5 star, the more I type about it the more I realise this one little problem isn't big enough a problem to remove a whole star.

In summary, for the price it's a steal, for double the price, it's still a steal.

Thought has gone into the design and it's not just a piece of plastic with keys/buttons on it that's just been spat out of a factory.

The 2 items compliment each other well, it's worth getting them together.
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on 6 May 2014
I bought these as a replacement to an aging Logitech keyboard. It suffices to say it does not disappoint! When it arrived the box it was packaged in was very professional and expensive looking which I thought was a great start. Simply plug and play, no additional driver software required which is handy. Looks really good when its dark or light alike. The mouse is basically an ergonomic mouse with side buttons which are quite handy when browsing the internet! Would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a b*tchin' looking keyboard that feels great to use!
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on 1 July 2015
I brought this product mainly due to the value for money (and the very positive reviews) and because it had LED backed keys. Not for the combo, as I did not need another mouse - I had just brought an aLLreLi mouse.

Firstly the keyboard - its very well made, and very comfortable to type on (as I use it a lot through the day for work), its also very comfortable to use when gaming. The button presses "feel" good and accurate and not clumsy. The LED lights, and the fact you can change the colour, is a great feature - as I play my games a lot with little lighting, it is great being able to clearly see which keys I am now pressing!

The part that has surprised me the most though is how good the mouse is, now I have never brought a really expensive mouse before so I cant compare it to that. However in comparison to the aLLreLi gaming mouse I brought not long before this product, and others that I have brought in the region of £15-20, it really is miles better. Which is surprising.

The allreli has some great features, for eg. DPI upto 7200. And you can programme several different setting for it - so you can set exactly what DPI level you want for each mode and identify them by setting which colour you want. Which is great.... but when playing any game that requires precision and smoothness - it is just no good. No matter what DPI level I set.

Whereas this mouse - the sumvision nemesis - although understandably slightly lesser build quality - is really great when playing games. Its so precise for such a low value mouse. I use this one for almost everything now - the allreli is slightly better for browsing due to the positioning of the side buttons. But for precise FPS gaming, the Sumvision - low cost, low value mouse - to me is unbelievably smooth and precise. And is all anyone would really need - if you are on a budget and are not a seriously "hardcore" gamer anyway!

I would definitely recommend this product if you are on a budget - because sometimes things are genuinely GREAT value for money - and this definitely is. I would certainly buy from Sumvision again based on my current experience.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 28 March 2015
Great price, nice piece of gaming kit, i like the way the keys are illuminated and has 4 brightness settings
nice grippy matt keys may prove harder to keep clean, but i rather have a nonslip surface.
No useless media buttons just standard UK layout keys and 2 keys for color setting and brightness setting between Alt Gr and right CTRL keys
the high profile keys may not be to every gamer taste, but the quality seems very good for the price paid and you also get a good mouse with it, the board is not really great for typing same as good typing keyboards are not very good for gaming.
Mouse texture feels good in hand and fits good for various types of games mainly for FPS but not good enough for MMO RPG, but i wish it was a bit heavier, the mouse is too light
the dpi settings button is great and makes it very easy to change the mouse sensitivity during gameplay
Mouse has 4 dpi settings, can be changed by the button on top anytime, ranges: 800, 1200, 1600 and 2400 dpi (dots per inch, the higher number the higher sensitivity)

4/5 because:
-Keys are not properly illuminated through, even on high brightness some keys are very poorly illuminated and its hard to see what they represent
-Mouse is too light, no weighting option like gaming mice usually have and the weight of the cable is dragging it
-no color and brightness option for the mouse, it just keeps changing randomly and is a bit too bright and is distracting during games
-the side buttons and weight of the mouse is very hard to get used to, mostly the side buttons, they are very badly positioned and the middle button is very stiff
-Wish the WSAD keys would be in a different color like on many other gaming boards

In summary its a great kit for the price considering that proper gaming keyboards like Razer cost a lot, so this is a good starter kit for a budget gamer, the mouse looks great, but its not really up to gaming standards, better consider one of the other proper gaming mice on the market and keep this one as a spare
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on 5 January 2015
This mouse and keyboard combo is a lot better than I was expecting for the price point. Granted I've only had them a few hours and can't say I've stress tested them properly yet, here are my thoughts so far:

-The keyboard is easy to type on. I don't touch type as such, but muscle memory knows where the keys are and I don't have to look at the keys when I type. For some keyboards (notably my girlfriends Advent laptop) this has been a problem as the keys are different shapes or sizes. So far this keyboard has poven itself comfy to type on with responsive keys and not too much noise.
-The keys are textured: This makes the experience of typing on this keyboard more tactile than smooth keys and I see that as a pro.
-Lighting: I do like colour change lights. The keyboard offers three options of light colour ( with a dimmer that allows lights out if you prefer that )
-Mouse. I only really wanted a keyboard as I already have a nice mouse. But for the price it was cheaper to buy this combo than a lot of stand alone keyboards. A lot of reviews bash the mouse... but I quite like it actually. The lights aren't flashy enough to be distracting but they are certainly entertaining if you happen to look down. It feels comfy and soft to touch and responds as you would expect from a mouse.
-Value: For the price this product deserves every star I gave it.

-If you look closely the keyboard and mouse look a bit plasticy.... but who really puts their eyes to their keyboard and mouse anyway?!
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